My Sister and her Cheerleader Friends Ch. 04


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Sharing the Toy

Lucy and Olivia stepped into the room wearing only lingerie. They still had their make-up and hair done from their night out, they seemed every inch the wanton porn stars Darren had seen on some lonely nights.

Olivia had straightened her long dark hair and wore white little bra and G-string panties that looked incredible against the natural tan of her skin. Her brown eyes held a mischievous glint.

Lucy wore a see through, light blue top that showed off her large breasts magnificently. Her toned stomach lay bare and her see through panties were hard to take your eyes from.

Both girls reached down and took a hand and guided him to his feet. He realised at that moment that he was naked still from the shower and looked down a little surprized at his own nudity. The girls giggled and Lucy said “Perfect!” and licked her lips. Olivia have his butt a slap and then purred in his ear “Simone will be out all night and we all want to play. Could you be our toy?”

She then took his earlobe in her mouth, sucked and tongued it.

Darren felt himself grow immediately and Lucy reached down to hold him, “I think that’s a yes Liv!”. Both girls giggled.

The girls lead him into the Lounge by his penis to where Libby and Ellie sat on the couch. Libby was wearing a short red nightie and Ellie was wearing a normal bra and undies that didn’t match at all. Libby spread her legs showing him her naked pussy. Ellie reached for her drink and promptly skulled the whole glass.

“Look what we brought you girls!” Lucy said, “He looks like he’s ready to go!”

Darren stood there in the middle of the room feeling a little exposed and a bit unsure what to do. He felt a bit like he had been thrown into a lion’s cage with four prowling lionesses prowling around him, figuring out when to strike and what part of him looked the tastiest.

He also had the distinct impression that the girls well and truly knew about each others encounters with him and rather than be jealous, they had decided to share him. The thought of that made him more excited than he had ever been in his whole life.

Olivia pressed herself against his side and he leaned over to kiss her.

Lucy still had hold of his member and was moving it agonizingly slowly to both keep him erect and to tease him. Lucy moved forward to lick his sensitive nipples while Olivia and Darren kissed, before pressing herself close, stroking him with her hand and then kissing him herself.

Then Darren kept alternating between the two girl’s mouths – the raven- haired Mediterranean goddess and the big breasted blond bombshell.

Eventually Darren heard Olivia say to the other two girls, “Time to join in girls!”.

Olivia and Lucy began to kiss his neck and shoulders while he watched Ellie and Libby slowly lift themselves from the coach, where both had been playing with themselves, to slowly move toward him.

“You go first Ellie! You haven’t tasted him yet” Olivia said, and Ellie obliged by dropping to her knees like a worshiper praying at church, and gingerly took him in her hand from Simone.

Libby dropped down beside her.

“I haven’t tasted him yet either”, Libby said never taking her eyes from him penis.

Ellie removed her glasses and threw them to the coach before slowly leaned forward.

Everyone stopped to watch, all eyes were glued to her as Libby’s slowly parted her lips and darted her tongue forward.

Darren groaned as she licked around the head and then, her appetite growing, she lifted him up and licked him from the root of his penis and back to the tip.

“How does he taste Ellie?” Olivia asked with a cheeky grin.

Ellie responded with a “Mmmmmm!” and took him into her soft mouth and sucked.

“Yesss!” Darren moaned and Olivia and Lucy began to resume their kissing and caressing of his chest and arms. Darren reached one hand down to slide beneath Lucy’s see through panties to grasp her ass while simultaneously grabbing Olivia’s bottom.

He felt Ellie begin to slide his member in and out of her wet mouth and push him into her cheek. Then a new mouth joined and he felt Libby began to lick and lap at his balls and lick along the part of his shaft not already in Ellie’s mouth. He looked down to see Libby take his penis from Ellie’s mouth and push it all the way into her own until he felt it touch the back of her throat.

Lucy saw this too and dropped from his one-armed embrace to join the other two.

Darren moved his hand that had been clasping Olivia’s ass cheek and pulled down her G-string.

She helped and stepped out of them and removed her bra before resuming kissing him. He pushed his fingers into her saturated mouth and them moved them down. Olivia moved her legs further apart as he guided his digits between her well lubricated lips easily.

He began to slid them in and out while sarıyer escort using his other hand to feel the girl’s heads share his penis between them.

He felt a little gentle nip on his member and swung his attention down to watch Lucy spit on his penis head before licking the saliva and then sucking up the strand she drew from it. She then pushed him into her mouth and clasped his buttocks in both hands encouraging him to fuck her hot wet mouth.

He clasped her head and began to thrust in and out while the other girls watched. Watching the full length of his penis disappear and reemerge from between her red glistening lips was amazing.

Lucy took him out of her mouth and all the girls licked and sucked the saliva off his shaft.

Darren had three fingers inside Olivia and she was pushing back and forth on them now herself.

“Ellie, time to put that dildo practise into good use. Show Darren what you can do with your tongue!”

Lucy and Libby let Ellie take Darren in her hand and stuck out her tongue to its full length. Fuck, it was long! Ellie’s tongue went down past her chin!

Ellie stuck out her tongue again and pushed the full length of Darren into her mouth and held it there.

Then Darren felt an amazing sensation. A wet warmth washing over his balls. It couldn’t be, could it?! All the other girls were watching on with wide eyes so it had to be. While Darren had his cock pressed to the back of Ellie’s throat, he felt her long tongue reaching out to lash his tightened scrotum. It was a sensation overload and finished way too quickly when Ellie pulled his out to take a well-earned breath.

“Wow! Just wow!” Libby said with obvious arousal playing in her voice, “Your tongue is hot!”

Ellie blushed and then Libby did something to take my breath away.

“I want to taste it!”

Libby darted her head forward and kissed Ellie.

Everyone stopped, unsure what to do or say.

Ellie looked shocked for a second then she leaned forward herself and Libby and Ellie were soon kissing passionately.

Darren couldn’t believe that little virginal Ellie was now sucking tongues with her friend!

“Ok I’m so turned on now” Olivia breathed, “You need to lie down on the floor!”

Darren quickly dropped down and Olivia sat straight down on his face and, like the previous night, began to grind her saturated pussy on his face.

Darren felt his penis slowly sliding in a tight opening and lifted Olivia up briefly to watch Lucy push herself down on top of his waiting rod. He reached around to grasp her beautiful round butt cheeks and felt her begin to rise and fall.

“Oh Darren! It fells as good as I imagined!” Lucy cried.

Watching Lucy obviously turned Olivia on further because Darren’s face was now absolutely saturated in her juices. He moved his hands from Lucy to Olivia’s ass and started pushing his tongue in and out between her lips and then to circle her tiny swollen clit.

Darren heard new noises above him now too and moved Olivia off him again to catch Olivia and Olivia caressing each others breasts and frantically kissing. Watching Olivia’s hands knead Lucy’s large tits was so hot but to see their tongues darting into each others mouths almost sent him over the edge.

Abruptly Olivia stood up and said “My turn!”.

Lucy reluctantly slid herself off Darren and Olivia turned herself so her small pouted bottom was facing him. She then straddled him, grasped the base of his penis and slid straight down until his pelvis pressed against hers in one motion.

“Yes! That’s so good!” Darren hear Olivia moan.

Olivia then leaned forward so her elbows rested on the ground in front of her and began moving herself up and down is shaft. In this position, he could easily see his penis appearing and disappearing in her vagina.

Darren heard a gasp and looked over to his right to witness Libby lying with legs spread on the floor beside them.

Ellie dutifully worked her amazing tongue in and out of Libby’s pussy, licking along the outer lips before pushing it deeply into the soft depths within. She worked one finger on Libby’s clit and held one of her small little breasts in the other. Libby was holding a handful of Ellie’s mousey brown hair to guide her work.

Lucy lent in to kiss him and he reached up to embrace her. Her long blond hair fell around him like a golden rain and her blue eyes spoke of indescribable pleasure. She lifted herself higher to place her gloriously large breasts in his mouth and he sucked, nibbled and swallowed her nipples while he reached under her to play with her. She took her breasts away from him and lifted her pussy to sit just above his face.

He tried to lick her but she teasingly moved herself back. Then he grabbed her hips hungrily and thrust herself down upon his tongue. She spun herself around to face Olivia while he lapped at her lips and then he paused in pleasure when he caught the sight of Lucy slowly circling her finger around silivri escort Olivia’s little hole.

Olivia panted and began to rise and fall even faster.

“Yes! Stick it in! I love it you dirty slut!” she said looking over her shoulder.

Lucy moved her finger away from Olivia’s anus and pushed her finger in between Darren’s cock and Olivia’s lips. Lucy then pulled her now well lubricated finger back out and positioned it at the mouth of her Olivia’s anus. She then slowly pushed it in and Olivia gasped. Lucy then held the finger in place and allowed Olivia to push down on Darren’s cock and her finger in the one motion. Lucy continued to add more fingers until Darren could feel her fingers through the thin, soft wall between her pussy and anus.

Lucy removed her fingers and Darren saw her lean forward a begin to lick her extended anus before pushing her tongue into it.

Olivia suddenly lifted herself off Darren and using her hand re-positioned him above her bottom before sliding down his shaft with her ass. The sight was spectacular. Lucy moved off him and Olivia leaned back allowing Darren to grasp her breasts and kiss her.

He ran his hands down her stomach and went to finger her slick lips but found a head, no two heads, already there.

Leaning around Olivia he saw that the tell-tale honey coloured plait of Libby and the wild blond mane of Lucy were there. Judging by the writhing of Olivia, they must have been giving her oral pleasure as he slid in and out of her. He saw, almost obscured behind the two girls on hands and knees, was a wild looking Ellie who moved from the back of one girl to the next, her long tongue working overtime. He was enjoying the spectacle when he felt one of the girl’s tongues begin to lap at the sensitive skin of his scrotum. They then made him gasp as they took on of his balls in their mouth and gentle sucked and rolled it around.

“Ok enough monopolizing Darren’s cock Liv! We all want a go” Libby said standing up from in front of Olivia.

“But I’m so close!” Olivia begged but seeing the look in Libby’s eyes reluctantly removed Darren from her ass.

“Hey, what about we play a game?” Lucy piped up, wiping Olivia’s juices from her mouth, “Darren sits on the couch and we all taking it in turns of playing with him for three minutes each. The first to make him cum wins! Winner spends the night with Darren”

The girls all agreed and Darren thought he would not make it past the first girl after Olivia’s ass but agreed anyway. Sleeping a night with one of these girls was a prize he was happy to receive. Darren sat on the coach and the girls asked Darren to pick a number between one and a hundred. The closest would go first all the way back to the girl who chose the number furthest away.

The order ended up being Lucy, Ellie, Olivia and finally Libby.

“You better not make him cum straight away Lucy!” Libby pouted with arms crossed.

“I can’t promise anything” she laughed, slowly sauntering up to Darren before dropping to her knees in front of him. Lucy’s deep blue eyes held his as she licked her finger and slowly circled the erect nipples of her own large full breasts.

Darren felt himself growing just by the thought of what Lucy had done to him on the first night but became immediately erect with the sight of her playing with her breasts.

Lucy reached for his cock and spat on it then licked it, covering its length in as much saliva as she could. She then moved his penis between her warn soft breasts and started to squeeze them between the mounds. Lucy started masturbating him between her glorious breasts and leaned down so the head of his penis pushed into her mouth at the same time. The sight alone would have made him incredibly aroused but the sensation immediately made him start to tingle.

“Time!”, Olivia shouted ripping Darren abruptly from the moment.

“Fuck Olivia! I could feel him getting rock hard! You had to ruin it!” Lucy said standing and frowning at Olivia.

“My turn” Ellie said moving forward. She had put her glasses back on but seemed unsure what to do with him. Initially she went to sit on him but then changed her mind dropping to her knees in front of him.

“I want you to fuck my mouth like the dirty little slut I am!” Ellie said unconvincingly.

She opened her mouth wide and extended her long tongue.

Darren didn’t hesitate and trust his cock deeply into her mouth until he felt it hit something. He grabbed her pigtails in each hand and felt her tongue again working on his nuts. It felt so good. He then began to thrust back and forth, deeper and harder. She gasped and gagged at some points so he slowed to allow her to take a breath before resuming his thrusting.

With her pigtails, glass and small frame all she really needed was the school girl dress and it would have completed the fantasy completely. He was brutalizing her mouth and the sheer sight and feel of it awakened animal urges in him that urged him on. He felt himself şirinevler escort building when she pulled away gasping for air.

“Time” Olivia shouted looking at her watch, “I never knew you were such a little slut Ellie?! I’m impressed!”

Ellie smiled at her, “The idea of being fucked hard by a big man has always turned me on” she said sheepishly.

She stood up and he kissed her tenderly, “I’m looking forward to seeing you one night he whispered in her ear”. She blushed and smiled innocently before Olivia pushed her out of her way.

“Now you’re mine!” she said with a deep lustful voice and she climbed on top of him.

Olivia began to rock up and down with wild abandon, her dark hair flailing all around them wildly. She grabbed his hands and squeezed them to her breasts.

“Do you like my pussy or ass better?” she whispered in his ear before sticking her tongue in it.

“I love them both!” he breathed, grabbing her ass cheeks.

“Stick your finger up my ass and in my mouth then!” she commanded, “I want you in all my holes at once!”

Darren stuck three fingers in her mouth and she licked them quickly and then he reached down and thrust them up her already stretched hole.

She moaned and bucked widely.

He put his other hand’s fingers in her mouth and she slurped and sucked them like a ravenous whore.

She started slamming down on his penis and fingers and screaming. “Yes, yes, yes!!”

Darren moved his fingers from her mouth and reached down to her clit and she bent over backwards until her hands rested flat on the floor.

“Yes, yes, yes Darren!!” she screamed and he furiously played with her clitoris,

“I’m coming!!”

Darren was on the edge but held her still at the end so he would cum but she didn’t seem to care. She was covered in perspiration and her long dark hair was matted with sweat. Darren was breathing hard too.

“Um, time!” Libby said quietly, looking embarrassed to end the show.

Olivia slid to the floor panting, eyes closed, touching herself.

Darren noticed the other girls were all masturbating at the sight of Olivia’s ecstasy too. He could have cum half a dozen times already but he had held on so he could fuck them all. Libby was next so he guessed she was going to be the winner.

Libby stepped over Olivia and looked him in the eye. She leaned forward and whispered into his ear, “I don’t care if I win, I just want you to make me feel like that!” Then she turned around and slowly sat down upon his dripping penis. She was just as tight as he remembered from the first night.

Libby began to lift up and down on his shaft. And he watched her tiny ass rise and fall with the movement.

He reached up and around to run his hands up her athletic body and hold her small firm breasts.

“Oh, yes, that’s it!” she said softly, “it feels good doesn’t it and you’re so hard in my tight little pussy.”

Darren enjoyed her dirty talk and responded with starting to thrust up to meet her downwards motion. A series of loud slapping sounds began to echo around the room. Darren chanced a look at the other girls.

All of them, except for Olivia who was now quietly sitting watching with a satisfied smile, were masturbating.

He could imagine how his saturated penis looked sliding in and out of between Libby’s tight lips. Darren reached around and began to play with her clitoris as Libby’s leaned back to put her arms around his neck and rest her head on his shoulder.

Darren took up the charge and while Libby lay across his chest lost in pleasure, Darren started pounding at her pussy and playing with her more urgently. He heard himself grunting and heard Libby gasping from his size.

“Oh, yes, Eeeeeeeeeeh!” Libby squealed in pleasure, “God… yes…I’m…I’m…” and he felt a shiver roll over her body, and the walls of her vagina squeeze him in waves. She grasped his hand so he couldn’t move it around her sensitive clit any longer.

He was so close now but stopped thrusting. Instead he just pushed himself in her as deeply as possible and held it there, savouring the sensation.

“Ok, you’re going to cum for me now” Lucy said determinedly. She helped Libby to her feet and Darren groaned as her pussy still had a firm grasp of his cock and reluctantly let him slide out. Lucy climbed atop of him, and put her arms around his shoulders and began to bounce. Her breasts bounced in front of his face and her ass moved slightly in his hands.

She whispered in his ear, “I want you Darren. I want to be your dirty little slut! Cum all over my face and titties Darren! I want to be yours!”

Darren almost came right then and as she threw her hair back in a flaxen wave and rose and fell on his hardening penis. He felt his excitement growing and began to thrust harder into her as she leaned back, her legs wrapping around his hips and arms clinging around his neck.

“Harder Darren, faster!” she panted, urging him on.

He was almost there. He felt it. Felt the pleasure building.

He heard the moaning and groaning from the floor and the girls were building into their own climaxes to match his own.

“You girls are fucking amazing!!” he yelled, right on the edge.

Suddenly Lucy leaned forward, lifted off him and dropped to her knees.

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