My Hot Brothers


A friend dropped me off from the local community college, and I waved as she drove away. I noticed my two brothers were home already, and guessed that the heavy rains had put their soccer practice on hold. I went through the front door, down the hall, and into the kitchen. I had to smile, because the boys had obviously had their after-school snack, because a couple of dishes and empty soda cans were still on the table. I could hear music pounding from the den down in the basement.

I took my book bag upstairs to my room, and peeled off the sweater I had worn to school. It was too warm in the house. My breasts were uncomfortable under the bra so I chucked that too, letting my generous 36C boobs dangle. Sighing with relief, I shucked off my skirt. I found some jeans and a tee, and slipped into them, letting my bare feet wiggle in the thick warm carpet. I glanced at my reflection in my dresser mirror, and was pleased. Though not quite 20, I thought I looked pretty good. My breasts were nice and round, even without a bra. My waist was slim, and I thought I had a great looking ass in jeans, and some of the boys at school had voiced a similar opinion. I liked being a girl, and blew my reflection a kiss. Then I headed to find the boys.

The soft, well-worn tee felt good on my nipples, and the denim was comfortably soft against my thighs. I opened the door to the basement, and grinned at the blast of rock music that greeted me. My bare feet made no sound on the steps going down, not that it mattered. The twins had the music jacked up so loud, a heard of charging rhinos wouldn’t have been noticeable. The stairs made a turn about three-quarters of the way down, and came into the back of the den. We had a pool table, stereo, TV and a videocassette player. There was also a wet bar along one wall in front of a big mirror. Another wall was adorned with posters old and new around a dartboard. The far wall had a fireplace, and the mantle was covered with our trophies and awards from various sporting activities and school successes.

As I rounded the turn on the landing where the stairs turned, I stopped dead in my tracks. Even though the stereo was blaring, the TV was on. My two brothers, Jamie and Johnny, are identical twins, although my Mom and I can tell them apart. At eighteen, they are six feet tall and weigh nearly 180 pounds each, with broad shoulders, clear blue eyes, and dazzling smiles, they are among the best looking guys in school. All the girls tease me about my little brothers, and suddenly I understood why.

The twins were sprawled on the sofa intently watching the screen. They were watching a porn video. On the screen, a red-haired girl was on her back with one guy between her legs, while another guy was feeding his ample cock into her scarlet lips. In the background, several other guys whose faces you couldn’t see were stroking their ample equipment apparently waiting their bursa sınırsız escort turns. But that wasn’t what caused my face to flush, or my nipples to harden under my tee and my crotch to suddenly go damp with excitement. In the mirror behind the bar, I could see my brothers sprawled on the sofa, their jeans down around their ankles. Two huge stiff cocks sprang up from a nest of darker blond pubic hair. I hadn’t seen my brothers naked in a long time, not since they were babies. And I can’t really say that I’d noticed the bulges they carried under their jeans. As I watched, my brothers were slowly stroking those big dicks while they watched the action on the screen.

“Ah man,” Jamie groaned, stroking his huge member slowly, letting his thumb spread precum over the swollen purple mushroom of his dick head. “Look at her suck that dick. Don’t you know that’s got to be great?”

“You know it,” Johnny agreed, his voice just as husky. “And god, wouldn’t I love to be eating that juicy pussy.” He arched his back, his fist tightly moving up and down his slick member. I gazed in rapture at those two dicks being methodically stroked and pulled. My mouth watered at what they might taste like, sliding over my tongue. How great they would feel, poised at my wet pussy hole before the final plunge into me.

I bit my lip as I felt a sharp pinch on my nipple. Without realizing it, I had let a hand slide up my tee to fondle my now aching tits. My nipples were sharply defined points under the soft cotton tee. Moreover, the comfortable jeans were now chaffing at my swelling pussy, and I could feel moisture seeping into the thick denim, in spite of my panties.

A thrill of forbidden lust ran through me. But the sight of those two gorgeous dicks, just begging to be sucked and fucked was too much for me. I went down the stairs and stood in front of my startled brothers.

“Holy shit, Marion,” Johnny cried, trying to cover himself with his hands. “What the hell are you doing down here?”

“Dammit, Sis,” Jamie muttered, fumbling for his jeans. “Why do you have to always fuck up everything.”

I laughed at their discomfiture. I couldn’t help it. “C’mon, guys,” I teased them. “You know I’m not gonna tell on you.” I smiled at them. “Provided, of course, you’re very, very nice to me.”

Their stricken looks were priceless. Slowly, I pulled the tee over my head, and dropped it. I cupped my tits, the nipples pink and round and hard. Letting my fingers trace the circle of my areola, I looked at them. “Wouldn’t these be better than those,” I asked, cocking my head backward to the TV screen.

At first, they blushed furiously. But their eyes showed their lust and hunger. They were too wound up by the video to put up much resistance. Jamie and Johnny each took one of my hands, and pulled me onto the sofa between them. I raised their bursa escort bayan hands to my breasts, and let my head fall back with a sigh as they began to caress and stroke my ripe globes. Then I reached and took a hard cock in each hand, flushing with excitement as my fingers closed over their turgid tools. My eyes closed as I began to stroke their straining dicks.

“Kiss them,” I urged my brothers. Suddenly, two pairs of lips were on my naked breasts. I almost fainted from the intensity of the sensations as two tongues began to circle and lap my nipples. I felt their hands fumbling at the fastening to my jeans. I let them go, and stopped them. I unbuckled my jeans, and then helpfully lifted my hips as the two eager boys pulled them off my long shapely legs.

I heard their hiss of breath, as I was now naked between them. My blonde bush was lighter than theirs. My labial lips were swollen, a dark purplish pink, and moist.

“God, you’re beautiful,” whispered Johnny on my left. Tenderly he stroked my thigh, and I trembled in delight.

“Fuckin’ A,” Jamie agreed, pulling my face to his for a deep wet kiss. Our lips parted, and tongues met. Not to be left out, Johnny returned to my breast, letting his hand toy with my pussy, which was no clenching and unclenching. His finger grazed my clit, and I gasped into Jamie’s kiss.

“Unnnhhh,” I moaned, feeling feverish under the intense sensation of these two gorgeous guys ravishing my body. They weren’t experienced, but they were gently insistent. A word or gesture from me, and they were instantly compliant with my needs and wishes.

Then, Johnny slid off the couch and between my legs. He buried his face in my snatch, and I cried out as his tongue parted my pussy lips, and began to dive deep inside me. I pushed Jamie back, and leaned over his hard cock. I smiled up at him, and parted my lips and took his cock head between my lips. Jamie groaned loudly as his dick slid over my tongue. I sucked him carefully, wanting him to enjoy it all, but not get off too fast. I had plans for both these dicks.

But it was hard to concentrate. Johnny was eating me out so sweetly; I was almost bucking my cunt against his intruding tongue. He sought my deepest folds, swirled inside me, then returned to flick my clit until I thought I’d die of pleasure. The room filled with the wet slurping sounds of his eating my pussy and my sucking his brother’s dick.

They changed places at some point, and I heard Johnny say her pussy is sweeter than we’d imagined bro. It brought another rush of pleasure to me that my brothers had fantasized about me before. I hoped I could make the reality better than their young wet dreams. But they were too much for me.

I could feel a monster of an orgasm building inside me, one more intense and satisfying than I’d ever had. I let Johnny’s cock plop free nilüfer escort of my mouth, and gasped hoarsely, “Fuck me, baby. Oh god, one of you fuck me.”

Jamie raised his lips from my flowing pussy and grinned. “Such talk from our sweet sister,” he teased. The put me on the sofa and Jamie went first. He positioned himself above me. I reached and grasped his swollen member, gasping at the size of him, and guided the huge head to my wet hole. His dickhead teased my opening until I moaned again, and then he thrust home.

Jamie groaned aloud, and I squealed as his huge dick speared me. Johnny was behind me, his arms around me, as his brother’s dick rammed home. Johnny was whispering to me as Jamie pounded in and out of me.

“You like that, Marion? Oh, his big dick is fucking you so good isn’t it, baby? Uh, your sweet pussy just loves to be fucked doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” I whispered hoarsely. “Oh god, yes. It’s so good.”

Jamie’s face twisted. “Oh god! Oh god, I’m gonna nut, Johnny!” He thrust hard, paused, thrust again and yelled, “Take it, Mary baby. Take it all! Ugggggghhhhhhhh!”

I almost screamed as I felt Jamie’s hot climax explode inside me. My pussy was flooded with his fire-hot gism. Jamie thrust into me, again and again, each thrust ending with a new spurt of his sweet boy cum. Quickly, he pulled his wet cock from my dripping cunt. Johnny carefully took his place, and sank his huge dick in to my yawning, and now oozing snatch.

“Sloppy seconds,” he teased breathlessly, beginning to thrust hard and fast. “Next time—next time, I go first.”

Jamie held me from behind, as his brother had, while Johnny fucked me. My head was thrashing from side to side. My breasts and belly were burning with lust and desire.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” I gasped. “Johnny, baby! Hard, baby. Oh god, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum on your dick, Johnny. Hold me, Jamie,” I screamed. I was close, close. And I was ready, ready. More than ready.

“Oh god, I’m cumming,” I yelled. My insides tensed, then my orgasm exploded. I felt as if my soul had left my body in a fiery release of wetness that flowed from my snatch. Johnny thrust again, and another orgasm exploding. My eyesight swam out of focus, and I heard moans and gasps of joy that had to be my own.

“Goddam,” Johnny muttered. “Gonna shoot, sis. Gonna shoot in your wet snatch.”

“Yes. Yes. Yes,” I pleaded.

Johnny’s climax set off another huge orgasm in me. Behind me, I heard Jamie’s sudden intake of breath. “God,” he muttered through clenched teeth. I was vaguely aware of his dick pressing into my back, rubbing from the top of my ass crack into my bare back. As Johnny’s hot seed filled my flowing cunt, Jamie shot another load up my back gluing us together with his viscous sticky cum.

We collapsed, spent and breathless on the sofa. I was sandwiched between my two handsome brothers. They told me how beautiful I was, how wonderful I was, and I told them the same things. That was six months ago. Now, they’re expert lovers and can please me, as I’ve never been pleased.

But the funny part was that as we lay there, basking in our love for each other, Jamie murmured softly, “Gee. I wonder how we can seduce Mom?”

But that’s another story.

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