My roommate dominated me


My roommate dominated meThis is my first time writing a story so please excuse my styleIt is a true and recent story between me and my girlfriend and female roommateLet me start my story by explaining my situation, I’m going to school now so I’m living away from home, I also have a female roommate around my age who is pretty hot… Now this sounds like a guys fantasy to be living with a hot girl but it gets awkward since I have a girlfriend who happens to be here all the time!Anyway me and my roommate never did anything but it always seemed like something may happen so I always remained interested and never gave up hope.One day I was using her computer and I decided I should snoop a bit so I went through her history… And to my surprise it tuts out she watched A TON of porn and all of it was focused around women dominating men! It was never an interest of mine but the roles suited her cuz she had a strong personality so it was easy to picture her in that role, and also since I was kind of obsessed with her the fettish seemed more appealing and step by step, it became my fantasy to be with a dominant woman!Anyway after viewing my roommates history I started constantly watching femdom porn and reading stories and blogs… I even joined a paid kink site! It was the first time I ever paid for a sex site but I was so obsessed I couldn’t help it! So I decided since I’m not single maybe I could try something with my girlfriend and get a taste of the action, so I started to guide her in bed towards being more dominant by focusing more on her and saying stuff like “tell me how to please you” which she got into but not too much. One day my luck seemed to turn around when my girlfriend opened up to me and said it was always a fantasy of hers to have a guy tied in bed and she could do whatever she wanted to him, now that wasn’t what I was looking for but at least she was starting to take over… So our sex life became more oriented around her being dominant and I got into foot worship and bondage which she seemed to enjoy but still wasn’t enough! But better than nothing I guessUntil last week, the most amazing turn of events! I was cuffed in the bed and my girlfriend was on top, she was acting dominant but only barely! As usual she was too gentile and concerned about what I liked. The whole time she would say do you like this? or anadolu yakası escort how does this feel? While I was saying dont worry about me and how can I please you? Until my roommate stormed in and placed a pillow over my face! This shocked both me and my girl and even though my roommate was a fantasy of mine I was still shocked at how bold she was! My girlfriend screamed demanding to know what she was doing? My roommate replied “helping you”My girlfriend didnt reply after that… I guess she was curious !My roommate removed the pillow from my face and simply stated “from now on, you are my property! Do you understand?”, I yelled at her what the fuck are you doing? Get out I’m naked! “I was actually thinking fuck ya!!” So she slapped me! To be honest I’m not sure if that turned me on or pissed me off but it definitely shut me up! I looked at my girlfriend and she seemed to be going with it so I thought why notMy roommate uncuffed me and ordered me to get off the bed and on my knees to which I compliedShe the stripped down till she had nothing but her panties on and got into the bed with my girlfriend… She asked my girlfriend have you been with another girl before? She said no! My roommate told her well I’m going to be your first let me know if you feel uncomfortable! My girl just nodded and my roommate got ontop of her and started to kiss her neck and play with her tits.. Every time my roommate tried to kiss her she would turn her head away and look towards me! My roommate then got off her and said “enjoy yourself and don’t worry about him!” She moved my girlfriend towards the edge of the bed where I was on my knees watching the show, she the positioned her so that I had a clear view of my girls pussy… She grabbed me by my hair and shoved my face into my girls pussy! And she told me “eat her as if you life depended on it” and I started eating away! I couldn’t see what’s going on anymore but from the sound and movements they were both getting into it… Then my girlfriend came while her legs were wrapped around my head! She pushed my head away and said she wanted to catch her breath.As my girlfriend was laying down and resting my roommate got off the bed and stood infront of me and said “from now on you don’t do anything with her unless I say so” I just looked at ataşehir escort the floorShe pushed me to the floor and told me to Kiss her feet! I immediately got down and started kissing her feet and sucking her toes, I started to jack off as I was getting into my new mistresses feet and slapped my ass and said “don’t you dare pleasure yourself without my permission” so I stopped and focussed on those amazing feet! My girlfriend got up and was just laying there watching and she said to my roommate “you should try him out, he really knows how to eat pussy” my roommate just sat at the side of the bed and spread her legs and told me to beg!I felt kind of weird so I kind of whispered “can I please eat you out” she laughed and placed her foot on my face and said “try again and you better mean it this time you worthless slave” and my girlfriend gave me a light slap which pissed the hell out of me! She only started getting into it when another girl is dominating me infront of her and she’s still being gentle! Anyway I started to really beg cuz I really wanted it I said ” please allow me to taste you! I only want to please you and I don’t want anything for myself” she smiled and told me to lay on the bed she then got over me and sat on my face! I was in heaven! She had the most amazing ass which covered my face as she swong back and forward letting me alternate between her pussy and anus licking and smelling them both and as she got closer to coming she would smother me harder for longer! I was gasping for air and trying to savor her taste and smell!She finally came really hard and just laid on her back on top of me with her ass on my mouth and just enough room for my nose to sneak enough air in! I wanted to live the rest of my life like that!Anyway after they were now both done with me my roommate commanded me to go get some moisturizer from her room, I got excited thinking I would get some now and got the moisturizer and came back quickly… They were laying on the bed spooning when I got backMy roommate looked at me and said put some lotion on my feet and massage them. I was a little disappointed but she’s now my mistress and I have to listen to her! I also noticed she had my girlfriend in check as well! I guess she dominated us both even though my girlfriend was treated better.After I ümraniye escort was done with her feet I tried to sneak a quick rub and tug but she caught me! She took my hand away and squeezed on my dick hard while yelling “I told you u need permission”She then let go and smiled and said since u did well today and its your first day ill give you some relief… She wiped her juices with her panties and put them in my mouth and told my girlfriend to ride me and of course she did what she was told It was the hardest longest orgasm in my life and I just laid there covered in sweat!The next day my girlfriend acted normal and didnt mention anything, I guess she felt awkward! And I walked out to test the waters with my roommate… I saw her in the kitchen and smiled and said good morning… She didnt like that and she got up grabbed me by my collar and bent me over the kitchen table and said “you forgot to say mistress” so I said good morning mistress and she patted me on the back and said good slaveShe then dropped my pants and had me get on all fours in doggy position she slipped her finger in my ass and started to play around. At first I enjoyed it but not because of what she’s doing! I enjoyed how much she was dominating me and how confidant she felt doing anything she wanted to me! But then I started enjoying what she was doing and how she focussed on my prostate! Just before I came she stopped and called my girlfriend over, she had me eat my girlfriend out while she had her breakfast After my girlfriend was done and happy she instructed my girlfriend to suck my dick and my roommate laid on her back, took her panties off, and positioned her self under me with her legs wide open! She then looked at me as if saying what are you waiting for? So I said “mistress may I penetrate you to please you?” She smiled and said “only if your slut girlfriend guides you in” without asking as I positioned myself above my mistress my girlfriend aimed my dick towards her opening… At that point I feel like I had some control back as I fucked her with all my heart and she seemed to enjoy it but she noticed I was kind of in control so she flipped us over and now I was on my back and she’s on top, she had my girlfriend sit on my face and they kept riding my cock and face till we all came one after the other!That’s the story of how I was dominated by my roommate some parts were improvised in the story of course but I did my best to tell exactly how it happened!Ever since then my roommate has been the dominant one in the house and my girlfriend doesn’t even expect sex unless my roommate initiates it!There are other stories but lets see how you guys like this one 🙂

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