My sister Andrea comes to visit .. and stay


My sister Andrea comes to visit .. and stayPlease comment. I like writing, but your feedback is what keeps me posting here instead of somewhere else… And if you can’t comment, at least click the X’s at the bottom to show what you think!Thanks, I appreciate itThis is all made up … at least at this point in time…Andrea is my younger sibling and about a week ago, she called to say she would be in town. I insisted she come and stay at my house. Susan, my wife, had left the day before to do a six month accounting job in the Orient. This was not that unusual for us over the last five years. In order to cope with our separations we had adopted a rather open marriage agreement during these times. The only condition is that no one brings any diseases into the house, and we don’t talk about it with the other unless asked directly.Anyway, that is how Andrea and I came to be living together at age 48 and she at age 40.We had never been real close, so I was looking forward to getting to know her as an adult, I never dreamed though that I would get to know her this well!!I took her out to a steak place the first night she was in town and after we had gorged ourselves on the food, we went and sat in the bar to talk and throw back a few drinks. We laughed, we drank, we threw darts and drank and a few hours later, we called a cab. And laughed all the way home talking about anything and everything.When we got out of the cab, the cool night air felt perfect. I grabbed hold of Andrea’s arm as we made our way up the front steps and suggested we spend the rest of the evening mellowing out in the hot tub, and she squealed that she had just been thinking how good that sounded. I told her to just come on out through the master bedroom once she was ready. I hurriedly changed into my trunks and got the cover off and grabbed some beers and headed out. I had just gotten seated when Andrea came out the Venetian doors, wrapped in a towel. I had all of the lights off, so we could look at the stars like we did when we were growing up, so I could not see her face as she stood there. “What are you waiting for?” I asked.“I can’t find my swim suit.” she replied. I laughed and said it was so dark I wouldn’t see anything anyway, get in. She did not need any further encouragement as she unwrapped the towel, and climbed up the three steps into the tub.Now Andrea is short with huge boobs. Yeah, there are a few extra pounds there as well, but in my vernacular, that is just more cushion for pushing!! I was just thinking about this as I watched her silhouetted against the house. Her boobs moved so nicely, swaying with her unsteady steps.Then it happened. As she took the second step down into the tub, she lost her balance, pirouetted in the air and landed butt first in my lap!!! In my effort to break the fall, my hands wound up on her butt and wrapped around her nice DD cup breast!!! She spluttered and bounced, and all the time her gyrations against my lap sahabet güvenilirmi were producing unexpected results!She finally got off of my lap and turned and began apologizing up one side and down the other. I told her it was no problem and that actually I had rather enjoyed it!! She splashed me a few times and called me a perv and settled into the seat on the side adjoin where I was sitting.I popped open a beer for us each and I watched as she gazed up at the stars. My cock, which usually does not respond real well in the hot tub, kept stirring. I just could not get out of my mind how good her round ass had felt on my lap.She shifted to the other side of me, and the seat there was a little higher, which allowed her to not float so badly, but also exposed the tops of her floating breasts in the water. She moved her leg and brushed mine and quickly apologized. I again reassured her that it was no problem, and that I liked it. This time she looked over at me and after downing a big gulp of 6% said, If you really don’t mind, I’m glad, because you feel awfully good to me!”Now I had just taken a big swig of my own drink and I almost choked on it!! I turned to look at her and as if in answer to my unspoken question as to whether I was hearing things, I felt her foot rub up the back of my calf!!!She saw a falling star right then and I turned and saw the tail of it myself. I had no doubt as to what my wish was, and I was beginning to be fairly certain that Andrea’s was the same. I took a breath and moved my hand under the water to the top of her thigh. She smiled over at me and then rested her head back against the side of the tub. That little movement moved my hand from half way up her thigh to a scant inch from her pussy. She closed her eys and smiled then said, “This feels so good. It is almost perfect….” With that her hand moved under the water and took mine and placed it on her hairless crotch.I tried to act all cool. I mean, I did not want her to think I was a pervert, but I had dreamed of this when I came home from college and lived at home that first year before getting a job on the coast! She had developed early, and watching her prance around our parents home had sent me scurrying to my bedroom on more than one evening! Now, all these year later, all of those feelings came rushing back.I looked over and I saw her hands were now holding her breasts up high in the water so that occasionally the big, hard nipples would pop into view for a second before dipping back out of sight. My fingers were now beginning to part her meaty lips and her attempts at small talk were being punctuated by little purrs and moans. She moved her hips to give me better access. From experience I knew I couldn’t just pound my fingers into a woman in a hot tub. Water is not a good human lubricant!!! So I moved slowly and any attempt by either of us to speak ceased. I was slowly pulling my own cock harder in the tub sahabet yeni giriş while I watched her fingers now happily tugging and pulling on her teats. I had just gotten a second finger partially into her when my phone, next to the beers rang. We jumped, splashed and fought to keep our balance as reality crashed in on us.I stepped over Andréa, grabbed my phone and realized it was my wife calling to let me know she had finally arrived in Singapore and that she was tired and was going to go to sleep, but wanted to let me know she was safe before turning in.Meanwhile, I am trying to clear my head of the fog I had when I felt Andrea’s hands move up my leg openings on my trunks!!! As I tried to concentrate on what I was hearing from half a world away, Andrea was pulling me so I was straddling her legs and she was using her hands to gently tug my cock while loosely rolling my balls within my trunks!!! I thought I would die before I could hang up that phone!!!When I did finally say good night and click off the phone, Andrea pushed herself up and pressed herself against me. “Let’s go inside.” Was all she had to say. I leaned down and I kissed her deeply on the lips. I could taste the soul of Andrea in that moment. Her lust and desire, her passion and love. It was all there as her lips parted hesitantly at first and then hungrily as they welcomed my tongue into her. She pushed my chin up and began biting and sucking on my throat as I felt her hand go to my ass and pull me against her. My own hands were finding the weight of her breast to be so full and right. Her nipples hardened and lengthened with each touch.She turned and we stumbled out of the tub and we rubbed the towels over each other’s body. She pulled off my trunks and tossed them into the bedroom. Then we followed. I backer her against the bed and was immediately between her legs, She tasted so fresh as my tongue circled her fleshy pussy lips. I would suck them in to my mouth and then pull one set one way and then the other, the other way to open her up. She was so hot that it was scant moments before I caught the heady scent of her juice beginning to wet her glistening lower lips. I looked up and saw her raise one of her breast to her own moth and within a moment her sucking the flesh into her own mouth.A finger then two slid into her as my tongue began circling her clit. The first flick of the tip of my tongue caused her to arch her back and a hand was immediately entwined in my hair, holding me still. Then she relaxed and I firmly sucked her sensitive little pearl into my lips. In and out I sucked her and in response, my ears were filled with her moans and groans and then she got vocal. Encouraging me to “That’s it, suck it!!! OH God that feels sooo fucking good!!! Oh yes, yes, don’t stop don’t stop!!” She didn’t need to worry, I wanted to hear her cum and all too quickly I felt her body tense and unearthly sounds of sheer ecstasy tore sahabet giriş through the quiet of my house.Without waiting for more than a minute, I decided it was my turn. I moved up over Andrea’s body and positioned my throbbing cock at her now quivering lower lips. They trembled as the round fullness of my cock began to open her and then as I shoved a couple of inches deep into her, Andreas eyes shot open and she arched her back as more orgasms raged through her core. I held on for a few second before feeding the rest of my manhood deep into her pulsing pussy. She was hot and every movement I made within her made her muscle contract and gripped me in a vice that threatened to turn me inside out!!She relaxed enough to allow me begin to slowly build a rhythm of long deep thrusts. I bent down and took one of her nipples in my lips and began to suck and she moaned and clenched hold of my cock again!! I decided to see who would let go first and I began sucking and tonguing her hard nipple with all that I had and in response her pussy wrapped her core around me with a tenacity that bordered on maniacal as her sex did its best to milk me without letting me move.At last, she relented and in my release I pounded into her as hard as I could maybe for a moment before a mind shattering orgasm of my own drained every drop of spare fluid from my toes to my hair!!! I thought I was literally being melted from the inside out and poured through the funnel of my cock into her beautiful pussy!!!I collapsed on the bed next to her and thought I might seriously die. I don’t know how long I lay there, but the next thing I remember was feeling hher fingers stretching out my shrinking sex and then her tongue flickering its way up to my round head. I grabbed for her head to stop her, but she said, “Hey, you got to taste me, it’s my turn now.” Who was I to argue?Let me tell you, she has skill!!! I have had my share of blowjobs, but Andrea knew tricks that I had never imagined!!! She had my cock in her throat, her tongue moved flatly over the head of my cock, she flicked under my head with the tip of her tongue…. She did it all!!! She cupped and squeezed my balls and forced the blood in my cock up the shaft and into the head with her fist until I tought the purple head would explode!! Over and over she brought me to the brink, only to pinch my nut sack or just squeeze and hold me until she could start again!!! It was both heaven and hell!!! Then she moved so that I could play with her breasts and feel them as they swayed hanging under her.As I recovered from being so close to coming and then pulling back, she stood up and leaned over the bed. I got up and stood behind her. This time, there was no pretense. I slammed my boner all the way into her and felt my balls slap forward and hit her fingers that were already busily frigging her clit. It wasn’t five minutes later that waves of orgasmic ocean crashed over us both and sent us both mentally and physically into oblivionWe both collapsed onto the bed with the intent of cleaning up once we recovered…. Instead, six hours later we both awoke to find sunshine screaming in the open doors and smiles as we each thought about what the rest of her visit was going to be like!!!

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