My Mother-in-Law Ch. 02-03


I know that the first chapter was a little slow, but hopefully this buildup will give the story some legs. I have 5 chapters written and lots of ideas about how to take the story, so I think I’ll be writing for quite a while. Thanks for your kind comments.


I spent the rest of the day worrying. Should I call her, should I not? Should I deny all knowledge? What’s going to happen when Laura finds out? Is she going to find out?

Turns out, I didn’t have to worry, at least not yet. When Laura got home that evening, she asked about Nancy and said, “She told me to apologize for leaving without saying goodbye, but she felt a terrible headache coming on and wanted to get home as soon as possible. We will just clean the closets this Saturday.”

So I guess I’m off the hook, at least for now. But now horniness takes over for worry, and I’m needing to get off in the worst way. I decide to woo Laura and see what happens. And she responded. Don’t get me wrong, our sex life is really good, but more than a couple of times a week and she gets huffy about it. I usually have to jack off a couple of times every week just to keep calm. Hey, that’s married life, right?

That night, we fucked like we haven’t fucked in years. She even gave me a blow job, which rarely happens. I guess my horniness got her moving too, because she came a couple of times and really screamed with the last one. The most I usually get is an “Oh Yeah” groan. It was good, and my cock exploded deep inside her. I had a huge load built up. We even cuddled for a while afterwards and she played with my cock while we talked. It was like dating all over again.

Things settled down in our lives for the rest of the week. We both worked and I didn’t see or talk to Nancy at all. Laura did, but they talk almost every day, so I didn’t think anything of it.

On Saturday morning, Nancy came over bright and early. The two of them were chattering away and barely noticed me. Nancy was wearing white shorts that day and a light gray t-shirt with our favorite college team on the front. Yeah, I stared at her, because she looked amazing, even in those simple clothes. I had plans to be out of the house for a few hours to give them some time together. They loved doing projects like this, and they preferred that I be out of the way. So I was going to go over to the golf course and hit a few balls and then watch football. I told them that I would be home mid-afternoon, but they didn’t care if I was there. They would be too busy looking at baby clothes that they found.

I was getting ready to leave and went into the bedroom where they were working. Laura was downstairs in the kitchen, making coffee for them, and Nancy was getting a box out of the bottom of the closet, and I stopped behind her and just stared. Her ass was pointing up and those navy blue shorts were plastered onto her ass. The seam of her shorts was splitting her ass, and her pussy lips were thick and full against her shorts. I swear, my mouth went dry. I wanted to peel those shorts off right then and fuck her hard from behind. But then I heard Laura coming up the stairs, and Nancy had the box and was pulling it out just as Laura came around the corner. All back to normal. Except for my heart, which was racing.

“Laura, I just came to tell you that I’m leaving. I thought I would grab some steaks and grill tonight, if your Mom wants to stay for dinner. Sound good?”

“Mom, did you bring a change of clothes? Do you want to stay?”

“I didn’t bring any clothes, but I’ll run home and take a shower after we are done. Steak sounds great, if you don’t mind me hanging around all the time!”

Laura laughed. “Mom, you could move in with us if you wanted to. We have the room, and Steve and I both enjoy your company. And you know Steve’s steaks are amazing.”

“OK, if you don’t mind. Can I bring anything? I could make some potato salad.”

“Just make it here. I have everything for you to use.”

With that, I left them making plans for dinner.

The morning was fine, a beautiful fall day. I played nine holes instead of just practicing because the weather was just perfect and the course was nearly empty. I love being out there by myself. It’s always fun to play with my friends, of course, but I also enjoy the silence when I can play all alone. Probably most of the guys were watching College Gameday.

When I got back to the clubhouse, I took a shower and changed into fresh clothes. I went to the bar and grabbed a beer, then sat down at a table to watch the start of the Clemson game. They were winning big, and it was still the first quarter.

After an hour or so, I decided to head home. I had some paperwork that I thought I could work on while watching the afternoon game. I did stop by the grocery store on the way home and found some nice ribeyes to grill, and then I grabbed some wine to go with it. Nancy likes wine, and Laura and I will drink it now and then.

I pulled into the garage, and there şişhane escort was a pile of junk in bags. I assumed it was going to the Salvation Army, because they would have thrown away the trash. Nancy’s car wasn’t in the drive, so I assumed they were done and Nancy had gone home to change. The thought of her changing brought my mind back to her ass and then I thought about her in the shower, naked, and I wondered what her body was like. Did her tits sag a lot? Did she have a big bush? Laura trimmed her hair but it wasn’t thick even normally, so I assumed that Nancy was the same. But I got a little hard just thinking about her body. It was going to be a long night if I didn’t calm down. Yes, Nancy and I had gotten a little carried away a few days ago, but it wasn’t going to happen again. I knew that, and I had to resign myself to have a wife that was hot as fuck and that I loved to be with.

I went inside, kissed Laura on the cheek as she stood at the counter, prepping food. I stayed out later than I had planned and it was almost time to start the grill. I went out and got the charcoal going, then came back into the kitchen and pulled the steaks out and started seasoning them. People think that I must have a secret recipe for seasoning steaks, but it’s just salt and pepper and a little garlic powder. That’s all they need. See, you’ve learned something!

As I was getting my tools and trays for making the steaks, I asked Laura how the day was. She said, “Yeah, it was fun, but Mom left a little early. I think her back was bothering her. I hope I didn’t wear her out.”

“I’m sure she’ll be fine. A hot shower does wonders, you know.”

I cooked the steaks and Nancy must have come back while I was outside. When I brought the platter in with the perfectly cooked steaks, Laura and Nancy were sitting on stools at the counter, still just talking away. I didn’t even pay attention to anything they said because they had a conversation going all the time they were together.

“Hey, Nancy, how are you? I’m sorry that Laura worked you so hard today!” After I put the steaks down, I went over and gave her a little hug and a kiss on the head. It wasn’t unusual for us to do that, but it did send a little shiver down my spine when I touched her.

She looked great. Different shorts, white tonight. I couldn’t tell what they looked like, but I hoped that they would give me another nice view of her ass again. Her shirt was also white, a thin linen button down, and I could see her white bra through it a little bit. It wasn’t obvious but my eyes were looking for anything to fantasize about. Her tits looked good, and the fabric draped in such a way that they looked even better and fuller than usual.

Dinner was good, and the wine was a nice touch. Both women drank more than they usually would, which surprised me. Especially Nancy, because she would be driving home. I hoped she would be sober enough to drive. Well, I figured that she would have a few hours to sober up, but I was going to move them to water or tea from now on.

We finished eating and I told the girls to go sit down while I cleaned up. It only took a few minutes to get everything loaded into the dishwasher, and they had worked hard while I played. I then went into the family room where they were watching some show on Netflix. I sat down and put my feet up, a nice way to end a good day.

After a few minutes, Laura and I both noticed Nancy wincing whenever she moved, and Laura said, “Mom, is your back still bothering you? I hoped that a hot shower would help.”

“It’s nothing. I just overdid it a little bit and I’m paying for it. It will be fine, I’m sure.”

Laura said, “Steve, would you mind rubbing Mom’s back a little bit? You are so good at finding the right spots.”

I said, “Sure. Nancy, where does it hurt? Come lay down on the floor and I’ll see if I can help.”

Nancy said, “Nonsense, Steve, you don’t have to do that. It will be fine, don’t worry about me.”

I went over to her and said, “Come on, Nancy, let me help. Lay down on the floor. I’ll be gentle.”

She reluctantly laid down and I knelt next to her. I started with her shoulders, working the knots out of her muscles. She was tight, and she groaned with every squeeze. “Oh Steve, you could do that all night. That’s amazing.”

I moved down to her upper back, avoiding her bra but moving around, trying to find knots. It seemed to be lower, so I kept working my way down. I finally found a spot that was quite tight, and she jumped when I pushed there. “That’s the spot! Wow!”

I focused on that area, moving in and out, gently, trying to loosen up the muscles. She was groaning and moaning a lot from the massage. Meanwhile, Laura was ignoring us and just watching her show. She loved the series, but I didn’t really care about it at all.

I moved a little lower and worked around Nancy’s waist. I then noticed her ass, and I nearly jumped. Her shorts were very snug against şişli anal yapan escort her ass, and the white shorts didn’t hide the fact that she was wearing some very cute panties. Pink, I could easily see. They sure hugged her ass nicely. Wow.

I couldn’t help it, I had to touch her ass. I slowly moved down and started rubbing her ass cheeks, a deep tissue massage that is good for loosening up the hips. She yelped and jumped, so I eased up but didn’t stop rubbing her ass. It was firm and I loved feeling her in such a naughty way, especially with my wife just a few feet away.

Nancy relaxed as I rubbed and I kept exploring her ass, enjoying the feeling. Soon, it seemed that Nancy was enjoying it too, because she was groaning all the time and seemed to be grinding her pussy against the carpet. I figured she was wet and I could make her cum if I just figured out how to rub her pussy.

Meanwhile, Nancy was busy. Her hand found my leg and she started caressing my thigh. My cock was thick and hanging low, and her hand was close. Soon enough, she found it and started rubbing it gently against my leg. I was getting very hard and it was going to start hurting if I didn’t adjust it.

I went back to Nancy’s lower back and started working on her knots again, and she let go of my cock when I was out of reach. I could have sworn that she whimpered as she let go, but I’m sure that was my imagination.

“How’s that, Nancy? Did I hit all of the right spots?” I tried to nonchalantly get up and adjust my cock so that it was so noticeable. She rolled over and then sat up, and I reached out my hands to help her up. When she got up, her tits pushed against my hands, and Nancy’s knees seemed to go weak. My cock let out a little spasm from the touch, and I knew that we had to calm things down.

I said, “Anyone want some tea or soda? I need a drink after all that work.”

Both women wanted tea, so I went out and got three glasses out and put ice into each of them. Nancy came around the corner then and said, “Let me help you carry those.”

And then, quietly, “You almost made me cum. I wanted to cum for you so bad.” She smiled, evilly. And then she turned and headed back to the family room with her glass and Laura’s. I just stood there.

Things calmed down after that, and we continued to watch tv. I was too wound up to concentrate, but the girls seemed to be enjoying the show, and that’s all that mattered.

Around 9, Nancy said, “I think I should head home.” She got up and stumbled a little bit when she did. I wondered if she was ok to drive. She had had a lot of wine, but that was a couple of hours ago. She should have been fine. Still, I worried.

Laura noticed as well. “Mom, I don’t think you should drive home. Why don’t you just stay the night? You can sleep in the front room, and there’s a bathroom attached. I’d feel much better if you didn’t drive.”

And then I had a thought. “Tell you what. I’ll just drive you home and then Laura can pick you up in the morning, and the two of you can go out for breakfast!”

Nancy said, “Steve, are you sure? It’s very kind of you to offer, but I can just call Uber.”

“Nonsense. I noticed that we need milk, so I’m going to have to go out anyway, so it’s no trouble. We can leave whenever you’re ready.”

“Well, if you’re sure. I’ll just run to the restroom and then we can leave, ok?”

When she walked out of the room, Laura came over to me and hugged me. “Thank you for being so nice to my mom. She’s been lonely since Dad died, and I’m sure she likes having a man do things for her.”

I smiled. “I’m happy to help her.”

Soon, Nancy and I were in my SUV and headed out of the driveway. Within moments, she leaned over and said, “Did you want to finish what you started?”, and reached down and found my cock. She undid my shorts and fished it out. I was already pretty hard and loved feeling her hand once again.

“God, you have the prettiest cock. I’ll bet it feels so good inside me.” She was stroking me, and I was enjoying every second of it.

Nancy only lives a few minutes from us, but I drove slowly, wanting this to last. But soon we were there and she reluctantly let go of my cock. I zipped up and adjusted while she started to climb out. I opened my door and followed her.

Nancy said, “Steve, we can’t. As much as I want to, we can’t do that tonight. You don’t have time to give me what I need.”

I smiled. “I’m just making sure that the lady makes it inside safely. That’s all.”

She grinned. “Thank you sir. You are always a gentleman.”

We got inside and I pulled her to me, and we kissed deeply. I pulled her tight and she ground against my stiffening cock. I grabbed one of her tits and squeezed, glad to finally feel its weight.

I reached down and put my hand on her waist, then unbuttoned her shorts and slid my hand inside. I felt her silky smooth panties covering her hairy bush. I could şişli bdsm escort smell her pussy already, and my fingers made their way down to feel her pussy for the first time. I pushed her panties aside as her shorts slid down, and I rubbed my middle finger against her very wet slit. God.

I moved up and rubbed my knuckle against her clit while i pushed my finger inside. Her knees were weak and I led her to the living room, where we sat. I went back to kissing her, focusing on her neck and ears because that seemed to be areas that she loved. I went back to her pussy with my hands, but first I wanted those damn panties out of the way, so I slid those down her legs and threw them to the other side of the room. I pushed my finger back inside, and she spread her legs wide and let me have my way with her pussy. She moaned as I finger fucked her, rubbing the heel of my hand against her clit while I pushed two fingers now inside.

Nancy said, “God, I’m so close. You are so good. Fuck me hard, Steve. Make me cum for you!” I kept it up, pistoning in and out of her soaking pussy. Her juices were running down my hand, down her legs, everywhere but I didn’t care. I just wanted her to cum.

And then I felt her pussy contract hard against my fingers, and I was forced to slow down while she came. She exploded, cumming loud and hard for me, Her pussy was like a vise on my hand, and she squeezed her thighs together to hold me there while her hips ground down on my hand, getting every last sensation that she could from me.

Finally, she relaxed, and I could pull my hand away. I kissed her, gently, and she responded with real affection. I loved Nancy, truly loved her. She was a kind and gracious lady, and I was lucky to have her as a mother-in-law.

She said, “Steve, I wish we had time to do more. I feel so bad that you have to go and we can’t finish. Are you ok?” She reached for my cock through my shorts, and she knew that I was throbbing, begging to cum. But it was more important for me that she was satisfied. There would be other times, I knew.

I said, “I wish I could undress you and make love to you like you deserve. I’m so sorry that I have to go. Maybe we will find some time to be together soon. You are a great lady, Nancy.”


I didn’t forget to buy the milk. I didn’t think I smelled like sex when I got home, but you never know. Laura was asleep when I got to bed, and that was fine. I would have liked to have sex with her, but I was still basking in the glow of Nancy. I knew that we would fuck, and soon. It seemed like it was meant to be.

The next morning when I woke up, Laura was already up and gone for breakfast with her mother. I hadn’t planned to go, so it was ok. Mothers and daughters need time together, I think, and it seems to work well for them.

I ate cereal for breakfast and read the paper online while I ate. Nothing very interesting, but I wanted to see which NFL games were on tv that day. I was planning my viewing.

Soon, Laura came home. She kissed me when she came in, and said, “Steve, did you notice anything unusual about Mom last night?”

Nervous, I said, “No, why do you ask?”

“Well, it was the weirdest thing. I went into the living room while she finished getting ready, and she had a pair of panties laying on one of the chairs! It was like she had gotten home and thrown her panties off to the side! She must have been really drunk!”

I laughed, nervously. “Wow. No, I didn’t notice anything. We didn’t talk much.”

Just then, Nancy came in from the garage, grinning sheepishly. I forgot that she had to pick up her car. I don’t think she had heard us, but she did have a weird grin on her face. Laura said, “Steve, Mom and I want to talk to you about something, and I want to get your opinion. She and I talked about her moving in with us. I know that you and I have talked about it, but I want her to hear your feelings.” Nancy had a funny grin, and I think she was thinking about the possibilities.

“Nancy, is that what you want? I mean, we would love to have you here, and we would try and make it your home, but I want you to think it through.”

“Steve, don’t you want me here?”

“NO, that’s not it. It’s just that you will have to adjust to being here. It won’t be easy. But you know how much we love you, and I would be thrilled to have you here!”

Laura said, “So I was thinking that we would do a trial run. Not move her stuff over here yet, we won’t put her house on the market yet, but we try a month with her here. We can bring a few boxes of her things but no furniture. Then, in a month, we all talk together and come to an agreement.”

I said, “I love that idea. Let’s try it and see how much I annoy the two of you. You will kick ME out!” We all laughed.

“When should we do this? Nancy, how long do you need to pack up some things?”

“Well we planned on starting today, and packing up some things so that she could stay tonight. Would you mind watching football today and letting us go and pack her up? Then maybe a little later you can come and help us load up the cars?”

I do not mind watching football, no ma’am, so off they went. I went into the family room and turned on the pregame show, beer in hand, chips on the side, ready for a day of relaxation.

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