My late night dinner with Keilana Love


My late night dinner with Keilana LoveI maneuvered my car through the heavy traffic. I was on my way to see Keilana Love, the love of my life and the most beautiful woman in the world. Work had kept Keilana and I away from each other for the last two weeks. Longing to see my darling lent urgency to my trip. Keilana and I had planned to have a late dinner and well we would see where the night would lead us.I screeched to a halt in front of Keilana’s apartment block. I jumped out of my car and bounded up the stairs. Keilana’s apartment is on the fifth floor, but I wasn’t going to wait for the elevator when it was quicker to take the stairs.I stopped outside Keilana’s door to catch my breath and have enough time to compose myself. I rang the doorbell and from deep inside the apartment I could hear Keilana’s sweet “hiya darling. Come right in.” My heart fairly leapt at the sound of her voice. I turned the door knob and entered. I removed my suit jacket and hung it on the hook beside the door and then kicked my slipped my shoes off and pushed them to the side.I could see straight down the hallway through the front room to where Keilana was standing on the balcony. She fair took my breath away. Keilana is the most gorgeous woman in the world and tonight she exceeded even her normal flawless beauty. She was fashionably dressed in a short loose fitting black dress that stopped just above her mid-thigh. The dress revealed a hint of cleavage from her beautiful soft breasts. Her dress was cut low in the back with a single thin silver chain running up her spine and joined the narrow cloth straps, from the front, at her neck.I walked towards Keilana. Even at this distance I could see Keilana’s sparkling eyes and dazzling smile. Her long dark silky hair was shimmering in the half light from inside her apartment. I could sense more than see the tanned smooth skin of her neck and arms.I reached Keilana and she almost jumped into my arms. My lips met her soft dreamy kissable lips and we locked together. Keilana’s tongue probed my lips and I parted them. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it and twisted my tongue around hers and I probed her mouth. We clung to each other as we kissed. My arms tightened around Keilana’s soft sensuous body and Keilana gripped me tighter.Our lips hungered for each other. Keilana lifted her left leg and wrapped it around behind my and back in between my legs. We finally broke our kiss. Our chests were heaving. We kissed several more quick artemisbet yeni giriş light kisses. The taste of Keilana’s sweet dreamy lips lingered on mine. I held Keilana loosely now and basked in her glow. I gazed into her gorgeous face. She is so achingly beautiful. I kissed her several more times. Each kiss was more passionate than the last. Keilana responded as she clung to me.I ran my hands lightly up and down Keilana’s back. My hands cupped her soft yet firm tushy. I pulled Keilana into me. I could feel her clitty aroused and pushing against me. Our lips locked together again. I used my right hand to slowly pull Keilana’s dress up. In just a few seconds my hand was caressing the soft, warm, bare skin of Keilana’s sexy tushy.Keilana felt the warm night air on her skin and she kissed me more fiercely. I kissed her hard, our tongues twisting and probing as my hands caressed her body. The street noises faded into the background and soon disappeared altogether. I only had eyes for Keilana. I only had ears for her sweet voice.I kept my right hand on Keilana’s firm warm tushy while I used my left hand to explore her front. To my pleasant surprise Keilana wasn’t wearing panties. I took her girly cock in my hand and lightly stroked up and down. Keilana moaned and kissed me harder. I pulled her more tightly to me and slipped my right hand between her tushy cheeks. My middle finger massaged her rosebud. Keilana moaned and then let out a little whimper. Encouraged I slipped my finger into her. Keilana whimpered more loudly and broke our kiss.She pulled her head back far enough to look at me. Her eyes were twinkling and there was a devilish smile on her face. Keilana wiggled her tushy and squeezed down on my finger that was in her. I slowly moved my finger in and out of her. I felt Keliana’s clitty get harder and I squeezed harder as I stroked her. Keilana’s breathing became shallower.Keilana gave me a long tongue filled kiss as she loosened my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. I pulled Keilana’s dress higher until it was above her hips. I broke our kiss this time and then started kissing down Keilana’s chin and then her neck. I paused at her cleavage to kiss and lick between her breasts. My finger continued to thrust in and out of her. I started to kiss my way lower when I felt my shirt slip off me. Keilana had managed to get my shirt almost off and I hadn’t noticed. I withdrew my finger from her and pushed my shirt all the way off and cast it aside.I artemisbet giriş worked my way down across Keilana’s flat tummy kissing along the outside of her dress. Keilana now caressed me on the sides and top of my head. I got to the tip of Keilana’s fully erect ladystick and flicked my tongue out to lick it. I licked all around the head of her shaft. Keilana was moaning now. I teased her some more as I took just the tip of her ladycock into my mouth.I worked my finger in and out of Keilana’s tushy gradually increasing the rhythm. I took Keilana’s lady love tool all the way into my mouth. She was whimpering loudly now. I was sure anyone on the street would hear us, but I wasn’t going to stop now. My darling needed the release and I was going to make sure she got it. I held my right hand still now as I sucked hard on her girly cock. Keilana was now thrusting her hips to meet my mouth on the down stroke.I was moving my head back and forth very fast now. Keilana was alternately whimpering and moaning. Suddenly she let out a long low moan. I felt her clitty swell and then pulse and she shot her girly cream into my eager mouth. She spurted twice more and then slumped against the side of the balcony. Her breathing gradually returned to normal. I released her ladycock.I stood up running both hands lightly along each side of Keilana and lifting her dress at the same time. Keilana raised her arms and I slipped her dress up and over her head and then her arms. Keilana was now standing in front of me in all of her naked glory. I carefully set her dress aside on the balcony table and then took Keilana in my arms. Her skin was burning hot, soft, and sensual against my own skin.I kissed Keilana lightly once and embraced her tightly. I loosened my arms and then spun Keilana around. My cock was now raging hard and straining to be released. I kissed Keilana on the back of her neck and then down along her spine. I kissed all the way to firm toned tushy. I kissed each cheek and then used my hands to spread her tushy. I kissed and then licked Keilana’s rosebud. I heard her gasp and then moan as my tongue entered her. I pushed my tongue in deeper. I then flicked my tongue in and out of Keilana. She was whimpering as I tongue fucked her. My left hand snaked around in front of Keilana and grasped her girly stick. She was fully erect again. I stroked her a couple of times and then suddenly stood up.Keilana gasped when she felt my tongue leave her. She looked over artemisbet güvenilirmi her shoulder at me. I kissed the back of Keilana’s neck. She knew what was coming next and she smiled at me. I unzipped my pants with one hand and caressed her tummy and then her breasts with my other hand. I positioned my rock hard cock at the entrance to her love tunnel and pushed gently, releasing the pressure as I felt the very tip start to spread her rosebud. I pushed again letting just a bit more of my cock slip in before withdrawing.I was teasing Keilana and enjoying the sensation of feeling her tushy squeezing against my cock. I pushed again and Keilana growing impatient with my teasing pushed back against me. My cock slipped half way into Keilana. I paused and so did Keilana. We were both surprised as well as pleased. Keilana wiggled her tushy. I put both arms around my darling and held her close to me. I slid all the way into my sweetie as I pulled her back against me.I paused again to let Keilana adjust to my girth. I then started to slowly stroke in and out of Keilana’s love tunnel. Keliana matched my thrusts as she pushed her sexy tushy back against me. The feeling was so warm and loving. I bent forward again and kissed my darling on her neck.I now began to thrust harder and faster. Keilana still matched me thrust for thrust. She was moaning loudly again. I glanced over the balcony at the street and I could barely make out someone looking up towards us trying to figure out what the noise was and where it was coming from. I went back to concentrating on my sweetheart. I was thrusting fast and breathing deeply.I was on the verge of orgasming. I gave a few more really hard thrusts. Keilana moaned deep and long again. The tips of my toes started to tingle and the sensation moved up through my legs to deep within me. Another hard thrust, my cock pulsed, and I spurted deep into my darling. Keilana felt my cock twitch. She squeezed as hard as she could and my cock spurted again and again. I went on orgasming and Keilana was sighing now and holding herself tightly against me.My orgasm finally subsided and then stopped. I slumped against Keilana holding her tightly and lightly nibbling her neck and the back of her ears. I felt my cock go flaccid and then slowly slip out of KeilanaKeilana felt my cock leave her. She turned around in my arms and stood on her tiptoes to kiss me. Her eyes were sparkling. I was still breathing heavily. Keilana leaned her head against my chest and then without saying a word stepped away from me and grabbed me by my hand. She led me back inside her apartment and into the bedroom. It looked like our late dinner was now going to be a late brunch tomorrow morning.If you want to see more photos of Kailana Love, look at “my photos”

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