My Mom’s 2019 – January


Hello My Dear Readers…

This is a diary, written by Varun, mentioning the sexual escapades of his mother, Priya.

The story is set in India.

Happy Reading!!

When 2019 started, never in my wildest dreams did I think, it was going to be the year my homely, conservative mother will be transformed into a sex hungry MILF slut.

As we enter the third month of 2020, I as a son, note down the events in my mom’s life, during the most sexually significant life of her year.

It all started in the second week of January 2019, when I saw my friend, Athul, in a cafe near to my house, and brought him home.

Athul was my schoolmate, and a good friend. We hardly met after I joined college, but I always remembered him, for a strange yet exciting reason.

He was the first person to ever tell me that my mom looked hot, and I always had his words in my mind. During my dirtiest & lust filled states of mind, I have many a times fantasized about watching him fuck my mom.

But never ever did I think he will fuck my mom, for real, and that too in my very own house.

Mom had no idea Athul had come home, and he was using her washroom. She was in the kitchen when Athul came in. I had in-fact told him to use my room, when he said he wanted to pee. But instead of going to the room in the left, he entered the room in the right, swapping my room with my mom’s, by mistake.

When mom opened the door to her washroom, completely unaware of all this, Athul was peeing. And because of the placement of the toilet closet, his naked cock was on display for mom.

“Who are you, and what the hell are you doing inside my washroom?!” my mom asked him, shocked & angry.

“I am so sorry, Priya Aunty. I am Athul, Varun’s friend. We have met before.” Athul replied, genuinely trying to clarify.

My mom still had an expression of shock on her face, but she had her eyes fixed on Athul’s penis. It was so big, even when placid, and mom could not stop wondering how.

Athul noticed my mom was looking at his cock, and he quickly realized she was checking out his size. Without wasting much time, he pulled his pants down. Showing his cock, in it’s full glory, to my mother, he started stroking his hot-rod.

My mom did not know how to react. It was just not what she halkalı escort wanted him to do, but she had no idea how to stop him. She was not able to take her eyes off his meat, either.

That is when mom heard me come looking for Athul. It had been sometime since he was gone, and I was calling his name out.

Mom knew that if she said Athul was in there, and I came and saw him half-naked, she would be the one in trouble. There was no way she could make her son believe what exactly happened.

So, my mom just rushed and closed her bedroom door, telling me Athul had some urgent work, and he left in a hurry. I still remember standing outside the closed door, feeling that was very weird of him.

My mom went back to him, looking flustered, thinking how to get out of this situation. While mom thought of ways to make him leave, Athul had come out of the washroom, and was now in my mom’s bedroom.

“You want to have it in your hands, Priya Aunty??” Athul asked my mother, teasingly, stroking his cock. He was enjoying having his friend’s mother in an uneasy position, and his cock was really hard and erect now.

My mom did not know what to do or what to say. She felt wetness in her pussy, and knew she was starting to lose control of her body. She had to act before she lost control over her mind, too. Taking a deep breath, she tried to make Athul understand.

“Listen Athul, I totally understand what must be going through your mind now. I know how it is for boys of your age. But what I want you to realize is that I am a mother and a wife. I can never cheat on my husband.” my mom said, sitting at the edge of her bed.

Even as my mom continued speaking, Athul was moving closer to her. And when he placed his 12 inch long cock just millimeters away from her mouth, she just could not stop herself from happily sucking his cock.

Well, if she hadn’t sucked it herself, Athul was definitely going to force fuck her mouth. Exactly like how he said he would have, as he filled her still tight pussy & virgin butt-hole, in positions my mom had not even heard about.

Mom had all her clothes on when she started blowing his cock, but by the time Athul left, even her panties were torn into pieces. He was just too rough for a 43 year old woman, who was harbiye escort used to having sex only once a month.

Athul was the first man, other than my dad, to fuck my mom. He was a real bully, and it was no surprise he took her. Everybody knew what he was capable of. Everybody knew what he had done to his own aunt, Soundarya.

Not only did he just fuck his aunt in the ass, he even shot a video of it, and leaked it in the college her children were studying. Soundarya was a different woman, after that incident.

Athul drilled all of my mom’s holes, for hours together. It was a complete rampage, and she could not walk for 3 days. He destroyed not just her 36-28-38 sized body, but also her mind’s control and resistance.

Throughout the 3 days of bed-rest, mom ate almost nothing. My dad tried asking her what happened, and if she needed better medical attention.

“I am just tired.” was what mom would tell dad. And the very second dad left for work, mom would start fingering her pussy.

I still do not have the words to describe the moment I opened the door, and saw her fisting her pussy, moaning Athul’s name.

My loving mother had been easily converted into a cock monger. And If she was on LinkedIn, her bio would have read ‘A Cock Craving Slut MILF’.

Athul fucked her again, the next week, but this time my mom went looking for him.

When my mom reached his house, Athul was sitting naked in the veranda of his house, smoking a cigarette. A very beautiful lass, visibly tired, was on her knees and blowing his hard cock.

“Hello Priya Aunty. I was just thinking about coming over to meet you.” Athul said with a grin on his face, looking at my mom’s fully covered body. He very well remembered how ruthlessly he had ripped apart each of her clothes, that day.

“This is Raashi, my elder brother’s wife. And Raashi Bhabhi, this is Priya Aunty. She is my friend’s mom.” Athul introduced the young woman to his mature visitor. Both victims of his sexual conquests.

If he had made a slave of his very own bhabhi, he could do anything with my mom, too. While any woman would normally feel disgusted at this very thought, my mom’s newly defiled mind made her consider it as a sign of true masculinity.

My mom lived a very ikitelli escort happy life with my dad, for years. But it was only now, she realized that deep inside her was an unhappy woman, who had been desperately waiting to be treated right, by a real man.

If Athul’s elder sister-in-law was not able to resist him, there was not much any woman could have. And for an eager woman like my mom, right now, it was just impossible.

“Why don’t you sleep for sometime, Bhabhi?? It’s been two days since you had any sleep.” Athul asked Raashi, grabbing her hair hard, and making her stop sucking his cock.

“Take a shower, too, Your husband, my cuck brother, will be back home today. I don’t want him to have any idea, just yet.” Athul said, as Raashi walked back to her room. She was only wearing a black kurti top, and had no pants below.

Athul took my mom inside his house, and asked her to head to the terrace. By the time they finished climbing the stairs, my mom was already naked. Her red colored cotton panties was soaking wet, with all her juices.

Athul was very strong, and he easily lifted my mom. Placing her back against the water tank, in the terrace, he fucked her, standing.

My mom wrapped her legs around his back, and with her arms around his neck, she kissed him on his lips.

My mom really wished Athul was her lover. It even hurt her that she could not have him all day, everyday.

My mom was slowly starting to crave for other cocks, too.

January also saw my mom fight with dad over the size of his dick. After fucking Athul, my mom was just not ready to be content with my dad’s 4 inch long mini-penis.

Dad was not even half as big as Athul, and my mom was sure she could not even feel him inside her, again. And more than the fact that dad cannot please her, she was also furious about all those years she missed out on sensual delight, staying loyal to dad.

“You are so small, Ramesh. Don’t you understand that. And neither do you have any energy or stamina. I am just tired of faking orgasms. I am just tired of you ejaculating even before you put on a condom.” my mom was yelling at dad.

She did not care I was in the very next room. She did not care about how humiliated my dad would be hearing it. Lust had corrupted her mind, and only sex could calm her down.

Mom later apologized to dad, and things were fine between them. However, my mom clearly believed only a throbbing young cock could satisfy her.

But, it wasn’t just young cocks that were going to find it’s way inside my mom’s holes.

To Be Continued…

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