My Jogging Routine


As I was about to head out I gave myself a look-over in the mirror. With my blond hair pulled up in a ponytail and dressed in a blue sweatshirt and matching shorts, I looked hot enough to eat.

“I’m going for my jog.” I yelled as I slammed the door shut, I heard a muffled response but I ignored it as I started walking towards the park. Once I was about a block away I unzipped my sweatshirt halfway so anyone can see my sports bra and a generous amount to cleavage and started a slow jog.

I entered the park through one of its side entrances and quickly found myself on one of the hidden paths leading deeper into the park. I quickly built up speed and I wasn’t long before I was running as fast could go. While all I could think was ‘Will he be there?’ I reached the little fence between his house and the park I was so out breath, I leaned against the fence to catch my breath and after a minute looked around to see if anyone was watching and jump across and calmly walked across to the back door and opened it with my heart pounding and there he was just sitting on his kitchen counter with a smug smile on his face.

He said “You didn’t have to run all the way here liza, it’s not like I’m going somewhere.” looking pointedly at the heaving breasts. “Here”

I said “I know, But I was jogging and I just started running.” taking the water bottle he offered I opened it and drank it in huge gulps letting a generous amount spill all over me getting my bra wet and slightly see through, as the cold water drenched my bra I could feel my nipples harden and as i watched his eyes fixated on my hard nipples he could now see I felt a slow flush start from the bottom of my stomach and reach up to my chest to my hard nipples and down to the wetness between my legs and I know it wasn’t just water on seeping into my shorts.

I moved forward and bent down placing my hands on his either side so my breasts were just at his eye level. I leaned in and whispered “Did cha miss these?”

I felt his hand on my sweatshirt as he grabbed the zipper and slowly pull it down he leaned back just enough to look me in the eyes “What I missed is your tounge on my cock” he cupped my face with his other hand and tapped my lips with his thumb. I opened my lips and took him pendik escort in and sucking on him I let my shirt fall off and got on my knees.

He leaned back and looking down at me ‘POP’ he removed his finger from my mouth, I let out a soft moan at the emptiness in my mouth. He pulled down his shorts revealing his soft cock nested between his legs and touched its tip with his thumb I was joined to him with a string of my saliva no my drool. My slutty body was drooling at mouth and pussy just by thinking of his sweet sweet cock.

“Well” he said.

I leaned in on my knees and rested my face on his lap. I put my hands on his knees and pushing his legs apart I pulled myself closer to him, closer to his soft cock which was just inches from my face, my lips now. Sitting on my feet I spread my knees and lifted myself up as I leaned in and took his cock into my mouth. I just held it there in the soft velvet of my mouth drooling on his cock all the while looking at him into his eyes. I could taste his pre-cum in my mouth just a little sweet and as breathed in his musky smell I could feel myself become lightheaded as the flush in my stomach, the pleasure from my nipples and the tingling of my pussy increased so soon after exerting myself.

With a twitch his cock started to grow in my mouth, so I moved my tongue touching it caressing it, as it grew to its full six inches I pulled myself off him and with one hand in my shorts touching my pussy and gripping his cock as I gently tease his cock head with a finger I leaned in again and took his balls into my mouth sucking on them, pulling them up and then letting them fall back. A few drops of his precum dripped down my hand on fell on his spider tattoo.

He placed his hands on my head, “No, Not like that my little slut, Like this” he suddenly stood up, forcing me up onto my knees, I leaned back almost falling but he held on to my head not letting me fall.

And then he fucked my mouth.

I tried to grab on to him so I wouldn’t fall. With his cock in my throat, one hand on my pussy I couldn’t.

He fucked my mouth.

He didn’t let me move, let me carass his beautiful cock in my mouth, let me take a breath and show his what a good girl I am.

He fucked my mouth.

With maltepe escort fast, hard thrusts I could feel his hard cock in my mouth, taste him all the way to my pussy as his precum and my drool slid down my throat into me and down my chin and onto me.

He fucked my mouth.

I let go. I stopped trying to find balance. I was moaning into his cock, into him. I opened my mouth pussy as far as I could, I felt each thrust all the way pussy, my cunt, my cunt was on fire.

He fucked my mouth.

With one hand I pulled my bra up freeing my breast, I pinched my nipple feeling its heat, I plunged my fingers into my cunt stroking the fire, spreading from my mouth, my breasts, my cunt. Oh, god I’m burning.

He fucked my mouth.

I can’t kneel anymore, my cunt is burning it needs to be fucked, All I want is to be thrown down and fucked like the slut I am. I can’t move, he’s holding me up, his cock is holding me up. All I can do is moan.

He fucked my mouth.

My mind is going blank with fire, the pleasure, I’m moaning, I think, I can’t think. Am I making those sounds! Is this me, It is I’m his slut, his pet, his cum rag.

He’s speeding up, He’s leaning back again pulling me into him onto his cock as he fucks my mouth, my meat hole. He’s getting harder, He’s going to cum in my mouth, I finger myself desperately trying to match him.

He fucked my mouth.

He’s cumming into my mouth, my face, my throat, I swallow it and as I feel it go down my throat I feel it in my stomach a warm ball of his cum, I cum. I cum from my cunt, my breasts, my mouth as he pumps his cum into me. My entire body shakes, spasms as I cum explosively. He holds me down on his cock and in the haze of my orgasm I see his face and his pleasure at once again making me his.

He lets me go and I suddenly find myself once again at his feet on my knees, my head still spinning from my orgasm, I rest my head on his knees and take huge deep breaths as I look at down at myself. My bra and shorts are ruined covered in drool, cum and my own pussy juices.

He leans down and picked me up, placing me on the counter besides him, I move myself and stretch over the counter lying down with my feet hanging down and my head in kartal escort his lap.

“Clean me off pet.” He’s smiling down at me.

I move closer and taking a deep breath on his cock smelling of him, his cum and my drool I bite his cock head.

“Ow.” he cries out in pain. Guess it’s still sensitive just having cum.

“Next Time, Warn Me” I glared at him.

He grinned.

I took his soft cock into my mouth this time actively tasting it, I reach up to my breasts and collecting the tendrils of drool and cum just beginning to dry I added this to my wet pussy as I rubbed it into myself. Working myself to an another orgasm.

He reached out with one hand and placing it over my stomach, He ran his fingers over my skin.

“Touch me.” I moaned.

“I am.”

“My pussy, please.”

“Not today, my little pet.” He trailed his fingers down to my shorts and into them, just stopping short of my pussy.

He lifted my head and moved off the counter, Just putting a little pressure to let me know to stay there.

“You, are so beautiful.” I moaned as I kept fingering myself. “Now, cum for me. Cum for my my little pet.” And I came once again I came this time just from his words from being watched by him and lost control completely as I let go and fully surrendered to my pleasure.

I guess I was out of it for a few minutes because the next thing I remembered I was under a warm shower.

Deliciously exhausted, I shook my head as he was stepping naked into the shower with me and he just stood there watching me as got out of my stained bra and shorts and quickly showered myself.

I stepped out wet, and hugged him with my arms around his neck I pulled him in and kissed him deeply grinding my pussy over his hard cock I leaned back and with one finger just touched his cockhead, getting a drop of precum on it. I brought it up to my lips I tasted it and leaning into him letting my breasts press into him I said “Not today my little studmuffin.” and stepped back and covered myself with the towel before he could react.

“Guess I deserved that.” he said with an adorable little pout.

I went back to the kitchen, and put on the extra pair of shorts I stuffed into my sweatshirt and pulled my sweatshirt over my nude breasts. And stuffed my dirty clothes into it.

I walked back to the door and after a last look as his still nude body I opened the door, took a few steps, a short jump and now on to finish my run.

Today is going to be a good day.

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