My Hot Sister-In-Law, Leslie 3.0


Leslie was still between my legs.

She’d just finished me off and there my cum was not only inside her, but she’s wearing it on her cheek as her eyes look up into my face, her hand still stroking my fat cock.

“I can’t believe how good this feels,” she says, still horny and taking my cock into her mouth again. “Mmmmmmm,” she moans, deeply.

I know she is referring to the Xctasy we’re on. It’s hit me full throttle and I feel wonderful. I know she feels the same. I pull her up into my arms and she again hugs me tightly, her perfect tits on my chest.

“I feel soooo good,” she purrs, then ” and so do you.”

We stand together under the hot shower as the steam blankets us.

“What we just did is not…” I search for the word “…*wrong*, just an expression of love. Maybe… lust,” I allow.

I look into Leslie’s face and see she’s bright and hopeful and has no regrets. I am comforted it.

Leslie smiles like a Cheshire cat and whispers: “I’d like more, if you’re up to it.”

“I’d like more too,” I say, “but I think it’d be a good idea if we head outside and find Mark and Becca.”

She knows this to be a wise idea, despite beşiktaş escort her arousal. Not wanting to deny her, I take my cum from her cheek and place it onto her lips. We then kiss deeply, as she moans her approval. I turn her around so her back is near the shower head, running through her hair, and then I bend down and take her cunt into my mouth.

“Oooh, fuck yes! Please!”

Her pubes brush against both sides of my cheeks as I inhale her deeply, while also snaking my hand around to her ass. I feel the water sliding off her ass cheeks as I slide a finger up near her asshole, before slowly testing her limits.

“Mmmmm-Hmmmm,” Leslie prods, her hand behind my head, guiding my tongue where she needs it — on her clit. “That’s right, baby. Right there.”

As she enjoys my intrusions, I insert my finger slowly into her asshole.

“Oh, fuck yes! Lick me, hon.”

I’m getting hard again, cock upright, and I can’t believe I am fucking my sister-in-law’s cunt with my tongue. I stick my finger into her ass all the way as I eagerly lick and then gently suck her clit. She thrusts her hips into my face as she starts beşiktaş eve gelen escort to climax. I can barely get air, she’s so turned on!

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” she says as she releases her cum into my face, my nose enveloped on both side by her labia as I am literally buried in her. Her hips shake and press and her hand pushes my head deeper. I am drenched in her juices as she cums.

My cock is rock hard again. I slowly stand as her orgasm subsides, and she again bends down and takes my swollen cock into her eager mouth. She takes me all in and then releases me, yet strokes me.

“That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had,” Leslie admits, smiling. “How can I repay you?”

“We’ve got to go outside. I don’t want them to think something’s amiss. Or to walk in when we are like this…”

Despite the drugs, Leslie knows this is smart. I turn off the water and she steps out.

“I feel… fantastic.” Leslie is beaming. Her breasts are perfect. Her smile is enigmatic. She bends over to grab her undies.

I don’t want to let this moment go without her thinking this is not over, so as she beşiktaş grup yapan escort bends down, I grab her hips and place my cock outside her pussy.

“Oooh, you bad boy,” Leslie murmurs, as she reaches up and grabs my member. She expertly glides it into her wet, gaping pussy, and she takes it all at once.

We both inhale at the sensation. I am so hard, I can barely stand it. She rocks her hips into me and our rythym quickens. Deeper, I fuck her.

She moans and grabs hold of the wash basin. I stroke deeply and she moans as she rocks with every inch, savoring it.

“I want to cum with you again, but I want it to be in a little bit. We gotta go and see what Mark and Becca are up to,” I say, sincerely.

I pull out reluctantly, loving this feeling. I know Leslie does too.

Who would have thought that I’d have sex with my sister-in-law that was every bit as satisfying as sex with my wife?

“Mmmm,” Leslie says, smiling. “Don’t cum without me…”

“I won’t. I promise.”

We put on our clothes slowly, still feeling each other. I have my hand inside her as she pulls up her panties. I lick my fingers, and as I do so she bends down for one long slippery deep throat on my rod.

She releases me and we finish dressing.

“Let’s find out what they’re up to,” I say, not quite knowing what to expect.

We exit the steamy bathroom, feeling like a million bucks. Leslie is beaming, I am beaming.

Little did we know what we’d find on the beach.

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