My Sister Janet Pt. 04


All characters in this story engaging in sexual acts are over 18 years of age.


I sat alone in my cabin for half an hour trying to watch some football. I ran through it in my mind. My sister and I had spent an evening, a night and a morning in dirty incest sex and I was fine with it, but for the nagging feeling that something should be bothering me about it. I had to talk with Janet.

I called her cabin. No answer, so I went over there. I feared I’d find her sobbing with guilt and hysterical at what we’d done, so maybe I should just stay the fuck away? No. We had to face what we’d done and move on.

But she wasn’t there. She’d left the door unlocked, so I knew she wasn’t hiding in there. As I turned to leave, she came around the fence and saw me. She smiled, saying “Geez, up for more already? I just went to straighten up in mum and dad’s room…” Her smile evaporated when she saw the hang-dog look on my face.

“What’s up little bro? Come inside.”

We sat on her bed. She asked: “You OK? I mean with what we did?”

“Hell yes, but. Well, I see you are too and I was really worried you might not be. But, well, I’m still really confused. Be honest?”


“Janet,” I whispered, “We’re brother and sister and we had sex! All kinds of sex! Doesn’t it freak you out just a little bit?”

“No, and here’s why: Because it’s sex. We’re not going to live together and raise babies, go to parent-teacher nights, take little tots to piano lessons… Mike, if you can just see it as a physical, not an emotional thing, well, then it’s OK. I know, I know, it’s taboo…” She smiled now. “But Mikey my little stallion, it’s soo fucking hot!”

I smiled back: “Yeah. Um, JJ?”


“Still being honest?”

“Of course.”

“Did you do all that stuff before? I mean, apart from one handjob I was a total virgin…”


“Yes. Don’t tease!”

“No I won’t. I mean… wow! I’m your first?”

“Yep. Don’t avoid the question.”

“I’m not, I’m just really fucking… honoured! Oh, what was the question?”

“About all the stuff we did.”

“Oh yeah. No. I mean, no I didn’t do most of it before.”

I brightened at that knowledge: “Now it’s me who’s honoured! So, what was new?”

“Easier to say what wasn’t. Um, I never peed on anybody or had them pee on me before. I’ve had cum on me and in me before, of course, but not in my bum and …”

“And what?” She’d almost blushed.

“I never let anybody cum in my mouth before either.”

“Oh wow. We were both virgins in some ways then.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“JJ, I still don’t quite get it. Oh I understand what you say about physical pleasure, at least I think I do. But if we’d just done some vanilla stuff that would tick the box. So why the new and kinky stuff?”

“Simple little bro. Because it was dirty and I wanted dirty sex. Tell me the dirty stuff didn’t get you off too?”

“Yeah, true that. Just sex would have been hot but you put icing on that cake Nettie.”

“Mikey, listen. If you freak out, OK, let it be history. But if not, well, we could have a lot of fun together.”

“Can you see my shorts?”

“Those are shorts? I thought you had a mini-tent on your lap for a pet kitten or something!”

“See what you do to me?”

Janet looked over her shoulder to confirm the curtains were closed, then scooted up on the bed so she rested against the bedboard. She spread her legs and pulled her loose shorts and black panties aside, and said: “Same as you do to me. I’m wet. Come feel.”

I touched her there tenderly, stroking her slick slit along its length before putting the end of my finger inside her and feeling the lava heat there. Just as she reached for the tie on my shorts, a voice rang out: “Janet? Are you there?”

It was our mother. Janet covered herself and squirmed back so we were innocently side by side on her bed, and I managed to lie face-down to hide my erection just as mum came into the cabin.

“In the bedroom, mum!” She called.

“Oh there you are, is Michael here too? Oh there you are. We came back earlier than we thought. How are you both?” escort bayan

We made small talk, as if nothing had happened. We were like brother and sister chatting with mum for ten minutes, during which time Janet slipped me some foxy glances.

Then my ears pricked up at what mum said next: “We got word that the sale of the business is going through. Your dad’s gonna be leaving tomorrow to go sign the legal papers, I haven’t decided whether to go with him or stay here until he gets back. But the good news is, we’re not in any hurry to get back now since it’s just a matter of time before we get the sale finalised. Not to mention all that lovely money!”

We all smiled. The sale process had kept dad stressed for weeks. We told mum we wanted to go congratulate him, so off went the three of us.

I felt like the thief returning to the scene of the crime when we entered the suite where my sister and I had fucked sucked and cum just hours before. I saw that Janet had tidied up like she said. I wondered if the sheets had any evidence on them, but Janet answered my thoughts: “Oh mum? Our beach towels are in the drier, I got the sheets and towels changed for you.”

“Thanks hon.”

Our father joined us, we hugged and asked when he was going.

“If we get packed fast enough we can still get the early flight, but we’ll need to be out of here in an hour. Mum was dismayed: “An hour? Well I’d better get on with packing. We won’t need to take everything, Mike and Janet will stay in here anyway until we get back.”

That hour flew by then they were gone. Janet and I moved our gear in and then sat sipping iced tea. Janet threw me my bathers and unashamedly stripped naked to put on her yellow bikini. Five minutes later I was lazily floating on my back while Janet hung onto the side of the pool, intently watching something. She called me over.

Beside her now, she whispered for me to look over to the bushes at the end of the property, past the pump house. At first I saw nothing, then a little splash of red caught my eye. It was a girl’s bikini bottoms, and now that I knew where to look I saw what held Janet’s interest. The girl was on her knees blowing her man, out there in the open.

“Ooh, nice spotting sis.”

I felt Janet’s hand on my awakening cock. I knew nobody was behind us so I cupped her arse with my own hand, pressing her sex so that some of the fabric of her bikini was pushed inside her. Even through it, I could feel her heat.

It lasted maybe a minute until something spooked the couple and they hurriedly covered up and disappeared. I got behind Janet and whispered in her ear: “Pull your bikini aside.” She did, and I fished my erection out and put it to her box. She arched her back slightly and I pushed gently inside my lovely, sexy sister and just held it there. Gently, firmly, Janet pressed back against me. I reached up to cup her breasts, but a noise from our right told us of an approaching family so our lust went unsatisfied as we covered up and floated apart before they rounded the bushes and splashed into the water. We got out of the pool and lay on banana lounges, far enough away for nobody to hear our whispers.

I leaned over close: “As soon as my cock isn’t going to get me arrested we’re going back to the suite. I’m gonna stand you up against the wall and fuck you.”

“OK.” Then her wicked grin came back, and she set about making sure my cock wasn’t fit to be seen in public for some time: “Pussy or bum? Cos either would be good. Or maybe I could suck you off and you blow on my tits. Oh wait! I know! Kneel between my long, smooth, supple thighs and lick my pussy till I’m ready to explode. Then slip your cock in, finish me off, and fuck me hard until you blow in me. Deal?”


She laughed loud and long, pleased with herself for turning me on so easily and so deeply. Then she sat up, grabbed the sunscreen, and sat astride my bum.

I protested: “I don’t need more…”

“Shut up. Keep still.”

My dirty, sexy sister had a dirty, sexy plan. She put a little of the lotion on her hands and rubbed it into my back. I was still uncomfortably hard, but her gentle caresses were very pleasant and altıparmak escort bayan for about a minute I just lay there enjoying her touch. Then I became aware of wet warmth. My bum was wet from the pool, now it was wet and very warm.

Janet was pissing on me as she sat there. I flinched but she stopped me, in any case I wasn’t going anywhere with her on me like that. I heard a faint hiss as her pressure built, my arse crack was flooded with her pee, and it puddled down around my stomach and soaked my crotch. The minx giggled as she kept up the appearance of just massaging lotion into my back as she emptied her bladder on me. I loved it of course, and I knew we’d not be caught even as her pee soaked through the lounger and splattered onto the grass.

When she finished she patted my back, looked around in case anybody saw her dripping crotch, then lay down on her lounger, sideways, grinning at me. Her long hair hung down over her eyes, she flicked it away, and in that moment of distraction I leapt on her and tickled. She squealed – a couple of people looked our way but otherwise we were just two people playing in the sun. But the real reason I tickled was to sit with my thighs over her boobs and let some of the wetness of my shorts soak her tits. Not much of a payback, but good enough.

She giggled. I sat on the ground beside her so I could whisper again: “I’m gonna cover my boner with my towel. I’m as hard as a rock. Come with me now?”

She smiled and nodded. She gathered our things, I walked behind her and as we went up the steps I made sure I got an eyeful of her perfect buttocks in that tantalising bikini. She looked back at me, still smiling, then we were at the door to the suite.

Inside, I pushed the door closed, dropped my towel and pulled down my sister’s bikini bottom. My shorts were next, then I pinned her to the hallway wall. I could stand no delay. She nodded. I bent my knees and held my cock to her opening. She wriggled, I pushed, she adjusted. I slipped inside my sister, she pressed back, biting my shoulder gently: “Oh god you’re so hard, Mike! Do me. Fuck me hard. Don’t wait for me.”

I didn’t. Couldn’t. She’d got me so hot that I felt the jizz boiling within seconds, then it was rushing through my aching cock to spurt in her honeypot once more. Panting, my heart racing, I pushed my cock once more into her hole but missed and it slipped past its target to nestle between her pussy lips.

“Oh sorry JJ. I came so quickly.”

“It’s OK. Sort of a compliment. Like I told you before, it’s a real turnon for me knowing you desire me so much. When you lose control it just proves that you do.”

She hugged me as my issue trickled back out and over the top of my cock. Then she lightened the atmosphere: “But don’t think this episode is over, mate. You owe me big time.”

“Mmm, I guess I do.”

We parted. Impulsively I leaned back and kissed Janet on the mouth. She said: “Jeez, mate. I let you fuck me, lick my pussy, cum in my mouth, in my bum. And only now do you give a girl a kiss!”

As we laughed gently I kissed her again. Our lips nibbled, tongues tickled at each other. But a practicality got in the way. Janet put her hand between her legs to stop my cum dripping out, and ran off comically to clean herself up. I picked up our wet things, followed her to the bathroom and dropped them in the bath. Janet was tinkling into the toilet. When she saw me looking, she impishly parted her thighs so I could watch her pee into the bowl. When she’d done, she wiped then stood, lost her bikini bra and ran the shower. She soaped up and washed quickly, stepped out for me to step in and clean up too.

We dressed in beach pants – thin cottony things with draw strings. Janet put on a T-shirt. We sat, sipping cold Cokes. I had questions.

“Nettie? Can I ask something?”


“Um, we gonna do this like, forever? I mean, won’t you find another bloke, I’ll settle down with Miss Right, you know what I mean?”

“Would you want to?”

“I don’t know. Maybe, but well we’re not in love with anyone right now but if either of us was…”

“Well, we won’t know unless it happens. nilüfer eskort Meantime, you happy to keep fucking your sister?”

“Hell yes. Still like your brother’s cock?”

“Nah, not really.”

I leaped on her and tickled her again. She squealed and we rolled onto the hard floor with a bump, then she pinned my shoulders while she got astride me. Her pussy was on my stomach. She looked intensely at me then leaned down slowly until her lips brushed mine. I gave her my tongue to nibble, she gave me hers to lick and suck. I remembered what she’d said before – ‘only now do you give a girl a kiss’ – and laughed into her mouth.


“Stupid, isn’t it? After all we’ve done together I thought it weird to kiss my sister.”

“Does it still weird you out?”

“Nothing could, I don’t think. Not with you. I don’t pretend to understand it, but…”

“But what?”

“I’ve got a boner. Any idea where to put it?”

Janet stood and stripped naked, squatted to pull my boner out of its prison, and sat on it.

“I’ve been wet too long to go without. Lay back and be my fucktoy like I did for you.”

Sounded fair. And since I’d recently blew a load, I could just enjoy the experience of giving unselfish sex to my sister as she had done for me. She rode me gently, I played with her tits, thumb-frigged her clit, pushed my hips at her grinding pussy, occasionally frantic-fucked up at her to make her gasp and pant, then slipping back passively for her to rock and grind on my cock as she saw fit. I didn’t know if I would cum, but I wanted her to.

I think it took about ten minutes before I noticed her pussy turning to squelch and her tits heaving with her breath. I pulled at her nipples and twisted them – her hands clasped mine to them as I tortured them some more.

“Oh fuck me Mikey. This is fucking heaven.”

I raised my hips and the extra penetration and clit pressure sent her towards climax. With deliberate but quickening strokes, my sister used her hips up and back and forth to fuck my pole full length, my hands still tweaking her nipples, her cunt all wet heat around my shaft. I had an inspiration. I sat up slightly, reached behind her and poked my index finger at her butthole. It went in to the second knuckle and she screamed with delight.

My other hand went to her lower tummy so my thumb could tease her clit, while she kneaded her breasts, all the while rocking and now bucking on my cock. My belly and pubes were wet with her juices, my gorgeous fucking sister’s juices, and I wanted nothing more than for her to cum for me.

We were slick with sweat, faces red from the effort, Janet’s hair dangling close to my face. She leaned back down, kiss-spoke into my mouth: “Finger my arse. I’m gonna c-cum.”

I felt her pussy turning to liquid fire and her bum squeeze my finger as her climax rose, at first just little ripples of her thighs and heaves of her perfect tits, then thigh-jerks, then panting squeaks. It was like she was crying. She looked once into my eyes, hers full of raw lust, then threw her head and hair back as she opened up her throat and cried aloud.

“Ahhh fuck, Mmmm oh yesss!”

Pushing up hard now to stay inside her, I gave her my cock to grind on as she jerked and bucked out a grunting orgasm that seemed to me to have no beginning, but unfortunately had to come to an end.

When it did she collapsed on top of me, kissing me passionately and I think with some gratitude. I kissed back. Her pussy still pulsed and twitched, her thighs trembled a little more, and I could feel her drumming heart against my chest. I stayed hard in her for some minutes, letting her revel in the afterglow until she was ready to come back to me.

“Oh jesus Mikey. I just answered the question. No matter how much I might love someone else, I don’t ever want to stop fucking my brother.”

Deep down I felt the same way and I told her so. We kissed some more. We made love some more. Those few days we had together, finding each other, were never topped but we came close may times.


I am married now, my wife doesn’t know about my incest passion for my sister. Janet has two off-and-on boyfriends who she loves spending time with. Neither knows about the other nor of course about me.

Last night, Janet and I fucked for the first time in nearly a month. It was in the fields near her house; it was frantic, messy, quick. And the bitch pissed on me afterwards. And I love her for it.

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