Subject: my-naked-family-11 This story contains sexual acts between adults and teens, teens, and incest. If this offends you or is illegal for you to read where you are located, close this story. This story is fictional. Any resemblance to people real or fictional are entirely coincidental and any views stated do not necessarily reflect those of any company or organization that exists in real life nor necessarily reflect the views of the author. This story is the property and copyright of the author, do not share, reproduce, repost, or any such act which is illegal to do without the author’s permission. I appreciate you reading this story and you can contact me gmx. I will do my best to answer every email if I can. Any comments, suggestions, or questions are always welcome. Please donate to fty/donate.html to keep the archive free! ———————————————————————————————— Chapter 11 All of us sleep soundly through the night. Nothing like some good exercise, an intense orgasm, and a hot shower to relax you. We are really “bad” and don’t get up until the sun is pretty high. Ryan gets the fire going. We are going for a big breakfast today and lunch on the way home. I try something new that I saw on the internet. Chris is cooking up the bacon. Ryan is making a sort of an omlet with eggs and peppers. We need it to cover the whole bottom of the skillet. I cook up two pieces of French Toast. I turn them over and then lay the omlet on top, I fold the edges in to the center so it doesn’t hang over the bread. Chris adds two slices of crispy bacon. I flip one of the slices over and finish cooking the bottom piece. When that is done, I flip the whole thing over and finish it up. I’m rather proud of how it turned out. It’s sort of like some Korean Street food thing. I really want to try some of the other recipes I saw out when we get home. The horrendous horde pat their full bellies. We clean up and start getting things packed a bit to go home. We decide to go around and say our goodbyes to friends old and new, saving the native encampment for last. We get over to the teepees as the guys are starting to take some of them down. I didn’t realize how they were put up and it was neat to see the process. Once the canvas was untied, it was lowered by rope from the top of the supports. Those were then just rolled up and brought down in a bundle. The guys came over and hugged us all. We had all their contact info so we could keep in touch. There was a gathering Labor Day in Ohio that they were going to. We would be able to make an over night stay possibly depending on school. I told Running Wolf that we would let him know şişli travesti if we would be able to make it. He suggested that we just bring up some clothes and food and to expect to sleep with the tribe. We talk for a bit more then head back to our camp to start making ready to leave. We laugh as we pack that we never used any of the other clothes we brought with us. With the four of us working, we get camp broken down pretty quickly. I head to the parking lot to get the truck. As I drive back, I realize that we don’t have room for our pack baskets. “Junebug, can you haul our pack baskets back with you in your trailer? We don’t really have room for them and I would hate to have them damaged in the rear of the truck.” “Sure thing Pete. Just come over and get them out when you get home.” We get the truck loaded up and then head over to Junbug’s to help them out. Even though they are used to doing it themselves, they appreciate the help. As we finish up, a rainstorm starts in. We don’t really hurry too fast as we aren’t really wearing anything to get wet. We pile into the truck and dry off with the towels we have in there. Everyone strips off our breech clouts and we head back to West Virginia. I’ve checked in off and on with Jean to see how she was doing. She was a bit tired from their trip to the city but otherwise ok. We told her we would stop and bring home a chicked box for her when we got there about 5. She asked if we had fun. Ryan and Chris told her how we had all made some very nice pack baskets and they had learned how to make other types also. They told her about getting added to Running Wolf’s tribe and how excited they were about the play and trail. We stopped at the Drive Inn on the way home and got 6 box dinners and headed to the house. We had told Jimmy and John’s parent that we would bring them home after dinner. Jean was very surprised at the lovely baskets that Ryan and Chris made for her. One was an old style egg basket and the other was a sewing type basket for her yarn when she was knitting. We eat our chicken dinners which almost top up the incredible eating machines. I make the boys put on shorts to go two doors down to Junebug and Joan’s to get the pack baskets. They then unload the truck and get Jimmy and John’s clothes and goodies all together. We all load up in the truck and head to John’s first. When we pull in the driveway, his mom and dad come out. “So how has our little indian been? Any trouble?” he asked smiling hugging John. “Yep, totally terrorized everyone in camp in Kentucky. I think they have his photo now at the border to stop him coming in.” “Mr. Glick!!! That’s not right telling my Dad a fib like that!” John says. beylikdüzü travesti “Good thing your Dad knows that’s a fib then, buddy. Really he was great. He helped cooking and cleaning up, made a lot of friends, learned how to make moonshine.” I tell him. “Lordy, I hope them thar revenoorers don’t come around for him then!” his Mom says. John gets a bit exasperated at us until he realizes that we are pulling his leg. He then gets the basket he made for his mom. “I learned how to weave baskets. It was so much fun. I made this one for you and this is mine!” Both his parents take a good look at the baskets. “Wow, honey, this is fantastic. First you worked on your bag and now this. You are getting very crafty John! We’re so proud of you.” They give him a hug. “Thanks so much for taking him with you, Pete. This trip was all he talked about for a week.” “We enjoyed having him. They are both great kids. Chris and Ryan both had fun with them. We hope they can spend the weekend camping with us for our trail. The directors have already thought of parts for them in the Shawnee Camp. I don’t think they will get the week off, but I think they day their class is to visit might be arranged.” I say. We all hug our goodbyes and tell them we will see them tomorrow at the office for the read through. We pile into the truck and head down the street to Jimmy’s house. His parents had been on the porch waiting for us. Jimmy ran out to them and gave them both hugs. “Wow, sport, you must have been homesick!” his dad said. “Oh no, I had a blast with Mr. Glick, Chris, Ryan and Jimmy. Let me go get what I made for you at the camp.” He ran off to the boys and the truck to get his things. “He wasn’t any problem was he?” his mom asked. “Certainly not. He did eat a lot. I wonder how you can afford to keep him.” I said smiling. “Really? He’s a picky eater here. What did he eat?” “He helped make breakfast, flat bread, steak fajitas, roasted chicken. He ate wild boar, phaesent, wild mushrooms, lots of salad and bread. He certainly didn’t starve.” I told them. “Camping must agree with him. That’s a nice change, maybe he won’t be so difficult.” “I know he likes roasted potatos, carrots, green beans, mushrooms, sweet potatos, venison, and wild boar. He eats pretty good at our house when he’s there.” By this time he comes back with the pack basket. “See what I made! I got offered a $100 for it. I made this for you mom.” “Well, he didn’t actually get the offer. But our friend that taught us how to make the baskets did say that he would charge a $100 for the one Jimmy made.” I tell them. That really impressed them as they looked at the basket. “You did a great job, son. It is istanbul travesti a very tight weaving. Good job!” his dad says proudly. “We loved having him with us. Don’t forget the read through is tomorrow downtown for the play.” We all hug and Ryan, Chris, and I get back in the truck to head home. “It was a lot of fun Pops! We learned a lot and definitely had fun.” Chris says. “And making baskets was fun also Dad” Ryan says with a smirk. “You two were especially naughty! I should make you wear clothes for a few days.” I tell them. We have good laugh about that. “I am impressed that you both can make spermies now. I was thinking that might not happen for another few months. I guess you both will need a cum rag now.” “Dad!!!” they both yell at me. I love them so much. They both are great kids to have around. Ryan has really grown a lot and Chris has become a lot more socialable since the first time we met him. He’s very huggable now. I know that showing a child affection goes a long way to making them happy. Both of them are a lot less self-conscious now also. Monday rolls around with me going to work again and the boys helping Jean out around the house. They decide to cook breakfast for dinner for her and make our french toast sandwiches. I ask them what the menu is for the rest of the week and get the “look”. We have a good laugh at that. We clean up and head into town to the theatre office. They boys wanted to put on their breech clouts but I told them to chill for a bit with that until the rehearsals at the park. The read through went pretty smoothly with just a few hiccups from some of the new kids doing the narrator’s posse. There is another two readings with a bit of stage direction scheduled during the week. Chris and Ryan make roasted chicken, corn and flat bread on the BBQ for us. They say we’ll have fajitas on Thursday. I make burgers on Wednesday as we have to eat quick to make the rehearsal. We take Jimmy and John home with us on Friday. All the munchkins sleep together over the weekend. I have to remind them to keep the moaning down as Mom may not be aware that they all are sexually active. After we tuck in our nudist horde giving them each hugs and kisses, they get down to business. “Guys, Chris and I started making spermies over the trip. So we wanted to let you know that it may be messy now.” Ryan tells Jimmy and John. “Oh wow! We want to see. Show us.” Chris and Ryan get on their backs and Jimmy and John start to suck them in a 69. The younger boys get their boygasms first with Chris and Ryan getting close right after them. “You better look out, we’re gonna shoot!” Chris tells them. They both shoot up to their necks and across their chests. “Oooo” says John. “Let me taste!” “A little salty, but not bad. What do you think Jimmy?” “I have to agree. A little salty but with a full body.” John says in a “posh” accent. Which gets them all laughing. They clean up and hug each other to sleep.

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