My New Lesbian Friend


We’ve only just met and I feel so comfortable around you, other women seem to bug me, but for some reason you make me comfortable. So inviting you over for the afternoon seems the most logical thing I can do.

You arrive faster than I had expected and I’m not even out of my sweat pants. You smile the kind of smile you expect from an old friend and give me a big hug. In your hand you have a bottle of wine and Chinese takeout. What the hell, its Saturday, why not.

Popping open the bottle, you pour a pair of large glasses and begin to spread out the food. It’s been so long since I’ve done anything like this I can barely contain myself. I belly laugh as you tell me about your job and the idiots you work with, I feel like I’ve made the best friend in the world.

We sit, sipping wine, talking, the TV is on in the background but neither of us is paying any attention. I am fixated on you, your skin, your hair, your lips. I am stunned that somebody as pretty as you would be my friend, and I am so happy.

“So, you never told me, are you seeing anybody? You must have a boyfriend.” I laugh, I have a very good friend I see when we need our release but I’m single.

“Oh, not really, I’m interested in somebody but I don’t know if they feel the same way.” You play with the lip of your wine glass, not making eye contact, and blushing at little.

“Who is it? Do I know him?” I’m excited, I want to know.

“You know them,” You’re avoiding eye contact and blushing harder. poker oyna What is with you I think.

“I’m going to get us more wine, you have to tell me, don’t make me guess!” I snatch up your wine glass, and go into the kitchen. “You know what you should do, take him out, get him drunk and see what happens. You never know, he might be all about you but too shy to say anything.”

I hadn’t noticed you walking in behind me, I hadn’t noticed how close you got. I turn, nearly jump with surprise with how close you are too me. You take your wine glass from me hand, and then mine, put them down on the counter and look into my eyes.

“What?” I giggle nervously.

You say nothing, but you lean in and our lips meet. Not a deep kiss, but a soft exploratory one. Your lips are soft, your perfume sweat, I feel sparks run up my legs between my legs and up my back.

Pulling away, you look at me with dusky soft eyes. Its all suddenly very clear to me and I feel something I have never felt before. A tingle, an itch, deep inside. Gasping, I reach past you for the wine glass and take a long drink.

“Are you ok?” You look nervous now, not sure if you’ve over played your hand, scared me off. You haven’t.

“I have never done that.” I take another long sip. “I loved it.”

The smile on your face is so broad and bright the room seems to light up. You step in closer and this kiss is deeper, more passionate, parted lips on lips, I feel your teeth, your tongue. Chills run through canlı poker oyna my body and as you put your hand to my face, I return the kiss with the same enthusiasm as you.

We embrace, I have never felt anything like this, you kiss me like I want to be kissed, you touch my body the way I want it to be touched, and why wouldn’t you know, your a woman as well, you know what I want because it’s what you want.

Taking you by the hand, I lead you to my bedroom. Now you seem timid, unsure. I turn, take you with both hands and pull. “Come on!” My eyes wide, maybe it’s the drink, maybe its how I really feel, but I want this as badly as you do.

I pull you into me again, kissing you deeply, my hands cupping your face, the way we kiss, I have never been kissed like this before, It speaks to the very core of my body, exciting me in ways I have never been with a man.

My fingers slide up your shirt, I feel your soft skin under my fingers, you respond with heavenly sighs, and soft kisses on my neck. Sliding your shirt up over your head I I lean close kissing the soft skin of your breasts, soft and firm, perfect size by any standard.

Curling your fingers in my hair I feel you pull me close, my lips searching the soft skin of your breast, under and around, between and across. You return the gesture, freeing me of my shirt and bra. Your impossibly soft lips worshiping me. Desire and passion grow between my legs as you touch me.

Laying back, your fingers dance down my internet casino sides and slowly pull my sweat pants down, the rush of blood and electric charge between my legs bring a gasp to my lips. You look up at me, smiling, before your lips part and you blow hot hair on my skin.

Arching my back I gasp again, desire boiling inside me. I want you, I hear myself say as much, the excitement is killing me, I can’t see it, but I know I am very wet and ready for you. Your lips make contact with my labia, your tongue slides between them, up slowly, flicking my clit.

“Oh god,” I moan, my fingers gripping the covers of my bed, knuckles white. You continue to make love to me with your mouth, each caress of your tongue, each brush of your lips building the fire inside me that threatens to burst out.

My legs tense, every muscle in my body clenches, here it comes. “Oh god I’m going to cum.” I cry out.

“Cum for me.” You whisper before my hands pull your mouth back to me for the final push over the edge into bliss. Convulsing, I feel myself clench and squeeze at nothing, my legs wrap around you, I can’t help it, my arms ache from holding you but I can’t let go.

You push each spasm as far as it will go, your timing flawless, and I don’t even realize it but a second climax bursts forth from me. No one has ever done that to me before and my head spins with pleasure.

Slowly drifting back to Earth I feel you climb up to me, look down into my eyes, watching me, your smiling, proud of the work you’ve done. “I just don’t know if she likes me.” You sigh.

“Oh you!” I pull you to me, kissing you deeply, tasting me on your lips. Thank god it’s Saturday I think, its going to be a very long night.

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