My Silence Will Cost You Ch. 02


This story was dreamt up over the past few months and is the sole property of me. The characters in this story are at least 18 years of age and none of this happened in real life, only in my filthy mind and soon to be yours. Our goal is to publish one chapter a week until our 6th and final chapter. Enjoy.

WARNING: This story will contain bullying, sexual coercion, and blackmail. If this is a potential trigger for you or not your cup of tea, then I highly recommend you move on.


Chapter 2: The Uniform and the Confrontation


As the week progressed, we settled into a groove. I would work most of the day getting the store ready for the deluge of students to invade the campus and Kyle would be at morning practice, afternoon weight training and evening practice so by the time we got back to our room, we were both pooped.

That said, nearly every night we continued with the in-the-dark circle jerk. But now we started talking, moaning, and being really loud when we bust. This was so hot, and even though I have yet to see his cock fully hard, just having us both there, working our cocks over, telling each other how we liked to be blown, talking about WHO, WHERE and HOW we last fucked was just too damn hot and something I always looked forward to. Interestingly he wasn’t grossed out by my stories, not that I had that many, but for the few guys who fucked me and the one guy I fucked, he seemed interested in the logistics. HOW we went about doing it. The need for lube, how tight an ass was, and he seemed fascinated that I let guys blast their load deep inside me. He saw that as a level of intimacy, mostly because he has never gotten to bust inside a woman yet, at least not without a condom strangling his dick.

“So get this, this bitch was bobbing up and down on my cock,” he is telling me as we continue one of our late-night stroking sessions. “I met her through my older cousin and she had a kid already. She was really working my cock over with the best blowjob I have ever had, at least up until this point. I just knew that in minutes I would be sinking deep inside her gash and pounding her like no tomorrow. So she is swinging on my dick, rubbing my balls and almost deep-throating me, and the next thing I know – the bitch stops. Says she has to leave! She left me, leaking like a faucet, and up and walked out! I swear, I nearly died that night of cum poisoning! That ever happen to you, Sean? Has some dude left you hard and dripping?” He was really getting off during tonight’s session. He seems to want to prolong it as well, as we have been edging ourselves for close to 45 minutes or more.

“Fuck, well not like that… but one night we were caught by the dude’s dad!” I tell him, continuing to stroke my cock. “Yah, and I knew he was going to let me fuck him, too! We had just started to get the lube and I had his right leg up over my shoulder. Right as I was getting ready to slide into his virgin ass… and next thing we know, his dad walks into the room and sees us, sees me lined up to take his son’s ass.”

“No fucking way! You gotta be kidding me! What did he do?” he says as he stops stroking himself for a minute to ponder this scenario.

“It was terrible! I was hard and dripping, much like I am now; we had been fooling around for like 2 hours up to this point. I had his ass all loosened up and ready to take my cock. He was so scared because of how big I am, so he kept slowing us down.”

“He was scared of your cock? Shit, he would have run screaming if he saw mine!” Kyle says with a laugh. A dismissive laugh. A laugh that rubbed me in all the wrong ways. So I finally pushed back.

“Dude, I have a large cock and that is why I normally let guys fuck me, because they say I am just too big for them.” I have to say my chest puffed up a bit saying this. After enduring his little jabs, here I am, pushing back on him, and I know this time I can deliver the goods, too. I have seen him chubbed up and I know I am at least an inch or more longer than him.

“No fucking way, beanpole! Here, let me see!” and as he says that he breaks our unspoken rule that we have been operating under for nearly two weeks now: he turns on the light on his desk and aims it right at me. Well I always spend our sessions laying on top of my sheets and comforter, so there is nothing I can grab to cover myself up… and so, whoop, there it is!

“Holy shit…” he sits up and swings his legs off over the side of his bed and approaches me. Standing above me and watching me, I take one stroke of my cock… and how I didn’t shoot right there and then, I have no damn idea, because this is the most erotic thing I can remember happening to me! This hot jock who loves to belittle me is standing over me, inspecting my 8.5″ cock.

“Damn, dude! Your cock is huge! Fuck yeah, proud of you, beanpole! My fucking roomie, hung like a donkey!” Just as he says that my cock belches up a huge stream of precum that drips down over üvey kız kardeş porno my lightly clenched fist, and I take that nectar and stroke myself a few times as Kyle reaches for his own cock. With his trademark long slow strokes, he starts stroking himself from the base up to the tip, giving a quick squeeze and then sliding back down to the base again. I have never seen him do this, but it is just as I imagined, having heard him do it so many times.

“Beanpole, how the fuck don’t you have a right bicep as big as my head with how much cock you got to stroke?!” He laughs and speeds up his stroking. As he is doing this I sit up so I can have a better view of his cock… hell, if he is getting a show, so will I. As I sit up against the wall, he plops down right beside me on my bed.

“I hope this isn’t weird, but you have a great cock, Kyle!”

“Thanks beanpole! Your donkey dick could wreck some ass, no wonder you take it up the pooper so much!” He says as he continues to stare at my hard and dripping cock. We synchronize our stroking together like we have nearly every single night we have been roomies… but this time, neither of us takes an eye off the other.

“I guess we have a real circle jerk going on now, don’t we?” I say to him, not taking my eyes off his cock while I do, clearly wanting him to know that I am fixated on his cock…. His smaller cock. Heh.

“Yah, I guess we do, roomie! Fuck, you do precum a LOT, bro!” He says as he can see how much my cock is pushing out with nearly each upstroke of my hand.

“Fuck bro, this is kinda hot, I am getting close. You ready to bust?”

“Yah” I say, breathing very shallow, nearly overloaded from the stimulus. Truth be told, I have been ready to bust since the light went on, but I’ve been holding back.

“Come on roomie, let’s bust then!” Right as he says that my cock erupts. This orgasm that has been building as we had been edging ourselves for the past hour combined with finally getting to see this hot mother fucker sitting not 3″ from me I exploded. I shoot over my head and into my hair, on my cheek and then onto my chest. Barely able to keep my breath and crying out as I do, this was an epic orgasm of mythic proportions.

Just as I start coming down from this orgasm, I see Kyle get up onto his knee, aim his cock at me and he starts firing his load. This load lands on my chest, my stomach and then his last two shots hit my dick. Not even thinking, I move my hand and lick his nut off my finger as he watches me in disbelief.

“Dude! That is sick! You just ate my nut!”

“Dude you just busted on me, what the fuck was that?” I say to him, trying to save face. At the same time I know this is some sort of macho bullshit of owning my gay ass. If it weren’t so hot, I would really be pissed!

“Fuck yah, I already showered and I didn’t want to cum on your sheets and shit! Figured I would just bust on you. Hell, I know you wanted my load anyhow. How do I taste, Roomie?” He cracks up laughing, and not in a good way. I don’t know why, but this one hurt. YES! It was hot as hell to feel his hot cum splashing up against my skin and hitting my dick. But it wasn’t done to be HOT. It wasn’t done to please me. It was done to degrade me. That is not cool.

“I’m going to shower,” I say to nobody in particular, certainly not to him.

I close and lock the doors to the bathroom. I feel degraded, but damn it, I just can’t find it in myself to be pissed at him. I’m more pissed at myself for allowing him to treat me like this. Shit. Am I overreacting here? Fuck, a straight guy that I have been obsessing over since I found out he was to be my roommate. He just shot 7 distinct pulses of his extremely potent cum on me. FUCK! I tasted him. Damn it if he didn’t taste sooo good. Slight salty flavor combined with a rich male musky flavor that remains on my tongue. Shit. I need more of that.

I am such a slave to him. Why am I still hard?

I ignore my cock, lather up and get as clean as I can, washing away all my regrets and hyping myself up to address this when I get back in the room. Yes, it was hot. Yes, I want him to do it again. But on my terms. Fuck the degradation. I have to tell him this. I have to set the rules here.

As I shave, I keep hyping myself up for this conversation. I can stand up for myself and still have fun. I don’t have to sacrifice my self-esteem for his folly. Fuck, especially not to a kid who likely won’t even last the semester once he is busted for cheating. That is a one strike and you are expelled kinda thing. Surely, he is going to get busted. Though knowing this football school they won’t take action until football season is over.

Shit, I forgot to bring clothes in here. Gonna be hard to stand up for myself while I have my dick flopping about. Might have to wait until tomorrow when I am thinking more clearly.

I leave the bathroom and it appears that Kyle turned on my light, and he is already xnxx porno fast asleep. Shit. It was nice of him to think ahead and turn on my light so I would be able to see around the room when I came out of the bathroom. Damnit. That pisses me off. He can be so cruel, then so sweet at the same time.

I hear him roll over and realize, damn, he has a nice ass. I haven’t gotten this close of a look before at the perfect clefts of cheeks he has. His left cheek has this super hot dimple in it. Damn, you can tell his weight training has produced some amazing glutes. I would love to make a meal out of that ass!

I don’t put on any clothing as our room seems to always run a bit hot, but I do reach for my sketch pad. The soft glow produced by my desk lamp casts these perfect shadows on his ass that I have to capture. He has this perfectly round ass that I didn’t notice before. Shit, I have got to see him in his uniform. I bet he looks so hot! I have to go and watch his scrimmage this Saturday.

He rolls over onto his side and now his semi-hard cock is hanging so perfectly flopped over his leg. He settles in and remains breathing steady so I flip over to another page and start sketching this perfect man. Wow, I hate how beautiful he is. How sweet he looks as he sleeps. When his cock is soft like it is now I can see that he wasn’t cut too close when he was circumcised. I love that what is left of his foreskin is making a nice turtleneck around the head of his cock.

Looking up to his chest as it slowly rises and falls I can see the power and the strength behind this virile body. Those perky little nipples – even in this soft light – are just screaming for attention and standing out on his hairless chest. I wonder if anyone has ever tested them to see if they brought as much joy to him as mine bring to me. How I would love to suck them into my mouth as my hands made steady work of massaging the rest of his chest and down to his perfectly chiseled 8 pack of an abdomen. My gaze drifts further south as I notice how nicely he keeps his pubes trimmed.

It looks like he must shave his balls rather frequently as they are nice and smooth. His right nut is hanging a bit lower than the left right now, but I love how they are big enough and the room is warm enough for them to pull away and hang down over his leg. Looking at him like this, in this soft light near perfection in any way, it’s hard to fathom how he could be so insensitive to me. It’s equally hard to imagine that he is defrauding the entire University while skating through life with few cares.

I grow tired as my body screams for sleep. After finishing both of the sketches of this man and having committed nearly every inch of him to my memory I decide it is time for some sleep. However, my cock has been hard and at the ready for the last hour as I lovingly caressed Kyle’s body with my gaze. Looking down at my todger I notice that it looks rather angry. The head is pulsing and nearly blood red as it screams for attention. Who am I to deny it the attention it deserves?

Placing my sketch pad on top of my desk, I reach over and pull my lube out and take two squirts, the perfect amount to get started. Even with emptying my balls just over an hour ago, I know this is going to be one hell of a load.

I reach up to turn off my light and then think twice of it, i wanna be able to watch him. Watch his chest continue to rise and fall as he is no doubt dreaming of more ways he can torment me. As if on cue, he rolls a bit further back from his side onto his back. The forward movement of the roll causes his cock to flop over and land perfectly onto his lower abdomen – it’s aimed almost perfectly at 2 o’clock as his nuts sag even lower to cover his taint. I have to inspect him more closely.

I stand up and walk the three feet over to his bed. What will he think if he catches me standing over him like this? What will he think I was doing? Fuck, I don’t care. Wow, he smells so good. I lean down a bit to smell the nape of his neck as I continue the slow but steady pace of stroking my rock-hard 8.5″. My cock has a near-steady stream of precum that has begun to make a wet slapping sound as I continue to stroke. I stand above him as he reaches up and scratches his nose with his left hand falling on his right pec, covering that pert little bud of a nipple. His cock seems to have plumped a bit, or maybe that is just my mind playing tricks on me.

It is utterly captivating to watch his hand laying perfectly on his pec as if holding onto himself as his chest slowly rises and falls. What I wouldn’t give to take his cock into my mouth right now and taste him, to show him what a real blow job is like. What someone who wants to be sucking his cock can actually do. Just thinking of this has me super close to shooting. Feeling myself approaching this point of no return and not really thinking, I start to shoot, with the first two spurts hitting the floor. However, the third shot lands on his hand zenci porno that is cupping his chest! It’s not a huge shot, but it’s enough as I panic and continue shooting, this time purposefully aiming at the floor. Nervous and shocked, but turned on to a level I didn’t know possible, I grab my t-shirt and wipe up the cum from the floor… but I leave the drop on his hand.

Sure, he doesn’t know I just shot on him, thus leveling the playing field between us. But I know I just did that… and I promise myself it won’t be the last time.

Classes have started up so my alarm goes off at 7:45am and I nearly beat the shit out of my phone. Slowly stretching and pulling myself out of a deep sleep, I look over at my roommate and see that he rolled over onto his stomach and flipped his pillow over his head when he heard my alarm. Wonder if he will notice my dried cum on his hand? I stand up, proud of my morning wood as Kyle looks over at me from under his pillow and shouts for me to “put that thing away before you hurt yourself!” Apparently he is a comedian in the morning. I am NOT a morning person AT ALL.

I take care of all of the essentials and finish brushing my teeth. I open the door as Kyle squeezes in behind me, rubbing up on me much more than he ever had to with his own morning wood pointing straight out. His cock slowly swipes my ass as he dramatically makes his way past me and pushes into me a bit causing his cock to sandwich itself in between my cheeks.

“Now don’t get all excited, you know this monster of a cock is only for the ladies!” Right as he says “ladies” he pumps into me yet another time. I wonder who he is really trying to convince with this show? Next thing I know he is showcasing his superhuman talents of taking a piss while still almost completely hard! I never understood the guys who can do that. I can barely piss with a chub let alone full bone!

Kyle makes some small talk about hating that he has to start going to class now, when he was just getting used to his rigorous team schedule. I give him a few grunts of approval and agreement and keep to myself. This morning chipperness is going to be a problem. Or at the very least I am going to need a coffee maker in this crib.

He finishes pissing and I notice that his cock has gone down a bit as he shakes it more than a respectable number of times and then starts to dramatically pass me again, though this time not nearly as convincing.

“Dude, you just wiped your piss on me! Gross!” I clammer, pulling away and smashing my own cock into the cold sink. “Give me a minute while I finish up in here!”

I take to working on my hair. Having showered last night before bed to wash away the two huge loads of cum plastered throughout my chest and my pubes, I didn’t need to shower this morning, though I do check the areas to make sure there is nothing funky happening. I then wet my hands and take to messing up my hair, adding a bit of extra product to keep it looking good and staying manageably sloppy.

As I re-enter the room and go to my closet, I start looking through some clothes trying to pick what I am going to wear today. Polo and jeans seems to be the order of the day. I grab a pair of my nice, form fitting black jeans and a red polo, sporting my school spirit for the first day. Kyle interrupts as I am pulling on the polo.

“Dude, you are really good!” Kyle says. I’m not really paying him much attention; again, I’m not even really awake at this point, just on autopilot.

“Oh, you like my school spirit?” I say, half joking, half not caring.

“No, your sketching, dude you are really good. I mean I could do without all the penis in here, but damn! You drew all of this?”

I quickly look over to him as he is flipping through my sketchbook. He is nearly half way through the book and I walk over to him with every intent of ripping the book away from him, when he turns a bit and keeps flipping through it. “Um, Thanks dude, but this is kinda private, I mean, I just… not many people have seen my work!”

“Bro, I’ve seen you blast a huge load of cum, and I watched you taste my nut,” he says dismissively. “Surely this can’t be as private as that!” I try one last time in vain to pull my sketch pad away from him, to no avail.

“Look, Kyle, I didn’t mean anything by… I mean, you said I might be able to… look … I’m…” I stammer to him as he flips to the last 7 sketches in the book. The first five are rather tame but clearly they are all drawings of him. Obviously him. No questioning, I nailed him. Two are of him sitting and playing his video games, when he thought I was studying, one is of him talking to a teammate while leaning back in his desk chair, another was him sitting at his desk working on his computer, number 5 was him laying in bed with a sheet draped over his bits but scrolling on his phone and then… the last two.

The last two were the ones I sketched not even 8 hours ago… AFTER I had completely perved out on him and shot my load, mostly on the floor but at least partly on him.

“Woe…” he says. “Dude, this is trippy!” He says as he is taking it all in, looking at every single stroke of my pencil. He then finally looks up in my eyes with this kind, puppy dog-like look that I have never seen from him before.

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