My Panties


My name is Kevin, I grew up in a small town in a very small house with my mother and 2 sisters.

My father passed away when I was 10 and mom never bothered to re-marry. I turned 18 last month, so I’m really the man of the house now.

Our house only has 2 bedrooms, so mom and my sister Jakkie share 1 bedroom, and my older sister Karen and I share the other bedroom. It can get pretty awkward at times sharing a room with your sister, but I learned early on about boundaries, and her and I respect each others privacy as much as possible.

Karen is well built, slim, nice size set of tits, very nice ass, but she is pretty shy about showing herself off, she makes me stay out of the room until she is in bed, and makes me turn off the light before I come into the room.

Sometimes it’s like a never ending sex dream for me, I’m hard all the time and it’s next to impossible to hide it from Karen, she must think I’m some sort of raging pervert, even though she never says anything of the sort. She does however glance at my crotch on occasion, and smile. I’m sure she knows she is the reason my cock is always at attention.

I discovered that masturbation was the only thing saving me from going crazy, damn I was beating my 7 inch cock off 3 or 4 times a day, but always in the privacy of the locked bathroom, and always with my sisters pussy on my mind.

Karen turned 20 a month ago, and she is moving out of the house in 2 weeks for a full year, meaning I will finally have my own room and the freedom to do as I please in it, I can’t wait.

Tonight Karen was acting a little strange, she had changed for bed and for some reason left her lamp on and she also left her silky blue panties on the edge of my bed. I looked over at Karen as I put my hand down and picked up her panties, she smiled and closed her eyes. I couldn’t get over how good they felt against my skin, so soft and cool and silky, and filled with the scent of her sweet pussy. It didn’t take but 10 seconds after touching them and my cock was rock hard.

I couldn’t get into bed like that so I headed off to the bathroom still holding them silk panties in my hands, I closed the door and had my cock out in seconds flat. I wrapped the panties around my hard cock and it almost blew my mind, what a fucking amazing feeling I had with them silk panties on my cock and the sweet smell of my sisters pussy in my nose.

They were so soft, so smooth, it only took 5 or 6 strokes before I was shooting a huge load of cum into them, I filled them panties up and damn near passed out from how great it felt. Holy shit what an amazing thing I’ve discovered, and what a huge mess I made of Karen’s panties.

I quickly rinsed them out as good as I could and then used the blow dryer to blow them dry. After 10 minutes or so I returned back to the bedroom and Karen was sitting up in her bed wide awake. I just stood there in the doorway with her panties in my hand and a huge cock in my boxers.

A few seconds passed before she asked me if I had enjoyed myself, I knew it made no sense to play dumb so I just smiled and said “hell yeah.” Karen smiled and said, “I figured you would like using my panties to cum in.” Then she told me I could keep them so long as she could see me wearing them.

I was confused at first, until Karen told me her ex- boyfriend had really got off on wearing her panties and that she had noticed me get hard every time I looked at a pair of her panties, so she thought I would enjoy wearing them as well. Karen also mentioned the fact that it got her super horny seeing a guy with a big cock wearing her panties.

What a surprise, I just stood there with a smile on my face, and my huge throbbing cock in my shorts, wondering what the hell was going to happen next. Karen smiled back and told me to put my new panties on and let her see how they looked on me. I wasted no time as I yanked off my boxers and slid my new silky panties up over my rock hard cock, holy shit what a feeling, no wonder women enjoy wearing them so much.

Karen had me stand in front of her while she got a really good look at my big hard cock covered in my new silk panties. She told me to slowly turn all the way around so she could check out my ass as well. I did as she asked, she looked wide eyed with a huge grin and told me how sexy I looked in my panties, and how wet her pussy was getting just by seeing me in them.

Karen then surprised me again by pulling her blanket back, allowing me to see that she was naked except for a pair of soaking wet white satin panties with a lace front. My mouth opened to say something but all I could do was let out a soft moan as I stared at my sisters tits with them hard nipples pointing at me, and then looked down at the outline of her sweet smelling wet pussy in them white satin panties.

It was like a dream, my cock was so hard it hurt. Karen looked at me as she put her hand down her panties and started to rub her pussy and she said, “rub that big cock of yours and make yourself cum.” I looked her right istanbul escort in the eyes and started to stroke my cock. It didn’t take long before my balls tightened up and my cum worked its way up my cock.

Karen was moaning and sighing and breathing as fast as a freight train as she rubbed and fingered her pussy hard and fast. I could hear the sloshing sound her pussy made as she sawed her fingers in and out. The scent of her sweet pussy juice was making my mouth water as I pumped my throbbing cock for all it was worth.

After only a couple minutes Karen let out a loud gasp and moan as she started to cum, pushing me over the edge and making me cum hard and long in my silk panties soaking them with my hot sticky cum.

Karen stared at my crotch and licked her lips as she watched my cum soak into my panties, then she came again, only this time she was gushing cum out of her pussy and through her panties all over her bed.

A few minutes passed, Karen pulled off her wet panties and spread her legs wide, allowing me a nice long look at her hot wet pussy before saying “I had fun little brother,” and then she pulled the cover over herself and closed her eyes. I was left standing there in my wet sticky panties, happy and very satisfied in the way the evening had gone. I was about to get into my bed when I spotted Karens white satin panties lying on the floor. It was as if she could read my mind because before I could even reach for them she said, “you can have them panties as well little brother.”

I quickly removed my blue panties and put on the white ones. They were still warm and full of Karens sweet cum. The feeling of them and the strong scent of Karens pussy gave me an instant erection. I decided to just take that hard on to bed with me knowing I would have an awesome sex dream and cum hard in my satin panties. I thanked Karen and climbed into bed.

The next morning I woke up thinking it had all been a dream, but when I pulled back the covers and looked down, there it was, my big throbbing cock, all wrapped up in white satin and lace. I wasted no time rubbing my hard cock through my satin panties and shooting off a huge load inside them, I was now addicted to my panties for sure.

Karen had already left for the day, but I noticed my blue panties neatly folded at the end of my bed and a little note from her saying she washed and dried them for me and that I should put them on and wear them all day. She wants to see me in them when it’s time for bed so we can have a repeat performance from last night.

I was in heaven, I quickly ran to the shower, still wearing my white panties, I figured I would wash them while I washed myself, but of course I ended up having to get myself off again in the shower before I took them off. I rinsed them out and used the blow dryer to dry them, it was going to be a wonderful day.

I dried myself off and put my satin and lace panties away. I slid my clean blue silk panties on and again my cock was rock hard within seconds. I put my jeans on over them and couldn’t believe how great it felt, yes it was going to be a wonderful day indeed.

I finished getting dressed and went downstairs and told mom I had no time for breakfast and ran out the door and off to work, all the while my cock staying erect, nestled in my silk panties. Needless to say work was difficult, I couldn’t do anything except concentrate on my hard cock, and how great my panties felt, and how much I wanted to rub my cock and cum into my panties while I watched my sister make herself cum.

The day finally passed into evening, I was back home waiting in our bedroom for Karen to get there, my rock hard cock ready to explode, my mind focused on nothing but my sisters wet pussy and seeing her cum for me. Finally there she was in the room with me taking off her clothes, all except for a pair of sexy red silk panties that showed off her pussy lips to perfection.

She sat down on the edge of her bed and she said,” get undressed down to your panties,” it took me all of 10 seconds to do that, she smiled and stuck her hand down her panties and started to rub her pussy. She told me to start rubbing my cock for her. It only took a few minutes before she was soaked and her wet pussy scent was again driving me crazy.

I knew the second I touched my cock I was going to cum, so I waited for a minute and watched Karen rub and finger her pussy. She was moaning loud and her hand was moving like lighting as she started to cum hard in her panties, she spread her legs wide and sprayed her sweet juice out the sides of her panties and down her legs.

That was all I needed to push me over the edge, I didn’t even touch my cock, I started shooting off a huge load into my panties. Karen groaned loud as she watched me cum and she fingered her pussy faster making herself cum over and over and over, what a beautiful sight it was seeing her cum like that.

I was going crazy watching her cum and smelling her hot wet pussy, I pulled my panties down kabataş escort and grabbed my hard cock and stroked the hell out of it until I started to cum, and then I aimed my cock down at her pussy and started shooting my load of hot sticky cum all over her panties.

Karen was still finger fucking her pussy with one hand and used her other hand to rub my cum into her panties and onto her soaking wet pussy. She made herself cum so hard she actually passed out.

I was worried for a minute but she finally opened her eyes again and just smiled and said,” WOW!” then she pulled her cum soaked panties off and spread her legs wide. Her hot wet pussy, still dripping sweet juices, just inches from my still hard cock. Karen told me I could have one quick lick of her sweet pussy if I wanted.

I had my head between her legs before she even actually finished saying the words. I licked her from ass hole to belly button, what a taste sensation, but true to her word, she only let me have one lick. She pushed my head back, closed her legs and covered herself up. She then told me to clean my blue panties and put on the white ones before I go to bed, and that tomorrow night will be very very special.

I went off to the bathroom with both pairs of my panties. I washed out my blue ones and cleaned off my cock. I slid my white ones on and went off to bed with a major hard on and a smile.

I woke up in the morning with my usual huge wood straining the lace front of my panties and looked over towards Karens bed, she was gone already, so I stood up and started to rub my cock when my bedroom door suddenly opened and there stood my mom and my sister Jakkie.

The look of shock on their faces said it all, they just stood and stared at me standing in front of them with my huge cock in my silk panties. After what seemed like forever they turned around and walked away. Damn I was busted, and it wasn’t going to be any fun trying to explain myself, so I just decided to get dressed and pretend nothing happened. I knew full well my mother would most likely just remain quiet, but I wasn’t sure how my sister was going to handle it though, not the thing she wanted to see on the morning of her 18th birthday I’m sure.

I went down to the kitchen after dressing in jeans and a t-shirt (still wearing my panties of course), mom and Jakkie were sitting at the table eating breakfast, they stopped eating and looked at me for a second and then continued to eat.

I asked where Karen was and mom said she had left early to go get some groceries and a few other things, including a birthday cake for Jakkie, and she wouldn’t be back until after lunch some time. I poured myself a coffee and said happy birthday to Jakkie and then told mom I was going to sit on the back porch for a while. I think I heard mom say something in response but whatever it was she said was only heard by my sister, it was going to be a long awkward day.

I finished my coffee and leaned back in the chair and closed my eyes for a minute. Five hours later I woke up to Karen shaking me and asking me what the hell was going on, and why mom and Jakkie were acting so strange. I told her what happened and she laughed and told me it would be fine. She also knew mom wouldn’t make an issue out of it because mom hated dealing with anything awkward.

Karen leaned over and rubbed my cock and said,” I can’t wait until bed time to give you your special treat.” Then she rubbed my aching cock again and licked her lips before she went inside the house.

That was the first time any girl had ever touched my cock on purpose, it felt fucking awesome and I knew I was in for a real treat later on, but I still had to get past the rest of the day with my mother and Jakkie, so I headed back into the house to face the music.

It was very quiet and you could cut the tension with a knife and after a little small talk between mom and my sisters mom excused herself saying she had a bad headache and needed to lay down.

My sisters and I looked at each other and Karen finally spoke up and asked Jakkie what she was thought about what she had seen this morning.

Jakkie was silent for a few minutes and then she looked at me and asked me if I was gay, I laughed and said hell no, then she asked about me wearing girls panties and I just told her the truth, that they make me feel good. Karen told her lots of men wear womens panties, “it’s no big deal,” she said. Jakkie just shook her head and laughed, “I’m glad to hear you’re not gay big brother,” and then she got up from the table and left.

Karen and I both looked at each other and laughed, we ate some cake and then she handed me a gift bag from Victoria’s Secret. I looked in the bag and found 5 pairs of satin panties. She told me I now had a pair for each day of the week, and she expected me to wear my panties every day, “I have no problem with that at all,” I told her.

We had a cold drink and then Karen said,” we should head up to our bedroom because I’m tired of waiting kadıköy escort to give you my special present.”

We slipped upstairs into our room and got right down to business. Karen undressed down to her new black lace panties and told me to strip down to my panties as well. Within seconds I was standing inches away from Karen with a monster hard on stretching my white satin and lace panties to the limit.

Karen actually growled and her mouth started to water as she reached out with both her hands and latched onto my hard cock and started stroking it, holy shit what an awesome feeling, my sisters hands rubbing my throbbing cock wrapped in satin.

I leaned in and took her left nipple into my mouth and started to suck on it as I reached down with my right hand and started rubbing my sisters hot pussy, she moaned as I sucked on her and rubbed her at the same time. Her grip on my cock got tighter as she pumped it faster, I pushed my fingers harder against her pussy and got it wetter and hotter.

Karen started to cum, fuck did she cum, spraying hot pussy juice through her panties onto my hand. I was so excited I exploded, blasting the biggest load of cum I ever had into my panties and through the lace front and into my sisters hands.

Karen kept pumping my cock and moaning and groaning and cumming, my head was spinning and then we both fell over onto the bed. Holy fuck, what an experience that was, my cock was still rock hard, still twitching, still aching for more.

Karen was lying on her back with her legs spread wide open, she was rubbing her pussy still, she told me to help her, I asked what she wanted and she told me to take her panties off and stick my head between her legs and lick and suck her hot wet pussy until she cums.

Well I didn’t need to be told twice, I yanked her panties off and stuck my head down between her legs and started licking my sisters pussy, so hot and sweet and wet. I really had no idea exactly what to do seeing as this was the first pussy I had ever eaten. Karen put her hands on my head and said, “I’ll let you know what to do little brother, for now just lick my hot pussy.”

I licked and sucked the places she pushed my head to and stuck my tongue deep inside her when she told me to, and then I got to her clit and sucked it into my mouth like she wanted. Within seconds she was squirting powerful streams of hot pussy juice into my mouth and all over my face. It was incredible, the feeling, the taste , hearing Karen yell and moan as she came over and over until she finally yanked my head out from between her legs.

Karen lay there on the bed, breathing fast her body twitching, little spasms rippling through her for about 5 minutes, then she sat up and told me how great that was, and how great she was going to make me feel.

She reached over and pulled my panties off and grabbed hold of my hard throbbing cock and squeezed it lightly for a minute, then she leaned over and licked the pre-cum off it. “WOW!!” I yelled, her tongue felt so good on my big cock.

I thought she was going to start sucking me off, but instead she let go of my cock and swung her left leg over me until she was sitting up above me. Then she reached down and grabbed hold of my throbbing aching cock again and said, “fuck me hard little brother,” and pushed my cock into her hot wet pussy. She slid all the way down until I was as far inside her as I could get. I was in heaven, never before had I felt anything as awesome as what I was feeling in my sisters pussy. So hot and wet like liquid silk, sending chills through my entire body.

Karen then started to move, sliding forwards and backwards on my cock and then lifting herself up and sliding back down, every little movement sending electric sensations through my cock and making my balls tingle. Karen tilted her head back and I reached up and grabbed hold of both her tits and squeezed them hard, she screamed and started to cum on my cock.

She was riding it hard, I was thrusting myself as deep and hard as I could up into her soaking wet red hot pussy as it sucked on my cock, spraying hot pussy juice all over it and onto my balls. Then it happened, I couldn’t hold back any more and I started shooting load after load of my hot cum deep inside my sister, she was out of control by then yelling for me to fuck her harder and faster and fill her pussy while she came all over my big hard cock.

I came for what seemed like hours, every last drop of cum drained from my balls and was now deep in my sisters pussy. She fell forward onto my chest, she was still cumming, her pussy still contracting on my cock. I ran my hands down her body to her firm round ass and rubbed it, I wondered how it would feel to shove my cock into it.

Karen started to stir a little bit as her pussy stopped contracting and she slowly pushed herself up to look at me. I still had my hands on her ass and my cock in her pussy and she asked me if I had enjoyed myself, I just smiled and told her I would never enjoy anything any more than what I had just experienced, except maybe fucking her ass. Karen lifted herself up of me, my still hard cock slipped out of her with a loud plop. She sat beside me and told me she was very happy and extremely satisfied with the way things went and that her ass was off limits to everybody.

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