My friends sister


My friends sisterSo ive known this guy since i was a k** and im 23 now so wer quite close.I get on well wit his family too and have always been fond of his younger sister Sarah(she is 19).So 1 day we are chilling in his house and his mam rings him to collect his brother from football i decide to stay cause the football pitch isnt too far.Before he leaves Sarah comes in to tell us she is taking a shower, even the thought of this got me hard.So my friend leaves and im watchin T.V.I hear the bathroom door open and Sarah goes into her room.I go into the bathroom to pee and see her little black thong on the ground.I couldnt resist as i knew it wud still be warm as she had only taken it off.I picked it up and cud smell her ümraniye escort warm pussy off it it was beautiful my cock was nearly bursting through my pants.However in my rush for the beautiful thong i hadnt locked the door and in walked sarah…In my head i was trying to think of an excuse for what i was doing but she didnt look angry she smiled at me and dropped her towel.I couldnt believe wat i was seeing her body was even more sexy than i imagined her tits perfectly formed wit perky pink nipples and her pussy was completely shaved.I couldnt tell if she was turned on or still wet but her pussy was glistening.”come on” she said “he will be back soon”.We went into her room and she ordered kadıköy escort me to lie on the floor.Being dominated by a 19 year old was making my cock throb.”seen as u like to sniff my panties for my pussy why not sniff the real thing”.As she said this she lowered herself down onto my face, her tight wet pussy tasted amazing and as i licked her pussy she brought my hands up to her nipples.I knew my friend was going to be back so i was licking her so fast and she was loving it.She stood up and turned around and we started to 69 i needed to cum so bad and nearly exploded wen she started to suck me off.She was amazing at giving head and it wasnt long until i was blowing my load into her mouth.She bostancı escort held all of my cum in her mouth and swallowed every drop.She hadnt cum yet so she stayed on my face i was trusting my tongue in and out of her warm pussy and then moved up to lick her asshole.I wasnt sure how she wud react but she liked it and as i was licking her tight hole she was playing wit her clit..Her ass had loosened up at this point and my tongue was slipping inside and she was moaning so load and she suddenly let out a scream and my chin and chest was full of her warm sticky pussy juice.She rolled off and i pulled up my pants and went downstairs to clean up before my friend got back.As i was cleaning my face Sarah came in and stuffed her thong in my pocket.”A souvenier of today and hopefully we can do it again”….I went back into the sitting room and sat down just before my friend came in and to this day he doenst know wat happened(and still happens) wit his little sister and her anal loving ways.

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