My Sister’s Drawer


Let me begin at the beginning. At the time I was a 22-year-old graduate student in political science. I lived with my 19-year-old sister, Susan, in our mother’s house. Our mother had been living – with the exception of brief trips home — in the Virgin Islands for about two years, since my sister had started art school.

Susan and I got along remarkably well together in this house, though that may be because we lived quite separate lives. She had the third floor all to herself, while I had the second, and often whole days would go by without our seeing each other except over coffee in the morning.

The incident I write about took place because our television was broken. I don’t generally watch television much but on the day of the first Clinton-Dole debate in 1996 I wanted to take it in. I asked Susan if I could watch on the small set in her bedroom. Certainly, she said.

After dinner I went up to her room while she was still working on a painting in her first floor studio. While in her room, in need of a Kleenex, I opened the drawer of her bedside table and discovered a vibrator and two adult movie tapes there. Well, well, little sister, I thought, smiling to myself. But not wanting to be thought a snoop, I simply put them back and closed the drawer.

Near the end of the debate — which I must admit didn’t fascinate me half as much as the thought of the paraphernalia in my little sister’s drawer — Susan came in with a glass of white wine wearing her usual outfit of black tights and a bulky fisherman’s sweater. Kicking off her shoes, she flopped back on the bed and asked who was winning.

The debate ended and she said she thought, from what she had seen, that Clinton had won. “But you know what’s funny, he kind of reminds me of Alex, the way he talks.” Alex was her former boyfriend who she had broken up with a month earlier.

“Do you miss him?” I asked with genuine concern.

“Not much,” she acknowledged. But then with a little giggle she added, “though I must admit I do sort of miss the sex.”

“Really? But why would you miss the sex when you have …” And with this I reached over to the drawer, opened it and pulled out the vibrator, holding it in front of me with a grin on my face. “… this to fill the gap, so to speak.”

“Give me that!” she shouted angrily as she lunged to grab the appliance. But I was too quick for her, turning my back as she snapped her hands on my wrists from behind with remarkable strength.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry,” I said, “I’ll give it back.” And contritely I did. I could see she was still angry and her face was red with exertion and embarrassment. “I am sorry.” I said, ” I was just intrigued when I found it. You know, my own sister … it’s like the way you can never picture your parents actually doing it. I shouldn’t have, and I know it.”

“Well, why can’t you picture your sister? All women do, it’s just not something you want paraded publicly, you snoop!”

“I already apologized. And I know it’s something all women do, though I must admit I’ve never seen one, you know … do it.”

“You mean all those girlfriends you parade over here and you’ve never had one of them masturbate for you,” she snickered.

“No.” Suddenly I was seeing myself as inexperienced in front of my own little sister.

“Well, why don’t you ask them to if you want to watch?”

“Isn’t it, like you said, something very private?”

“Sure, but it’s also sort of exciting to have a guy watching. Ask, next time, I bet you’ll be surprised by the answer.”

“Have you ever watched a guy masturbate?”


“Did it … you know … excite you?”

“Oh, yes. Very much. I fantasized about it for months afterward.”

“Who was it?”

“Who do you think?”

“You got Alex to jerk off for you?”


“Well, then who was it?



“Yup, you. It was about four years ago — I was only about fourteen at the time — at the cottage. I was in my room reading and you came up from the lake and were lying down on the daybed on the screened porch. I kept reading, but after about five or six minutes I was hearing sort of heavy breathing from the porch. I tiptoed to the window to see what was going on. I couldn’t see your penis or your hand, but I could see your face and your shoulder was jerking a little. I almost said something, but then I figured out what was going on and I just kept quiet and continued watching. I was pretty well concealed and your eyes were closed, but I didn’t dare move to a new position where I could actually see your pumping hand. But I kept watching your face and listened to your breathing and panting. At first I almost started to giggle, but then I was fascinated and sort of turned on. I could feel myself getting wet. And when you came — with a little whimper and your face all contorted — well, for a fourteen year old girl with almost no experience with boys, it was pretty exciting.”

“And you just called me a snoop?!”

“I wasn’t snooping, I was already Alanya Olgun Escort there. You just sort of put on a show for me. And it was a good one, I must admit. You were a big part of my sex education,” she laughed.

“Well then, I guess you owe me,” I smiled.

“Owe you what?”

“A show.”

“You mean you want me to diddle myself in front of you — my big brother. You can’t be real!”

“Oh, but I am. After all, you were the one who said all I have to do is ask. And that it was exciting to have a man watch you. Don’t I qualify?” I had a smile on my face, but the truth is I was getting very turned on just thinking about it, and I could see that Susan was intrigued by the thought.

“Maybe. But I’d never be able to get off. I’d be thinking about you watching all the time.”

“Well then, let’s try this.” And with that I reached into the drawer and pulled out one of the porno films. “You can concentrate — you can lose yourself in the film — forget I’m here. I’ll sit here in the chair. You need never even look at me.”

“I’m not sure.”

“Well, you don’t have to be. Let’s just try it. You don’t have to show me anything more than you got watching me — cover everything but your head with the comforter. If it doesn’t work for you, just stop. But it could be very exciting you know.”

She looked very hesitant, but I could see she was intrigued in spite of herself. Finally she said, “Okay, but we’ll just try it!”

My heart — or something — leapt. I put the tape in the VCR while Susan piled pillows to lay her head on and spread the comforter over her. I dared not look at her or say anything because I sensed she was just on the edge of changing her mind and I didn’t want to give her any excuse I was so anxious to watch her get off. Then I went back to the chair by the side of the bed, positioned it facing the television and sat down.

With the remote I started the movie. I fast-forwarded through the FBI warning and the phone sex solicitations and then set it on play for the serious action. The video was a compendium — a “best of” collection — and it opened with a sequence of a phone repair man with an obviously horny housewife.

I kept my eyes on the screen with occasional sidelong glances at Susan with her arms under the comforter which came up just under her breasts. She was still wearing the big, bulky sweater. I couldn’t see any movement of the comforter during the warm-up on screen. I was afraid the whole thing was too awkward for Susan and she would call the whole thing off at any moment.

To keep it going I tried to try some “educate me” questions. Trying to put her in the role of teacher and me — her older brother — as student. “Do women like these films as much as men? Does it turn them on?”

“Let’s just say I know this tape pretty well,” Susan answered.

“Do you like the women with women scenes best? Or the ones with the guys?”

“Both, I guess, but quit asking me questions if you want me to get into this,” she answered, sounding annoyed. “Later I’ll show you the scene on this tape that most excites me.”

I kept quiet. And after a few minutes with the action now hot and heavy on screen, Susan sort of squirmed under the comforter and I knew that she was she was pushing her tights (and her panties?) down. And after that there started a slow stroking of her pussy, visible only as a slight, but steady movement of the comforter.

She never looked over at me in my chair positioned slightly behind her head and I was no longer looking at the screen, but only at Susan. Her breathing was noticeably heavier now, but still even and slow. Her head started rocking backwards into the pillow very slightly now and the pace of the hand movements became a bit faster. I was getting extremely turned on, my penis uncomfortable in my jeans — but I dared not move to alleviate the discomfort, though I did stroke myself very slightly through the denim with my fingers.

Suddenly there was a click and I could hear a low hum from under the comforter. The vibrator — which I had almost forgotten — was on, and I could see Susan spread her legs more. Her eyes were still on the screen, but now every so often she’d close them briefly and loll her head sideways for a moment. Her mouth was now slackly open and her heavy breathing became more like panting. I thought she was going to come at any moment and I was as hard as I’ve ever been in my life. I could feel my cock oozing pre-come.

But she wasn’t there yet. And I had more wonderful minutes of watching her lost in her labors. Now she spread her legs further and her knees came up a bit making a tent of the comforter. And then there was a sharp intake of breath and a slight groan.

I was sure she was now totally unaware of my presence. But she surprised me by asking, “Are you watching?”

“Oh yes.” I said reverently.

“It’s in me now and it feels so good. I’m moving it in and out very slowly. Can you picture it? In … and out … in … and out. Alanya Otele Gelen Escort I wish you could feel this pleasure.”

She said nothing for a few moments, but the slow steady movement continued under the comforter. Her breathing was forced and jerky now and came in bursts in reaction to her hand movements.

“Are you liking this?” she asked breathily.


Almost laughing in her breathlessness “Are you very stiff?’

“Oh, very.”

“Are you touching yourself?”

“Just a little.”

“I figured.”

“Are you very wet?”

“Sopping! I’m probably making a mess. But quiet now, this is the part that always makes me come.”

Her hands were moving faster now and her panting was ragged and quite loud now. I looked briefly at the screen and saw a blonde girl in a hot tub with a guy sucking on her breasts. But then the girl turned and directed her attention to a second man sitting on the edge of the hot tub. She came to him, put her hand around his cock, leaned forward and started sucking on it. The first guy, still in the water came up behind her and started stroking her hair with his left hand while his right reached around and began gently squeezing her breasts, occasionally pinching her nipples.

“Dan,” Susan asked, “would you — No, never mind.”

“Please, Susan, tell me what you want.”

“Well, could you just come over and stroke my breasts? Just on the sweater.”

I came forward and sat on the bed behind her head. Very gently I started stroking her breasts through the sweater. Her head was propped up on pillows, still watching the screen, but she closed them briefly when I started the soft caresses.

“My little sister has very nice tits.”

“Thank you.”

“Yes, very very nice.”

“Could you squeeze them a little? And be just a bit rougher, like the guy in the film.”

I complied and I could tell she was loving it. Her breathing was very ragged now and her eyes were intently watching the incredible feat of the blonde in the hot tub who had now taken the cock deep down her throat to the obvious ecstasy of its owner. Susan’s hands were moving faster now under the comforter and she started a low moaning.

Urgently she said: “Reach under my sweater and play rough now. Pinch my nipples. Please hurt me. Hurt me.”

I quickly reached down to her stomach and roughly pulled the sweater up to her chin revealing a gorgeous set of plump, rosy breasts with delicate — but very hard — nipples which I squeezed and tugged and treated very roughly.

“Now! Now! Watch! This is it! Oohhh!”

Her eyes were closed and her face was flushed a deep red, especially high on her cheeks. And she rolled her head back grinding it into the pillows. She was gasping in her ecstasy and shaking with tension and the thrill of release.

“I’m coming,” she strained to say. And then she was lost in concentration and in shuddering. My own little sister totally wanton and in the clutches of her pleasure. And after a time I was pulled from the hypnosis of watching her in her orgasm by her saying, “More gently now. Softer.”

“Oh, yes, of course.” I realized that I was still roughly pinching and tugging at Susan’s nipples, and I returned to the soft caresses I had started with. Her eyes were still closed and there was still the muted hum under the blanket. After a while, she clicked off the vibrator, smiled and opened her eyes.

“We must never do this again,” said Susan and as she spoke she gently pushed away my hands and pulled her sweater down. “It’s not … you know … right.” She reached for the remote control by my leg and clicked off the porno flick.

“But before you go I do have two questions,” she said.

“Go ahead.”

“Are my tits really nice, or were you just saying that as, like, a thing to say.”

“No, little sister, they are really very nice. What’s the second question?”

“Oh, did you get as excited as I did by the scene in the hot tub? I don’t know what it is about that scene. It makes me come every time. I even draw up that scene in my mind some times when I’m not here, you know, not watching it and I need a good fantasy.”

“To tell you the truth, I didn’t really see it all the way. I was too excited watching your face and, of course, your tits.” I laughed.

“Well, would you watch it again and tell me what you think.”

“Sure. Though it will no doubt aggravate my current discomfort.”

“Oh, now don’t tell me you were going to go to your room and jack yourself off while thinking about your little sister getting off?” she asked in mock shock.

“Well … yes, I guess I was,” I admitted, embarrassed.

“Why don’t you do it here while you’re watching the scene in the movie again. I’d like to watch you again. And after all, I just did it for you.”

Now it was my turn to be hesitant, but the thought of getting off with Susan watching was too exciting, and whatever modesty I harbored was overcome by that excitement. I appropriated Alanya Rus Escort the comforter and undid my belt and pushed down my pants under the covers. Susan rewound the tape to the start of the hot tub scene and then said, “What? You mean I don’t get to see your cock, don’t get to see you stoking it?”

“You didn’t let me see your vagina or your manipulations.”

“Vagina? Well, aren’t we formal. You mean my pussy? You want to see my pussy?” she asked teasingly.

“Yes,” quietly. “Yes, what? I want you to say it.”

“Come on, Susan, you’re toying with me.”

“I’m not a tease. I’ll show it to you. I just want to hear you say it.”

“I want to see your pussy.”

And with that she got up and turned her back while she took off her tights and panties. Her sweater was long and she pulled it down over her crotch before she turned around to face me. Then gradually she inched it up to reveal her trim pussy with its triangle of soft, brownish-blonde down.

“You like?” she said as she came forward to the edge of the bed. “Now it’s your turn.” And she reached for the edge of the comforter and slowly pulled it down below my knees.

“Oh yes, what a nice cock. My big brother has a nice big cock. And look at all that slime on the head — all that pre-come. I love that. I want you to spread it around with your hand.”

I complied while I kept my eyes on her luscious cunt. I was aching with longing for release staring at that dewy flower in its soft golden brown garden.

“Okay, stop looking at my pussy. It’s time to watch the movie.” She put the video tape on play and sat down beside me to watch.”

I stoked myself slowly as the threesome on screen repeated their activities.

“You see how she holds that guy’s cock like it was pure gold? Oh God, that turns me on!” And out of the corner of my eye I could see she was gently fingering herself. “But here’s the part that really does it for me. You see how she takes him into her mouth? And you see the look on his face? It’s just the thought of giving all that pleasure. I’ve loved giving head ever since I first saw that. I mean not that I minded it before, but … look at that. How are you doing, big brother?”

“Very nicely.”

“Would it be okay if I touched you? I want to feel the heat of that smooth pole.”

“Yes.” And I relinquished my hold and felt her warm hand take my cock in its grasp. She slowly moved her hand up and down as we watched the blonde in the film move her mouth easily over her partner’s huge prong.

“I want you to come exactly when the guy in the film does.”

“If I last that long.”

“You do feel very hard. Very hard. It is better when I stroke you than when you do it?”

“Oh yes, much better. I can’t think of anything better.”

“You lack imagination.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, would it be better, for instance, if I sucked you, just like she’s doing? Except it would be your own little sister giving you a blow job. Sucking the sweet come right out of you, making you shoot your wad into my mouth.”

“You’re right, that would be better. Will you?”

“Only if you do what I want you to.”

“What? Anything.”

“I want you to rub my twat. You aren’t doing anything with your hands after all.”

She adjusted herself so I could touch her cunt and she started undulating her hips slowly into my hand. She was already very wet, and my hand moved easily.

“That’s right,” she moaned. “Just keep making those little circles and would you slide your finger in my hole just a tiny bit. Yesss. Just like that. I told you I always come on this scene. And you might just be able to keep my record intact. And now for my part of the bargain.”

She leaned forward across me and took my ramrod cock into her mouth, playing over its slipperiness with her tongue. I almost came at that moment at the sight of her warm mouth engulfing my member. My own sister! Now she started taking me deeper and deeper and moving up and down on my cock in synchronized rhythm with the girl on the screen. Faster and faster, building to a crescendo while I urged her speed by moving my hand harder and faster on her cunt and driving my finger deeper with each thrust.

Suddenly I could feel the explosion in my balls and a torrent started rushing through my loins and spasming into Susan’s mouth. I was coming as violently as I’d ever come in my life. I kept shooting and shooting again and again and Susan kept pumping with her head and pushing harder and faster with her pelvis on my frantically moving hand. Finally she lifted her head, her lips shiny and glistening with my come. Breathing very hard she said, “Don’t stop! Whatever you do don’t stop!”

I kept jamming her and suddenly I heard her scream, “Yess. Yess. I’m coming. I’m coming. Can you feel it? Oooooh. Yes, big brother, frig me! Frig me! Watch the screen, you see.” The guy in the movie was spurting his load all over the face and chest of the leering blonde who kept pumping his cock with her hand.

Finally she settled down and lay back, spent, with her eyes closed but a smile on her face, her chin still shiny with spit and my come. “I can’t believe it,” she said, “my own brother finger-fucking me and getting me off like a rocket. Oh, baby. And how did you like your part of the bargain? Am I good, or what?”

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