My Little Miss Apple Queen 05

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Nora and I got home after our tryst at school to find Sherry and the girls sitting on the couch eating popcorn and watching one of the newest super-hero movies. Nora jumped on the couch next to Aimee and snuggled up beside her. I couldn’t believe how unfazed Nora was by what we had just done. Then to come home and act as if nothing happened simply amazed me. I smiled and Sherry looked over at that moment and smiled back. “What we watching?” Nora asked Aimee. “The one with the hammer, now shhh.” Nora smiled at Aimee and hugged her as she stole some of her popcorn. Sherry mouthed the word “pizza” and pointed in the kitchen. I walked in and got two plates and glasses down out of the cupboard and poured myself some water and soda for Nora. I grabbed some pizza and then put it all on a tray to take to the living room. Nora took her plate and drink off the tray and I walked over to my chair and sat down. The movie was almost over and by the time I finished off the couple of slices I had brought out the credits were rolling. “That was a great movie.” I said as the music played in the background. “It was an awesome movie, Daddy. Can we watch it again?” Aimee squealed as she jumped up and ran around the living room like the hero in the movie. “We have a another movie to watch first.” Sherry said in her most diplomatic voice. “That sucks, Daddy and Nora didn’t get to see all of it.” Aimee pouted as she crossed her arms and scowled over to the couch. Nora leaned over and popped Aimee’s nose and said, “Don’t you like Saturday morning movies with me anymore?” “Yes.” Aimee smiled that smile only reserved for Nora. And the whole situation was over. Sherry put the next movie in. A romantic comedy that didn’t hold my attention but did hold the attention of my three eldest girls. When it escort was over Liz and Aimee went upstairs exhausted. Sherry, Nora and I began talking about our days and when it turned to some girl talk I took the dishes to the kitchen and cleaned up. After I was done I took the backstairs and checked on the little ones. Liz and Aimee were sound asleep, I tucked them in and kissed them both on the forehead changing into some shorts and a t-shirt. After changing I headed back down the stairs and I overheard Sherry and Nora talking and stopped in my tracks. Nora was talking and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Mom, is it wrong to be attracted to other girls?” “No, I don’t think it is. Women are different from boys, they’re softer and very sensual. I have been attracted to other women from time to time. Why?” “Yesterday during drama practice the new girl and I were sitting back stage waiting for our cue to come out when she put her hand on my leg and told me she thought I was beautiful. Then today after practice we got our costumes and she wanted to try them on in the bathroom. We did and when I was only in my underwear she grabbed me by the arms and kissed me on the mouth.” “Do I need to call the principal about this? Is she sexually harassing you?” “No, mom, it’s not like that. In fact I enjoyed it and kissed her back.” That explains why Nora was so worked up after practice and why she wanted to have sex at school. Not that I’m complaining. I did wonder who she was talking about though. As I continued to listen Sherry asked that very question. “So, who is this girl Nora?” “Her name is Kyra. She just moved into the school district this year. We have several classes together but this is the first time she has said or done anything like this.” I knew Kyra. She was in one bayan escort of my marketing classes at school. She was a beautiful young women, conservative in her clothing and ideas, so the fact that she had hit on my daughter surprised me. “What do you want to do about this then?” Sherry asked. “I would really like to kiss her again but what if she wants to do more?” “Is that what you want?” “Yes, but I don’t know what to do.” “Do you want me to teach you?” “Could you mom. I would love that.” I couldn’t believe my ears. My wife wanted to teach my daughter how to please a woman. I had hit the jackpot. I had started to feel guilty about Nora and me and was wondering if I should tell Sherry, but if they did this then I wouldn’t have to worry. Sherry and I could share Nora and we wouldn’t have to hide our love. “I’m going up to talk to your dad for a moment. You go on to the basement and I’ll be down soon.” Sherry said, it jolted me out of my fantasy. I hurried up stairs and threw off my shirt and scrambled into bed. I picked up my book just as Sherry came through the door. “Are you ready to watch our special movie?” I asked as she walked across the floor to the bed and sat down. “Can we put it off for awhile? Nora is having some girl issues at school and needs to talk about it.” “Sure. Is it anything I can help with?” “Not really, honey.” She said as she stood up and walked into our bathroom. “I will be back up and we can start that movie before to long.” She from behind the closed the door. I heard the water running and about five minuets later she walked out in her bathrobe. “Don’t start without me sweetheart.” “I won’t.” I promised as she walked out the doors and down the stairs. Before she had reached the bottom step I was out of bed and had grabbed the video recorder escort bayan out of the closet. Sherry and I had made a couple of video’s over the last few years but this one was going to be the best we ever made. I made my way down stairs and as quietly as I could across the down stairs floor. I knew that if I wasn’t careful Sherry and Nora would hear everything. When I reached the basement door it was open and I realized Sherry must have forgotten to close it. I made my way down the steps until I could hear the two of them talking. “Women are softer with more curves than a man, but it doesn’t mean that they are breakable.” Sherry told Nora. “Being with a woman can be just as passionate as being with a man, more so if you know what to do.” “Like what?” “Like knowing how to talk to a woman.” I finally found a spot to hide yet still see Nora’s little corner. Sherry had just stood up from the couch and undid the sash on her bathrobe. She let the robe slip from her shoulders and fall to the floor. She was wearing a little pink teddy that I had bought her a couple of months ago. I thought she looked better in red or black but she had wanted pink and to be honest color was never my concern. “What do you think of my teddy?” Sherry asked. “It’s beautiful just like the woman wearing it.” “Yes, that is how you talk to a woman. Tell her she is beautiful, compliment her clothes and anything else. Be attentive to her appearance. Now stand up.” Nora stood up. Sherry looked at our sweet young daughter and took her hands. Sherry then pulled Nora closer. Sherry than cupped Nora’s face and raised it so that they were looking into each others eyes. Sherry leaned into Nora and began to kiss her. A slow gentle kiss with love and desire infused within. Sherry wrapped her arms around Nora as the kiss deepened. Nora reciprocated the embrace as their heads tilted in opposite directions so that they could engage their tongues more fully. Sherry began to pull away and she pulled Nora’s lip with it.

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