My Mother Ch. 02


Firstly, let me give you a brief description of my Mom and her friend Jane. Mom was about 37, stood about 5′ 8″. She had a good figure still at 36C bustline, 30in waist and about 38in hips. Great shape altogether.

Jane was about 34, stood about 5′ 4″ with 34B boobs, 26in waist and 36in hips. Another great shape.

After we had showered the first time we were all horny again so decided to go back to the bedroom and continue our party!!!

Jane decided to stay the night and slipped into bed beside Mom, and Mom invited me to join them. I leant over and kissed both of them on the mouth and let my hands wander down to Mom’s breast. Taking one of her boobs in my palm I rubbed it and lowered my mouth to engulf the globe with my mouth. I spent some time just laving and licking that beautiful orb and switched between both of them, so that neither go lonely.

In the meantime, Jane had decided to lower herself down to Mom’s pussy and proceeded to slurp and lick at her labial lips and her clitoris while I was employed in the upper story LOL. Mom was writhing under this barrage of love and seemed to be really enjoying the attention she was getting from both of us.

After a while Jane told me to change places with her. I had only seen a few porn movies so wasn’t quite sure how to do what she had been doing to Mom. She said. “Don’t worry, I will show you, just watch me for a moment.”

So I lay down beside her and watched while she swirled her tongue all around Mom’s pussy and slid her finger into that warm, wet quim, running it in and out for a few minutes. She then told me that it was now my turn, and she graduated to Mom’s boobs.

I kağıthane escort lay between Mom’s legs and just gazed at that wonderful fuck hole for a few seconds. Eventually, I knew that I was going to eat my Mom’s cunt out. I kissed the inside of her thighs and gently laved my tongue along her outer lips, working slowly towards that precious jewel waiting for me. I let my tongue hit the clit and Mom bounced as I touched her. She squirmed under my ministrations and I enjoyed myself so much that I didn’t want to leave that previously forbidden fruit. All the while Jane was sucking and licking Mom’s soft breasts which were standing at attention.

Jane seemed to be the sergeant in these manouvres, and she then directed me to lay on my back, and for Mom to sit on my face. She then went down and began to lick and suck my rod. WOW!!! — This is something I hadn’t expected. With Mom sitting on my face I was able to push my tongue right inside her open cunt and lap at her juices. I was so thirsty for all she could give me. In the meantime, Jane was sucking hard on my cock and then pulled away. I sighed and then felt her lower herself onto my rigid prick and slowly work at getting us both off. I didn’t take me too long to satisfy both our hungers, we both exploded at the same time.

I thought that I was finished for the night but Mom then went down on my cock with her mouth and proceeded to help him grow again. When she had him at full attention, she did the same thing as Jane and lowered herself onto my cock and began to ride me like a cowgirl. As I had already cum with Jane, I knew I would last a bit longer kartal escort with Mom. That was fine by me. To think that here I was fucking my Mother for the first time, and loving every minute of it, and not feeling any guilt whatsoever.

This carried on through the night and by morning there were three very tired people in that bed. Luckily it was a Saturday and there was no work.

After my initial joining with my Mom, there was no turning back for either one of us. I had wanted this to happen for such a long time, and she also confessed that we could somehow come together. She said she had a little guilt but that she was very satisfied. She had noticed me at times when I was masturbating on my bed and did not know how to seduce me. She was glad that I had caught her and Jane.

There was more to come though. After that episode, Mom started to walk around after her shower in the mornings, in just bra and panties or with only a small towel to cover her lower body. When she did this, of course her nipples would stand out and all I wanted to do was suckle on them, which I did quite often as she walked from room to room. I ended up just coming down to breakfast in the nude. It was a lot easier as I could just walk up to Mom and slip my cock into her pussy from behind. I would pull her back against my body, kissing her neck and the side of her face. I could feel her pushing back against my cock. I would place my hands under her boobs and feel her nipples standing out and take them between my fingers and roll them around and squeeze them between my finger and thumb. She would turn her head and take her tongue küçükçekmece escort into her mouth and we could French kiss for moments at a time.

Mom pulled me up and said, “Let’s have breakfast first as I have something to tell you.”

I tried to re-connect with her but she was adamant and made me sit down and listen to her.

She stated. “After your father left us, I never had any trust in another man. You are the first man to have touched my body in all those years. I got friendly with a lady at work and we got very close. One night while you were out at your friend’s place, she asked me to come to her place for dinner and a few drinks. Of course I accepted. She asked me if I had to be home for you that night and I said you were staying with a friend for the weekend. She asked me to stay at her place so that I wouldn’t have to drive home after a few drinks. I rang you to let you know where I was and gave you the phone number in case of emergency.”

“We both sat on the couch with the TV on, but she had a porn movie on, a lesbian adventure. We had had a couple of drinks when she put her arm around me and kissed me lightly on the lips. At that stage, I had never kissed another woman but it was turning me on as I hadn’t had any sex for a long time. Of course, I did masturbate but that not as satisfying as a real person’s touch.

We eventually ended up in bed and from then on, woman sex was what I lived for. That lady left the area but then I became involved with Jane, and a couple of other ladies who also work for me.”

These other ladies are Wendy about 6′, with 38C bust, waist 26inches and hips 36inches.

Gina was married with 2 daughters, one 21yrs old and the other 18yrs old. She was about 5′ 6″ with 40C bustline, 36inch waist and 36inch hips.

Both very voluptuous ladies to say the least.

They will be involved in the next story, along with the 2 daughter and maybe another male figure!!!

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