My outdoor adventure


My outdoor adventureI took to hiking local trails some years ago as a way to get more outdoor exercise, boy was I about to get that and some on this fine Indian summer day.It was a nice warm sunny early October day I headed out to a quarry park a few miles away from me to get in a few miles of hiking before school got out, I made it to the parking area by 12:45 it was Friday and I thought I had the place to myself, I parked and crossed the road entering the quarry trail up to the quarry ridge trail that runs around the top of the quarry.I must have made it about a 1/4 of the way around when I noticed some movement ahead of me so I picked up the pace a bit to get a better look at who was ahead of me, at the moment all I could tell was that who ever it was wearing white sneakers a yellow pair of running shorts and white sports top.I didn’t catch up to who I saw until we both had made one complete circuit when I noticed it was a woman, I could tell by her curves and of course the fact she stopped at the water fountain to take a breather as I strode up, she smiled and said I thought there was some behind me and she introduced herself as Maddy a gorgeous tall athletically built raven haired blue eyed woman of 28 yrs, nice tight ass and 34 d cup breast she has a great smile too.I introduced myself she asked me if I was local I told pendik escort her no I lived east of the quarry a few miles away in the city, she smiled and told me she did to and was new to the area , she asked me if I would like to walk with her and talk which I did before we knew it we had walked 6 miles I asked her how she got there she told me a friend from work gave her a ride but when they got here she had an emergency to take care of and she would be back to pick her up.I told her she could catch a ride with me if she wanted, she said sure why not and we headed back to my pick up truck, when we got there she asked if I had a phone she could use to call her friend, I opened up the truck door and told her in the glove box she would find my phone.She called her friend and got sent to voicemail, she tried a few more times before giving up, I told her I was in no real hurry if she wanted to hang out there to see if her friend returns or returns her we talked I found out she was single no k**s moved to the area from southern California for a job and didn’t really know anybody here et except for her work buddy, she asked me if I was married did I have k**s of course, I said no to both and then out of the blue she said well being in nature like this makes me really horny, she told me she caught a glimpse of me out of the corner escort pendik of her eye as I started up the ridge trail and slowed down enough to let me catch a glimpse of her on the trail ahead of me.she told me there was a couple of times she would turn her head to get a better look at me when she thought I wasn’t looking and I hadn’t noticed I was mesmerized by her tight ass gyrating as she walked .She explained she was getting really worked up and just had to stop at the water fountain to get a good look at me, to see if I made her wet or was just an average looking guy.She asked me what I thought about her but by that time my sweat pants were tenting out, she told me she loved oral and wanted to taste me she grabbed onto my throbbing dick and gave it a squeeze , wow you have a big hard dick baby can I suck it she asked I raised up my hips and she pulled my sweat pants down past my knees she started massaging my balls with her hand as she licked the tip of my dick letting her tongue circle the head of my dick before taking it into her warm mouth pushing her head down the shaft of my dick taking it all in when she came back up her eyes were watering and she began licking my shaft up and down.I had my hand between her ass cheeks rubbing her twat with my middle finger I could tell she wasn’t wearing panties under her running pendik escort bayan shorts, she was grinding against my finger as I toyed with her sticky wetness, this went on until she was begging to be fucked , I told her to lay down on the bench seat and lift her legs so her feet were on the cab ceiling I pulled off my sweat pants and then pulled off her running shorts she has a beautiful trimmed pussy with a just a thin dark patch of hair above her clit.I got up between her muscular thighs my hands on her tits squeezing them my fingers rubbing her nipples as I slid my dick into her wet pussy, my she felt great not real tight but tight enough to grip my dick firmly as I stroked it to her she was thrashing her head back and forth after awhile groaning and moaning as I started giving her a good hard fucking the harder I slammed it to her the more deeply she panted and moaned, we ended fucking outside of the truck I had the driver door open and her cute tight ass bent over the seat as I stroked it to her hard and fast, her legs began to buckle as she quivered she let out a scream and squirted all over my dick when I gave her ass a stinging slap her head bobbed up and her body was convulsing.We fucked in the truck bed her on top of me I did her doggy and standing before we were both exhausted it was about 4 pm before we decided we better head back to town. She had me take her to her friend apartment building and before she got out of my truck wrote my phone number down on her hand and asked if I would like to do that gain, of course I said hell yes.

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