My Perfect Cousin


When I was about 8, my cousin adopted two children. Peter was 7 and Jane was 5. Although they lived some distance away, they would come down in the holidays at Christmas, Easter and in the summer and we would spend our time together.

Although they were brother and sister, they could not be more different. Peter had a troubled upbringing, was always disruptive and argumentative. Jane was placid, studious and very loving.

Growing up, despite not seeing each other very often we were always quite close. Peter and I however would fall out from time to time but Jane and I would always be as thick as thieves. Even as we hit our teens our relationship was as close as ever.

My Aunt told me that Jane was coming down for a week in the summer before she started college. I was excited to know that I would see her again, especially as she was coming down alone. The previous summer had been difficult as Peter was particularly cantankerous and had spoilt the week that they had stayed. At the Christmas he was moody and took himself off on his own and Jane and I were left to ourselves.

Spending time with Jane on our own had proven to be interesting. Both of us had been in relationships but they had proven to be pretty disastrous and Jane had admitted to being in love with me. She had just turned 18 and we had discussed starting a relationship together but knew that our families would never approve. Reluctantly we felt that we were not in a position to make a life together.

That Christmas we came the closest we had ever been to having sex and our relationship together became closer. We would write to each other after Christmas until the Easter when their planned trip down was cancelled at the last minute. After that she stopped writing but when I heard that she was coming down I wrote and told her how I felt about her. She wrote back a short note that simply said ‘good’ and that she could not wait to see me again as she had a plan.

To save her changing trains, I drove to meet her at a nearby town and this would give us some time together alone for the first time in six months to talk. I felt butterflies in my stomach when I saw her train approach and waited impatiently for her to emerge from the carriage.

“Jane!” I called out to her as I saw her at the door.

Jane smiled and reached out for the handle to open the door. The door swung open and she practically jumped off the train and into my arms.

“I have missed you so much.” She breathed and held me tightly. We began kissing.

One of the station staff hurried us along so that he could close the door and signal for the train to depart.

“How was the journey?” I asked.

“Never mind the journey, just kiss me.” She replied and pressed her lips against mine.

Finally I managed to extract myself from Jane’s embrace and we both began to compose ourselves. Jane looked sheepishly at me.

“I have a plan!” She announced, “We will talk on the way to Nanna’s.”

I rolled my eyes and she jabbed me in the side. I picked up her bag and carried it for her. Jane took my hand and we looked nothing more than a happy, reunited couple rather than cousins, albeit second cousins.

We actually said little all the way to the car. I threw her bag in the back as she got in. We drove out of the car park and into the busy streets of early rush hour. It would take us at least an hour to get back.

“So what’s this plan then?” I asked eventually as I stopped for yet another queue of traffic.

“Oh, it’s simple.” Jane replied, “You move to Winchester!”


“You heard.”

“Why the fuck would I want to move to Winchester?”

“Because I will be living there for the best part of the next five years!”

I stopped the car again and looked at her. Jane was smiling but still had a air of, ‘I’m serious’. She looked at me waiting for my answer.

“OK” I said eventually, “Explain.”

“I have been offered a place at college in Winchester and then a provisional place at the university there in two years time.” She replied.

“So why Winchester?”

“Because both places do the courses I want to do.” She said, “And it isn’t in Yorkshire.”

“Right.” I said unconvinced.

“What’s wrong?”

I thought for a moment. Jane was obviously serious about this idea of hers and had obviously given it plenty of thought. It was amazing that she had secured not one but two places at two very prestigious faculties.

“Nothing, I just wasn’t expecting this.” I said eventually, “Why didn’t you say something before?”

“I wanted to make sure everything was in place before I said anything.”

“So you still want what we talked about last year then?” I asked her.

“More than ever.” She said and took my hand.

“Do you think we could get away with it?”

She squeezed my hand and then let go to allow me to change gear as we got out of the town traffic and I was able to put my foot down.

“I don’t see why not.” She replied, “After all, nobody need ever know until we are settled and they can do nothing Porno about it.”

“So we would live together?”

“Yeah, I would have my bursary and you would be working. We’d manage.”

I needed to think. Deep down I knew how much I loved Jane. I could not think of anyone I would like to spend my life with more than her and she obviously wanted the same thing.

“There is just one other thing.” She said disturbing my thoughts.

“What’s that?”

“I want you to fuck me.”

My mind was racing. We had often skirted around this subject and even came close a few times. I had never heard Jane say it like this though. I pulled up again at the junction to the motorway.

“I’m on the pill.” She said, “I want to feel you inside me and I want it to happen this week.”

I pulled onto the motorway and settled into the lane. I had wanted to fuck Jane for ages and it looked like I was going to get the chance. Better still, there was an opportunity to live with her and fuck her on a regular basis.

“Right, we will do it.”

“Sounds a bit blunt for my offer of sex.” She said.

“No, I mean move to Winchester.”

“Oh.” She replied disappointedly.

“And I cannot wait to fuck you.” I added with a smirk.

“Nor can I.”

We fell silent as we carried on along the motorway. Both of us deep in thought. I did know someone who might be able to help me find work down there. He lived in Southampton but it was not a million miles away from Winchester. He could check the local papers for me. I guessed that I had about six weeks.

Another twenty minutes and we hit the rush hour traffic in my Aunts home town. Back in stop start traffic I collected my thoughts.

“I will ask Tony to look for work for me.” I said, “And I will look in the trade paper at the wholesalers next week, they always have jobs advertised from all over the country.”

Jane smiled and leaned over to kiss me on the cheek.

“I had hoped you would say that.”

We fought through the traffic and eventually arrived outside my Aunts house. Jane went in. I followed after grabbing her bag from the back of my car.

By the time I got in they had exchanged pleasantries and Jane was sitting on the two seat sofa in the living room. I had dumped her bag in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs and on entering the living room sat next to Jane.

“Look at you two sitting there like an old married couple.” My Aunt said with a laugh.

I froze and looked at Jane but she simply burst out laughing.

“Ah! Thanks Nanna, make me feel good why don’t you.”

We watched her go into the kitchen and Jane put her hand on my leg and squeezed it.

“Is Uncle Alan at home?”

Uncle Alan to Jane was my Dad and I knew that we would have finished work by now and waiting for me to pick him up.

“Yes, I will pick him up after the traffic has died down a bit.”

Jane looked disappointed.

“I wanted you to fuck me!” She whispered.

“I know, I’m sorry.”

My Aunt brought in two coffees and we drank them in silence. Jane pressed her leg against mine to attract my attention. I looked at her and she pouted.

“Sorry, OK”

The silence was broken by the telephone and my Aunt answered it. There was a brief conversation and then she hung up.

“Dad is coming up on the bus to eat here.” She said addressing me, “Do you two want anything?”

“Chinese!” Jane said.

“Well I don’t do Chinese.”

“That’s fine.” She replied, we can go out for it and nudged me.

“Take away or sit down.” I asked.

“I fancy sitting down at a table and having it brought to me.” Jane replied.

We finished our coffees and got up. Saying our goodbyes we left the house and got into the car.

“So where are we going?” I asked.

“Your house.”

“What about the Chinese?”

“Fuck the Chinese” she said with a laugh, “I want you inside me not a spring roll.”

I laughed and started the car. By the time we got to mine my Dad would have been long gone. He would be waiting for me at my Aunts later to be taken home.

We barely spoke after that until we pulled up outside my house. I switch off the car and looked at Jane. After all her bravado earlier she looked apprehensive now.

“Come on.” I said getting out, “We don’t have to do anything if you’re not ready yet.”

“No, I’m ready.” She said, “Just seems a bit real now.”

Once indoors we paused at the bottom of the stairs. Jane hesitated again and looked towards the living room. I waited, knowing that she was unsure as what to do. She then took my hand and led me upstairs.

We sat on the bed together in silence. The last thing I wanted to do was to push her so I just sat there with her. Then her hand took mine and squeezed it.

“The last time I was on your bed was at Christmas.” She said at last.

I thought back to her laying on my bed with her jeans undone showing just the top of her red lace panties and her top pushed up so that her bra covered breasts were just visible. Altyazılı Porno I was taking pictures of her then while my cock throbbed painfully in my own jeans.

“That was fun.” I recalled.

“I remember you laying next to me afterwards stroking my belly.”

“I did and we kissed too.”

“I’d had a pretty shit year and couldn’t work out how we could ever be together after what we had talked about last summer.”

“And here we are again, though now we have a plan.”

Jane squeezed my hand again and kissed me. I felt my cock twitch. My mind drifted back to Christmas. That was probably about the closest we had ever got to having sex before.

“I feel more scared than the first time I had sex.” She said.

“I think I know how you feel.”

“Well hopefully you will be feeling me soon.” She said trying to make a joke out of the situation.

I placed my hand on her breast. She sighed. I gently squeezed and our kissing became more passionate.

“I’m not a virgin but I’m not very experienced.” Jane said.

“Don’t worry, we can take things slow and if you want me to stop you only have to say.”

“I can’t imagine ever wanting you to stop.”

My fingers started to fiddle with the buttons down the front of her dress. Slowly her lemon coloured bra came into view. Slipping my hand underneath I continued to caress and squeeze her breasts through the lace. My cock began to throb.

Jane’s hand was stroking my leg but had gradually been moving higher. A couple of times her fingers had brushed my erection but now began to close around my cock that was straining in my jeans. She started to feel around for my button and zip and once they were found they were undone and her fingers began to stroke my cock through my boxer shorts.

I could feel her nipples pressing against the material of her bra so slowly slipped my fingers underneath and began to play with them. I felt her shudder as I rubbed and gently squeezed them. Her free hand took the hair on the back of my head and started to pull it gently.

I gently pushed her back on the bed and began to kiss her neck and chest. I started to kiss her tits through her bra and then pulled one out so that I could suck her nipple. Seeing her breasts for the first time was incredible. They were of a reasonable size, not big but not small either. Her nipple was quite large and dark and felt good in my mouth. Jane murmured as I began working on them and cradled my head in her hands.

In this position she was unable to play with my cock anymore and so she played with my hair and stroked my neck and shoulder. I could tell that she was really getting into what we was doing by her breathing.

Jane began to push me off. I thought she wanted to stop so let her stand. She turned to face me smiling and then slipped her shoulders out of her dress and let it drop to the floor. Both breasts were now pulled out so she unclipped her bra and discarded that too. Standing in just a small pair of lemon coloured, lace topped panties that matched the bra that was now laying on my bedroom floor she obviously felt a little exposed and so started to tug on my polo shirt which I removed. Standing, I pushed my jeans down and kicked them off.

Jane sat on the bed and watched me undress. I turned to face her and slowly pushed my boxers down. Jane watched in anticipation as more and more of my erection was revealed to her. Finally it sprang free and Jane looked at it waving just inches away from her. Instinctively she reached out for it and moved closer.

Cautiously she kissed the tip of my cock then her tongue licked the glistening slit as my pre-cum oozed out. I watched as my cock then slowly disappeared into her mouth. Jane began to suck and slide my cock in and out.

“Teeth.” I said as she caught the sensitive head of my penis.

“Sorry.” She apologised taking my cock from her mouth and adjusted the position of her mouth.

She carried on sucking my cock, all the time becoming more proficient. The sensations were building and I knew if she carried on much longer I would cum. I pulled away.

“Sorry.” She said again, “Was I not doing it right.”

“You was doing really well and I would have cum if I hadn’t stopped you.”

“I wouldn’t have minded.”

“Maybe later then, I wanted to cum inside your pussy first.”

Jane smiled and instinctively looked down at her groin.

“I’ve never given anyone a blow job before.”

‘Well, you was doing a great job.” I replied and gently pushed her back onto the bed.

Jane allowed me to lay her down. Her legs were still over the edge of the bed, her feet on the floor. I slipped my fingers into the waistband of her panties and slowly started to pull them down. She bit her bottom lip in anticipation and then lifted her hips slightly to allow me to slowly remove her last garment of clothing.

Seeing her pussy properly for the first time in years was amazing. She had grown into an attractive and sexy young woman and her body was perfection.

“My perfect Brazzers cousin.” I whispered.

Jane wriggled a little as I completely removed her panties and then parted her legs to allow me complete and uninterrupted access to her cunt. My finger traced figure eights on her belly and then slowly moved down and started to stroke through her neatly trimmed and silken pubes. At the beginning of her slit it was completely devoid of hair and smooth. Her pussy lips were open and I could see them glisten in the light. She parted her legs further and I slipped first one finger and then two into her sopping wet cunt as my thumb began to massage her clit.

Kneeling by my bed and fingering my cousin was a strange sensation. She was obviously enjoying what I was doing as her head was laying back on the bed and her eyes were closed. I leant forward and began to run my tongue in circular movements through her pubic hair and gradually getting lower until I replaced my thumb with it. Jane began to play with her nipples as I licked. Still fingering her hole I let my tongue catch some of her juices off of them and then replaced them completely with my tongue.

“Oh fuck.” She gasped, “I think I’m going to explode!”

I kept on tongue fucking her pussy as she began to writhe about on the bed. Suddenly, her hands grabbed my head in a half-hearted attempt to push me away but I did not give in. Suddenly and noisily she orgasmed and pulled my face tighter to her cunt.

“Fuck!” She moaned as the orgasm began to subside.

Finally I lifted my head up and she immediately began to lick her juices from around my mouth and then kiss me.

“I need your cock inside me.” She begged, “Your beautiful fat cock.”

I straightened up and shuffled forward. She was at the perfect height for me to enter her. She adjusted her position so that her pussy was just inches away and I began to enter her.

I watched as my cock began to slide effortlessly into her. She was leaning up in order to get a better view.

“Now that would be a picture!” She said with a grin and then gasped as I pushed my cock all the way in.

I leaned forward so that we could kiss, my cock still deep inside. She held me tightly and I allowed my cock to twitch inside her.

“I love you so much.” She said.

“Love you too.”

Released from our kiss I started to gently fuck her. She grabbed my buttocks and urged me to fuck her harder. I complied with her wishes until she orgasmed.

“Turn over.” I said gently, “I want to fuck you from behind.”

Jane moved onto the bed and buried her face into my pillow and pushed her bottom up. Kneeling behind her I pushed my cock into her again and grabbing her hips began to fuck her again.

“Oh my God you are so deep.” Came her muffled voice and then she turned her head to one side.

I continued to pound her pussy from behind and she kept pushing back in time to my thrusts. Every now an then as my cock hit her cervix she gasped. I was about to cum when she beat me to it and collapsed on the bed beneath me. I held back my orgasm but knew that I would not hold out much longer.

“Let me get on top.”

We changed positions again and I lay on the bed and she straddled me. Taking my cock in her hand she guided my erection into her now gloriously wet cunt.

“Fuck that feels beautiful.” She grunted as my cock went all the way in.

She began to ride my cock hard and made sure that every down stroke my cock went in as deep as it could. I knew that it would not be long before I came and I grabbed her bouncing tits and squeezed.

“I’m going to cum.”

“Inside me, inside me.” She begged.

I grunted as my orgasm ripped through me and my cock exploded inside her. Throb after throb my cock spewed thick wads of cum deep inside her pulsating cunt and she orgasmed yet again. She lay on me and we finished the same way as we started, kissing with my cock inside her.

We stayed like that for a while until my now flaccid cock slipped out followed by a dollop of my cum. There was no turning back now I thought. We had fucked and that had sealed our next step. Within the next couple of months I would be moving, potentially in with her and we would begin a new life together, cutting ourselves off from the rest of our families.

“If anyone knew what we have just done there would be hell to pay.” Jane said eventually, voicing my own thoughts.

“Yes, I know.”

“Well I’m sure about this.”

“Me too.”

We stayed locked together for a while and then realised that we had better get ourselves sorted out and get back to my Aunts. We showered together and then got dressed. It was not too much longer before we were back in the car.

“Are you hungry?” I asked realising that it was a Chinese we were supposed to be going out for.

“No, not really, you?”



Four weeks later and I was having a job interview in Winchester. Three weeks after that I moved into a flat and was followed a week later by Jane who started at college. As anticipated, our family were dead against us having a relationship but eventually they relented. Thirty years later we were celebrating our twenty fifth wedding anniversary and watched our two children grow up. We still talk about our first time and still enjoy a very active sex life.

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