My Hot Mother Malini and Me-1


My Hot Mother Malini and Me-1I am floating in cloud 9 as I am holding my partner’s hand and entwined my fingers in her slender, soft and long fingers. My partner is walking along with me in grace. We were in a mall observing the shops and materials displayed and talking ourselves. My partner wore a tight jeans and short top. Through which her 36 B boobs jetting forward. The impression of her nipples can be seen through her fabric. The jeans so skin fit that contour of her panty is visible. She is revealing almost all her curves. She let loose her hair and tied it at the end with thin silk ribbon which opens as a flower. Generally such ribbons are used for gift wrap. The flower is swaying as her buttocks which are swaying.On the path way there are three men of my age are gazing at us. Particularly at my partner. As we crossed them one of them said “Abbaa.. emundira..gunta.. aa pirralu choodu.. choostunte venuka nundi dobbalani anipistundi. (My.. what a bitch she is.. look at her ass .. oh! Wish to fuck her from back). He said in telugu. He might thought that we don’t know telugu. .As I heard that, there is a stir in my trousers. I smiling myself looked at my partner. Her cheeks turned red.. I don’t know whether it is because of shy or anger. As I said she is very graceful. She didn’t turn her head and slowly said to me “paddu… let’s go home.” I simply nodded my head in yes and moved out of the mall.As I drove my bike out of the mall she sitting behind me putting her legs on either side of the seat. Because of which her fine boobs are touching my back and causing tingles in my body. As we drove some distance “Ufff…” she exhaling her hot breath on my shoulder, and fumed “bloody rascals…”“Poor fellow.. what is his mistake..?” I mumbled.“Paddu what are you saying.. Sympathizing that brute..”“No…but what is his mistake maa you are such a beauty, and so… hot… why he.. some times by looking at you from back I feel like to hug you.. and…”“Voonnn..and what…?” “…and kiss you..” I couldn’t dare to say fuck.“Orey…chilipi vedhava..siggu ledoo… amma tho ala mtladadaniki..” (you naughty fellow don’t you have shame to talk like that with your mother” there was no anger in her voice.. rather tingling.She pinched my cheek hardly. “Sssshhaaa.. why are you pinching so hard. “That is the punishment” “Really.. then I will tell again and again you pinch me..” I said teasing her..“cha.. cha.. buddi leni vedhava.. intiki pada nee pani chebuthanu..” (chi chi.. mannerless fellow.. let us go home I will take care of you..” “What will you do..?” I teased her again. “That you will know when we go drive calmly.. There is traffic on the road. I drove the vehicle feeling and enjoying the soft firm touch of her boobs on my back.Oh! Yes readers..What you read is correct.. She is my mother. She is the most beautiful woman. Very, very attractive and sexy also. As I said I am 23 and my mom is 40 years. she is from the village atmosphere. So her father married her when she is only 16 years to a man who is 12 years elder to her.We reached home and we both went to our rooms. I had bath and came out thinking about the incidents of last 4 months or so…then I heard my mom calling “Paddooo.. where are you? Coming down..?” “Yes, maa in a minute..” I answered and went to her room. I am not having guts to face her after what I said to her on the bike.Maa is standing in front of the dressing mirror and looking into it combing her hair. There is a humming sound from her mouth.. she has a habit of humming songs within herself. It seems she had also had bath and she wrapped in a light blue color chiffon saree. And a sleeveless blouse. I could not see any impression of her panties.With a thumping heart I went nearer to her looking her face in the mirror. There was no anger in her face. I had some courage and went still near to her. She looking at me through the mirror asked “… now tell me what you said..?” as she asked my pulse rate fell down. A kind of dizziness taking place in me. “Maa…” I said.“Voon ….tell me what you said?” she asked again. Now there is no escape for me.. yet I said.. “When maa….?” “On the bike when we are riding back home..” “Ooh! That…?” “Haan.. that only… come spell out..?” she said. Though she is asking I could not find anger in her voice.. nor in her face. She is as usual calm. But I had a doubt that she is smiling herself seeing my situation.“I…I… maa…” “Arye Paddu.. what I.. i.. when you don’t have guts to accept what you said then why did you said that..?”I gathered courage in me and said.. “What is the wrong in his words maa.. you are so cute.. Particularly from back…sometimes I myself feel to hug you from back side..” I said gathering courage and waiting for the whip to fall on me.She still adjusting her hair.. said.. slowly..”Then what hurdles are there for not doing it..?” hearing those words I am in shock.. Did I hear correctly.. I looked at her in the mirror and said “Maa….” Then I saw a mischievous smile on her lips and hugged her tightly from back. Instantly my manhood stood erect poking at her fleshy butt. “Thank you maa… thank you..” I said and gave a poke of my dick again.She slowly turned towards me..and putting her two hands on my shoulders and looking into my eyes said.. “Paddu you are my darling son.. you have protected me many a times from your dad’s wrath. It is the responsibility of the mother to fulfill the desire of the c***dren.. Isn’t it?”“Oh maa.. thank you…” and I am watching her mesmerizingly. She naughtily smiling at me said “Now that your desire of hugging me from the back is fulfilled.. Are you satisfied now .. my dear son..?”I didn’t know .. what answer to give her. I put my one had on her creamy waist and the other on her shoulder, lustfully looking at her face. She might have read the desire in my eyes and said “what more kanna…?” When she turned towards me her saree pullow had fallen down and I could see the brown areola and stiff nipples of her tits through the thin material karabağlar escort of her blouse. “Maa.. you are so cute.. so beautiful.. and so..” I stopped, couldn’t dare to say sexy.“.. and what kanna..?” she insisted. “please don’t be angry.. maa.. but I say you are so sexy..”“Hummm… “ in a long hoarse she said.. “…so my son had grown so big that.. for him his mother appearing sexy…that is what you say.. am I correct kanna..?”“Yes maa…” said and kept quiet for a while and said again.. “You are the sex goddess .. Venus.. the goddess of love. You know Venus.. maa..”“Kanna,..your maa is not so educated… who is she..?”“She is the goddess of love..for Greeks maa…”“OK.. so what..?” she is playing hide and seek with me.. She is clever at developing lust in me. By the time I don’t know when she brought me to the bed and throwing on the bed she sat at my side. While we are in conversation. I don’t know when she removed her saree. Now she is in a petticoat and thin blouse on her body. Here my member had fully grown and wanted get release from my shorts.“O.K, as you said I am beautiful, cute, and sexy..and what not… so what.. is it wrong to be beautiful or sexy…?” maa asked me smilingly at me.“No.. maa…” what to say after that I could not understand. Her firm boobs under the thin material is piercing in my eyes. I am looking at them with lustful eyes. “Naughty boy, what are looking at? Don’t you know that a son must not look at his mother like that..?”“Maa…” I called her looking at her firm tits. Maa raised her eye brows as if asking ‘what?’“You have such a lovely TITS maa….” I said gazing at her high boobs.“Hooon…” do you want a peek at them? Open the hooks and see how sexy your maa’s Tits are..? that is what you said na.. Tits..”Though I heard what she said I could not dare to touch her. Maa took my palms and placing them on her boobs, looking at me signaled with her eyes to open the hooks. My fingers were trembling when I touched her firm boobs. But still I opened her hooks by which her blouse flaps separated revealing the most beautiful tits I ever saw. The soft, firm fair twin peaks with brown areola and stiff perky nipples.Though she is 40 years and a mother of two c***dren, i.e. me and my sister Vishnu, her breasts are very firm with smooth texture and chocolate colored areola and thick nipples.“Wow.. what a beauty maa.. really they are very cute” I placing my palms on her boobs said.“Really! Are they better than Vishnu’s?”“I was in shock. I looked at her surprisingly. As I said above Vishnu is my sister 3 years younger to me who got married four months back.Maa pinching my cheek and pulling it asked again… “Orey kanna chepparaa avi Vishnu salla kante bagunnayaa?” (orey kanna tell me are they better than Vishnu’s boobs?)I couldn’t dare to say anything.. is maa knows about our relationship or is she guessing. By the time Maa pushed me on the cot on my back and keeping her right hand on my chest and bending on my face looking at me. There is smile on her lips and her eyes are gleaming.Slowly she whispered n my ears… “Paddu.. My dear kanna.. I know everything between you and Vishnu.. I have seen my loving son’s monster dipping deep in my sweet daughter’s slit. You know how horny I used to turn by watching you…By the way what nonsense thing you have done to her..?” I didn’t understood what she said. I was looking at her bluntly having a question in my eyes that ‘what did I do?’“Saying so many things to her like safe sex.. avoid pregnancy before marriage.. and so on… and you made her pregnant..”“Whhaaat…?” I almost screamed. “Don’t shout… why are you shouting..?”There is no question of denying my sexual encounter with my sister I said.. ”Maa.. but we have taken precautions..”“No precautions at all..most probably Vishnu might had miscalculated about her safe period.”“But…when maa…?”“Do you remember what Vishnu fell sick and was in hospital for 4 days and after coming home also she was weak for a week… during the 4 days she was in the hospital for abortion”. She said.“Visnu didn’t tell me anything about this to me..”“I only asked her not tell this to you. ““But why didn’t stopped us..?”“these things cannot be stopped by force. However it is her wish. She wants it and you also wants it.. So I thought why I should stop you. But after this whenever Vishnu came to you she was under my monitoring. Whenever she came to you and you played the love game, you know how much horny I became by watching you. Many a times I thought of entering in the room.“then why didn’t you?”“My dear son… I don’t want to grab the joy of my daughter. She will be with us for two or three years.. when she gets married my kanna will be for me permanantly.. is it not?”“Yes Maa…. I am always at your service.” I said but I thought greatly about her broadmindedness and her sacrifice.“Maa…..” this is another shock to me that my mother watched me playing love game with my sister. That means she watched her daughter and son involved in sex.“After that she came to you under my monitoring.. But Paddu you didn’t’ told me whether they are better than Vishnu’s”. she asked again.“Almost all the same maa… any how she is your daughter.. Naturally she gets your features only..” “Really…?” “Yes maa…”“Then what about my body kanna… is it also like Vishnu’s?” she asked me and getting down of the cot stood in front of me. Just in her blouse whose flaps are open and in her petticoat. There is a mischievous smile on her lips and her body is shining.Clad in half opened blouse and petticoat, she stood there quietly. I had an instant hard on seeing Maa like that, I gazed at her sweaty neck, her full breasts, her beautiful stomach beholding her deep navel, giving way to flaring fertile hips. “Do I look okay?” Mom whispered.“Look what you and your body done to me!!” I removed my shorts to reveal my hard-on. “God! You are…um…so huge” rotating her tongue on her luscious lips. Maa flushed thinking she could still give a man such a karabağlar escort bayan hard-on. i sat down on the bed, my erect shaft standing out like a pole.“The pressure, it is paining Ma…” I groaned pressing my penis.“Let me help you” mom knelt down between my legs. She slowly brought her hand to my trembling dick, she gently pulled my foreskin down to reveal my pink bulbous knob. She inhaled the musky scent of her own son i.e mine…. She gently began jerking my penis up and down. “it needs lubrication!” Maa looked at me with lust filled eyes and in the next moment, she licked on my balls, slurping and sucking, she then lashed her wet tongue from the root to my gland.I closed my eyes at the pleasurable sensations. I felt maa’s warm mouth engulf my rock hard pole.Maa’s mouth covered my shaft blowing in and out, As she got more comfortable she swallowed more of my penis, “God! My own mother, my dream lady, giving me this pleasure! What a luck!” I thought as mom gave me her first and best blowjob to me. It is much, much better than Vishnu’s sucking. Maa increased her pace. I lost in pleasure and felt the ripples of impending orgasm.Maa was quick to sense her son’s spasm. She quickly tightened her grip around his the base of my dick and stimulated the cock head with her forefinger.“Ah…Maa, would you like to taste my milk?” as I said She replied with another strong sucking motion. I shot loads of cum into my mother’s waiting mouth. Maa couldn’t take it all. She choked and the remaining ropes and ropes of my hot semen fell on her neck and blouse and hands. She let go of my manhood and kissed me. We exchanged my cum fluid.“Did you like it Paddu?” “It was the best mother!”“Look what you’ve done to me son, look the mess you’ve made on my blouse”“I’m sorry maa!”“You better be. Remove my blouse” and maa lay on the bed. I meticulously removed her blouse from her body. A sculpted naked bust is in front of me.“Do you like what you see?” maa asked twitching her eyes. I cupped her full breasts under my palms and kneaded them gently.“Oh mom! They are so soft”“touch me! Feel me.. feel maa’s boobs” and I ran my palms on those milk pots.“God kanna! Your hands are so rough” “Does it hurt maa!”“No you fool! maa loves this. Touch me like that. You know a woman always likes rough” I squeezed and massaged Maa’s breasts. I had dreamed this for last 3 months. After Vishnu’s marriage when I noticed how cute my maa is.. Her tits were firm like mangoes and smelled of body spray and sweat. I pinched her hard nipples.“Oh! Son, they are sensitive…!” my maa Malini gasped. Oreu vaatini cheekalani leda.? Cheeku… nee chellivi cheekinatlu cheeku…” (Don’t you want to suckle kanna suck them as you sucked your sister’ boobs)“Oh yes maaa, here I go”. Maa closed her eyes as I gently nibbled and chewed her nipple. I alternated with both her fruits giving mom a great pleasurable sensations.Malini, my maa was sweating like anything and shivering in heat. I shifted my attention to her stomach, lapping her belly. I pointed my tongue and inserted into mother’s deep round navel. Mom wriggled as my facial hairs ticked her belly. She giggled. “You love this mom!” I laughed as I tickled her navel and stomach with my rough facial hairs. “That was good kanna…but there is one place that needs your attention!”Mom took my hands and gently guided it into her panties lifting her petticoat up, up to her waist. I felt the slipperiness of mother’s love hole. I began fingering her gently over the panty. Maa’s precum oozed over my fingers. I took out my finger to find mother smiling at me. I tasted it. “Want some Maa?” I stretched my fingers towards Maa’s mouth, which she sucked eagerly.“Take off my petticoat” as an obedient boy I unfastened her petticoat and all that was remaining was mother’s sticky slimy panties.Mom gently removed her panties. She felt my hand on her secret mount. God! This might be the first time someone other than her husband is touching her privates and the one touching her cunt is none other than her own son!I was curious. I brought my nose to maa’s fuck hole and deeply inhaled the pungent sexy aroma of her pheromones. “You hungry?” maa asked.“Oh maa, its like a dream come true” “Then eat me my son, I can’t wait!”I with my both hands I spread apart her labia and brought my lips to mother’s sacred hole. At the first contact, maa gasped. I entered my tongue into her canal and began teasing her cunt walls. It seems mom is enjoying the new sensations. Her warm pussy responded to my invasive tongue releasing copious amount of cunt juices.“lick there honey, my boy yes… yes …right there….yes…harder honey, harder…oh yessssss!!hmmmm mmmf aaaahhh baby, that’s the spot….aaah ahhh faseter…uffffffff” mom wriggled as her first waves of orgasm spread through her being.I don’t want to stop. I slurped and sucked and plucked her pussy walls with my mouth. This led her to another big orgasm, maa clutched the bed sheet and pulled my hairs as ecstasy overtook her.I then climbed back on maa, kissing her passionately, I lay next to her. When I looked my mom’s face, she looked so happy. I dragged her closer and we caressed each other.“Kanna keep this a secret. Will you?” “I promise maa”“You are so wicked, son, seducing your own mother, kissing her, suckling her breasts! Can you imagine?” she pulling my nose affectionately said.“You are so clever Maa, looking like a goddess and seducing me with your words. giving me erotic nightmares, taking your son’s penis and jerking it” I also teased her.“I can’t believe I let you eat my pussy. Did you enjoy?” “So much maa, your pussy tasted sweet and your moans are so sexy!.” I looking at her with lustful eyes said.“And you are so sexy son, your body is so sculpted,” she said wrapping herself around me “And your cock is so big”“Really?”“The biggest. I say”. I hugged her again, my hard-on began touching mom’s pussy lips. “Someone is knocking my entrance”. Maa giggled.“Look who is escort karabağlar knocking?” maa clasped her fist around my fuck pole and said “Oh! This is my kanna’s monster…. Massive fuck pole”I rose up and pinned her to bed, and placed myself on top of her. My god mom had parted her legs and our pelvises touched each other. I holding my hard-on and rubbed it against mother’s velvet entrance “Will you let me in Maa?”“Is it right son?” “I don’t know maa. But I love it…”“I too son.. though It is a sin ….I enjoyed much, I got unbearable joy…you know why because it is taboo, forbidden.. I am sure you also enjoyed as I …”“Yes maa… Very much, much more than with Vishnu..” “Really…!”“Yes, Maa you are such a beauty.. sexy and supple…ohhhh! Please Maa.. let me enter the world of paradise.”maa said looking deep into my eyes said. “yes beta.. my dear Kanna..after coming so far now I can’t stop.. please enter … enter into your birth place… I am waiting…” she cooed in my ears.“Are you sure ma… if you have any inhibitions.. I will stop.. I don’t want you to repent later. I am happy with what I got so for…” I said… thinking that mom must not feel bad later.. or feel uneasy to face me.“I mean it, my beautiful son…Okay beta come take your maa to the gates of Heaven.,” she said and Maa spread her legs again and placed mammoth cock at her entrance.“Now push it in slowly….ohhh…slowly..kanna …yes.. oh! god! You are so big son my walls are being stretched!” I saw she bit her lips as I entered her. “You are such a sweet and loveable son Paddu.. Now pull back and push it again .. but slowly”. Maa whispered.I looked back at her into her eyes. I gently withdrew my phallus “I love you maa” and in a swift motion I clutched mom’s nubile body and stabbed deep into her wet oozing pussy.“Ahhhhh….uummmn…ussss” Maa moaned loudly at my unexpected move. In an excitement I pinned her to the bed and began thrusting inside her, Malini, my mother hugged me hardly and raising her ass up to meet my thrusts.“Nooooo! Noo! kanna ….you are too big for the path was closed for long.. oh maa… be ss..l..ow.. ….ahhhh..” her breath became heavy as I began to ride mom. “Ahhh son….nooo… please…no… ummm,..¬ Yeah….ohhh beta…stop it…ah huff…huff….a hhh…isss…..nooo….. it is paining…aaahhhhhisssssss” she moaned with pain cum pleasure.I started moving in her rapidly sliding my dick in her slippery, and ever wanting pussy.Soon her moans of pain turned to moans of pleasure. “Yes beta….ohhhh…my son…ahhhh…ahhhhh…ahhhhhh…ufff …yyess” my huge cock stimulated every inch of her tight hot vagina. Every inch of her tissues was deeply massaged by my massive cock. I thrust and grunted inside her gently but firmly.The heat and mating made our bodies sweat, sweat lubricated their movements. Now it seems mom is in seventh heaven, she was being taken and lovingly fucked by a man whom she could trust. I smiled in pleasure as my mother’s tight love walls made delicious friction against my invading cock.“Do you love this mother?” I asked combing her hair with my fingers. “Ahh…I love it…ufff…oh my god! Paddu.. my dear Kanna …you pervert, you fucked your sister and now fucking your mother…look what you are doing, having sex with your own mother! Whaaa…why did you stop….aaahhhh”“Tell me you want me maa…”“Ohh.. kavai ra.. kanna naaku nuvvu kavali.. ammanu baga dengu.. inka gatiga.. nee chelini denginatlu dengara..”(“Ohh…I want you son, I want you to make love to your mother as you did to your sister, and make her scream in ecstacy,) mmmm…I want you deep inside me, I want your seed beta….make love to your maa…ohhhhh…ohhhhhhhh…deeper son deeper, faster…yaaa, yeahh…issss.. aahhhh…ahhh..aahhh”We mated like a****ls I pounding her with all my mighty cock and Maa receiving my length and strength in all openness. Our pelvises slapped against each other, the bed shook and the room was filled with “slutch” “sluch” noise as maa and me made our irrrr…forbidden consummation.“Ohhh baby … aahhhhh… ahhhhhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhh… hhhhhh…ummmmm..”. Mom was so lost in her enjoyment, she wrapped her legs like a vice across me (her son), she clasped my body pulled me closer to her body.She crawled on her back and bit my shoulders as orgasm approached like waves….i felt Maa’s grip tighten and her breathing became erratic, her juicy pussy walls gripped my cock even tighter as convolutions overtook my cockI let go of everything and fucked my mother with ferocious speed, and my thrusting was so dramatic. We fell from the bed to the floor and still, we clasped each other in wild mating frenzy. “Oh god, mommy… my dear maaa..aaahhhh… I’m cumming!!!” I groaned.“Ahhhhhhhhh… ahhhhhhhhh…Come inside your mother you lovely bastard….give me everything…” mom raised her bum up.Me and Maa came together, as waves of Maa’s orgasms pulled my cock deep into her cervix, waves of my orgasm made me shoot torrents and torrents of semen into my mother’s fertile unprotected womb. Mom felt my spunk unloading inside her inner walls.We girdled and clutched each other like inseparable souls. I lifted her and placed her on the bed and caressed my mother. She was still lost in the orgasm. So was I … Entwined against each other me and maa drifted off to sleep.The darkness gave way to dawn, maa was woken up from sleep by the gentle sensations of my licking her love hole.“Good morning maa” I growled amidst lickings. “What a way to wake your mother…issss”. Maa moaned. “My morning wood needs some attention,” I said looking into her lustful eyes.“Amma pooku lo pettara.. nenu choosukuntanu”. (Put it into your mother’s choot, I will take care). Mom widened her legs. I placed my manhood inside her and we made love early that morning till I cummed deep inside her again.Then I fell back on bed tired. Maa tenderly kissed me on the lips.“You are amazing son, now get some sleep”. Mother got up and saw the bed sheet crumbled and stained. When she bent down to pick her panties, our love juice seeped out of her pussy. She felt them flowing down into trails through her thighs.She smiled… “Thank you son. After so many years a women in me is aroused. And the man who kindled the fire is my man, my son.. hope you will see that it is kindled continuously… thank you once again.” She hugged me tight.. kissed my forehead. She smiled joyously. That is Maa.The End

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