My Girlfriends Daughter Ch 6


My Girlfriends Daughter Ch 6Chapter 6 of 7, the best I think so farAs I woke on Saturday morning, I realized that my time alone with Monica was coming to an end, her mother Marie would be flying home one week from today. With only a week left I wanted to take full advantage of my remaining time with Monica. I knew that I would be marrying Marie and that any time alone with Monica would be stolen time in our family life.By the time we had eaten breakfast Monica and I had made-love once and were ready to shower and start into our weekend routine. During our shower Monica told me that she had to meet a girlfriend to help her on a school project. But that when she came back she expected us to make-love again. Once Monica left I started in on cleaning the house and doing my laundry for the week. About 1:00 pm there was a knock on the door interrupting my daydreaming about Monica and her fantastic young body.I opened the door to find Julie, Monica’s 18 year-old girlfriend from school; she stepping into the house quickly, telling me that she was here to tan in the yard with Monica. Catching me by surprise she was halfway up the steps to Monica’s room before I was able to start telling her that Monica wasn’t home. My couldn’t even finish the sentence before she was at the top of the steps and entering Monica’s room. I started up the steps to tell her where Monica was only to find that Julie was standing in Monica’s room clothed only in her small string bikini. Her well-tanned body accented the small patches of material covering her small ’34A’ cup breasts. In my minds-eye I could imagine how her dark nipples would look when the strings holding the top in place were released. I remembered fucking Monica in the kitchen as I looked through the back windows at Julie sunning in the back yard in her bikini. That’s when I started fighting the image from my mind knowing that I was in Monica’s room, with her girlfriend, and across the hall from Marie’s room, my girlfriend. The words came slowly from my mouth as I told Julie that Monica wasn’t betsobet yeni giriş home and wouldn’t be back for several hours.Julie’s response shocked me to reality, when she told me, “I know Monica’s not here. She tells me everything, and she told me about you. I’m here for you.” With that Julie reached behind her back and untied her bikini top, leaving it held in place by the strings around her neck. “I’ve seen you watching me. Would you like to see what you have been watching?” she said, as she untied the last two strings and slowly dropped the top of her suit. Her nipples were just as I had imagined, dark and pointed, sticking out of her young under developed breasts as a treat for my eyes. I didn’t know what to say, all I could do was stare as my cock started bulging the front of my pants. I wanted to move forward, but I was stuck in place for what seemed like an eternity. My desire took over and I moved forward gently cupping her breasts in my hands as I lowered my face and took each nipple into my mouth savoring the texture of her soft white skin. “Monica told me how gentle and loving you are with her; so we decided that you could help me learn more about making-love”, Julie whispered to me. I picked Julie up and laid her on Monica’s bed telling her “Your body is so beautiful, I will do whatever you want.” Her response was music to my ears when she said, “Make love to me right now.” Quickly I removed my clothes and dropped them to the floor moving back onto the bed, completely naked, with Julie. With my hard cock pushing against her leg, I continued to suckle on Julie’s breasts. With my free hand I untied the side strings on her bikini bottom, lying open her cleanly shaven pussy.As my hands explored and caressed Julie’s body, I kissed my way down to her pussy, stopping with my tongue spreading her moist lips. Julie was pressing her hips forward as I continued to manipulate her young pussy. When her excitement peeked, I brought my hard cock over her mouth and told her to start sucking on it. Without betsobet güvenilirmi any hesitation she pulled my cock into her mouth and started deep-throating it. When her pussy was sufficiently lubricated with my saliva and her secretions I turned and moved up on her. When we finished our next kiss, Julie pushed my shoulders up; looked me in the eyes and told me, “I’m a virgin… Please, be careful with me.” I almost passed out with her when she told me making my cock even harder, and making me want to fuck her even more. As I returned to my senses I asked Julie if she was on any type of birth control; getting her response on, “NO’.While still cradling Julie in my arm, I reached into Monica’s nightstand for a condom and k-Y Jell. I rolled on my back, opened the condom wrapper and handed the rubber sleeve to Julie. She looked at me and I told her that she needed to learn how condoms are rolled onto a man’s stiff cock. With that she took the condom and followed my instructions sheathing my cock with it. Then I added k-Y Jell to her already soaking wet pussy, to ensure a less painful entry.I laid Julie on her back I guided my condom-covered cock into position at the entrance of her virgin cunt. Then slowly I pressed my body forward spreading her pussy lips with my cock, as I watched the expressions in her eyes. Her face showed her excitement and fear as the last remains of her innocent c***dhood was being giving up with the new experience of her new adulthood. Her vagina was tight and even through the condom I could feel the softness and warmth of her delicate sheath. When my cock-head was finally pressing against her hymen I kissed Julie with one last virgin kiss and slammed the remainder of my cock deep into her as she screamed and clawed my back in pain. With my cock completely in her I stopped moving, brought my upper body up and smiled at Julie lying under me on the bed. I whispered to her, “Don’t move; let your body adjust to its first cock, before we finish making love.” Julie responded with betsobet giriş and a smile, “Thank you for being so gentle and considerate”. After several minutes I started moving my cock in and out of her super snug pussy, allowing her channel to lubricate itself completely. When my movement was smooth and less painful for Julie I told her I wanted to enter her from behind. After moving around on the bed she was finally positioned on her knees; with my hands holding her waist and her sloppy pink cunt ready for my cock, I pressed my cock into her until my balls were nudged against her pussy and its tip was in her womb. For the next 20 minutes I brought Julie through several orgasms and was finally ready to shoot my load. With one last final thrust I deposited my hot scalding load into the end of the condom protecting her womb. Together we collapsed onto the bed.As we lay there recovering, I heard a familiar creek of floorboards coming from the hallway. A feeling of shear panic overtook my body as I looked over to see Monica standing in the doorway of her room. I stammered to say something, but before the words could come out Monica’s face lit up with and a smile as she asked Julie, “How was your first time, Julie? Don’t worry Bill. I knew that you couldn’t resist Julie, so we planned her seduction of you, so you could take her virginity gently. Julie and I planned this when I told her about how you fucked me in the kitchen while you were watching her in the back yard.” My initial fear was still in my heart as Monica came over rolled me back and kissed me, as my semi-hard cock slid out of Julie. “Good, you used a condom, Julie isn’t on the pill yet. Until she’s safe you’ll have to us a condom with her every time.” Monica added. Then Monica reached down and removed the used condom from my cock holding it up and looking at the milky fluid collected in the end. “It’s so much better when you can have his semen directly inside you.” She commented to Julie. “I love the feeling of his hot slippery sperm as it drips out of my vagina after we make love.” Monica continued. As I rolled onto my back, Monica stripped her clothing off and joined Julie and I on her bed.With both young women’s tits pressed against my chest and their moist cunts on my thighs I closed my eyes and dreamed of the opportunities that lay ahead of me.

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