My Perversions Pt. 02


This is a continuation from ‘My Perversions’. I would recommend reading part 1 before starting.

“Well well, what’s going on here?”

My Dad entered the room, me and my Mum both just stayed stiff on the bed, naked, with cum all over both of our faces. Not sure what was going to happen next, was he going to hit us both, go crazy, kick us both out of the house?

Getting closer to the bed it soon became apparent that he had enjoyed some of the show as the bulge in his running shorts suggested it was standing to attention.

“Go to your room Brian, I need to talk to your Mum.”

Totally embarrassed I left the room with some of my cum swinging from my chin. I laid down on my bed not knowing what was going to happen. The raised voices which happen most days which I was expecting never came though. After about 15 minutes I started to hear moaning instead, a familiar moan. Then followed the familiar sound of headboards clashing against the wall.

My cock sprung up straight away, for over an hour I laid listening to my Mum and Dad fuck. Stroking my cock in time with every moan from my Mum. I was broke out of a daze when I heard my name.

“Brian come here!” my Dad shouted.

I very slowly made my way to their bedroom still not sure what was going to happen. As I opened the door there was my Mum with another face full of cum looking used and abused but satisfied.

My Dad pointed at her and said, “lick it, I know you like to swap cum with your Mum now so lick it.”

I was frozen on the spot, I’d tasted my own cum 100 times and loved it. But this was another man’s cum. My own Dad’s cum! But how can I be fussy about who it’s from when I’d not long before taken a mouthful of my Mum kağıthane escort squirting.

I hadn’t even realised my legs had started moving and there I was heading towards my Mum. She sat up on her knees on the edge of the bed, he big tits bounced a little and some cum dripped off her face onto them.

Without hesitating now I grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her face to me, kissing deeply again and starting to lap up the cum which was on her face. I found myself reaching and feeling her big tits, setting off moans into my mouth.

As I went to reach down to her pussy my Dad said “that’s enough, go back to your room.”

Still being worried that something might happen, for the second time that night I left the room embarrassed with a face full of cum.

The next few day the arguing seemed to get worse in the house and I couldn’t help but think it was because of that day. Then one day I got back from college and my Mum was on the driveway putting suitcases in the car.

“What are you doing Mum?”

“Me and your Dad have broken up, I’ve found a flat not far from here I’m going to stay in.”

I wasn’t shocked that this had happened, but I was curious. “Is it because of what he seen the other day?”

“No son, this has been coming for a while, now is just the right time.”

The next few days in the house were weird just me and Dad. We barely spoke to each other until the football was on.

We sat and watched the football together every now and then, this was one of those occasions.

We cracked open a couple of bottles and watched a couple of games back to back, by the end of the second game we’d had 5 or 6 bottles each and the conversation kartal escort started to flow. We talked about the breakup and why it happened and there was no hard feelings between any of us.

We carried on watching TV late into the night drinking more. Then things started to get a bit weird, flicking through the channels looking for anything good to watch my Dad landed on an adult channel.

The cheesy, cheap type that you just never watch. He stopped flicking and we just sat and watched, we were on chairs opposite each other so we could see each other and the TV easily.

I could feel myself stiffening as the woman on the TV was spit roasted by her ‘boss and his friend’. At this point I was pretty drunk and I knew my Dad was too. I couldn’t help but reach for my cock, squeezing it and rubbing my thumb over the helmet.

I glanced over and seen that my Dad was doing the same, we both had pur hands in our boxers groping ourselves. The scene got steamier on the TV and we both simultaneously pulled our cocks out and began to stroke properly.

In some sort of drunk madness I stood up and walked to where he was sat, I flopped onto the arm of his chair. I couldn’t resist in that moment, I had to reach out and grab his cock.

Neither of us spoke a word, he jusf closed his eyes as I slowly stroked his cock up and down, I felt a hand grab hold of my own cock. Stiffening to a state I’d only experienced when my Mum asked me to cum in my own mouth.

We wanked each other off, moaning and shifting round where we sat. I couldn’t help but picture the woman on the screen as my Mum and me and my Dad as the two guys fucking her from both sides.

This thiught sent me over the küçükçekmece escort edge, my balls tightened and I couldn’t warn my Dad. My cum started to shoot from my cock, throbbing in his hand coating his fingers.

Lost in the moment of my orgasm I hadn’t felt his cock throbbing in my hand too. My hand was covered in his cum. I couldn’t stop myself from bringing my cum covered hand to my face, I started to lick the cum off my fingers eating it hungrily, letting the strands hang into my mouth swalloing them. My Dad had brought his hand to his face and started to rub ny cum all over his face before licking between his fingers.

We must’ve passed out like this, because I woke up the next morning still on the chair but alone. I seen that it was 10am so I knew my Dad will have been at work by now.

I instantly got hard thinking back to the night before and rolled up on the chair ready to suck the cum out of my cock when the phone rang. It was my Mum.

“Hi son, I know it might be short notice but your aunty Yvonne has asked if we want to go away with her to Cyprus for the week tonight. We’ll be staying in her villa and I’m happy to pay for flights. They’re only £200 so bring a friend if you like!”

She was unaware I was stroking my cock listening to her voice. But I had to make a decision, it didn’t take long. A week in the sun? I’m sold.

“I’m in, I’ll ask Danny I know he’s desparate for a holiday! I’ll ring him now.” Danny was my childhood friend and he’d been recently laid off at work so I knew he’d be free.

“Great! I’m bringing Jan along with me too, let me know as soon as you can we fly at 8.”

I hung up and phoned Danny, as expected he was in.

My cock was hardening as I was packing, I was wondering if my Mum would be packing the dildo, I was thinking how sexy she would look in her bikinis. I came 3 times before it was time to head off to meet everyone.

To be continued again If you want to find out what happened on that holiday?

Thanks for reading again.

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