My Maid Noona


I love my maid Noona. What an amazing woman. She has mid length blonde hair and she’s so tall that when I’m next to her my head only reaches her shoulders. This also means my eye line is constantly parallel with her gigantic G Cup breasts…I can still remember the first time she caught me staring at them.

“You know it’s rude to stare at a woman’s chest, right?” I go to defend my self but before I can answer her…


Her knee ferociously smashes my unwitting testicles and leaves me suspended in the air for a moment as my balls are pulverized by Noona’s beautiful knee.

“NO…Noona that hurt…so…much why my balls?!” I stutter, a look of betrayal crossing my face as pain starts coursing through my very core. As I go to bend over and hold my assaulted manhood, she grabs my hands and pushes them into her tits, each one only able to hold a third of those magnificent breasts.

“I will make you a deal Jamie. You can look at and even fondle my breasts when ever you want. However sometimes I will attack your testicles. I will not always do it, and I will never shatter your balls or do permanent damage, but as I desire, your ball sack will be my punching bag,” She pushes me away and then gently rubs my dick and then gently pinches my sensitive testicles as an embarrassing yelp escapes my lungs. “This will be fun for both of us,” she says smirking at me.

Today was the first time I had been able to see her for a while, she left for a retreat to the Bahamas a week ago and came back today with a stunning tan! She must have gotten here early so when I woke, I could hear her sweeping just outside of my bedroom. Quietly slipping out of my room, I ran Ataşehir Escort up behind her and gave up a huge hug!

“Welcome back Noona!” I shout, wrapping my hands around her and grabbing the underside of her heavy tits.

She doesn’t even say anything but instead brings her foot up backwards and the heel of her dainty little shoe crashes impeccably into my unsuspecting babymakers with a thunderous clap. I just got out of bed with my morning wood still intact and was only wearing tighty-whities which allowed her to land a debilitating strike on both of my defenseless nuts.

“Ughh…my balls…why” I scream out reflexively, instantly colapsing to the floor for a moment. I quickly try and gather my strength and grab the back of her silky-smooth leg to use it as a support to stand as my own legs tremble from the pain that my tenderized balls are emitting.

“You didn’t forget our deal already, did you? Or maybe you replaced me while I was gone?” she spins around to look at me, sneering and canting her eyebrow.

“I could never replace you Noona…please kick my balls again, I can take it” I stammer, trying to sound strong to her so I spread my legs to give her a clear shot at my already bruised jewels. I would do anything to make her happy.

“If you desire pain I will always inflict it.”


With zero hesitation she brought her foot back for a ball shattering kick and then planted her shoe directly into my exposed testicles. My eyes bulge and I almost start to cry, the pain so intense all I can do is whine. “Ohh…Noona my nuts, you…you…crushed them” I squat down to the ground and hold my swollen balls with both hands.

She Acıbadem Escort walks over to me and then bends down with her back towards me and presses her plump ass into my throbbing crotch. I instinctively let go of my aching nuts and grab onto her cheeks and then we both slowly stand up.

“I did not crush your balls; I can feel your dick poking me, so I think you’re ok. We can stay here a moment and you can appreciate my breasts with no risk of retaliation as your testicles recover.”

Hearing this I slowly bring my hands up to those heavenly boobs and just mindlessly play with them. After a few moments of simply enjoying the weight of her massive tits I pinch her nipples slightly and despite her promise of testicular safety…she again raises her foot up and hind-kicks me in the testicles as hard as she can. My balls are pinched between my pelvic bone and her foot so hard, they reshape briefly sending a pulsing and excruciating pain that I had never felt before through my decimated nuts.

The pain ravages my body and I groan in agony. I could feel my testicles yelling at me as my stomach goes into knots. “GHAA! Noona why…you said my balls where safe” I mutter, agony washing over me as the surprise of the kick on top of my already hypersensitive balls made the pain worse than ever before.

“Ah, I’m sorry. You tweaked my nipple and I hind-kicked your testicles on reflex. Quickly…before your cock gets soft from too much pain, put it inside me”

My eyes grow wide and I freeze unable to process what she just said. Seeing my surprise she bends over and takes the initiative. Seeing her stick out that beautiful ass and then İstanbul Escort pulling up her skirt, I can only watch in awe as to my surprise, there are no panties! She then gently reaches between her legs and pulls my still rock-hard cock through the slit in my underwear and uses it to pull me close, then slowly guides me inside of her pussy from behind. I had thought about this moment since the day she started here, but I never thought it would be like this.

My balls had been brutally abused over the passed few minutes, but now they were more than willing to get to work as my dick felt her warm moist pussy surrounding it as she rhythmically rocked her hips back and forth. This was my first-time having sex and even with my testicles swollen and crying in agony after only a few minutes of her blessed pussy tightly nursing my cock and hearing her famine moans of delight…I could not last much longer.

“Noona…I’m going to cum”

“Then cum inside me, but your testicles must endure one last trial for me,” she moans loudly and reaches between her legs to grab my hard working cum tanks, sinking her fingers into my ball meat and squeezing them with cruel force.


I wail at the top of my lungs as my eyes roll back and I grit my teeth as this combination of pain and pleasure leaves me in ecstasy. I start coming inside Noona’s warmth and all the pain elevates from my battered balls for a moment, and I’m left with only bliss as my cock erupts with sperm.

Noona gives my empty balls one last harsh squeeze and then releases them and I fall back onto the floor. My dick starts to go soft and I realize Noona Is just standing there looking at me with a gentle smile.

“I’m sorry I hurt you’re balls when I said I wouldn’t. I hope that makes up for it. Now meet me in the shower and let’s get cleaned up”

I’ll never forget this morning, I love my maid Noona so much.

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