My Sisters – My Angels Ch. 02


My Sisters – My Angels was published in Aug’2011, exactly two years ago. At that time, I had no plans for a sequel. The story was very popular and had 100,000 views till date. Several readers have asked me to write a sequel. It took a long time coming, but here it is, at last. Though this can be read as a standalone story, I would suggest you read the first part (if you haven’t read it earlier) before reading this, for better appreciation of the story and characters. Hope you will enjoy this second chapter as much as the first or even more.

Four years had gone by since those wonderful nights with my angelic sister Gita and her friend Padma. The three of us learned together all the joys of sex and we were never really clear or cared who seduced whom. While my beloved elder sister Gita allowed me to do everything with her fabulous body, she never allowed me to fuck her. She said that would be incest and a sin, and, we shouldn’t do that. However, she ensured that I fucked Padma; in fact Gita helped me there.

You would recall that Gita was short, slightly plump and was of medium fair complexion. She was just five feet tall and had big breasts that were perfect globes. She had big buttocks and a nice ass. Her mouth was generous, teeth even, lips full and cheeks chubby. In short, her whole body was a little fleshy, plump delight. She was a kind and cheerful person. She was twenty three then and I was eighteen.

A lot of things had happened in these four years. We moved back to my father’s home and Gita’s marriage was performed three years back. She moved to her husband’s city which was a thousand kilometers away. I was now pursuing my Post Graduation. I was busy with my own studies and circle of friends.

One day, my father asked me to visit my sister and bring her home as she wanted to spend a month with us. She had visited us twice since her marriage, but both trips were short and she was accompanied by her husband. Somehow, I was never able to visit her at her husband’s home. So,we were all happy that she would spend a month with us and I went to her city to bring her home.

We started back on our return journey by an express train that left there in the evening. A cousin was kind enough to book our tickets for me by 1st class. When we boarded the train, I found out that we were allotted a coupe. (Those days, trains had different classes of travel – 1st, 2nd and 3rd – 1st being the highest and most comfortable. A/C was not available in most trains. A ‘coupe’ was a cabin with just two berths – a lower berth and an upper berth).

The train started around five pm and we chatted nonstop for nearly two hours. Gita wanted to know about everybody and all the events of the past few years. She had packed a light dinner for us and we ate early, around eight. During our dinner, the Ticket Examiner visited us and checked our tickets. He advised us to bolt the cabin door from inside for safety when we slept.

After dinner, we sat quietly for a while. It was winter time and there was a chill in the air. Gita asked me to pull down the window shutters leaving a very small opening. It was more comfortable inside the cabin after that.

Gita was seated on the lower berth next to the window and I was sitting next to her, a little away and on her right. She broke the silence.

“Do you remember those lovely days, Kid?” (She called me kid, always)

I was taken aback by her question. After her marriage, we never once referred to those wonderful days. I thought, with her marriage, that was a closed chapter and it was a taboo even to think about it, let alone talk. So, when Gita asked that question, I was speechless.

Gita moved a little closer and took my left hand in both her hands. Gently caressing it with her soft right palm, she repeated that question again. By now I had recovered my poise.

“Sis, I never forget those days. I think of them often…very often.” I mumbled.

“You were a really naughty boy then, weren’t you? Do you remember how scared I was that night after seeing ‘Psycho’? And, you scared me even more by talking about those scary scenes.” As she said this she moved a little closer to me and her sari clad right thigh was now in contact with my left thigh. It was warm and soft, even through all those layers of clothing.

“And, you moved closer to me because you were scared, sis.” My voice trembled.

“It was then that you first touched my boobs, remember?” She asked gently squeezing my left palm with both her hands, sending a mild shock into me.

“Oh, Sis, stop teasing me please!” I begged, not knowing what to say.

“Oh, kid, I am not teasing you. After all these years, those memories are still very fresh and are precious for me.” So saying, she lifted my left hand and put it over her big, full right breast.

For four years, those breasts dominated my fantasies in nights. A thousand times I masturbated recalling how I played with her wondrous boobs. And now, finally, here they were so close to me and asking me to take possession of them. I needed no further invitation.

Even şişli rus escort as my left palm covered her right boob, I reached for her left boob with my right hand and gently squeezed them both. Gita sighed and gave me a very endearing look.

“Do you still love them, as much?” She asked, fondly.

‘More than ever, they are the best, sis,” I replied, continuing my squeeze.

I unhooked her blouse and quickly opened it. Her big boobs looked awesome ensconced in her white bra, the half moons spilling over the cup. Gita reached behind with her hands and quickly unclasped the bra. I pulled it away from her chest and saw her magnificent boobs in all their naked glory again, taking my breath away.

“Make love to them like you did the first time, kid.” Her words were music to me.

Reverently, I held her right boob in my left hand, holding the bottom half and slightly pushing it up. With my right hand, I fondled it, running my fingers and palm all over the big surface while avoiding any contact with the areola or the nipple. My fingers massaged and squeezed gently the soft flesh. Gita closed her eyes and relaxed, her head resting comfortably against the backrest.

I let my forefinger touch the periphery of her brown areola and then ran it along its circular path around her pinkish nipple that started hardening and lengthening. My thumb joined the forefinger and took possession of my beloved sister’s engorged nipple and rolled it.

Gita sighed and her breathing quickened slightly. I knew she wanted more and started kneading and fondling her boobs a little more roughly while slowly pinching and pulling her nipples.

Gita opened her eyes and said,” Oh my god! It has been ages since they were loved like this.”

“Why? Doesn’t he love them?” I was really curious.

“No, kid, he thinks they are too big and ugly. Says so, sometimes! Once, he even called me a dairy farm.” She sounded bitter.

“Well! For me they are the most beautiful and sexy boobs and jugs of Joy.”

My hands left her right tit and reached for her left tit, even as I brought my hungry mouth to her right boob and started licking her areola and nipple. My lips clamped on to her erect nipple and started sucking it.

“Oh, kid, suck it well, my love, it is so hungry for you,” so saying, Gita put her hands behind my head and pulled my face to her bosom with a force and urgency. In response, I took her nipple, her areola and a bit of her big tit into my mouth and literally chomped on it. My right hand continued to fondle her left boob, kneading it roughly.

I could see that she loved my actions and all the treatment her boobs were receiving. I realized that my left hand was free and dropped it into her lap, squeezing her upper right thigh. Gita felt my hand and understood where I was trying to reach. She pushed me away from her saying,”Wait. Let us get more comfortable.”

I got off from the berth and checked that the cabin door was properly locked from inside. Gita stood up and removed her sari. She put her sari, her blouse and bra on the top berth. Clad only in her petticoat, she now lay flat on her back on the berth, her head resting on a pillow at the window end. But, there was hardly any place on the berth for me to sit!

She then turned on her left shoulder and lay side on facing me, leaving enough room for me to sit, my left hip touching her tummy. With my right hand, I started massaging her lovely boobs and my left hand reached under the petticoat and made contact with her silken smooth, warm and fleshy thigh.

As my hand traveled up, stroking her thigh, Gita moved her thighs a little apart. My hand reached her inner thighs and stroked them. I then rested my palm on the raised mound covered by the damp cotton panties. I took my right hand off her boob and caressed her face lovingly. Her lips kissed my hand tenderly.

My left palm rested squarely on her panties clad pussy and gave it a loving squeeze. Gita answered with a low moan that said many things! I inserted my palm inside her panties and grabbed my sister’s cute pussy.

To refresh your memory, Gita had a small, compact pussy. It felt the same to me after this long gap of four years. Her pubic patch was small and my fingers quickly found the wet, hot entrance between her vaginal lips. As I pushed my forefinger in, it was the same wet, hot, juicy cunt that I loved so much.

“Oh! Mohan! How I longed for your lovely fingers in my cunt all these years!! Fuck it with your hand, baby!” Her voice was husky with desire.

In response, my middle finger too slipped in and I pushed both deep into her juicy cunt till they lay buried in her. With my thumb, I probed in the upper folds and found her small and cute clit and started caressing it.

Gita responded eagerly by pushing her pussy against my hand and moaning. The train was travelling at good speed and the swaying motion of the coach helped too in creating a rhythm.

As my fingers fucked her, it was evident that her cunt was very şişli türbanlı escort hungry for love. As her breathing quickened, she continued pushing against my hand. Her mouth found my right hand and her lips kissed and sucked at my palm and fingers. She was in frenzy and quickly had a orgasm in no time.

When the movements stopped after a few minutes, she opened her eyes and gave me her loving smile. “Oh! Kid! I really needed that badly!”

In response, I brought my mouth down on hers and kissed her full on the wet and sweet lips. Gita responded by opening her hot mouth to me and slipping her tongue into mine. We kissed hard and deep, like long lost lovers. She pushed me away after a minute and got up to sit on the berth.

I got off the berth and standing up, removed my shirt and vest.

“Oh! Dear! You have lot more hairs on your chest now,” my sister said fondly.

I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my trousers and pulled them off. I now stood in front of her clad only in my jockey shorts and I could see her eyes were now feasting on the big bulge. Her right hand reached out and cupped my bulge and she gave it an appreciative squeeze.

“Wow! It feels much bigger now than before!” she said in awe, even as her hands felt my hairy thighs and pulled at the hairs with longing. Her eyes lit up and her every action made me hotter.

“My kid brother is much bigger now and I love it all.” Her words were music.

She stood up and moved closer to me opening her arms. We hugged each other very tightly. My arms went behind her and encircling her silken smooth and fleshy waist. Gita’s arms went around me and her big melon like breasts squashed against my chest. We hugged each other very tightly, expelling our breaths. Our mutual hunger was so palpable.

“Oh! Mohan! Your sister is so hungry for you, kid. Take her, baby and love her.” She whispered in my ears.

I knew and felt her hunger and emotions swelled up in me. It was obvious that she was starved for good sex and I did not know the reasons or what had happened in those four years. I knew I shouldn’t ask her and she would tell me herself, later. For now, I would do everything to quench her thirst and hunger with all the loving care.

When we came up for breath, I made her sit on the berth. I reached for and gently pulled her panties away from her pussy and down her thighs and legs and threw it on the upper berth. I sat on my knees on the floor of the cabin in front of her. Holding her flanks in my hands, I bent my head and moved my face close to her mound.

As Gita understood my intentions, her breathing quickened and she moved slightly forward on the berth. As my face reached very close to her womanhood between her thighs, she parted them and opened up herself to me. Her aroma was as intoxicating as ever.

“Oh my god, you are going to eat my pussy, kid?” she asked, her voice shaking.

“Yes! Sis! Remember how much you loved it?” I answered recollecting the past.

“Oh! Yes! You are the only one who can eat me so well! Please fuck your hungry sister with your tongue and mouth.” She was delirious now.

First, I parted her vaginal lips gently with my loving fingers and probed the inside of my sister’s hungry cunt. It was all juicy, hot and churning. Holding each vaginal lip tenderly in my fingers, I clamped my lips on it and sucked it gently. Her body shook with desire, as I chewed on her cunt lips and sucked her juices. Her slit was literally oozing.

Only then, I let my tongue slip into her slit and go into her cunt. It sneaked into the hot churning cauldron and the tip caressed every bit of that hot cunt. My hungry sister responded by lifting her big ass and thrusting more cunt into my mouth.

“Oh! Brother! Soooooo goooood! Fuckkkkkkkk! Fuckkkkkkkkk! How well you fuck your sister’s cunt with your tongue! You naughty bastard…..” she was in delirium now and hot with raw passion.

Her frenzy increased as my mouth too went into her wide open cunt along with my tongue, chewing everything and her cunt literally started counter fucking my mouth.

“Aahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaa! Abbaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” She shrieked literally in throes of a massive orgasm and thrashed against me, her thighs clamping my head. There was no fear of being overheard by anyone because the train was making enough sounds of its own, drowning everything else.

When Gita finally released me, I came up for breath and my mouth was coated with her juices and my face with sweat. She took a napkin out of her hand bag and wiped my face lovingly, as I sat next to her on the berth.

“It was so good, Mohan. I had a wonderful orgasm, kid.” She said lovingly, as my hands gently fondled her big boobs.

“Was it as good as before, sis?” I asked her.

“Better! My love! You are older and bigger now and your sister is hungry for your love and starved.”

It was quite cold by then in the cabin, we realized. I got up and shut the window completely. The berth was not too wide but lying side on and in close embrace, şişli ucuz escort we managed to lie down for a while and rest. But, we realized soon that it was too narrow to accommodate us even in the side on position.

As I got up and stood, Gita looked fondly at my big bulge and said, “Kid, I am going to take care of him now.” So saying, she gestured me to sit on the berth while she got off the same. She kneeled in front of me and eased my jockey shorts with loving care over my raging, hard cock and pulled them down my legs.

With her left hand she cupped my balls while her right hand gripped my cock lightly at the base.

“It has certainly grown bigger and is more beautiful now.” Her words made it jump in her hands.

“What way sis?” I asked, enjoying the talk.

“It is certainly thicker than before and looks even longer. Earlier it was a teenage cock but now it is man’s cock.” Gita loved the talk too, it was obvious.

“Sis, You never allowed me to fuck you with it in the past. Will you let me do that now?” I asked hoping she would agree to that, at last.

She was silent for a moment and then said,” Not now, not here, later, may be.”

Gita then brought down her lovely, hot mouth on my phallus. She first took my pink helmet between her wet lips and ran her darting tongue all over the tip, licking at the little precum there. After wetting the crown fully her mouth moved ahead and took a couple of inches of my pulsating cock into her hot mouth.

I held her head in my hands, gripped a handful of her jet black hair and tried pushing more cock in her. She resisted and I got the message. My sister wanted to control this and I should take it easy, relax and enjoy. I let her do the work.

Slowly, inch by inch, she swallowed my cock, letting it fill her small, hot and wet mouth and proceed further towards her throat. She started sucking it like a lollipop, moving her head forward and backward in a slow motion. Each stroke of her mouth was well defined and caressed my cock with all loving care.

On every stroke, she let it slide a little more into her. When my tip slid a little into her silken and wet throat, the feeling was exquisite; as if my cock entered her hot pussy. The very thought and feel resulted in a rush of blood and a heady feeling in me. Before I realized it, my cock was into her throat shooting hot sperm into my darling sister.

Gita was marvelous…I never knew how she managed it but she took it all into her; all my sperm. When I finished ejaculating, she started sucking my cock to drain me off. Then she released my limp cock, took it out of her mouth and licked its whole length with such tender care. It was amazing and I was totally drained.

After a few minutes, we got up and dressed. We visited the toilette, one after another and cleaned up ourselves. Finally, we were ready to go to bed to sleep – Gita on the lower berth and I on the upper berth.

We hugged each other and kissed hard.

“Sis, you will let me fuck again, won’t you? And, I want to fuck your cunt with my cock.” I whispered.

“Yes, Baby, we will.” She assured me.

We slept.

Over the next few days we had absolutely no opportunity at all. As you would recall, ours was a large family and there was hardly any privacy at home. Gita slept in my mother’s room along with other kids.

However, a few facts emerged. All was not well with Gita’s married life. Her husband was basically good but he had a weakness for alcohol. They lived in a joint family along with her in-laws. As Gita was childless even after four years of marriage her problems compounded and everyone blamed her. She was very unhappy. I came to know all this through my mother.

One fine day, my father called me and told me that Gita wanted to visit a distant holy place and seek the blessings of a saint. As he was very busy with his office, he asked me to take her there. Since the place was not well connected by trains, he suggested that we should take our car. I promptly agreed to do so. At the back of my mind was the thought that this was perhaps a great opportunity.

So we set out on our journey on a fine day leaving home after breakfast. It was a 250kms drive and we did it in about five hours. The journey was very pleasant and the two of us chatted endlessly. Our mutual love was palpable and we were absolutely comfortable with each other.

She told me about all her problems – His drinking problem and its effect on his sexual performance. How he finds her unattractive because she was short and heavy and had too big boobs etc. She told me how he fucked her only once in a blue moon these days. She was quite bitter about it. I tried consoling her with a few words

We reached the destination around two pm. We went to a good hotel and checked in. We were both very hungry and had lunch immediately. After that, we set out to the holy place which was another twenty kms away. The road was not very good and it took us about fifty minutes of driving.

The place was located on a small hilltop with picturesque surroundings and natural beauty. There was a small but well maintained temple of Lord Ganesh (elephant headed god). We visited that and Gita performed some pooja (prayers) there. After that we inquired about the Baba (saint). We were told that he was away visiting a nearby town and would be back only the next day.

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