My Sister-in-Law is a Stone Fox


Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking

I moved in with my brother, Ralph and his wife, when I moved back from the West Coast. I was just going to be there long enough to find a place to live. I didn’t want to intrude on the relatively newly-weds. Besides I didn’t much care for her at all. I’d first met her at the wedding ceremony. It had been something of a whirlwind romance.

I could see why he was eager to marry Roxanne. She was a stone-cold fox! Gorgeous, naturally wavy blonde hair, with piercing green eyes, full lips, high cheek bones and a figure that defined sex appeal!

With all that going for her it was too bad she was such a bitch! Shrewish, judgmental, snobbish and so very egotistical. She had little or no interest in anything that didn’t directly affect her life.

Ralph put up with it all because, as a high-powered lawyer with political clients, she made him look good! He told me one night after too much booze that she was as cold as a stone in bed. I had complimented him on his good-looking wife when he set me straight. It seemed that their sex life was more theoretical than real. Too bad. With those big tits and tight ass I had figured that she would be a great bed partner.

It was with this background that my story begins.

I was using the guest shower stall when the bathroom door opened. I could see a figure moving about but the pebbled glass prevented me from seeing who it was.

“I brought you some new towels,” It was Roxanne.

“Thanks, Roxie,” it was my pet name for her. She didn’t like it but I used it anyway just to annoy her. I know, I can be something of a bitch myself.

“What ever,” she responded. I was standing in profile to her while rinsing my hair. She stood in the bathroom for a long moment before she left.

Later that day I caught her watching me. She had never paid any real attention to me so it struck me as a bit odd. She seemed to be studying me. When she saw that I seen her looking she smiled before turning away and strutting out of the room. I had never seen her smile at me like that. And I did admire the strut!

The next day she wore a tight blouse with a low-cut neckline. It was a little more revealing than what she usually wore but not too far out of the norm. I didn’t think much of it at the time. Again she smiled at me when she saw me looking at her.

Did she stand up a little straighter? I think she did!

At the dinner table the seating changed. Roxie now sat across from me instead of next to her husband. Again, it didn’t seem too strange but I did notice that she was smiling at me more than she used to. She was wearing a sweater now and several times I noticed that her tits were big enough that they rested on the table when she leaned forward. At the end of the meal she pushed her plate way from her, crossed her arms in front of her and was leaning forward again. Her tits bulged up and out of her sweater! I could see her cleavage surge and billow as she breathed, moved and flexed! I had not noticed just how large busted she was. I mean, I knew that she had big tits, but this big? She had never made a point of showing off. If that was what she was doing now.

It did seem that she was showing off for me. She wore tighter skirts, skimpier tops and heels! She made a point to face me head on and I swear that she was making a point to push her tits out at me! A couple of times she definitely made a production of pulling her sweater down to show off more of her cleavage and titties.

Her blouses were unbuttoned further than before! Once she stood right in front of me, unbuttoned her blouse’s top three buttons and while looking me right in the eyes she swept the blouse apart to expose her big tit mounds and the cleavage between them! VERY impressive!

And then she started to touch me! Nothing too obvious, but she would put her hand on my arm when she spoke to me. She would run her fingers over my shoulder when she walked behind me at the kitchen table.

One afternoon while I was looking thru an LL Bean catalog she leaned over my shoulder to point at a shirt. “That would look good on you,” she told me. At the same time her breast was mashed against me! It was big and soft! She rested her other hand on me and rubbed it over my back! That was really different!

So my sexy sister-in-law was acting strange. What really made me notice the changes was when she walked back into the bathroom while I was in the shower. Porno

Just like before she announced that she had brought me some new towels. And this time she added soap and shampoo. I watched thru the pebbled glass as she hung the towels and put the soap and shampoo on the vanity. She turned toward me as if to leave but stopped and stared at me. My view was very distorted but I thought that she was staring at my crotch! I turned away, ducked back under the shower and lathered up. When I emerged she was gone.

That night Roxie had some wine with dinner. Not her usual practice. Ralph and I stayed with water as we always did.

Later that evening as we were watching CNN Ralph fell asleep. He almost always did! He was leaning back in his Barcalounger, snoring softly.

Roxie slid onto the sofa next to me. She put her hand on my knee and leaned toward me. As she did her blouse gaped open and I could see her cleavage and the inner sides of her bra cups. Big bra cups! Big tits, too!

Roxie smirked at me. She shook her shoulders so I could watch as her big tits bounced and rebounded in front of me!

“I like it when you look at me,” she husked. “I like the attention! Ralph doesn’t pay me much attention anymore,” she complained. Both her hands were on my leg now. This forced her tits together, pushing her boobs up and out of her bra!

“What’s going on, Roxie?” I asked.

“Tell me the truth, Roger. Do you think I’m attractive? Do you think I’m pretty? I’ve seen you look at my figure.” She straightened up and glanced down at herself. “Do you think I’m sexy? Do you, Roger?” She leaned toward me again and put both her hands on my thigh. Again, her cleavage surged up, fighting for freedom from her bra and into the open!

“I think you have a big dick! Do you have a big dick, Roger? I thought I saw something when I dropped off some towels for you the other day. And then this morning I could sort of see that you had a big package! That stupid shower door didn’t let me get a real good look. But you seem to be packing!” Her hand had wandered up my leg and was now resting on my groin.

“What the hell? You are my brother’s wife! What are you doing!”

“He hasn’t touched me in so long! I’m so horny! And I’ve always liked bigger dicks! Is your dick big? I think it is!” Her hand was squeezing and rubbing my crotch while she spoke. “Ralph doesn’t have a big dick. He’s kind of small, to tell you the truth. And he hasn’t made love to me in weeks!” Her hands were rubbing and caressing my dick as it expanded and grew! Roxanne might have been a bitch but she knew what she was doing as she handled my prick! I still didn’t like her but she was making my cock feel good.

“Oooohhhh!” she breathed. “You DO have a big dick! Bigger than Ralph anyway! He’s only about five inches long, you know. I bet you’re a lot bigger than he is! Do you scare the girls with this monster cock, Roger?” She was licking her lips and her eyes were drooping shut in excitement as she handled my now rampant cock!

“Oh, YESSS! So BIG! And hard! Like a steel pole! I’d love to get my hands on this big, fat dick! While you play with my big, fat titties! Do you like big boobs, Roger? I’ve seen you look at me! I know you like big titties!”

She wasn’t wrong. I do like big tits. And she had a really big pair of tits!

“Here, try this,” she told me. Using both hands she pulled her blouse apart and off her shoulders. She grabbed my hands and slapped them onto the sides of her massive bra. “Forty-six inches! I wear a 32-KK bra. Big tits, right, Roger?” She was smirking at the look on my face as my fingers gripped her big, fat titties!

I was squeezing and releasing, watching them rebound and bounce as I handled them!

“They look even bigger above my twenty-two inch waist and thirty-six inch hips, don’t they? Ralph doesn’t like me to show off, but I’m so proud of my figure! Of my huge tits! I like the stares I get on the street and at the gym. I enjoy teasing strangers to see if I can get them to sprout a hard-on. Most of the guys get a hard-on! But not many get to be as big as you are right now! You’re a horse-dicked stud, aren’t you, Roger?” Her tongue was licking her lips as she watched me react to her body.

Without as much as a “Howdy-do” Roxanne undid my belt and pulled my pants down to my knees. My boxer shorts were pulled all out of shape by the massive prick that Roxie was now fondling with both Altyazılı porno hands.;

“Oh, so nice! Let me look at this pretty cock, Roger! I want to see if it’s as nice as I think it is!” She proceeded to pull my cock out with both hands.

“My God! It’s HUGE!” she gasped. “I’ve never seen anything like it! I can’t believe how long it is! And so thick! God! What would this feel like in my poor little pussy!”

Her lips closed over the tip of my cock and her tongue proceeded to cat-lick it. It felt amazing! Slowly she pushed herself down until she had all of my dick head in her mouth. Her eyes were closed as she worked. Her tongue was wiggling under the head of my cock. Small sounds of excitement and pleasure were coming from her as she let her lips caress my dickhead.

“This is fun, Roxie,” I told her as I tried to pull her off my dick. “But what if Ralph wakes up?” I gestured at the snoring figure in the Barcalounger.

“He won’t wake up for hours,” she declared. She ran her tongue around my dick head.

“How can you be so sure?”

“Cause he swallowed four sleeping pills with dinner!” she announced with a nasty smile.

“What? You drugged Ralph?”

“I wanted some time with you. Uninterrupted time!” She pulled my dick back into her mouth and started sucking and licking noisily. Ralph didn’t even twitch!

“What a COCK!” she gasped as she pulled back from my stiffie. “I’ve never seen the like! Oh so BIG and HARD! You have a magnificent dick!”

She dove back on my prick, licking and sucking. Tonguing and kissing up and down my steel hard shaft.

“I knew you were hung! Even through the shower door I could tell you had a big package. But I had no idea that it would be THIS big!” She stroked up and down a few times while pushing it this way and that for her to admire.

She slid up and planted a hot kiss on my lips while she wiggled around on my lap.

“I really want to see what this feels like,” she announced while discarding her panties. In seconds she was poised over my erection. She planted her pussy on the tip of my dick and started to press herself onto my cock. It was slow going! Her pussy lips were spread wide apart and dripping wet but my dick head was still larger and she was having trouble getting started.

I helped by arching my hips up at her and as we worked together she started to make progress. It was slow but inexorable! She finally was able to take the whole of my cock head into her pussy. Then, as she kept up the pressure, she slowly started to take in more and more!

“This huge dick is going to make me cum!” she cried. Her eyes were half closed as she bounced up and down in my lap.

I was still fondling her titties as she worked. She had pulled her tits out from her bra, allowing me full access to her big, fat KK-cup tits! She seemed to enjoy feeling my fingers plucking her nipples, squeezing and pulling on her big, fat tits! Her aureola were puffed up, her nipples stiff and straining outward! I leaned into her and started to lick and suck on her titties. She groaned in appreciation and pulled me to her with both hands. I ended up mushed between her tits, licking and motor-boating her, shaking my head from side to side, enjoying the feeling of her firm boobs as I worked between them!

“You do that so well, honey! I love feeling you between my titties! Suck ’em, lick me! Don’t stop!”

Moments later she stiffened and uttered a series of sharp yelps as she achieved climax on my cock.

“Oh, that felt so good! And I’m not even halfway down your immensity! So big! I love the feeling your cock gives me! I’ve never felt so full in my life! Keep going, you horse-dicked son-of-a-bitch! Don’t stop! Never stop!

She rode me for another half an hour. She came several times before she clamped down on me and ground herself against me while begging me to cum in her pussy! I did as she asked, pumping myself into her! She took it all with yelps of happiness and when I was done she slid off to kneel in front of me while she used her fingers to pull our combined juices to her mouth. She licked her fingers clean and sucked each finger into her mouth to get all the fluids that she could!

“OH, that was wonderful! I’m going to need to do that again, Roger!” She finished cleaning me up and then left me to catch my breath! Ralph was still fast asleep as I managed to stagger to my bedroom.

The next morning Brazzers i joined Ralph and Roxie at the breakfast table.

“Good morning, sleepy head,” Roxie greeted me.

“Good morning,” I mumbled. “How is everyone?” I wasn’t sure how last night’s events might have changed things.

“I feel great,” volunteered Ralph. “I slept like a log last night. Best night’s rest I’ve had in a long time!” He dove back into breakfast.

I went into the kitchen area to prepare a plate of eggs and ham. As I worked Roxie passed behind me. As she did so she made a point to rub her big tits against me! As she stood next to me she snuggled herself against me and ran her hand over my groin!

“I had a great night, too!” she told us. Her hands were busy stroking and patting me. Ralph had no idea what was happening just feet from where he was sitting.

I pulled myself away from her but she moved with me, caressing my dick and cupping my ass with her other hand!

“Yeah, I hope I get a lot more nights like last night!” she said.

“Me too! Well, I gotta go. See you kids tonight” Ralph was out the door before I put my plate on the table and sat down.

Roxie sat quietly next to me for a few moments, watching me eat. Then her hand slid into my lap and she again started to caress and pat my groin.

“I can’t wait to feel you between my lips again, you horse-dicked stud! I want to lick and suck your dick until you cum down my throat and then I want to feel you plow this huge cock into my pussy until I can’t take anymore!”

She slid onto the floor in front of me and while I was eating she payed homage to my big hard dick. She soon had me spurting down her eager throat. When she was done she kept on going until I was hard again. She pulled me to the kitchen counter, bent over and pulled my new erection into her pussy and had me banging and banging at her! She took most of me in to her pussy and over the next thirty minutes or so she reached several orgasms!

That set the tone for the next few weeks! Any time we were alone Roxie would put the moves on me! She would pull my hands to her breasts, have me tweak and caress her massive orbs. She loved to have me lick and suck her nipples while she rode my huge dick! She could cum time after time until she had wrung all the juice from my balls.

She wore sexy underwear all the time. She didn’t always dress to show off her amazing figure. But no matter what she was wearing the bras were skimpy and lacy and matched with garter belts and panties. Often they were crotchless panties which made it easy for her to jam herself onto my penis! And my penis was always erect thanks to her teasing!

I had an erection practically 24/7!

As we were lying next to each other one night she drew my lips to her titties.

“You’ve ruined me for other men!” She told me. “For the first time in a long time Ralph came on to me last night! I could barely feel him! His little dick didn’t do a thing for me! And he didn’t last very long! I pulled his head between my big, fat tits and he motor-boated for a few seconds before he erupted. His puny offering was nothing in comparison to the eruptions that you provide!

“And then he rolled over and fell asleep! I was just getting started! I had to use my fingers to get off! So sad!”

“I”m going to have to do something about this! But first, push that massive cock into me and make me feel it in the back of my throat!”

Later that week Roxie made an announcement at the dinner table.

“Now I want you two to listen to me. I’m making some changes here. Ralph, I’m your wife. I will attend your business functions and I will make you look good! I’ll flirt with your customers and help you get them to sign your business agreements.

“But Roger, I’m your woman! I’ll sleep with you every night and satisfy your every sexual fantasy! We will fuck as often as possible. I love, I adore, I worship your huge cock and massive balls! You cum more than any three men I’ve ever known and have a dick more than twice the size of anyone else! And you can fuck for hours, which is what I crave, it’s what I need!

So, any questions? NO? Good. Ralph, you sleep in the guest room from now on. And Roger, honey, you sleep with me. If you get to sleep at all,” she chuckled. I didn’t get much sleep that night, I can tell you!

Ralph never complained. He was making more money than ever with the help of Roxie. And she was getting more sex than she had ever imagined thanks to her ability to get me hard and keep me hard for hours on end.

And me? Well, I’m getting the best sex from the hottest woman I’ve ever met. Not the normal arrangement. But we were all willing to go along.

The Endddd.

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