My Sister Andi Ch. 03


For the rest of that first evening that Andi and I began our love affair we took it easy. I had already cum like four or five times that day and my balls ached and she was still suffering from that sun burn so we cooled it down and just held hands and snuggled like two lovers do.

We decided to sleep in our parents bed because it was a king size bed and we did not want to be apart. I asked her if she would sleep nude, like I did, and she quickly agreed. We fell asleep spooned, me up against her sexy bare back with my arm over her breasts. It felt so right. As we drifted off to sleep my fear was not that we might someday be found out to be lovers, hell I could have cared less about that, nor was it that our folks would find out, if they did then they did and we would cross that bridge when we came to it, no, my fear was that my beautiful sexy lil sister might think twice about what we did and that she might cut me off from her. To get that thought out of my mind I kissed and nuzzled her neck and back as I went to sleep. My aching balls and tired penis were cradled by her darling little ass cheeks.

The next day I awoke to an empty bed. I got up and after I peed I called out, “Andi?” No answer. I went down stairs and there she was making us breakfast. She had the big bed tray out and was planning to serve me breakfast in bed. She was dressed in a sheer baby doll nightie and a pair of panties. I snuck up behind her and put my arms around her. “Good morning sugar,” I said as I kissed her cheek.

She turned and beamed at me. “Good morning yourself sexy.” She pulled my face to hers and we kissed. I sucked her tongue in my mouth and if her wet sloppy kisses were all I had to eat that day then I would have been happy. Just when I began to push my erect dick into her she giggled and pushed me away. “We need to eat something! You and I need all the food we can get because we’re going to be burning a lot of calories in the next few days.” She gave my cock a squeeze and told me to go shower and then get back in bed.

I ran up and showered, dried off, then I crawled back in bed like she told me to do. My dick got hard again just thinking about what she had planned for us.

A moment or two after I got in bed she walked upstairs carrying our breakfast on the big tray. She set it down over my legs and then she got in bed next to me. There were bacon, waffles and syrup, strawberries, bananas, and two cups of coffee on the tray. I smiled at her and said, “You’ve been busy this morning.”

She kissed my cheek and said, “It’s the least I could do for my big brother who makes me so happy and treats me so good.” I cold not resist and I guided her sweet face to mine and we kissed passionately. She began to caress my chest as we kissed but then she stopped escort bayan bursa suddenly and she broke our kiss. “We need to eat before we begin our fun again hon.” “Ok sis, you’re the boss babe.”

“Eat the waffles and bacon and lets save the fruit,” she said with a hint of excitement in her voice.

“Sure baby,” I told her. We ate quickly and then she took the bowls of fruit off the tray and she set the tray on the floor away from us. She smiled seductively and she kissed me again. Our tongues darted around one another’s mouths and we licked and kissed for all we were worth. My dick got hard in no time and I could see and feel her nipples get puffier and erect.

She quickly slid off her panties after breaking our kissing session. She then took a banana and she rubbed it along her wet slit. She got it wet with her juices and the she brought it to her cute little upturned nose and she inhaled deeply.

I reached for it and she pushed my hand back. “It’s not ready yet,” she said in a husky voice that dripped with lust. She inhaled her scent off the banana once more and then she took it and she rubbed it across the head my cock. I was stiff as a board and leaking precum and I nearly blew a load right then but I held back. She finally took a big bite off the banana and then she rubbed what was left on her slit again. She offered it to me.

I held her wrist as I ate the banana from her hand. When she pushed the last bit of pussy juice and precum covered banana in my mouth I chewed quickly then swallowed it before she could take her hand back. I then started to kiss and suck her fingers. I then gently pushed her on to her back on top of the bed.

“I’m gonna end this great meal by devouring you baby sis.” She giggled with glee as I leaned in and kissed her lips and mouth. I was all over her face and neck kissing, sucking, and licking. She returned my kisses eagerly and when she was not kissing me back she was moaning and groaning with sexual delight. I blew hot breath into her ear and licked and nibbled her lobes. I planted wet sloppy kisses down her neck towards her puffy nippled sweet boobies.

Her nightie was in my way so I took it off her. I looked down at her now naked young nubile body and I almost cried I was so happy. She was so beautiful and sexy, it was like she was a beacon of hot goodness that was laying there writhing waiting for me to ravish and please her. I wasted not time and I quickly took one of her puffy nips in my mouth while I rubbed and squeezed the other one.

“Yes, yes, suck my nipples big brother. God they are so sensitive, suck them honey, don’t you ever stop.”

I switched nips and I gave the other one a good sucking and licking. She clasped my head in her small hands and bursa sinirsiz eskort she pulled me closer to her chest. Those rose bud nipples of her tasted so sweet and they expanded in my mouth. I could have cut glass with her nipples they were so hard. I inhaled deeply as I switched back and forth between her right nip and her left and I could smell her excitement. The fragrance that she was emitting was one of subtle perfume mixed with her sweat and the aroma of her excited pussy. I was going crazy with lust.

As I sucked and kissed and she held my head to her breasts, I reached down and I slid two fingers in her wet pussy. It was so slick with her wetness that I drove my fingers in and out of her with ease. She quickly began to hump and grind on my hand.

“Oh fuck, oh god, oh shit, honey, do me.”

I stopped sucking and I looked up at her. “Do you?”

“Fuck yes, do me, now. NOW!”

I wanted to make sure what she meant so I said, “You mean you want my dick in you?”

She bit her lip and looked so sexy when she said, “God help me I do. Make me yours completely. Put your big fat big brother dick inside me.”

I twisted my fingers inside her sugar walls. Beads of sweat popped out on all over her body. Her nipples wet with my spit shone in the morning sun. “What about getting on the pill?”

“I just said that so you wouldn’t do me last night.” She wiggled on my fingers and moaned softly. “I wanted to make sure you were for real and not just a one night stand honey.”

I took my fingers out of her and I licked them clean as she watched. “So what happens if you get knocked up?”

She growled, “GET INSIDE ME NOW!!!!!”

I spread her legs wide and I put the head of my dick on her pussy. “No going back if I slide it in sis.”

“I don’t want to go back, I want you inside me.”

“Even if I make a baby in you?”

To answer my question she placed her hands on my butt cheeks and she pushed me inside her. “If I get pregnant, I get pregnant. We’ll deal with it when and if it happens. But I swear if you do not pound my pussy and make me cum then I will never forgive you!”

I started pumping her hard. “Ok baby sis, I get the picture.” Her pussy tightened around my dick as we fucked. I went in and out with ease and I was enjoying it more than I ever dreamed I would. I was fucking, no what we were doing was not fucking, it was making love, I was making love with my sister who I had loved and adored all my life and I could not have been happier.

She met my every stroke with gusto. She kissed my face as we fucked, she bit my neck, and she held on to my ass cheeks and tried to push me deeper inside her. “Oh god, oh jesus, oh shit, yes big brother give me escort bayan what I want. Give me that big brother dick hard and fast baby.” She was covered in sweat and the aroma of our sex filled the room. “I’m gonna cum hon, soon. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Oh god, oh sit, bite my nipples.”

I leaned down and took one of them in my mouth. I heard she growl, “Bite it!!!!!” I clamped down and she yelped as I pumped her sweet pussy as hard as I could. “Yesssssssssssssssss,” she spat.

I said into her breast, “I love you so much Andi, I adore you.” Some how she figured out my muffled mumblings and she said, “Oh god I love you too big brother and I love how you make love to meeeeeeeeeeee. I. Am. Cummminnnnnnnnnngggggggg!!!!!”

She held me tight as she began to convulse through her orgasm. Her sweaty sex soaked body under mine felt so good. Her mouth found mine and we kissed as she rode out her climax.

I slowed my stroke to give her the chance to cum. As her orgasm tapered off she whispered, “Oh god honey, I never came like that ever before. You make me so crazy and please me like nobody ever has before.” She kissed me softly and then she said, “Cum in me.”

I resumed my pumping as soon as she said that. Her pussy twitched and my cock slid in and out so nicely. “Fill up your baby sister,” she purred. “I want that hot cum deep in my womb.” I picked up my stroke as she urged me on. “Fill my pussy with your brother cum. Yes, that’s it baby harder, poke me harder.” I did my best to comply with what she wanted. “Yesssss, fuck Andi’s pussy baby, drill her sister pussy, fill it up with your seed.”

I could not hold back anymore. My balls tensed and I let loose. Wave after wave of cum shot out of my cock and into her hot pussy. I jerked as I came like mad. Andi held me tight and kissed me and urged me on. “Yes baby, cum in me,” she said.

Finally after the last drop left my dick I collapsed on top of her. “Oh my god Andi, that was incredible.” I kissed her sweaty face. “I loved it.”

She smiled back at me. “So did I. You’re the best I ever had.” She held me tight and our bodies became one for a moment there that morning. “I need a favor now honey.”

As my penis grew flaccid I said, “Anything for you my love, my beautiful sexy lil sis.” “I meant it when I said I don’t mind getting pregnant by you honey but I’m not ready to get pregnant until I finish high school. I need you to let me up so I can go clean up down there.”

I smiled at her and I said, “I’ve got a better idea.” I slid down between her legs and I put my mouth on her sweet sweaty hot fragrant pussy and I began to suck my seed out of her.

As I ate her, and this would become our ritual for a time, I could hear her soft sweet moans. “Yes big brother, clean out my pussy and get me ready for later.” Those were the sweetest words I would ever hear until a few years later, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself, I’ll tell you all about that later.

As I kissed and sucked her pussy I knew we had many happy sexy days ahead of us.

More to cum in chapter 4!

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