My Sister, The Model


1. Felicia

Felicia had to be the hottest senior at Tillman High. She was easily the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in person. Everyone always told her she could be a model. She definitely had the body for it. She stood about 6’5″ in heels with silky legs that went on for days, and long dirty blonde hair. She had the face of an angel no matter how cliché that sounds, and her breasts were full and perky. She was a goddess walking the earth, and I was lucky enough to be the only freshman to have ever seen her naked. Now I know that sounds strange. Why would a senior that could have anyone she wanted do anything with a lowly freshman? Nothing. I’ve never done anything with her. I watched her getting into the shower at home…yeah she’s my sister.

Don’t judge me because I think my sister is the most attractive woman walking the planet. I know that some of you feel the same way about your sister. Oh how I wanted to get with her and kiss those luscious lips. Feel her smooth skin and know what it is like to be inside her. I’ve watched her shower on several occasions. I have jacked off thinking about it even more. I don’t know how wrong it is for me to desire her this way, but honestly, I don’t care.

When she graduated she took everyone’s word to heart and ran off to Paris to be a model. As could be expected, she got a deal as soon as she got there, and I mean when she walked off the plane. The owner of one of the largest modeling agencies in France was getting off another plain at the same time. He saw her from across the terminal and ran up to her. After talking for a few minutes he asked her to let him represent her.

Jacques Baudouin got her a deal to be the main face of a new fashion line being released by the best designer in France. She had shoots three to four times a week posing for different things. She was living quite well; Jacques paid for her flat in Paris. It had a view of the city, and she could see everything from her apartment. Things continued to go well for her, but it started to be too much. Felicia burned out from working nonstop. She became very sick and had to quit working. When she got better she decided to work out the rest of her contract and then quit. She wanted to go to college and get her degree so she could teach.

2. Senior Year

Three years went by while Felicia was in France. It was my senior year and I hadn’t had a girlfriend. I guess looking at Felicia my whole life raised my standards. No girl that had approached me and wanted to “go out” or “grab a bite to eat” was even close to being on par with my sister. I hadn’t had sex yet for that same reason. All my friends hounded me for still being a virgin, but I didn’t care.

By my senior year I had grown a foot and a half and put on some muscle mass. I suppose it’s the genes but girls at Tillman put me on hottest guys in school list at number one. I was about 6’7″ and weighed about 237 pounds. I was starting quarterback on our football team. I was 18 and looked like I was 25 when I didn’t shave.

Midway through the semester a recruiter from a West Virginia came to our homecoming game to watch me play. At the end of the game he talked to me and mentioned that there were some other players they were looking at, but I had a good shot of getting a scholarship to play ball for West Virginia. While I finished up the year and sent applications out to all the colleges I wanted to go to. I got a few letters back offering me full rides and a few offering partial scholarships. I decided that I was going to take the football scholarship to West Virginia. The year ended and I graduated.

I hadn’t heard from Felicia for maltepe escort at least six months. The girl of my dreams had left and it felt like I would never see her again. During the summer I didn’t do much. I lazed around the house watching TV and eating. My summer was only going to be about a month long. At the end of the month I had to go to football camp. It was a random Saturday night around 2 AM and my cell phone rang.

“Hey I’m home. Can you come to the airport and pick me up?”

3. Home at Last

I sped up to baggage claim and threw the car into park. I turned on my hazard lights and jumped out of the car. I ran into the airport and stopped. There she was about twenty yards from me picking up her bags from the conveyer belt as they passed by. I casually walked up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. Startled she turned quickly. She had the most beautiful smile stretched across her face when she threw her arms around my neck. I grasped her tightly. We stood there holding one another for a few seconds. I inhaled taking in her scent. It made me so happy to be with her again.

“You really have grown up little brother,” she said. Her face was glowing. She looked as beautiful as she had when she left. In fact she looked as though she had grown more attractive.

“I’ve missed you so much Fe,” I said looking straight at her piercing green eyes. “How was France?” I asked trying to make some sort of conversation as I helped her carry her bags out to my car.

We got all her bags in the car and headed back to the house. We talked the whole way back, and when we got home we sat in the living room all night talking about how high school went for me and how Paris was for her. We talked about my football career thus far and she told me about her plans to go to college and then teach.

I woke up the next morning with Felicia lying on top of me. We had fallen asleep talking. The way she was positioned my head was above her and I could see straight down her shirt. Her tits were just a perky and full as they had three years ago. Her shirt had slid up exposing her stomach and hips. Her skin looked so soft and tanned. I slowly put my hand on her hip and felt her skin. It was as silky smooth as I had imagined it. She stirred a little and I quickly pulled my hand away. I figured she wasn’t waking up so I put my hand back on her skin. I slowly rubbed my hand on her flat tummy. I felt my cock getting hard. I worried the pressure on her back and side might wake her up. I stopped moving but left my hand on her tight abs.

I heard some movement upstairs. My parents were awake. I slowly slipped out from underneath Fe and stood up. I slid my right arm under her knees and the left under her back, and I picked her up cradling Felicia as I carried her upstairs. I got up to her room laid her on the bed. I turned to leave the room, and Felicia said something.

“Don’t leave me,” she said softly. I went back to the bed and laid down next to her.

“Hold me,” she whimpered. I got closer and put my arms around her. She was warm and soft. I didn’t think that I would ever get to spoon with Felicia. Just as I was getting comfortable she rolled over and faced me. She looked at me with those striking eyes and then she kissed me. It was the most amazing kiss I had ever experienced. Her lips were soft and moist.

“I felt your hand on my stomach this morning and I kinda liked it,” she said. “When I saw you in the airport I almost didn’t recognize you, and I thought u looked amazing.” I was stunned. I didn’t know what to think. The girl of my dreams, my sister, was lying in my arms mecidiyeköy escort telling me how hot she though I was.

She sat up and peeled her shirt over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tanned skin was perfect there wasn’t a mark or blemish on it. She reached for the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up exposing my tight six-pack. I heard what sounded like a feint “ooh” escape her lips. She got my shirt off and pushed me down on my back. Felicia straddled me, leaned down, and started kissing me again. I had never been with a girl in this type of situation before, so I had only a slight idea of what to do. I ran my hand up her thighs and onto her hips. She sat back up. My sister’s perky tits were easily the most beautiful thing I had seen thus far in my life. She noticed me staring at them and took my right hand and put it to one of her breasts. I squeezed slightly. It felt so soft and smooth. I brought my other hand up to the other one and continued to squeeze them softly. Felicia whimpered softly.

I wanted to fuck her so bad. I think that she sensed it because she stood up on the bed and undid her belt, and pushed her pants down to her ankles. She lifted one leg out and then kicked the pants into my face with the other. She was wearing the tiniest, little red panties in existence. She did the same with them as the pants. When the underwear hit my face I could smell something that I hadn’t smelled before, but for some reason, it made me so horny. I looked at her twat, and it was completely bare. There were no marks or bumps on her skin, and her pussy looked so good. I wanted to taste her. I had never been down on a girl before, but I wanted to try for her.

“Come here,” I said. Felicia walked toward my head and squat down over my face. I stuck my tongue out and lightly licked her little button. She let out a deep breath, and I did it again. I went ahead and stuck my tongue it her tight hole. She tasted amazing.

“Oh yes. Oh God,” she moaned as I slid my tongue in and out of her pussy. I knew I was doing something right so I didn’t change anything. She let out one last “Oooohhhh!” as her body shuddered on above my head.

After a minute or so she looked at me and said, “Your turn.” Felicia made her way to the other end of the bed and pulled down my shorts and boxers all at once. She threw them on the floor. She looked at my fully erect penis and a big smile appeared on her face. “This is gonna be fun,” she said before she put my dick in her mouth. My sister’s warm, wet lips slid up and down my hard shaft while she played with my ball sack with her fingers. This was my first blow job and it was the most intense feeling that I had ever experienced. I came in her mouth almost immediately. She sucked the cum from my cock. Not a drop was left when her mouth left the tip.

“I want you so bad, but I’ve never done this before,” I said when she looked at me.

“It’s ok I’ll be gentle with you.”

“Ok. Should we get a condom?”

“No, we’ll be fine.” She said as she walked on her knees up to my pelvic region. She straddled me again, but this time before she settled her right knee on the bed she took hold of my shaft and pointed it toward her pussy. Felicia slid onto my cock as she put her knee down. It felt so tight and so wet. I almost came just from the initial shock. Felicia slowly bounced up and down on my dick, her tits were bouncing fluidly. I put my palm on her pelvis and my thumb on her clit and softly rubbed in a circular motion as she fucked me. I had no clue that sex felt like this. Her dripping pussy slid up and down at a faster pace and she was almost nişantaşı escort yelling. I don’t know how our parents didn’t hear us. She was being so loud, but the louder she was the harder I pushed into her little slit, and the harder I slammed into her, the louder she got. She came, and collapsed on to my chest. She was surprised when I rolled over almost immediately. I flipped her onto her back and began pushing my rod into her pussy even harder. She was screaming “Oh GOD!” every thrust. I felt her body shuddering under mine as she came again. I pushed into her three more times as deep as I could possibly go and then I came. I came for what seemed like several minutes the cum just kept flowing. I collapsed onto the bed beside her and laid there holding her.

“That was amazing.” I noticed her eyes close just before I passed out.

4. The Dream

When I woke up that afternoon I was alone in bed naked. All of her clothes that had been thrown around the room were no where to be seen. I got up and got dressed. When I went downstairs my dad was watching the game on the TV and mom was making lunch. I noticed that Felicia’s bags weren’t next to the door where we left them.

“Either of you seen Felicia?” I asked my parents.

“Your sister?” mom asked quizzically


“No. She is in Paris or Milan for a shoot isn’t she honey?” Mom asked my dad.

“I dunno. I haven’t heard from her in at least three or four months. You’re the one that talks to her twice a month running up the long distance bill”

“Oh ok,” Mom said blankly. She turned and looked at me, “Why do you ask?”

“Never mind I must have been dreaming.”

“Oh yeah,” my mom said with an interested tone in her voice. “What happened?”

“She called me from the Airport and said she was home, so I went and got her. I helped her bring her bags in and she went to bed and told her that I would see her in the morning and catch up with her.” I lied, but I really couldn’t tell what really happened.

“Oh well that’s nice dear, but I think she said she was going to be in Milan this week,” Mom added

Mom started to say something else, but I just kept walking. I wanted to find some sort of evidence that I hadn’t been dreaming. After a full search of the house I found nothing. It seemed as though I had been dreaming. It had felt so real. It was everything I had imagined it would be. It makes more sense that it was a dream. I mean how likely is it that Felicia would just fuck me like that? And how is it that my parents didn’t hear the noises she was making. Realistically I don’t think any of this could have happened. Come to think of it, I didn’t even have a cell phone when Felicia left for France.

After completely writing off everything that had happened as an extremely realistic dream, my phone rang.

“Hey sexy,” her voice came through the line.


“Where are you?” My voice cracked in excitement.

“I’m at the hotel downtown. I didn’t want mom and dad to know that I had quit working.”

“I was convinced that it had been a dream or something.”

“No. The multiple orgasms you gave me last night were definitely real.” That statement made me grin.

“When can I come see you?”

“Come to my hotel tonight around ten. I’m in room 1235. Anyway, I gotta go so ill see you tonight.”

Later that night we had another round of amazing sex. I didn’t want it to end, but it had to. I was heading to West Virginia at the end of the month and Felicia was going to start taking classes near home. We got together the next few nights, but we decided that even though being with one another was the best feeling in our lives we couldn’t stay together. Society would be against us not to mention our parents. So at the end of the month I left for school and said good bye to my relationship with Felicia. She was still my sister so I would continue to see her. but it just wouldn’t be the same.

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