My husbands overseas part 1


My husbands overseas part 1My hubby flew out midday on the Wednesday. We took my daughter out of crèche for the day so she could see her dad off at the airport. After my husband went through the check in, my daughter and I left for home, stopping at the shops on our way to get some groceries. Once home i packed the groceries away. I was feeling rather cold as the weather was ugly outside, windy cloudy and looked like it was going to snow. I decided to have a hot bath, my daughter was still full of energy and playing around and didn’t want to bath yet. while running myself a hot bath with oil and foam bath, I went with my daughter to her room to fetch her dolls to take back to mine. I closed and locked the bedroom door and switched on the tv, putting an animation on for her to watch while I relaxed in the bath a while. She sat on the bed with her dolls playing and watching tv, while I went to relax in the bath. I laid reading a romantic book while my skin soaked up the oils. I was in the bath for about 30mins reading when I became slightly horny from the romance in the book. The bathroom door was 3/4s of the way closed and Knowing my daughter was watching the movie, I decide to play with myself for a while. I rubbed my middle finger up and down my pussy lips and clit, soon entering it into my pussy, pleasuring myself. I started to feel I was getting near to making myself orgasm, when I saw the bathroom door opening. I stopped playing with myself as my daughter walked in, I asked what was wrong and she said she was thirsty. I told her I will be a few more mins, and she decided to sit on the toilet by me. güvenilir bahis Needless to say I lost my urge to cum as I couldn’t play with myself in front of my daughter. She asked what we were going to be doing the weekend while dad is away, as she wanted to go play at the indoor play ground at the one mall. I said that was fine that we could go there. I soon got out the bath and dried off. Putting on my pj’s, an extra jersey and my gown on before going downstairs. I poured my daughter a glass of cool drink and myself a glass of wine. She continued playing around the house when I decided to msg Nick to see what he was up to tomorrow, as I hadn’t seen or heard from him a while,since the last time we messaged. Time went past and I soon made my daughter and myself dinner, I bathed her and put her to bed, and soon was laying in bed myself. And by the time I had fallen asleep there wasn’t any reply from Nick. Waking up the next morning I saw Nick replied at 1am, he was with his gf and went out with her that night. He said he was busy all of today(thursday) but tomorrow morning he would be free, and he would love to pay me a visit. During the course of the day, Nick and I arrange for him to come over at 10am tomorrow. Thursday ended and soon friday morning arrived. I dropped my daughter off at crèche and went straight home afterwards. It was a freezing cold day and once I got home I went up to my bedroom and switched the heater on to warm up. I sat in the kitchen going through my emails while anxiously waiting for my lover to arrive. The doorbell rang just after 10. Opening the door and letting Nick in. He türkçe bahis gave me a big hug and passionate kiss hello. We made a cup of hot chocolate and drank it before heading upstairs to warm of my room. Our lips met as we started undressing each other. He told me that he had missed me and has been looking forward to fucking me again. I told him I felt the same way. Soon we were naked and we were laying under the duvet on the bed, exchanging kiss as we first talked. Nick’s hand was between my legs as he rubbed my wet pussy, asking me how much did I want him. I told him badly, I want you to fuck me rough, make me scream from pleasure. He responded that he will try his best and he slowly started kissing me down my neck making his way under the duvet. He licked and sucked my hard nipples soon moving down kissing my belly till finding his way to between my legs. He started muffing my pussy soon bringing me to orgasm as I moaned. He threw the duvet cover off us and kneeled.He lift my legs over his shoulders and drove his hard cock into my wet pussy. He thrusted his cock hard in and out my pussy making me moan from pleasure. He pulled his cock out and turned me to kneel, he slapped my ass before entering his cock into me from behind and pounded away, fucking me hard as I started screamed. He soon shot his load into me as he moaned till he finished. He pulled out of me and laid down on the bed. I lay next to him, telling him that was a great well needed 15 mins. We chatted for a while before he kissed me again. I started rubbing his cock, and it started growing to be hard and erect again. I climbed onto of güvenilir bahis siteleri Nick, his cock entering my pussy again and started fucking him, bounce up and down on his hard cock. I fucked him hard untill i ran out of breathe, when I collapsed down onto his chest. He rolled us over and started pounding hard into me, in missionary position. Our pelvises making a loud clapping sound as he thrusted down hard into me. I was screaming from the pleasure when he shot his cum into my pussy again. On removing his dick from me, he entered two of his fingers into my pussy and started rubbing my g spot. I moved my hips up and down as he continued rubbing my g spot. I soon started moaning as he brought to reach my climax. My pussy tensed up around his fingers and soon I was cumming as he fingered me till I was done. We laid chatting a little before I went to clean myself and we both got dressed. We went downstairs and nick offered to make me a cup of coffee before he left. While the kettle was boiling the doorbell rang unexpectedly. I went to see who it was and it was Jenna, she decided to pop in during her lunch hour for a cup of coffee as she was cold and in the area. She had good timing for the coffee as the kettle was boiling. I invited her in and to the kitchen where I introduced her to Nick, telling her that he sometimes helps me with show days at houses that are on show. But I could sense she knew that wasn’t true. We all had a cup of coffee and Nick then left as he had to get to class. Jenna then confronted me to the real purpose of Nick being here by me. So I told her the truth that I’ve been cheating on my husband with Nick and we’d been having an affair for the last number of months. She couldn’t stay to long and asked if I’d mind if she came back later after work as she was interested to hear more about my secret lover…..

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