My Life Ch. 01


I have been told that I should write about my life experiences so I am planning to start chapters of what it was that got me to this point in my life and the pleasures I have enjoyed on the trip.

I have been sexually aware for as long as I can recall. My parents were free love hippies in the 60s and probably among the first of the swinging set by the 70s. We spent many weekends at nude beaches. My first activity beyond masturbation was with my older brother in my mid teens, but that is not for this story. This is the first installment of my life story.

First let me tell you a little about me. I am a woman in my early 40s, 5’8″, 145lbs brown hair, blue eyes and I work out regularly so I am in fairly good shape. People ask about my tits, they are B cups with little pink nipples, I know not big but they serve me well and by the way, I don’t shave, I did for a while but now I prefer natural. That should provide a rough idea.

While my parents were very sexually active and allowed me to explore my sexuality as I liked I did on occasion walk in when they were having sex with eachother and friends. They believed that there was a clear line between being a kid and an adult, this is a story about that line. While I was sexually involved before I turned 18 they were only boys (and a few girls). The first real man (men) I had was on my 18th birthday. This is part of the story about that day.

I had been anticipating my birthday for quite a while. My parents had promised me a very special party and with the way they spent their entertainment time I had some good idea of what that meant and my free nights were spent as any young person anticipating what things were to come and would be like, pleasuring myself as often as I was able.

On the day of the party my parents left early and my brother spent the day teasing me about with what was sure to come, he had by this time been invited to a few of their parties already. I woke up that morning as I often did and laying in my bed aroused and horney. Soon my fingers found their way to my already smooth, wet lips. This is the same route I have perfected and taken thousands of times in my life since I discovered the pleasure my pussy can bring. My fingers moved over the familiar supple folds of my cunt, sliding down the sides of my hard little clit, pleasure coming from the nerves clustered there. Slipping my fingers down the sides of my soft, full labia, pulling on them slightly as I work them down to that firm, tender flesh between the wet opening of the warm, dripping gash and the dark, puckered rear cavity. Stopping there and I massage softly the area to which few others ever pay much attention to then I slip the tip of my finger just a little into my dark, musky ass before sliding back up. Slipping my finger the length of my wet slit which is slowly flowing with the slick dampness from deep within me. My fingers dipping as they pass thru my velvety, moist vagina, my fingers move inside there. In and out spreading the wet cream from my pussy over my hand before I slide them up to again grasp my hard little clit between my fingers. Rubbing quickly, my eyes closed, the pleasure fluttering thru my body as I think of what is to come. Faster my fingers move my cunt flowing more of the wet, clear fluid dripping down to wet my tight little asshole, I can feel it cumming, my orgasm, this is the best time, just before I cum, my body tenses, my toes curl and my back arches slightly as my fingers move quickly over my stiff little nub………

“WHOA THERE,” my brother quickly opens the door, “you can’t do that. You have to wait for the party tonight.” Startled, the mood is broken just as I am about to cum. Whimpering softly I look down my body between my legs at the door and my brother is standing there in his boxers gazing directly at my fingers playing with my soggy cunt.

A moan escapes my lips as I pout and whine, ” no fair, I was just about to cum and you spoiled it” I said as he walked to stand beside my bed and look at my naked, slightly moist body.

“I Beylikdüzü Grup Escort know, mom and dad told me to keep an eye on you and I am not going to let you cum until the party tonight.” He was standing there beside me, I could see his hard cock tenting inside his boxers, “I would help you if you let me” I said as I reached over and wrapped my fingers around the firm flesh of his hard shaft covered with the thin cloth. I could see the pleasure on his face as I stroked him thru the thin material.

“Hey I can cum, but you have to wait.” He said as I continued to slowly stroke his hard cock.

“Come on I can cum as much as I like, not like you. You cum 3 or 4 times and you are done for the night.” I pulled his firm cock out thru the fly. I like that, a cock sticking out thru a guys pants and nothing else. I sat up, his cock inches from my face, a little wet, sticky pre-cum leaking from the tip. I stroked the warm flesh a few times before I leaned in and touched my lips and kissing the tip. Pulling back, there was a little slimly string of sticky fluid stretching from my mouth to his cock. I licked the salty essence from my lips.

” But you have to wait, I don’t,” he said as my mouth surrounded his warm flesh. I started sucking, the smooth head filling my mouth, my hand slipping up and down the shaft. My head moved in and out, the head of his large cock filling my mouth, touching the back of my throat. I could hear him grunt. My hand moves faster, I know just how to make him cum fast as my tongue flicks its way around the rim of his cock. Faster I move, my hand stroking his hard cock keeping my mouth around the head. I know him, we have done this a lot in the last few years and I know just when he is going to cum. I feel his cock throb just a little and feel the quick jerk he does just before he cums…… and I stop.

“Oh God, don’t stop now!!!” he cries as I pull away and sit back showing my self to him. “If I can’t cum neither can you,” I tease. He grasps his cock and starts to stroke it rapidly while he stairs down at my nude body. He cums, spurting the white, creamy, wet spunk across the short distance between the tip of his cock and my bare tits. It splatters on my chest, over my tanned tits and trickles down my belly to collect at my smooth cunt ( I shaved in those days). I sat there and watched as his cock sprayed my and I recall I almost came sitting there watching him jack off on me. I reached up and slipped my fingers thru the wet slime then they found their way back down between my legs as he finished cumming, the cream dripping from the slit in the tip of his hard cock and into my lap. Fingering my clit, my eyes glued to the dripping slit in the tip of his cock and as he was distracted I quickly started to feel the rush come again.

I was staring at his cock fingering my cunt when he grabbed my hand, “oh no you don’t.” I almost screamed, my cunt was throbbing so hard. He held my hands between his, his slowly softening cock hanging out his fly, as the initial almost cum rush passed. “It will be that much better for you tonight is you wait.”

I whimpered again, moaning because of my need, and so the day went. My cunt was soaking all day and I tried to slip my fingers down to release the tension there. I changed my panties twice before noon and finally just went without wearing a short skirt. I could feel the wetness between my legs dripping, making my thighs slide slickly against each other as I walked around. My brother never left me that day, he even came in when I was in the bathroom to make sure I wouldn’t satisfy myself. The good thing was I made sure he suffered along with me and I saw the outline of a hard cock inside his pants a lot that day.

I thought that night would never come. I dressed in anticipation of the things to come, a loose, fairly short dark skirt with no panties, a red, button front shirt and no bra, stockings and a garter belt, no jewelry …. (I never found out what happened to those clothes, I never Beylikdüzü İranlı Escort saw them again after that night). My brother and I smoked a nice fat joint on the way there and I was feeling no pain as we pulled into the entry of the 5 star hotel where my party was going to happen. I got out of the car when the valet opened the door and flashed him a slow look at my wet pussy. My brother handed the keys to the valet and we went in to the restaurant where we found my parents and 3 other couples waiting. These were all VERY good looking people a couple of which I knew as friends of my parents. The oldest couple couldn’t have been over about 40 and you could tell by the way they were dressed were well off and belonged in this place and had planned as I had for the night. I sat between a man I didn’t know about 30 and the wife of the another. I could feel the heat coming from both of them. I have no idea what I ate that night or even if I ate, I was so horney. The people beside me spent a lot of the evening sliding their hands along my thighs, a few times the woman slipped her hand under my skirt and slid her fingers thru my dripping cunt and then moving her hand to her lips tasting them. I imagine there were other things going on at that table but I was oblivious to them on the verge of cumming throughout the meal. I am told that when I got up from the table the wet spot at the back of my skirt was so big and obvious that several of my new friends had to walk behind me.

I barely remember going up to the room, I do recall that in the elevator there were hands all over me and that I had no idea where they came from or whose they were. I floated to the room in a state I have never been in before or since.

Once we were in the room I was even more the center of attention. Hands all over me, fingers exploring my every opening lips exploring my body and kissing mine our tongues exploring each others mouths, a man, a woman and more, I didn’t knew who.

I came.

The explosion came so hard and fast that my knees buckled and I had to be supported by someone. The waves causing sparks in my head my eyes rolled back, they said I screamed, moaned and cried, I don’t doubt it. I have never felt anything like that in my life before or since, a combination of pent up desire from the day and the skillful manipulations of these extraordinary lovers hands and fingers on my body did something to me that was beyond magnificent, surges passing throughout my body..

I must have passed out because the next thing I was aware of was laying on the bed, looking up at the ceiling with someone softly caressing my bare, naked skin. The woman lying next to me was naked, her enormous firm breasts brushing my side, large, dark brown areolas of her nipples like I have only seen before in porn or magazines. She was up on one elbow and looking at me smiling.

“Hello, I my name is Susan, how are you doing” she said as she caressed the smooth, soft skin of my shaved mons and lips of my drenched cunt. She was the woman that sat across from me at the table and I am sure that it was her foot that kept caressing my leg under the table and probing between my thighs.

“I don’t know, nothing like that has ever happened before, but it was incredible!” I said as I looked into her friendly blue eyes.

She bent down and softly placed her lips on mine. ” Just take your time, we have all night,” she whispered. The feel of her soft hand on my naked skin was so relaxing after that hard cum that I could have fallen asleep right there. I turned my head and looked around the room, there were naked bodies everywhere. Most of them were in the early stages of sex, kissing, fondling and stroking each other. There were 2 women there on the chair with my father, one on her knees sucking his large cock the other with her lips planted firmly on his. My brother was with the woman that sat next to me at the table. I don’t recall seeing my mom because when I looked over at the other bed I saw something Beylikdüzü Manken Escort I had never seen before, there was a man there sucking another guys cock.

My eyes froze on that and I had to watch. Susan’s husband was having his cock sucked by another guy. Her husband was black and he had only an average size cock but it was dark and hard and disappearing between the other guy’s lips and all the way down his throat. I couldn’t take my eyes off that. Susan laying beside me was watching too. “you like that?” she whispered into my ear. All I could do was nod and grunt in the affirmative. I was transfixed and all my life since that moment there is nothing that I like more than watching guys fuck while I am having sex. I just lay there as Susan worked her way down me, sucking my nipples, planting soft kisses down my belly, fingering my pussy while she worked down, kissing every soft spot on her trip down to my waiting cunt. She is to this day one of the most skillful people I know when it comes to eating pussy or doing anything to it for that matter. Her lips met my clit, and gently sucked, her tongue exploring my wetness deep as she pressed and sucked the lips. My eyes glued to that hard black cock slipping in and out between that guys sucking lips. Her tongue explored the dark musky opening of my tight musky asshole as I lifted my knees to give her better access. I started to build but this was different, the tension climbed slowly up and stopped, she held me there on the edge of cum for as long as she wanted she would back off and let me come down a little, she knew just what to do and how to control my desire.

As I watched, the two guys on the other bed shifted. The guy sucking Susan’s husband’s cock slid up. I was in just the right position to see him from behind, his hairy balls hanging down below his dark puckered anus as he lowered himself down onto that black, hard cock. I watched as his cock slowly stretched that little, wrinkled, brown asshole open and start to wrap itself around the bulb of the head of his cock. He were moving slowly down the shaft, I don’t know if it was as a show for me or just getting used to the feel of a hard cock inside his bowels, but it seemed to take forever for that cock to bury itself fully inside that nether opening. As I watched he rose up and I saw his asshole pull out as Susan’s husband’s cock pulled from that tight cavity. He began to fuck himself faster on that hard, brown member. In and out it moved in that dark hole. Faster, deeper, Susan must have known just what was happening because just as I thought her husband was getting close she brought me closer. He was tensing and pushing in hard as the guy came down fiercely on his cock. Suddenly he came, and I came, I came almost as hard as the first time. Susan knew just when to make it happen. I was fixated on watching her husband jerk as his cum spurted deep into his anus.

I just lay there looking at that cock slowly soften, still inside that guys asshole and finally plop out, a trickle of cum following it and dripping on those smooth black balls. Soon the guy who had just been fucked by her husband got up and moved over to where we were, his cock sticking out in front of him. Kneeling behind Susan who was on her knees between my legs, I could feel her lips press tightly on my cunt as he slid his hard cock into her from behind. I lay there my eyes and his looking into each other as he fucked the woman that was still lapping on my dripping pussy. I came looking into his eyes, I love to look into the eyes of someone while we are both being pleasured by someone else.

Needless to say there were many pleasures that night, I fucked my dad for the first time, (that is another story) and watched as my brother ate some guys cum from my mom’s dripping cunt. I fucked every guy in the place and the women and I pleasured each other in every imaginable way. That night I learned the difference between the boys (and a few girls) I had fucked while growing up and the adult lovers who had learned the skills of pleasuring others. To this day I am friends with many of the people I met that night and several of them, especially my dear friends Susan and her husband, I still fit into my nights when we are able.

This is only the beginning of long a story lasting over 20 years now and I hope to share much of what I have enjoyed with all of you.

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