My Ritual Initiation into Shit-eating


My Ritual Initiation into Shit-eatingThis is the story about a peculiar male – me, a sex pig – who is now an extreme shit pervert. I am this male sex-subject, but consider me more of an “it,” rather than a full-fledged normal man. And, continually keep in mind that it enjoys it’s extreme perversions especially when it can display them openly before other men – it’s primary sexual object of lust – the cock, and in particular, the male anus while defecating shit – is superseded above all else by my swallowing shit.It was born, raised, perverted in San Francisco where it first began to discover during its young twenties the joys of male s**t sex. This was done starting out in the night darkness of city parks where men sexually cruised. It had then good looks of a male youth and quickly became popular as a frequent expert cock-sucking enthusiast swallowing sperm throughout the week from six to eleven men daily. Quickly, at twenty-one years it was bare ass-fucked in an abandoned army bunker at Fort Funston near Ocean Beach. An older male about 34 years old bent it over inserting his big cock up my shithole and fucked it violently until that man emptied his nuts of hot cream. I was instantly enthralled knowing it was meant to give men sex pleasure.Within the month it was out sucking cocks daily. Finding male sex cruising locations in San Francisco during the late Sixties was easy for perverts. It quickly found itself popular being surrounded by twenty or more men all jacking-off watching it suck ever larger amounts of cum from others. It loved when men starting licking its asshole while sucking dicks. That triggered a lust that soon thereafter exploded within it on a night in the park when it sucked another man’s shit-hole – and loved it. It actually became enthralled tasting that man’s residual shit. When allowed it’s habitual daily masturbations now were accompanied by it eating its own shit more and more often until this habit unleashed a total craving lust to eat turds and shit. Every time thereafter each solo shit-eating jack-off session alone or eating shit from men in the park, each time it’s shit-hunger mounted in greater amounts till it was digesting whole turds. It was eating its own shit in public johns. Looking at toiletbowls transfixed led to it’s licking shit off the rim and finally, it ate a big logturd some male has just left fresh and un-flushed. Then it began eating shit in the parks from strange men regularly, getting ass fucked and drinking their piss. It’s preoccupation with men’s piss and shit increased bahis siteleri with each sex encountered as it ate more shit from men now almost every sex date. Men seemed to intuit that it was a shit-eater and fed it shit more often now without even asking it first. It’s obsession with shit-eating reached an apex when a spontaneous “initiation” occurred one New Year’s Eve. Two men tied it up nude in a dingy Frisco railroad apartment far in the back room under spot lights. That turn-of-the-New-Year, at mid-night it was forcibly led to perform open volume shit-eating under the complete and severe control of this feces-freak’s first Shit Feeder, who became my “Shit Master.” It all happened in and around Shit Master’s Clara Street flat that was right behind the old “South of the Slot Hotel” where several years prior it had first been fist-fucked in the seventies. It used to PnP in those days, lay in a sling at “the Slot Hotel” as throughout the next 8 hours, some upwards forty men paraded through its room open door from 7 pm through dawn the next mid-morning. Its bowels were radically fist-fucked non-stop during that entire time which included lots of dirty ass-eating, cock-sucking and piss-drinking by it giving men the full-service they deserved. This time would be radically different and for one reason. Without any warning Shit Master, who was also a registered nurse, Chemed it up. At that second its shit-eating life was transformed by Master’s initiation leading it to perform unspeakable acts of feces degradation. It was in moments of that first massive rush it instantly discovered its true nature was that of being a less than human walking sewer a****l – one hell-bent in full pursuit of devouring shit.That night Shit Master wore very high black motorcycle boots, a white medical jacket that exposed his city-wide famous buns and was otherwise nude. It was instantaneously overpowered by the utter perfection of his bubble-butt which had a hypnotic power on this particular shit-faggot because it was so chem high the slightest lewd excuse triggered my shit-eating frenzy. Rushing out of its mind, this shit pig couldn’t erase the image nor the rush of tremendous dark urges rising up inside of it – vivid fantasies about Shit Master’s bowel movements – what must they be like? It’s fascination with his firm male bubble butt never lessened; in fact faggot became hypnotized licking his shithole. And over the years the near sight of Shit Master’s bare ass cakes made his toilet faggot spring a boner, mouth drooling, eager and ready canlı bahis siteleri to eat this man’s shit in any form. Neither after that first meeting did Master’s powers of obedience which his ass crack and shit held over me ever wane. That early morning faggot became a slave of Shit Master at the very moment his upper intestines released shit muck into my wide open mouth. My lust for his shit as a pig’s sexual lust object ruled all my behaviors. As more chems rushed through the pig’s body, in moments Shit Master’s elbow and my anus were kissing like long lost friends. After an hour hanging like a stuck pig in his private home sling, my bowels prolapsed requiring Shit Master shoving them back up the gaping messy asshole. Master told it that its bowels needed to take a rest. Shit Master’s goal was to manipulate my oral obsessions with male logturds as his very next priority for what became an extremely twisted examination. Shit Master blasted off the missile pad with a rush so intense; this shit fag went completely out-of-control gobbling shit not hesitating and yelling shit-babble like the insane toilet retard I really am. Faggot blurted out about how it had fallen in love with a giant turd it’d seen in a public toilet that morning. Master this time began punch fist-fucking my hole, barking out shit-gulping directions and shit smearing faggot’s face and genitals in between stuffing my own filth back into my mouth even as I confessed my urges to be his sewer. Its deepest obsessions with shit surfaced in full-bloom displayed right in front of Shit Master as I ate my own dump off the floor. I felt a rush of heated lust as Master instantly recognized our flurry of the darkest urges now surfaced; this male shit god barked he’d not had a bowel movement in three days. Faggot’s shit-eating compulsion comes alive during another man’s bowel movement and seizes control. Shit Master told it that since it wasn’t worthy as yet to devour his turd, nonetheless seeing my Chemed state of desperation Master slapped on a dog collar and leash. It was led held fast by the Master’s hand out his front door onto the dark street about 3 o’clock in the morning. Faggot’s mind wasn’t even working, only its insatiable hunger to swallow shit and be debased by this new shit satyr. The appearance – stink, savory flavor, bitter taste of cold feces clay is what was leading to its fate. Faggot’s time to be “certified” as shit insane had arrived.Shit Master took his new toilet-dog outside and force fed it turds by hand out of the nearby construction canlı bahis site port-a-potty next to his apartment house. Since it was a Friday night, believe me that port-a-potty was full to overflowing. When finished he took it back into his apartment, now totally shit-smeared and full of construction worker turds and walked it on all fours downstairs into his dark backyard where Master made this shit-smeared faggot on all fours pick up about twenty dogshit logs by mouth left by the downstairs neighbor’s dog who’d shit all over the backyard. It was Shit Master who really got it that New Years Eve into digesting feces in a ritual and very degrading ways by making it finally gulp all that dogshit. Faggot had become his Shit Master’s toilet that early morning, but later even more advanced and extreme acts of shit debasement were subsequently performed in public. As time marched on (yes, it was force fed) which Shit Master became firmly convinced to take faggot ever lower and further into the gutter of filth during the following seven years as a sewer.This faggot thinks many s**t-men understand from personal experience about how the powers of darkness take over a shit-eater during such ritual filth sessions. You also know how those PnP rushes drive us pig-sewers into spontaneously performing unspeakable acts of gutter shit-madness. This shit-faggot still hasn’t been through enough ritual shit degradation involving the darkest 666 shit worship, but it lusts for this to happen. Hint!It does know men specializing in such events exist and faggot again wants to undergo initiations as a “sewer” joining other men of its kind. Fag’s shit-sex has led it to discovery that very long large hard knotty logturds hold a particularly irresistible and hypnotic-feces power. These gigantic logturds are worthy of worship as satanic turds. When I first gulped a huge dark stinking turd trophy, it triggered my compulsive and demonic non-stop eating. Many males such as you and me know that two shit-eating sewers can perform ritual filth worship together as shit pigs – with or without a physical Shit Master present. This shit-pig would like to know more about your own dark shit rituals. It lusts to hear from males interested in sharpening shit-eating skills to the point of excess.Once a shit-faggot proves it is an actual functioning sewer, it will beg other males for more extreme hellish shit rituals. Perhaps, even a bucket of shit-logs, then fed by-hand turds one-by-one. Who’d like to join and remold into a very knotty gigantic six-foot turd – which upon command – is eaten from one end to the other, no matter how many hours it takes. Such are dark a****l shit feasting this faggot craves to share with other compulsive feces freaks hell-bent on extreme shit degradation.

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