My Lesbian Sugar Mama


Hi, my name is Kenzi Kittle, and the little adventure that I will now relate began back when I was a senior in high school, after getting a job working as a cashier at the Latrelle Grocery store in rural Pennsylvania. I needed to make some money if I wanted to attend college that fall, and the neighborhood grocery store was about the only employment opportunity available to me, what with my non-existent resume’/job experience. The store was also within walking distance from both my school and my home, which was good, as I didn’t yet own a car. The store was owned by a Mrs. Dallas Morgenstern, and managed by her daughter-in-law. Before I was hired, I knew next-to-nothing about Mrs. Morgenstern, other than that she was a fashionable socialite divorcee who resided in our community, estranged from her wealthy publisher husband who owned & operated a fashion magazine in New York City. Back in the day, Mrs. Morgenstern was actually one of his models who once even appeared on the cover! But that was years ago. I remember first meeting her one afternoon when she showed up looking for Kleenex, and the moment she saw me her eyes widened as if in recognition. She later confided to me that she simply really liked what she was seeing!

A little bit about me… I’m a slender 18-year old blonde high school girl, happily just past those awkward years when my figure was more skinny than beautiful, at least in my own opinion. The guys at my school had largely ignored me until around the 11th-grade, at which point I started getting all kinds of attention. I guess I was what you’d call a ‘late bloomer.’ My legs grew longer and more toned as my torso suddenly developed an attractive shape, along with my face finally losing those last vestiges of baby fat. I went from geek to chic overnight, as my cousin Amy once said, morphing into a hottie (her words, not mine) in less than six months. But despite leaving my geeky past behind, I remained pretty much a loner, in that I could comfortably spend quality time by myself rather than always requiring a crowd. And being the studious type, I generally found myself more at ease with my older female teachers than with girls my own age, and this would undoubtedly play a major role in my increasingly close relationship with Mrs. Morgenstern.

More about Mrs. Morgenstern… at the time I first became acquainted with her she was fifty-something – a wealthy woman living in that beautiful estate over on Meadowbrook Lane, driving herself around in a silver Mercedes, and she even had a live-in maid to do her cooking, cleaning, & shopping, although for some reason she began dropping in fairly regularly at the store when I was working, usually to purchase small items like club soda or maybe a pack of gum (she explained to me that she was trying to quit smoking.)

Whenever we’d talked her eyes would shine as they wandered over me with that approving smile of hers. Even during our very first encounter I almost felt as if she was undressing me with her dark, appreciative gaze. At work I generally wore bluejeans and a red grocery store t-shirt, which was in no ways revealing, but whenever I’d turned my back I could practically feel her eyes glued to my ass. She had a way of licking her lips while watching me that I found to be very flattering. And while you might think that this would have made me uncomfortable, it did not. I was, nevertheless, a bit curious as to where it was all leading. I would soon find out.

“So how do you expect to pay for college, Kenzi?” she inquired one afternoon while picking-up a pack of mints. When I explained to her how I was doing my best to save every penny I earned, her response was: “That’s good, but perhaps we can come up with something better?” That was also the first time she ever invited me back to her home, picking me up the following Saturday, and driving me to what I would describe as a modest-but-luxurious stone house set back in a beautiful grove of oak trees. Her home even included a small indoor swimming pool!

“Oh, wow!” I exclaimed, upon first seeing it. “I wish I’d brought my swimsuit!”

Mrs. Morganstern laughed. “Oh, I’m sure I can find you something to wear if you’d like to go in. Or you could even swim nude! Nobody can see you here!”

I remember blushing and saying maybe another time, but it was at that point that I first realized that this woman just might have “a thing” for pretty young women like myself. And how did that make me feel? Well, it’s kind of hard to explain, because while I’ve NEVER considered myself to be a lesbian, I was nevertheless flattered & even intrigued that this wealthy older woman would take such an interest in me, even seemingly wanting to see me get naked for her! The very thought was deliciously kinky!

Anyway, we enjoyed a pleasant late lunch (or early dinner) that first visit, prepared by her maid, Camile, consisting of a shrimp salad. Camile was another interesting woman, in her low forties, with short brunette hair that gave her a slightly “butchy” look. And she didn’t dress anything şişli escort like a maid, going about the house in sweatpants & a long-sleeved “Orange is the New Black” t-shirt. After serving us dinner she brought Mrs. Morgenstern & myself some kind of a fruity strawberry-vodka martini to sip on while we relaxed in her comfortable living room talking some more about my college plans.

“You understand, Kenzi, that you’ll never earn enough money working as a cashier to afford the tuition at State,” she matter-of-factly pointed out. “And how will you pay for room & board?” As I didn’t immediately respond, she asked her maid: “Didn’t you go to college for a couple of years, Camile?”

Her maid smiled & rolled her eyes a bit before responding: “Yes, Dallas… you KNOW I did.”

“And how exactly did you pay for it?”

“I worked as a stripper,” Camile replied, look at me and smiling.

Mrs. Morganstern turned her gaze my way before continuing: “Well, Kenzi… that’s certainly one option you might consider?”

I found myself blushing before then asking Camile: “Seriously? You were a stripper? At a club?”

Mrs. Morgenstern interrupted. “Yes, she was. And you should have seen Camile back in the day, wiggling that hot little ass of hers up on stage!”

I stared at Mrs. Morgenstern in surprise! “You were there?”

“Yes, I was. That’s where Camile & I first met, isn’t that so?”

Her maid continued: “Our Mrs. Morgenstern was a bit of a wild woman back in the day, and a regular at the Showboat Palace Lounge where I worked. We had a ‘ladies night’ every other Thursday, with only female customers allowed inside. All of the girls loved her!”

“But why would women go see girls dancing naked?” I interjected, despite realizing that I already knew the answer.

Camile & Mrs. Morganstern glanced at eachother before the lady of the house ventured a response: “I think that most women enjoy looking at beautiful naked girls, Kenzi. A sexy young girl’s body sensually dancing is a thing of beauty!”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I responded, before daring to ask: “Are you… are the two of you both lesbians?”

“We don’t label ourselves, Kenzi,” was Mrs. Morgenstern’s evasive reply. “It is what it is… now let’s get back to the subject of how you’re going to make enough money to afford college.”

“I… I don’t think I could ever be a stripper,” I insisted, still somewhat scandalized at the prospect.

“Hey, maybe you could work at Hooters?” Camile suggested. “You’ve certainly got the legs for it!”

“She’s got the legs AND the butt,” the lady of the house added. “And her breasts are nice to look at, as well!”

Both Mrs. Morgenstern & Camile laughed at my obvious discomfort of their open assessment of my body, with my hostess then soothingly adding: “You’re a beautiful girl, Kenzi, but I suppose wearing a skimpy outfit out in public isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.”

Camile nodded, before then coyly adding: “Of course, it wouldn’t hurt for a pretty little thing like Kenzi to learn to use her lovely body to her best advantage!”

I noticed her exchanging a meaningful glance with Mrs. Morgenstern before turning back to me. “I’d be happy to teach you a few stripper moves if you’re ever interested!”

This was followed by a somewhat awkward pause with nobody saying anything. The rest of my visit went off without any more discussion of my being a stripper, although I was invited back to Mrs. Morgenstern’s house the very next week.

“And next time, bring your bikini,” suggested Camile, with a smile & a wink.


The following Saturday I was once again picked up by Mrs. Morgenstern in her silver Mercedes after getting off of work and driven to her home, and this time I was even invited to spend the night! Of course, I had brought along my swimsuit in the hope that perhaps I’d get to take a dip in her pool. She and Camile were both pleased to once again have me as their guest, and Camile quickly showed me a cute little guest room where I could put my things. For lunch we shared a delicious seafood salad along with a wonderful lobster bisque soup made by Camile that was just incredible. After that it was mostly small talk until later that afternoon when my hostess insisted that I change into my swimsuit, which I was happy to do.

When I emerged from my room I saw that neither Mrs. Morgenstern nor Camile were wearing swimsuits, and so I arrived poolside in a rather skimpy bikini while the two older women were settled fully clothed in comfortable lounge chairs overlooking the pool.

“Aren’t either of you going into the water?” I inquired.

“Maybe later,” the lady of the house responded, with a smile. “Right now I think we’re both more-than-happy just looking at you.”

I could feel their eyes travelling the length of my scantily-clad body as I slowly lowered myself into the shallow end of the pool. At one point I glanced çapa escort over to see Mrs. Morgenstern licking her lower lip as her eyes devoured my legs & ass. And while this might normally have made me a bit uncomfortable, just the opposite was true. I felt attractive & even desireable. I even found myself arching my back in an effort to show off my curves to their best advantage. My appreciate audience took immediate notice.

“Turn around for me, Kenzi,” Mrs. Morgenstern asked, and I did so. “Lovely… just lovely!”

“Wiggle that delicious little butt of yours for us,” Camile added, laughing.

“The water feels wonderful,” I opined, trying to change the subject as the two older women continued ogling my body.

Mrs. Morgenstern whispered something to Camile, with her maid silently leaving the pool area, returning momentarily with a tray holding three iced drinks in plastic green tumblers.

“Ah, Camile has brought us refreshments,” the other woman announced. “Have you ever had a frozen Peach Daiquiri, Kenzi?”

I hadn’t. Camile gave one to Mrs. Morgenstern, put another one down on the table alongside her own chair, before then offering the third one to me, standing in the shallow end of the pool. I couldn’t help but notice that my drink held the most liquid.

“Thank you,” I said, before taking a sip. It was delicious! I looked up to see Mrs. Morgenstern & Camile exchanging a look as I observed: “this doesn’t even taste like it has any alcohol in it!”

“I’m glad you like it,” was Mrs. Morgenstern’s soft reply. “Camile is an excellent bartender. Wait until you try her Cranberry-Lime Vodka Sunrise!”

A part of me was beginning to suspect that maybe these two older women were offering me alcohol to loosen my inhibitions, but the thought didn’t bother me. I was enjoying their company, and the way they kept their eyes glued to my bikini-clad body was quite flattering.

At one point, after I’d tried yet another one of Camile’s delicious concoctions, the lady of the house suggested that I exit the pool and join her, patting the empty lounge chair alongside her own, saying: “Camile, why don’t you rub some moisturing lotion on Kenzi’s gorgeous little body to keep her skin from drying out?”

Camile smiled, as I then climbed out of the pool to do as Mrs. Morgenstern asked. Camile placed a large beach towel on the comfortable divan before then grabbing another smaller towel with which she begin dabbing me dry before then suggesting: “Perhaps I should get you out of this wet swimsuit first.”

I didn’t resist as she then undid my bikini top from behind before then removing it completely. Her hands briefly caressing my bare breasts as both women stared approvingly. I then bent over slightly to begin pulling down my bikini bottoms before Mrs. Morgenstern stopped me. “Let me do that, Kenzi,” her voice quietly murmured.

I stood there, experiencing a pleasant buzz, as she then arose from her lounge chair and knelt down behind me before then beginning to very slowly tug down my bikini bottoms over the round curve of my ass. She took her time, slowly & deliberately, as if she wanted to prolong the moment for as long as possible. I could see Camile’s eyes taking it all in, licking her lips in anticipation. I found myself bending over ever so slightly as Mrs. Morgenstern’s fingertips caressed the skin of my ass and upper thighs as I then emerged completely nude in the company of these two older women in whose power I found myself, not that I was in any ways alarmed.

I first felt Mrs. Morgenstern’s hot breath on my bare behind only seconds before feeling her warm wet lips pressing themselves against my bare bottom. I let out an involuntary sigh as she then proceded to begin planting soft kisses all over my ass. My eyes were closed as I heard Camile whisper, “Oh yeah… this is nice!”

“Lie down on your stomach, Kenzi,” Mrs. Morgenstern ordered, pointing towards the lounge chair prepared for me by Camile. I noticed her maid pouring a small amount of lotion onto the palms of her hands. I was soon positioned faced-down, my nude body arranged for their viewing pleasure. I knew that in my semi-inebriated state I was somehow being taken advantage of, but I didn’t care. I wanted to provide pleasure for these two older woman, and so I even arched my back slightly, offering up my shapely ass for Camile’s loving ministrations. “Good girl,” she whispered, pleased at my surrender as she then began applying the lotion to my skin. “I’m really going to enjoy this!”

I glanced over to see Mrs. Morgenstern hovering close by, her hands surreptitiously rubbing herself as she ran her tongue over her lips, witnessing her maid’s hands travelling the length of my nude, submissive young body. And Camile certainly knew what she was doing, as her fingertips dug deep into my shoulders & arms, her palms gliding possessively up and down my sides and slender long legs, before her hands then lovingly locked themselves firmly onto my behind, which she appeared to take a special delight fındıkzade escort in kneading with her talented fingers.

“Such a beautiful pert young bottom,” I heard her remark to Mrs. Morgenstern, who nodded in reply. “Such perfection!”

I then pressed my face down onto the canvas pillow on which my head now rested, as Camile proceeded to kiss, lick, and playfully bite at my upturned butt, eliciting squeals of pleasure from me. I’d never felt anything like this before, and I was loving every second!

“Save some of that for me,” Mrs. Morgenstern laughingly remarked, rising up from where she had been observing the show. She then knelt down on the floor alongside where I lay. I could soon feel her own lips also passionately kissing my lotion-covered butt. “Mmmmm… she tastes like coconut,” she murmured in a somewhat husky voice to Camile, who immediately nodded assent. “Delicious!”

It wasn’t long after that the lady of the house suggested taking me upstairs to her bedroom, and so the next thing I knew Camile was helping me up onto my feet and slowly leading me by the hand up the thickly carpeted stairway towards Mrs. Morgenstern’s private chambers. Mrs. Morgenstern followed closely behind with an almost hungry, predatory look on her face.

As I glanced at her, she hissed: “Your hot little body is mine,” with her hands then possessively grabbing my ass as I slowly made my way up the carpeted steps, with her hands still cupping my butt the entire way until we entered her dimply lit room.

Arriving at her enormous bed, I was then seated with both of the two older women on either side of me. Mrs. Morgenstern began passionately kissing me on the mouth while Camile began kissing/nuzzling the back of my neck. Their hands were everywhere, squeezing & fondling my breasts while simultaneously sensually massaging/fondling every inch of my skin from ears to toes, including all points in between. As yet, both of the two older women remained clothed while I alone was completely naked. It’s like I was their nude little plaything.

Mrs. Morgenstern then began gently kissing & licking my breasts while Camile pulled down the bedspread to make room for the three of us in the huge bed we were about to share. They positioned me on my back with my legs spread wide. The lady of the house smiled before her head then dropped down to begin licking at my exposed pussy, her hands possessively clasping my hips with her fingernails digging into my upper thighs. Camile meanwhile forcibly held my wrists together over my head and against the headboard as she began passionately kissing my lips. I found myself at that moment experiencing what it must have been like being a submissive nude young slavegirl, providing enjoyment & pleasure for her two dominant lesbian mistresses! It was a truly wonderful sensation!

I couldn’t help but squirm a bit as Mrs. Morgenstern’s tongue worked its way deeper inside of me, licking and teasing at the vulnerable walls of my vagina & clitoris. Her hands were now grabbing and squeezing my ass, while Camile’s mouth continued devouring my own. It was as if I was a captive won by two passionate women intent upon fully claiming their prize.

“Turn her over,” Mrs. Morgenstern suddenly ordered, speaking to Camile. “And get my strap-on out of that drawer!”

I found myself moved into a kneeling position, facing the headboard, on my elbows & knees with my back arched. Camile returned to kissing my lower back and butt while the lady of the house donned a phallic device around her waist, hungrily eyeing my body while doing so. The woman was practically drooling in anticipation for what was to follow!

“I’m going to fuck you, Kenzi,” she announced, positioning herself immediately behind me, quickly rubbing some lotion on what appeared to be a six-inch penis protruding from her vagina. “I’m going to fuck this beautiful body of yours with my little toy!”

I could feel her strap-on dildo sliding into my pussy as her hands then possessively clutched at my hips and she began gently pumping me back & forth. I let out a soft moan of delight as I surrendered myself to her completely. Camile’s hands continued gently caressing my neck & breasts while I was used in this fashion. I was in heaven.

“Spank her,” Camile suggested. “Spank her sexy little ass!”

Mrs. Morgenstern laughed and proceeded to slap my butt severals times while she continued pumping away. I let out an involuntary cry of pain that was actually more a cry of pleasure. This was something I could seriously get used to! Camile was once again kissing the back of my neck while one of her hands grabbed my hair while the other squeezed my right breast.

Eventually, we slowed to a halt. Mrs. Morgenstern gently glided the strap-on from out of my pussy as she then slowly lowered me onto my stomach before bending down to kiss the back of my neck, with her lips then travelling all the way down my back to my slightly reddened ass cheeks, which she then hungrily kissed & licked. Camile was meanwhile getting undressed down to her spandex underwear, with Mrs. Morgenstern soon doing the same. The two older women then laid down on either side of me, continuing to kiss, lick, & caress my submissive nude body all over.

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