My Lady says goodbye (the first morning).


I have just woken up. The bed and surroundings are strange, but very elegant. Now I remember. My Lady is leaving us to take up a prestigious position in New York, and I am here at her country home to say goodbye. Somewhere else three young ladies are also here to say goodbye, and these ladies have told me, and some truckies, that I am to be their sex toy for the weekend. I should be excited, but I am not as excited as I would expect. I will miss My Lady immensely. The Friday evenings of submission to her guests have been exhilarating. I have been introduced to a broad range of sexual experiences that I have thoroughly enjoyed.I am lying in bed thinking of losing My Lady. She has meant much more to me than merely being my sponsor. She has understood me more than I had done myself. She has been the catalyst that was needed to bring my fetishes to the surface. She has done so with respect, compassion and leadership. On top of this, she has organised the circumstances whereby these fetishes were fulfilled. My privacy has been protected, my reputation kept intact. This need to keep these experiences separate from my business and family lives means that I will never risk seeking out such situations by myself. This part of my life will probably be over.Even of greater concern will be the loss of a very good friend and confidante. Ours has become a most warm relationship, of mutual caring, respect and understanding. I have had few of these in my lifetime – losing one will be tough on meBut I must see her off as she would want to go. So I prepare myself per her instructions. First, the toilet. Then the shower, and the use of the douche to ensure my total cleanliness. I expect my anus will be explored, Gölbaşı escort bayan so I take great pains to ensure it will be welcoming and pure. I am now proficient in this respect, and enjoy the thought that my attention to detail will be appreciated. Yesterday afternoon, I shaved every hair I could find around my pubic area, my balls, behind my balls and up to my anus. I depilated my arms, legs, hands, underarms and bottom – not that there is ever much to do. But now I closely inspect all areas for any offending hair, until I am satisfied that my body is like an alabaster statue. I rub in an ample dose of body lotion to smooth and freshen.The glass butt plug looks challenging, but I lubricate it lovingly, bend over, and with one hand holding the mirror in place, I watch as the other hand gently manoeuvres the toy into its home. The narrow section slides in easily, but I can feel, and watch, the ever thickening section stretching my anus wider and wider, until it finally slips in with a bit of a rush. I feel full, but comfortable.The time is now nearly seven am. I observe myself in the full-length mirror. My Lady will be satisfied. I turn to see the plug firmly held in my anus, with the flat section holding it in. I think I look quite beautiful. I give my cock a little attention, waking it into semi-soft orientation. Perfect!Now I am to collect the muffins and croissants the baker will have left in the service bin by the front gate. Leaving my room, I am looking for the front door, and eventually come out onto the path that leads down to the gate. It is a clear, beautiful day, a little fresh now, but promising warmth later. I am enjoying Escort Keçiören the feeling of the butt plug inside as I slowly walk towards the gate, looking at the gardens and lawn that surrounds the homestead. The cool fresh air invigorates my naked flesh.There is a gatehouse at the end of the path. I wonder if I might be seen from beyond the gate, but even the gate is set well back from the road. I see no-one.I collect the box of goodies, and turn back towards the homestead. It is a regal, solid and imposing building. Over a hundred years old, but in perfect condition. I see the tennis court back and left of the main building. There appear to be stables behind and to the right of the homestead. I cannot see the swimming pool. The gardens and blossoming trees complete the idyllic setting.An athletic-looking couple emerge from the front door as I approach it. They do not hide the fact that their eyes are evaluating my nakedness. “You must be ‘Sweetie’ (My Lady’s name for me), every bit as beautiful as we were told,” the lady comments, extending her hand. “Lovely to meet you. Care to join us for a walk around the estate?””I’m sorry, but I need to get breakfast ready. I’m to have it set up by eight.””Of course. See you inside then.” Off they go.I find the dining room and the kitchen. There is a note on a kitchen bench telling me to set for eight, and if the weather is good, to use the verandah that leads off the dining room. So I familiarise myself with the kitchen, locating plates, cups, cutlery, teapot and coffee-making facilities. Half way through setting the outdoor table, I am joined by A, B and C, the three young women who came up in the car with Kızılay escort My Lady and myself. “Let us help,” they offer.”I think My Lady wants me to set things up, and for you to relax. Thanks anyway.”So they find chairs at the table, and watch me as I neatly lay things out. They obviously see my butt plug as I return to the kitchen. I hear a stifled giggle.”Love your butt plug. How does it feel?” I am asked on my return. Although I know these girls pretty well, I also know that My Lady always wishes all conversation to go through her, so my answer is short. “Good.””Come on, she wants us all to have fun, especially you,” I am told as one hand grabs my cock, pulling me towards her. Another tests how tightly the butt plug is being held inside me. “You need to loosen up. Bend over my knee.”I eagerly comply. Her knees separate enough for me to bury my cock between her thighs, before she closes them again. I am deliciously trapped, and ready for my delightful “punishment”. The girls know that they can slap me as hard as they can, until their hands hurt. My bottom is burning but I whimper for more. Each takes a turn.”That’ll do. Just want to wake him up. Your arse is beautifully red now.” I want more, but there is work to be done. So I rise and complete setting the table.Now I am back in my room to don my cock rings, as instructed, and return to the kitchen, fully and expectantly erect.I see the time is almost eight, so I bring out the pastries, boil the water for tea, and set the coffee machine up. I take the cold meats and hard-boiled eggs from the fridge, and set them on the table, under nets to protect them from any flies. I set the butter, jams and honey around the table. The rest of the people file in, leaving only one spot. I now realise I am not to be sitting at the table with them. I like to show off my red bottom, as well as my stiff cock, so I put both on full show as I help each to a chair.My Lady arrives, takes the last chair, and I enter from the kitchen and kneel beside her.

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