My Neighbor-Chapter 2


My Neighbor-Chapter 2When I got to Seth’s place we went into the family Room and went over to where he keeps his video tapes. There in a locked area were 10 tapes marked “Christy #1” through “Christy #10”. Seth took out number one and loaded it up and turned on the TV. We sat down on the sofa and Seth said, “Just wait to you see this buddy.”I watched as on the screen I saw Seth sitting between my wife and his wife. Amanda was pulling his zipper down and reaching into his pants. Christy started to get up but they both told her to sit down and learn. She sat back down kind of reluctantly and watched as Amanda pulled Seth’s cock out. Christy’s eyes got as big as saucers as she saw Seth’s cock for the first time and I’m sure I could see her lick her lips.Amanda started to slowly stroke Seth’s cock as she smiled at Christy. Christy continued to look on in awl at Seth’s cock.”Now this is a cock, a real cock Christy!” Amanda said, “And all men need to have their cock’s sucked! I’m gonna show you how to suck a cock the right way!”Amanda slid down on the floor on her knees and slowly put her head down near Seth’s cock. I watched as Seth’s hard cock disappeared into his wife’s mouth as she slowly started to suck it.Christy was watching and the look on her face was one of pure surprise and lust as Amanda expertly sucked Seth’s huge hard cock. I heard Christy say loudly, “MY GOD!”Soon Seth stood up and made sure he was right in front of where Christy was sitting and Amanda kneeled in from of her husband and started to once again suck his beautiful big cock.”Kneel down here and watch how I do it Christy.” Amanda said.Christy knelt down next to Amanda and continued to watch her suck Seth’s hard cock into her mouth. Seth slowly slid his entire cock down Amanda’s throat as Christy gasped in surprise.Then Seth grabbed the back of Amanda’s head and started to give her mouth a good fucking! Christy continued to watch wide eyed as Amanda sucked her husband’s huge cock!Then finally Amanda let Seth’s cock slid out of her mouth. She grabbed it and directed it towards Christy’s face.”I can’t do that.” Christy said, “First off I’ve never done it and secondly I’m married. That would be cheating on Mike.””It’s not cheating just to suck some guy’s cock.” Seth stated, “Besides, just the other hiltonbet yeni giriş day Amanda was sucking not only my cock but Mike’s also. Mike evidently didn’t think that having his cock sucked by Amanda was cheating or he wouldn’t have let her do it.”Christy looked confused and hurt at the same time. I guess the thought of Amanda sucking my cock bothered her. I couldn’t believe that they even told her about that!”Go ahead, give it a little kiss first. Guy’s love having their hard cock’s kissed some.” Amanda said as she moved Seth’s cock closer to Christy’s face.I watched as Christy leaned over and kissed the head of Seth’s cock. I wasn’t sure what I felt, rage, jealous or horny as I saw my wife’s sweet lips kissing Seth’s huge cock.”That’s a good girl.” Seth stated, “Now lick it a little bit, just like it was a lollipop or ice cream cone.”Christy opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and started to lick Seth’s hard cock.”That’s a really good girl.” Seth stated, “Now, just open your mouth and let it slid right in.”Christy looked up at Seth as Seth pushed his hard cock against her lips. She didn’t open her lips however.”Come on Christy,” Amanda said, “You’re gonna like this. You’re gonna like sucking cock and you’re gonna love sucking Seth’s.””I don’t think ………” was all Christy could say as Seth pushed the head of his hard cock into her mouth.Christy’s eyes got really big as she realized that a man’s cock was actually in her mouth. She just froze there as she seemed to adjust to the cock head in her mouth.”That’s it Christy.” Amanda said, “Now just move your mouth back and forth on it. Suck it just like you would a lollipop or something.”Seth grabbed the back of Christy’s head as he tried to ease his hard cock deeper into her mouth. Christy didn’t seem to resist at all as more and more of Seth’s hard cock disappeared into her once virgin mouth.Christy’s eyes were still opened wide as Seth started to slowly pump his huge hard cock in and out of her mouth.”That’s it Christy,” Amanda continued, “Suck his cock, make his cock feel good. Use your tongue on it.” Christy continued to suck his cock!”Suck it Christy!” Seth said, “Suck my hard cock you sweet little cocksucker! Amanda, she is a natural, she’s great at this.”I then noticed Seth hiltonbet giriş moved on the sofa next to me and I looked over at him. He had taken his cock out and was starting to stroke it as he watched my wife sucking his cock on the tape.I was still amazed at just how big his cock was. My mouth again watered as I watched him stroking it.”It’s pretty damn big isn’t it?” he asked me.I didn’t realize he saw me looking at it and turned my head back toward the TV quickly.”It’s alright,” Seth said, “I don’t mind if you look at it. It’s a lot bigger than yours I know. You can touch it if you want.””I’m not a fag or nothing Seth.” I replied.”It doesn’t make you a fag just to touch another guy’s cock. I’ve touched other guys before. It’s no big deal. Go ahead, I really don’t mind at all. It’s not like I’d tell anyone or anything.” Seth replied.I looked back at the TV and saw that Christy was still sucking his cock, but now she seemed to be enjoying it more.I felt Seth grab my hand as he slowly moved it over to his cock. Then I was touching it! I couldn’t believe that I had another man’s cock in my hand. I started to slowly stroke it as I watched my wife sucking it on the tape.”That really feels good buddy! Stroke that cock!” Seth said as I continued moving my hand up and down his huge cock.Seth then stood up which made his cock closer to my face. He looked down at me as I continued to stroke his hard cock and said, “Why don’t you get on your knees. You can see it a little better that way.”I slowly moved to my knees in front of him as he said, “There, that’s a lot better. Why don’t you use your other hand on my balls a little?”I reached out with my other hand and cupped his balls. They were as beautiful as his cock! Unlike mine, they hung way down. I started to play with his nuts as I continued to stroke his cock. It was then that I realized that his hard cock was only inches away from my mouth! I could smell his maleness as I continued to play with his hard cock and balls. The musky smell of his cock made my mouth water for some reason.I looked up at Seth and he smiled and said, “You’re pretty good at that buddy! Your hand stoking my cock and playing with my balls feel great!”I quickly looked back at the TV as I heard my wife moaning as she continued sucking hiltonbet güvenilirmi Seth’s cock! She was really getting into it now and seemed to be really enjoying herself.I continued jerking Seth’s huge cock! I looked up at him again and he smiled down at me and just nodded his head.On the tape I heard Seth say, “I’m gonna cum you little cocksucker! Suck that dick good!” And I looked at the tape. Seth had both of his hands on my wife’s head as he started to pump her virgin mouth a little faster.I heard Christy make a moan that sounded like a protest. I’m sure she never intended to let Seth cum in her mouth.”Stroke my cock harder Mike!” Seth said to me as I continued to watch the screen. I immediately started to stroke his cock, now with both hands.I looked back at the TV where my wife had given up her faint protest and was really getting into sucking Seth’s beautiful cock big time! She had her hands on his ass as she tried to suck more and more of it into her little mouth. For some strange reason a thought came into my head that I also wanted to suck Seth’s cock. I wanted to know what my wife Christy was feeling at that moment.”Here it comes you little cocksucker! Drink it up, swallow it good!” Seth said on the TV as he pushed his cock deeper, but not all the way, into Christy’s mouth.Just then I heard Seth holler. But it wasn’t only on the TV but also there in the room.I kept watching the TV and heard Seth say, “Now swallow it you little cocksucker!”Just then I felt something hit my face and turned quickly and looked at Seth’s cock. He was cuming! He was shooting his cum on my face! I backed away quickly, but before I could his cum squirted on my eye!I quickly got up as his cock continued to squirt on my clothes.I sat back up on the sofa as Seth continued to cum.Then he finally stopped cuming and headed for the bathroom. As he walked away I caught myself watching his butt! Then I quickly got some tissues and wiped his cum off my face and clothes. And ran out of the house.I went back home and jerked off thinking about Seth’s beautiful big hard cock, about my wife sucking it, about how I had jerked it off for him, how he shot his cum on my face! I later saw my wife and Amanda going into Amanda’s house. It was another hour before she came home. Her face all flushed again. I knew she had sucked Seth’s cock again.We went to our bedroom and again I fucked Christy like there was no tomorrow! We were both going crazy, but when I came inside of her the only thing on my mind was me, down on my knees, sucking Seth’s beautiful, huge hard cock!

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