My Mother, My Lover Ch. 02

Aria Lee

This continues the story from Chapter 1. All characters in this story are aged 18 years or over.

I warned readers that Chapter 1 contained very little, if any, overt sexual activity. This chapter contains almost nothing but it!

I held my beautiful and totally desirable mother lightly in my arms, feeling the warmth and soft curves of her body close to mine, and I realised that this was something I’d dreamed about for a long time. My mother was offering herself to me, with no holds barred, to enjoy as I thought fit. My cock must have broken the all comers (excuse the pun) world record for the speed and stiffness of its erection. Even so, to say that I was astonished, but delighted by this wholly unexpected gift would be the greatest understatement of all times.

“God, Mum, you are so hot. But are you absolutely certain about what you’re doing? You know this is incest, and we could both be in a lot of trouble?”

“I know exactly what I’m doing, darling, and I simply don’t care. I know you’ve wanted me for quite a while now, and you’ve managed to restrain yourself. But I thought I’d fix the problem for you and make it clear that I want you just as much. If you have a problem with this, then I’ll dress, we’ll have a nice meal and leave it at that, but …”

“No buts, Mum, I just needed to be sure. I want you so very much, and if we’re careful, no-one need ever know. It’s not just about having sex; I want to make love with you and for us to enjoy each other to the max. Even so, it’s all I can do to prevent myself just ripping that sexy negligee off, throwing you onto the bed and making hot, wet, steamy love to you all night.”

“Mmm, sounds real good, Jesse. Honey, I want you desperately too. That little incident last week was real; it’s just that I’d had too much to drink and I made a fool of myself. But my desire to be with you, to feel your arms around me, to feel you fuck me until I scream has been growing for the last couple of years. And if you don’t do something about it very soon, I’m going to go crazy.”

And wrapping her arms around me, she drew my mouth to hers and we kissed, a long, sweet, hot kiss. Our tongues leapt to each other, swirling and tumbling around each other’s mouth in a passionate dance of love and lust.

Then, unexpectedly, she broke from me and looked deep into my eyes. “Just two little things I’d like to clear up, sweetie. I think it might be a good idea if you call me Carole if we’re going to be twined together hot, sweaty and naked. ‘Mum’ just doesn’t seem right. And, I’ve arranged a light meal for seven o’clock, so perhaps we might wait until the waiter has left before we rip each others clothes off!”

“Okay, Mu… er, Carole, but I want to tell you something about me and how I feel about sex. For me, the biggest turn-on of all is to hold a woman in my arms and have her moaning, crying, screaming in ecstasy because of something I’ve done and ways I’ve been able to arouse her. It doesn’t have to be especially kinky or extreme, but knowing I’ve been a big part of her climax, and feeling her respond to me as a result is about as good as it gets.”

“Oh, honey, that is so good,” Carole purred as we held each other in our arms. She rubbed her body against me, and I could feel those gorgeous tits even through my clothes and it was creating havoc with my cock. Carole smiled mischievously and started to rub my rigid cock when the idyll was broken by a knock on the door.

The meal had arrived and after the main course, I suggested, “Carole, I’ve always had this tiny fantasy …”

“Remember, anything at all, honey”

“Okay, sit on the couch while I lay my head in your lap, and you feed me with strawberries.”

She giggled. “Is that all you want me to put in your mouth – I can think of several other things that might go very well.”

Yes, gorgeous, so can I, but we’ll get round to that later. Pity we haven’t got any whipped cream, ‘cos then I could spray it on your tits with a cherry on top, and lick it off, slowly.”

“Ooo, yes – and spray it onto my pussy with the cherry in the middle. Then you could keep taking my cherry for as long as you like.”

The strawberries were delicious – so was the aroma of an aroused woman from her pussy close to my face.

“Now, Carole, the agreement was for me to do anything that takes my fancy, okay?”

“Yes, honey,” she replied, with just the faintest touch of hesitation in her voice.

“Right, then stay at the end of the couch and swing round and put your feet in my lap.”

She looked a bit puzzled but did as she was told.

I took off each shoe and dropped them onto the ground, caressing and stroking her feet as I did so. Then I took her right foot in my hands and massaged it gently, then took it to my mouth and ran my tongue across the tips of her toes. She shivered, but when I took her big toe completely into my mouth and started sucking on it as if it was a cock, she moaned and quivered. “God, honey, that is so bursa eskort sensual; nobody’s ever done that to me before and it’s making me feel a bit weak and trembly. I’m just starting to realise how much I’ve missed out on.”

I growled deep in my throat, then kissed her instep and underneath on the arch of her foot, which made her giggle, then up around her ankle. Then I turned my attention to her other foot with similar results. And finally, I took both feet and pushed them together, sucking and licking across them both and kissing the underside of her feet, making her gasp and laugh at the same time.

We stood and I looked deep into her sparkling eyes with her eminently kissable lips in a soft and welcoming smile. I reached down and grasped the bottom of her baby doll negligee and lifted it over her head leaving her only with her tiny panties that showed unmistakeable signs of arousal.

Carole made soft noises as I moved closer to her with our lips barely touching. I kissed her softly, and then kissed her again, holding her warm sweet lips against mine. I drew her closer to me so that I could feel her body against mine. Her lips opened and she tried to capture mine but I just let my tongue brush lightly against her lips and she gasped as we parted.

I slowly ran my hands up along the side of her smooth, velvety body and round the swell of her breasts. She trembled and squeaked softly as she pressed herself against me and held my head, pulling my mouth against hers. I gave in and we returned, kissing urgently and deeply, over and over. I moved my hands down again, ran them along her hips, and then cupped her smooth rounded arse cheeks. I squeezed as I pressed her hips into me and Carole caught her breath and kissed me harder.

I could feel her warmth pressed rhythmically against my crotch and I was thrilled that I could make her writhe and want me to kiss, touch and caress her.

“Who taught you to kiss like that,” Carole asked me in a breathy, half-choked voice.

“No-one,” I responded, “it’s a natural reaction to being so close to someone so beautiful and so sexy and who you care deeply about. And I want you desperately in so many ways.” I bent slightly and holding her underneath her arms, swept her legs from under her, picking her up to carry her into the bedroom.

Carole squealed, “Don’t you dare drop me,” she laughed, then screamed as I made out to do just that. But I safely deposited her on the bed, and stood looking at this gorgeous creature. “I’m having a lot of trouble controlling myself,” I confessed, then shucked off all my clothes other than my boxers in double quick time. I made my own situation worse by hooking my fingers into the top of her panties, pulling them down her legs and off, then I settled myself on the bed beside her.

“Jesse,” she whispered huskily, “I don’t want you to control yourself. I want to drive you wild with desire and lust so that you will take me and fuck me hard so that I know I belong to you. First of all, though, I’m going to make every guy’s fantasy come true.”

“Which is?” I asked with a wide smile.

“To have his mummy kiss, lick and suck his cock until he spends in her mouth, then she swallows it all. I so much want to feel you shoot all your hot load into my mouth and to taste your cum.”

“Wow, Carole, yes, god, yes, I can hardly wait.”

“No waiting tonight, sweetheart, it begins now,” and she slid her hand down my chest, pinching my nipples on the way and pulled my boxers off, freeing my rigid throbbing cock. She wrapped a warm soft hand round my cock and murmured, “Ooo Jesse, that is so nice. You have such a lovely cock and my pussy is getting very excited at the thought of welcoming him in!”

“Oh fuck, Carole, that is so good – stroke my cock, hold my balls …”

She did, one hand working the soft, sensitive skin on the underside of my circumcised cock and the other gently juggling my balls. I could feel myself become more rigid and more sexually excited than I think I’d ever been before.

“Oh, yes, I think I’m going to enjoy this,” she whispered and bent down to lick a drop of pre-cum from the tip of my cock. She ran her eager tongue the whole length of my cock, then took me into her mouth. After that one long toe-curling tongue bath, she stopped and moved away from me.

“Argh, Carole, why have you stopped, I was almost there?”

“That’s why, sweetie, I don’t want you to cum too quickly,” she laughed with a teasing tone to her voice.

“You’ll pay for this, you sneaky bitch,” I moaned, but Carole just laughed even more.

“Now ask nicely, and don’t call your mummy rude names, or you won’t get your special birthday treat”, she teased again.

Carole then started using her tongue to lick around the head of my cock and around the soft sensitive area just below the head. She followed this slow electrifying torment by taking the head of my cock into her mouth and bathing it liberally with her saliva. Her soft lips wrapped bursa escort bayan tightly around my cock with her tongue working along it, but then I felt the most exquisite sensation as she took most of my cock deep into her throat, then let it slide out again in a truly amazing blowjob. I moaned loudly and continually as she began to move rapidly up and down on my super-sensitive cock and I moved my hips to fuck her mouth.

I was now almost beside myself and would have said or done anything to continue the blissful sensation that Carole had created. “Please, my darling Carole, make me cum. Send me over the edge into paradise. I’m so full of cum that my balls are almost bursting.”

Her hands massaged my balls as she sucked, her mouth moving expertly on my cock. I pushed her head into my groin but I let it go when she gagged as my cock pushed even further into her throat. “Oh yes, yes, yes Carole, suck me dry,” I wailed. “Make me cum in your mouth and swallow my load.”

Carole continued to deep throat me and I could feel the cum bubbling in my balls. I warned her, but she just closed her lips tightly over my cock. As I said this, she ran her finger down behind my balls and stroked across my puckered arsehole. That was enough, and I shook as if I was having a seizure and came into her mouth, growling and shouting in the thrill of my release.

Carole swallowed the whole of my load, and licked gently round my softening cock, keeping it in her mouth until I was drained dry. Then she moved up the bed and snuggled her head into my neck, whispering and mewling in pleasure. “Oh, Jesse, it was so good to hear and see you let go completely, and to know that I was able to do that for you.”

“Your turn will come, Carole, and I can hardly wait to get you squirming and crying in ecstasy. You are such an exciting woman that just thinking about it is starting to make my cock hard again.”

I kissed Carole between her breasts and she started to breathe harder. Carole’s areolas became bumpy and taut and her nipples rose, hard and seeming to be urgently pointing to my mouth. I kissed the underside of her left breast, moved to the gap between them, and as I went to the other, her hands cupped each breast, and a finger touched me under the chin, guiding my mouth towards the nipple.

I took my time, working around it, and Carole grew impatient, wiggling her hips and moaning as I teased her. I circled her breast again and then, softly, took her into my mouth and sucked, taking the areola and nipple between my lips, and then came away a little to just suck on the hard tip. Carole raised her shoulders to try to make me take more into my mouth, and instead I moved to her other breast. This was just as aroused, and I took as much of her breast into my mouth as I could, and sucked hard at her now wholly sensitive and reactive nipple.

“Oh, god, Jesse,” Carole cried, half rolling against me to try to grind her pussy against me. I went to the other breast again, sucking it, kissing it, and her attempts at grinding became frenzied. Then I ran my hands from Carole’s shoulders down to her breasts, giving the lightest of touches to her rock hard nipples and listening to her lust-fuelled sighs. I kissed her again, barely touching her lips, teasing her and pulling away as she tried to capture mine.

“Jesse, you are such a tease,” Carole whispered, her voice strained with frustration.

I smiled, and ran my hands down to her sweet arse and I felt her grind her sex against me. Then I raised my left hand and caressed her cheek, bringing her lips to mine again in another hot, sweet kiss. I slipped my right hand down her tight stomach and over her hot wet pussy and I trembled as much in anticipation as she did. I looked down to get my first real view of Carole’s pussy, and I was enchanted by what I saw. She had the most delightful pussy I’d ever seen. Shaved completely smooth, her lips were regular and beautifully shaped, now quite puffy and a deep pink colour, swollen in anticipation of sexual conquest.

I went further, stroking her pussy as gently as possible. Her inner lips were moist and sensitive and with a soft touch, I rubbed lightly up and down, but she pushed against my hand, trying to gain even more stimulation.

Carole broke our kiss and whimpered into my ear, “Oh, god, oh god, oh god …. Jesse, please make me cum my darling”

“Be patient, gorgeous,” I whispered, and kissed her just below and behind her ear, then drew the whole of her ear lobe into my mouth, sucking and nibbling on it. She gasped and pushed against my hand again.

“Good?” I asked, continuing to stroke her pussy, focusing on her tight clit and she opened her legs a little more, her vagina getting bigger and even wetter and spreading itself against my hand.

“Yes,” she whispered with a catch in her voice, almost choking as she did so. “Oh Jesse, Jesse, Jesse, I beg you, please don’t stop.”

I started to move my hand faster görükle escort and deeper, and she gasped continuously as her breathing became ragged. Now I did stop, briefly, to tease her even more, and she moaned in frustration as I did so. I moved down and ran my tongue around her mound and then focused in on bathing her lips with my mouth. I spread the folds of her labia out gently with my hands and ran my tongue along her wet inside lips and then around her swollen clitoris, now leaving its safe haven – truly the “little man in a boat”. Carole writhed and cried my name continuously, but I held her thighs firmly so that she could not escape my attentions, and there was soon a flow of her love juice over the lower half of my face. It tasted delicious.

I alternated between teasing her clit and going down to penetrate her with my tongue, my mouth and chin covered in her delicious, sweet juice. I worked harder as the taste became intoxicating, and I tried to bury my face in her pussy. I licked her up and down, moving her sweet clit in circles, until Carole stiffened and I kept on, kissing and nibbling at her clit.

She gasped and trembled in ecstasy and pushed her whole body against me. I could feel the thrust of her nipples on my chest and the thrust of her pussy against my mouth as she writhed and squirmed in a series of small orgasms. She started to shudder and tremble against my tongue, and I made sure I could maintain contact as she came, screaming, shaking the bed, her body bucking and spasming. I continued to stroke her pussy and rub and gently pinch her clit and Carole looked at me as I felt my pulse in my temples quicken at the look from those eyes. I moved away from her pussy and watched her slowly stop trembling as I stretched out beside her.

“Oh, Jesse, my love” she whispered, kissing me hard and feverishly, then forcing her tongue into my mouth and our tongues clashed sweetly but powerfully. Then she laid her head back with her eyes half closed and a dreamy look on her face.

I held her close until her orgasm finally quietened, then ran my hands over her body, feeling her breasts respond as her nipples again stood out like bullets. Then I stroked down over her satin smooth pussy and she gasped and raised her arse off the bed, trying to get as much contact with me as she could.

“Jesse, Jesse, Jesse, I want more and more and more of you. Please fuck me hard and show me no mercy. Make me scream with ecstasy.” Her whole body quivered with lust and excitement, and I could hardly wait.

“Okay, Carole, you asked for it, now you’re gonna get it,” I growled. “Get onto your hands and knees – it’s time for a little doggy action.”

“Oh fuck,” she moaned, “do me until I scream for mercy, then do me some more.”

I ran my hands over her back and thighs, and she trembled and shook. I was enjoying seeing and feeling her growing anticipation, and I reached under her and ran my fingers along her saturated pussy, and she squealed and sobbed. By now she was very ready and I kneeled behind her between her legs, lined up my hot throbbing cock and stroked it over her lips.

“Jesse, if you don’t fill me with cock this minute, I’m going to bite your balls off!”

I laughed an evil laugh and slapped each cheek a couple of times, making her squeal and moan at the same time. All the while I was running my cock up and down her slit while the feverishly tried to force me inside her, and she whimpered in frustration, “Oh god, Jesse, you can’t do this to me, I need to cum so much.”

“No you don’t, slut, you don’t cum until I allow you to. I’m going to torment your cunt for just as long as I like. I’m enjoying controlling you like this and watching you writhe and shake and hearing you scream for release. Now, tell me Carole, what do you want?”

Carole wailed in her need, “Fuck me you motherfucker, cum in me and make me cum.”

Carole was now pinching and pulling at her own nipples to try to push herself over the edge into a gigantic orgasm, shuddering and shaking as she did so. I leaned forward and whispered sexy, dirty, hot things in her ear, “You are such a hot little slut … you have such a sexy arse; I want to stick my cock in it and make you scream … I want to cum in your beautiful mouth every day … tie you up and lick your body all over, you gorgeous bitch … oh god you have such a hot wet cunt, I want to fuck it and never stop … I’ve been fantasizing about you for years.”

Carole was so well lubricated with a steady flow of her juice that I had no trouble in penetrating her. I slid my cock up to her engorged lips and held it there briefly while she moaned and begged for me. Then with one quick thrust I buried myself balls deep in her steaming cunt even though she was surprisingly tight.

Carole screamed her delight and thrust back at me, trying to keep my cock in her vibrating cunt for as long as she could. I began a series of long, deep, slow strokes to allow the walls of her vagina to adjust to me. Then I changed to alternating the long, slow, sensuous strokes with short, hard, fast thrusts, making her gasp and squeal with delight. I fucked her gaping, quivering pussy, and it felt even tighter as my cock swelled in anticipation of a huge climax. I kept this up as her gasps turned to moans.

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