My Sex Goddess


We are dancing on a dance floor, we are completely alone on it, could only see the dance floor, the seating area was pitch black. We are dancing seductively, teasing and tantalizing each other, rubbing up on each other, touching each other all over as if we were trying to lead one another.

As we danced around, leading each other our bodies started getting tangled, you’d wrap a leg around me, having me pull you around then all of a sudden, we stop dancing each of us grabbing a rose, me rubbing the rose gently down the center of your face, slowly working it way down to your cleavage.

The lights go down, still on, but really dim, almost to the point to where we could barely see each other, but amazingly there was a bed on the dance floor. I start to kiss you on your forehead, working my way down the side of your face. I moved my way down to your neck, kissing you from the back side of your left side and kissing my way to the right side of your neck , my hands gently caress your upper arms. You just keep looking at me, a small smile on your face, a smile that tells me you like it, don’t want me to stop, but do not want me to think that you want me.

I take the back side of my right hand index finger and gently rub it on the side of your cheek, working my way down your neck, over you shoulder, and down your arm, stopping around your elbow I look at you, A little smirk on my face, somehow hoping you see how beautiful you are to me. You start to giggle a little, whispering in my ear that you are so loving every minute of it. You then start to nibble on my ear, I moan a little, grabbing you on the side of your stomach, rubbing them with my thumbs, back arching away from you, as a chill goes down my spine.

Your legs wrap around my hip, but to my surprise, our clothes disappear. I am leaning over top of you, admiring the glowing light that seems to appear all around you, as if you were sent from up above I kiss you gently on your lips, tasting the lip gloss you have on yours. Your eyes gently closed, almost able to see a small part of your eyes, but your body begins to quiver a little, barely noticeable, but I am so trying to read your body.

I move from your lips to your cheek, gently kissing my way down to your voluptuous breasts, nipples gently protruding out, as if a cool gentle breeze blew over them. I work my way down your cleavage, hands cupping your tits, as if I am trying to support them, thumbs massaging the sides, casino siteleri my lips sucking the nipples in and holding them as my tongue massaging the tip gently. You put your hands behind my head, as if gently nudging more of your tit into my mouth, showing me to do it harder. I starting rubbing my teeth over them, just scraping a little, enough to give you a little pain, but a lot of pleasure, you start to moan gently your head tilts back a little, breathing getting a little deeper and louder, telling me you want more. I keep going back and forth between the two, caressing, rubbing cupping the one that is in my mouth, sucking the nipple in far enough to gently press the nipple to the roof of my mouth with my tongue, then moving my tongue side to side, in a rolling motion, my other hand gently imitating on that nipple what I am doing to the other one in my mouth shortly afterwards, I move back to your cleavage, kissing and rubbing my tongue down you cleavage, down your stomach, around your belly button, down to your hip.

By that time I worked my hands off your tits, down your side,, and underneath your gorgeously shaped ass, trying to give you a body signal that the best is about to come, that’s right, the clit and all are about to get the same treatment as your breasts. Your body quivers more since it understand and anticipates what I am going to do. I start kissing both of your inner thighs, gently squeezing your ass, and also trying to lift your lower body up towards my face. I kiss above your clit, fingers gently rubbing up and barely touching it, teasing it as much as I can, your body starts to tighten in anticipation, your thigh muscles flexing, breathing a lot deeper, head tilting back more, knowing it is going to happen, but you just can’t let me know how bad you want it, but you are almost to the point that you don’t care.

I start rubbing just the tip of my tongue on your wet clit, going down the lips, poking the tip inside you , my thumbs touching the upside down v part of your clit, massaging it, your hip thrusts upwards, trying to rub up against my thumbs harder, but I pull them away more, attempting to keep the same pressure on it as before, trying to make sure that I do not make you cum yet. I move my mouth back up to your clit, massaging it with the top of my tongue, middle finger working it’s way up inside you, only halfway, and then back out.

Gently I start sucking your clit into my mouth, working it in and slot oyna out. 2 fingers go inside you, staying there as I bend them and start massaging your inside. I am loving this sucking harder now on your clit, on top of your clit is my teeth, not biting, but still just applying a little pressure and my tongue massaging the underside of your clit, I start working my fingers back and forth inside you, with each stroke, massaging everything inside you, your stomach coming up in the air, thigh muscles tightening up around my face, my tongue moving side to side.

I feel your hands behind my head, trying to push me farther into you, so I do, my tongue pressing up against your clit hard, I start to turn my head side to side, your leg muscles tightening up more against the side of my head, your sweet tasting pussy juices filling my mouth.

You start moaning so hard, screaming my name, telling me you are going to come, I start sucking on your clit as I continue turning my head, sided to side, all of a sudden you scream, “OH MY GAWD, I AM CUMMINGGGGGGGG,” I inhale all of your juices, your sweet tasting orgasm fills my mouth, legs so tight around my head I can not move. Hands pushing my face so hard into your clit, my finger that I snuck up inside you feeling your pussy tightening as your orgasm reaches it’s peak, you holding your breath, me smiling as I keeping sucking the juices out of your pussy as if I were sucking them up through a straw just then, after your body starts to relax and I am amble to bring my face out of your pussy, your juices still in my goatee, I start wiping my face, sticking my finger in my mouth, as if telling you that it is good to the last drop.

You lift your hand up, turning the backside towards me, bending it in a way of saying come here. I crawl on my hands and knees up t your face, removing all the juices off of it. ok, oh I see now, you signaling me to come up, I kiss you, mouth closed so I can continue to savor your taste, your hand brushing down my stomach grabbing my shaft, caressing the tip, stroking it at the same time.

I start to moan, my handing rubbing your clit still . we both moan in unison. I then pull my body away, laying you back down on your back. you lay there, licking your lips, telling me with body language that you pussy is missing my touch. you feel my dick rub up against your inner thigh, poking around your still tight pussy. my hip nudging only a little forward. you move your hip as if canlı casino siteleri trying to find my cock and then finally it happens, but only the tip does. At that time, you look at me in disappointment, but not the scary type, the type as in you are wondering if I am going to stick it in all the way.

I thrust it in, but not too hard. you r whisper gently asking me if that is all I have, and then with a big grin on my face, I THRUST IT IN AS HARD AS I CAN. The first hard thrust sounds such a shot through your body, you look up at me in amazement, in disbelief. I keeping thrusting it in, hard and deep, your hands up on my shoulders as if you were on an amusement ride. I feel you about to cum, so I stop mid stroke, taking a break, letting you regain control. not wanting you to cum yet, I start massaging your body again, keeping the tingling sensation you feel throughout your body still going. You ask me for more, but I tell you, “not like this.”

You immediately understand what I was try to hint at, so you sit up, then start leaning on your hands, turning your gorgeous shaped ass towards me, leaning your upper body down, and gently turning your head, your eyes telling me you are waiting for me. I crawl up behind you, rubbing my fingers up against your clit as if checking to make sure you are ready. I place my hands on your ass cheeks, squeezing them in my hands, working my hip up to meet yours. I poke my cock in once again, teasing you, you take a deep breath, knowing it is going to come, just don’t know when. I move my hands to your hips, get a firm grip, and then it happens

I pull your hip up against me as I thrust my dick inside your pussy, Our hips hitting each others hard. I start pumping it, in and out, harder and faster. My head tilts back in pure pleasure, your head rocking back more and more with each thrust. I just keep pumping it harder and harder, I feel your pussy once again getting wetter and wetter just then you scream, “I’M CUMMING AGAIN.”

I then get ready to unleash my cum inside you, thrusting it in for the grand finale, your pussy so tight, it feels like you are a virgin, my dick so deep inside you I unleash it, or juices pushing against each other deep inside you. We both holding our breaths, body’s quivering. I keep my cock inside you, you continue pushing your pussy up against my hips afterwards, with sweat dripping all over when another, you turn your upper body around, I lean over your side, our lips meet each other, tongues communicating in each others mouths as if also they were dancing, our way of showing one another how much we enjoyed it we stop kissing and just start smiling with big grins on our faces.

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