My Neighborhood Delight


My Neighborhood DelightI bought a new house a few years back. I had noticed all of my neighbors were the typical type, waved, never really said much or talked to each other, each consumed in their own daily lives. I had never put too much thought to my surroundings, I worked full time and I was busy living up the life as a single man. Then one day I was out mowing my lawn and I saw her. I was in my early 20’s and she was easily 40. She was to my, the pinnacle that every mature lady should aim to be. She was about 5’2, short red hair, curvy, and had the face of sensuality. Blue eyes, a few freckles, and a slight scar on her left cheek. I admired her, but she was married, with k**s and like I mentioned, no one in my neighborhood paid attention to anyone else. A few months had gone by, I was still fascinated by her, but I was out living up my life trying to mingle among those my own age. One day when driving home from work I noticed her walking down the street. I waved as I went by and she smiled. It was one of those smiles that could captivate anyone. It took my attention and I thought about that smile until I reached my driveway. As I go to get out of my car, I notice her walking back, to what looked like her house. I went out to my driveway to check my mail. “Junk, junk, junk….is this all I get?” I mumble to myself.“Excuse me,” She said as I turned around.“Hi, how’s it going” I said “My name is Vicki and I live next door, my dog has gotten out in the neighborhood, have you seen him? He’s a pug, which answers to the name Lucky” My first thought was, a dog named lucky? How modern family. “No sorry Vicki, I have not seen your dog. queenbet güvenilirmi My name is Jeff by the way. If I see your dog, I’ll let you know.”“Is there any way he could have gotten into your back yard” She said hopefully. “Hmm…I doubt it, it’s all fenced in but we can take a look.”As we are walking into my backyard all I could think is that I’ve admired Vicki for a few months, but she showed no interest in anything except her dog. I guess that’s normal, I mean I couldn’t expect anything else. I went ahead and reached open the fence and unlocked the latch. As I open the gate, I say “Lady’s first.” As we are walking into the backyard I noticed that she was wearing a thong. I could not stop staring at her ass as she walked in front of me. “Sorry Vicki, I don’t see your dog anywhere back here. But at least we gave it a shot right?” “It’s okay; I’ll go check with the other neighbors, thanks Jeff.”As we are walking out, I could not stop thinking about the thong outline I could see. Was it purple, orange, blue…no I thought, a lady with class must be wearing a black thong? We were almost at the gate when Vicki bent over a bit, “Jeff, you’re going to go blind if you don’t stop staring. Give it a little squeeze.”I didn’t know what to do, was she serious, or was she just being sarcastic. Vicki turns around and says “Jeff, I said GIVE IT A SQUEEZE,” Vicki then proceeds to grab my cock, which was already, admittedly erect. I knew what she had wanted. She knew what I had wanted too. I had a patio area; you know the deal, a rug, a plastic table, four chairs, unexciting…. Vicki grabs my hand and leads me to this queenbet yeni giriş area. We walk through the door, into my patio and I immediately she threw herself on top of the table. “Jeff, I want you to undress me” She said as she kissed my neck. I wasn’t hesitant. I quickly took off her top, and saw her bra. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a plain bra. Clasp in the back, flowers embedded into the fabric, white in color. But that didn’t matter; I was more interested what was inside the bra. I took off Vicki’s bra and I immediately noticed her erect nipples. I couldn’t help but to nibble on them. They were perfect breasts a little saggy but still perfectly full, with a nice peach color to the nipple area. I could hardly contain myself at this point. Vicki then laid flat down on the table. She put her legs in the air and said “Now the pants Jeff.”I obeyed her, as I start taking off her pants I notice her smile. It was beautiful. I couldn’t stop from smiling back at her. I was still thinking of what color thong she was wearing. I finally had my answer, it was green. I ran my hand up and down her legs. I was excited, nervous in a way too. “Jeff,” she said, “I want you to take off my thong too.” As I removed her thong, I was surprised at her hairy muff. Surprised, and delighted. “Now what Vicki” I said. I thought about it right after, how lame that sounded, but she was in control.Vicki says now you undress. I was thinking at the time how un romantic this was, how she had no desire to undress me. But then I said to myself, Jeff, you’re about to fuck your sexy mature neighbor. Everything after that moment queenbet giriş was good. As I stand there naked, fully erect I go to kiss her on the lips. She stops me and says “What do you think you’re doing? I replied “Kissing you….”“No, get down there.” She said as she pointed toward that hairy muff. I immediately knelt down and started eating out that nice pussy. I have had a lot of encounters orally pleasuring women before, but nothing like this. The flavor was intense; it was incredibly delicious and juicy. As I’m doing my work I notice her foot curl, she grabs the back of my head and forces me further down in there. “Jeff I want you to suck on my clit.” Once again I obeyed. As I suck on her clit I insert my middle finger into her pussy. As I move it back and forth I can hear Vicki moaning. Her leg started to quiver as I felt a rush of liquid burst into my face and mouth. She squirted. Admittedly, I ejaculated when she did this. I could simply not control myself. But Vicki wasn’t done. “Fuck me Jeff, Fuck this hairy cunt.”“I’m going to fuck you good Vicki, like the slut you are.”Vicki looked at me and said “Do it then little boy.” As she menacingly grinned.I got up from my kneeling position and went to wipe the cum off of my cock and she said “No leave that on.” As I go to insert my cock, she quickly grabs it and starts inserting it for me. She knew what she wanted. As I am thrusting back and force, I hear Vicki moan and quiver. I kept plowing that hairy cunt as she started to scream. I grabbed her breast and felt her hard nipples.“I want you to cum inside me Jeff. I need to feel your cum flowing through me.”I blasted her with my cum. As I go to take out my throbbing cock, I look at Vicki who was just lying there in harmony. As we are getting up off the table, she grabs her muff and then licks her hand. As we are getting dressed, I say “Well Vicki I hope you find your dog.”She smiled and said, “What dog?”

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