My perfect life, part seven


After being naked in front of my husband and Phillip, I went to shower and dress. I closed the bathroom door and started to run the shower. I was suddenly aware that my fingers were probing my very wet pussy. I needed to cum, I wanted to cum. I moved from the bathroom to our bed, I thought to myself, “I should have been sleeping in here last night.” Only my husband’s side of the bed had been used so, I lay on the top of my side.I opened my legs and started to fondle my aching clitoris. I was amazed at how wet I was already. I eased my finger inside my swollen lips and climaxed immediately! I tried to scream quietly in case they heard me but, I was lost in my own little daydream; reminiscing about the night before. It was a magical night, more than I could have ever dreamed about. I must have daydreamed longer than I thought because, I heard my husband shouting for me, asking if I am going to join them soon. His voice startled me back into reality. I quickly ran to take my shower and dress as fast as I possibly could. I didn’t have time to dry my hair, I simply towel dried it.I put on my thong,  jeans and a sweater top, I didn’t have time to put a bra on.My heart was racing as I made my way down the stairs, I could hear my husband and, Phillip talking. I tried to hear what they were talking about but all I could hear was my own heart beating.”Here she is,” Kevin said as I joined them, “we thought you had fallen asleep in the shower or something.”My face was blushing, “Had they heard me when I climaxed?” I poured myself a cup of coffee and we sat and talked for a little while. I needed to get my husband alone, I needed to make sure that he was okay with what happened last night. Part of me didn’t want Phillip to leave but, the other part wanted him to go. This time, the Angel on my shoulder won the battle, Phillip finished his coffee and told us that he had to go home.”I’ll leave you to see our guest out,” My husband said, “I won’t disturb you.”Again, my heart started to race, I was aching for more of Phillip’s kisses. I love kissing my husband but, there is something erotic about kissing my black lover; his kisses are more passionate, juicier, deeper and, mind-blowing.His kisses seemed more intimate, it’s like he knew that kissing me would bring me to an orgasm, and he could! As soon as his lips touched mine, my nipples would harden and my pussy would leak. Phillip said goodbye to my husband. “See you tonight,” Kevin chuckled.I started to walk my lover to the door, instinctively; he held his hand out to hold mine. I looked at my husband, he smiled his approval. I took Phillip’s hand and,  we walked to the front door without saying a word to each other. I believe that my lover sensed how nervous I was, he gripped my hand tightly. The twenty-five feet walk to the door seemed never-ending, I knew that I should say something but, my mouth just wasn’t working.Finally, we reached the door, my hand still firmly grasped by his. I foolishly went to open the door, he pulled me back.”Do you want to get rid of me?” Phillip joked.”Hum, no!” I stuttered, “fuck, I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know what I’m saying. I have no idea what day it is!”I knew that I was not making any sense at all.”Be quiet and kiss me,” Phillip ordered, “before you say anything else that doesn’t make sense.”Within seconds my lips were on his, I felt like a schoolgirl who was stealing a kiss behind the bicycle shed. I had no clue what to do with my güvenilir bahis hands as we kissed so, I rested them on his waist. Phillip’s hands had found my ass, he squeezed and I climaxed. His tongue was wrestling with mine as we wallowed in this moment of pure bliss.”Are you okay?” Phillip whispered as we broke from our kiss, “you seem nervous.””I am in heaven,” I whispered back.He moved my hands and positioned them on his butt, I pulled him in tighter to me. I could feel his hard penis push against my crotch area; he kissed me again.My perfect life took yet another turn. I moved my hands around his front and started to massage his bulge. He let out a sigh as his hands moved to my boobs.”No bra,” Phillip whispered again before my lips joined his again. If he had told me to strip right there and then, I would have. Our kiss seemed to last forever, he was massaging my boobs through my sweater and I was repaying the favor to his bulge. I let out a little groan as I climaxed again. His hands moved up the front of my sweater, he was playing with my naked boobs and, hard nipples. I don’t know what came over me at that moment but, I unfastened his jeans and eased my hand inside his shorts. His penis was wet and, very hard. I broke from our kiss and pulled my sweater over my head, I let it fall to the floor. I was now topless.I looked down at his hard penis, pre-cum was oozing from the head as it poked out of his shorts. My next groan was louder than the first as he started to suck on my nipples. I was working on his penis like my life depended on it. I mentioned earlier that when I see a cock; I have to suck on it. Today was no exception! I dropped to my knees and took the thick, black, erection into my mouth.I was oblivious to the fact that my husband could walk from the kitchen and see us. I didn’t care; maybe I secretly wanted him to. His hands came around the back of my head, they pulled my mouth further onto his manhood, almost gagging me. I was in heaven and, the devil on my shoulder had evened the score. I sucked and licked on this beautiful specimen of a penis.From time to time, I looked up towards my amazing lover’s face, his eyes were closed; I could tell that he was enjoying my efforts. I was lost in our world, so lost that I didn’t hear my husband walk from the kitchen. I saw him out of the corner of my eye when I looked up at my lover. I didn’t stop what I was doing, I couldn’t stop what I was doing; I wanted this!”Sorry, I need the bathroom,” Kevin said softly, “carry on, I’ll stay out of your way.”Phillip didn’t even acknowledge him, I simply blinked one eye at him. I didn’t care what my husband had just witnessed, I wanted this cock in my mouth. I pulled Phillip’s jeans and, shorts down to his knees; I wanted to suck his balls. The whole world could have stopped turning at that moment in time and, I wouldn’t have cared. I tried to get as much of Phillip’s penis in my mouth as I could but, he was huge. I continued sucking feverishly on his magnificent manhood for at least a further seven minutes. I didn’t know where my husband was, quite frankly, I didn’t even care. I felt my lover tense up, he was about to fill my mouth with his delicious warm sperm.”Arghhh,” He grunted as he shot his first load deep into my mouth. That was quickly followed by a second wave, then a third. His fourth wave was less than the others and I knew that he was spent. My right hand was caressing his balls as he completed his task. güvenilir bahis siteleri I eased his beautiful penis from my mouth and, licked it clean, I wanted to consume every last drop. I pulled up Phillip’s shorts and jeans, he pulled me to my feet and, kissed me deeply. He unfastened my jeans and dropped to his knees this time. He pulled them down along with my tiny thong.”Step out of them,” He asked quietly.”I was in a trance, I couldn’t help myself; I stepped out of my jeans and thong. I was now naked, my husband was somewhere in the house and, I was standing there, naked in front of my black lover. He pulled my legs apart and started to lick me. I had an explosive orgasm as his tongue pushed deep inside my eager pussy. I groaned loudly as wave after wave of pure bliss came over me.He parted my legs even wider, My knees were almost bent to ninety degrees. He used his fingers to open my lips wide. His tongue went deep into my open and vulnerable pussy. Again, my pussy exploded with a gush of cum, even more profound than my last orgasm. I tried biting my lip but, I couldn’t stop the scream of ecstasy as I had one of the biggest climaxes of my life! He wasn’t finished! He continued to lick inside of me, he liked my taste as I liked his.I remember clutching my boobs and squeezing them as hard as I possibly could. The feeling of pain and pleasure brought me to yet another amazing climax.He pulled his tongue out just long enough to push his finger deep inside me. He wanted to lubricate his finger because the finger that was only seconds ago deep inside me; found its way to my anus. His tongue started to lick my clitoris, I cum yet again! His finger started to probe my anus, little by little he started to insert his finger. I found myself pushing down on his finger, I had never experienced anything like this in my short life. It felt so good.He started to suck on my clitoris, I climaxed again, squeezing my boobs even harder. His finger felt like it was all the way inside my ass, he would remove it slightly before, pushing it back in. It was at that moment, I suddenly wondered where my husband was. I opened my eyes, the bright sunlight blinded me for a second or two. I looked towards the hallway and saw my husband, peeping around the corner of the wall. I’m sure that he saw my lover’s finger in my anus but, I simply didn’t care; I was so wrapped up in this amazing moment, I wouldn’t have cared if the whole street were watching! I simply smiled at my husband and motioned my head for him to go away. He smiled and retreated out of sight.”I want you to fuck my ass tonight!” I said loudly to Phillip, “you must fuck my ass tonight.”He pulled his mouth away from my pussy and said, “I promise.”At that moment, I screamed so loudly, I experienced yet another huge orgasm. He continued to lick all of my cum from my pussy. He licked every inch of my pubic area.He removed his finger from my anus, he collected my thong and jeans; he helped me into them before collecting my sweater for me. As soon as he stood upright, I kissed him with the biggest amount of passion that my exhausted body could muster.”I can’t wait until later,” He whispered as we broke from our kiss. “I want you again so badly.””Oh honey; I want you too,” I murmured, “I want you as often as I can get you.””Good, because Kevin told me, that I can sleep with you whenever you want.””Perfect, because I want!” I replied, “believe me, I want to, a lot!”We spent iddaa siteleri the next fifteen minutes, kissing goodbye. I didn’t want him to go, I wanted him to stay all day and night but, I knew he had things to do; so did I.I was sad watching him drive away, I felt a tear run down my face as I closed the door. I wiped away my tear and went to look for my husband. He was sitting on the floor in the hallway.”What are you doing sitting on the cold floor?” I asked.”I didn’t want to disturb you.”He stood up and kissed me, his tongue pushed into my mouth. I pulled away and reminded him that Phillip had just cum in there.”I know, I saw and, I don’t care,” Kevin quickly reassured me, he pushed his tongue back into my mouth. I was sure that he could taste my black lover but, he didn’t seem to mind.We kissed for a few minutes, I knew that I had to say something; my mind was full of questions that I needed his reassurance with.”Let’s go into the kitchen so we can talk,” I asked.He poured me a cup of coffee as I settled at the breakfast bar. He didn’t seem to mind about last night and, this morning but; I needed to know for sure.My heart was racing as he walked back to me with my coffee, I had so many emotions running through my body. I was sad that Phillip had gone, I was happy that we had just made out; I felt a little guilty about last night and this morning; I felt happy that my husband seemed okay with it all. He sat opposite me and said, “Amy, I love you so much.”I smiled and reached my hand across the breakfast bar, I held his hand, “Kevin, I love you too.”That broke the ice, “Are you, okay baby?” I nervously asked.He smiled and squeezed my hand, “Of course I am, why wouldn’t I be?””Phillip?” I stuttered.”What about Phillip?””Last night and this morning?” I murmured. “What about last night and, this morning?””What the heck,” I thought, “am I going to have to spell it out to him?””We had sex, that’s what!” My tone was a little aggressive, “he fucked your wife last night.””I know he did,” He said calmly, “I wanted him to.””You did?””Yes I did, I knew that you both wanted to,” Kevin replied, “I hope that you both enjoyed it?””We did but, aren’t you angry with me?””Not in the slightest,” he answered, “I love that you finally took the plunge.”He walked around the breakfast bar and hugged me. “Honey, I am happy about last night and, with what I saw this morning.” His words did a lot to assure me that he was okay with it.”I told him that you can sleep with him whenever you want,” Kevin repeated.I needed to know what he witnessed this morning.”How long were you spying on us this morning?” I asked, “what did you see?””I saw him cum in your mouth, I saw him strip you naked,” he went on, “I saw him licking you and where his finger went.””Oh my goodness,” I stuttered, “you saw that as well?”He kissed my forehead, “It was so fucking hot to see, I had to go and jerk myself off.” Kevin exclaimed, “it was beautiful to see my wife enjoying her lover.””So, you’re okay with it then?” I quizzed, “you’re not sore with me?””Amy!” Kevin said in a very serious tone, “I could never be sore with you, I want you to enjoy Phillip as often as you can. Enjoy his dick and enjoy all the sex you can get with him.””It hasn’t affected us and our marriage?” I asked.”If anything, it has brought us closer together,” Kevin quickly responded, “it will take some of the pressure of sex off me.”My husband has always had a much lower sex drive than me, I know that he has found it increasingly difficult to cope with my sexual demands. He also likes his bourbon, the amount he drinks every evening does hamper his performance.”So, what’s happening tonight?” Kevin inquired, “what time is he coming over?”

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