My sisters sleepover – part 5


My sisters sleepover – part 5Steph was spent on my dick, I thought she was gonna collapse right there, Linda was still humping my hand & proclaimed, “I’m next on that cock!”Lori pointed to Sara, “you get his other hand, I’m not moving!”So as Linda was getting a drink, she brought Lori hers to finish off, Sara brought her face to mine, “not a fucking word!” she whispered in my ear, “I hear you tell anyone, I tell both mom & dad!!!”With that slammed the rest of her screwdriver, Linda had the timer, waiting for Steph to straddle my face and Sara, to position herself on my hand.Sara was looking in my eyes, “you better know what you are doing!!!” as I wiggled 2, 3, 4 fingers in her soaking wet pussy!Steph on my face was exactly like the last 2, soaking wet, but tasty! Lori, was having I think her 5th orgasm, I think I wannafuck her again sometime, she’s wild! Linda was riding me just like Lori, I was her bucking bronco!, but Sara was just getting loosened up! My fingers wiggling around in her, found her G spot and was now moaning like the others. She lifted up on my hand& I thought was getting off of me, when she reached down, grabbed my thumb, rubbed it on her clit for a second and tried stuffing it in her as well, once she succeeded, it was like a contest between her and Lori. First Lori tried twisting my hand in a way, she could get all of my hand in her, and she did it, my fist, was IN HER! She lifted herself up, with my hand in her, bent my arm, so my hand was straight up in the air, and started bouncing on it, like it was a cock! Sara must have been in shock, cuz she was not moving, Steph through all this was simply wiggling on my face, I tried sticking my nose in her ass, but she was not letting up on my tongue! Sara was now wiggling on my hand again, so I took charge, still inside her, I lifted her up, and with a quick push, had my hand in her too!, she was much tighter, but tried real hard to get comfortable on it, here I amboth arms up off the floor and 2 girls, fucking my hands like cocks!”feels great doesn’t it, ” asks Lori, “uhhhh huh, mmmmm” was all Sara could muster”Oh my god, I’m cumming, ahhhh, fuck!” was my little cowgirl Linda as she slumped forward on my chest.”ding” and again, not a moment too soon!Lori Lifted herself up and with a sloppy sarıyer escort wet squishy pop, slid my hand out. “damn that was good!” she saidLinda was purring on my chest, licking my nipples with my dick straight up, between her legs, the head, just outside her asshole.Steph, collapsed on her, seeing my dickhead, between Linda’s legs, wet with her juices. She rolled off Linda & started licking her ass of all of her juices. In response, Linda turned over on her back, not getting off of me! Her ass rested on my stomach, legs in the air & Steph, licking away at her pussy. Sara, still on my hand, watching this & squiming. I gotta admit, I had a great view!Sara was looking down at me smiling, she had a totally satified look on her face, I saw Linda stick a finger in her mouth, getting it nice n wet and procede to enter Sara’s ass. Talk about HOT! She clinched a little on my hand & then relaxed as she was double penetrated, my s*s was never going to be the same! As she shook to a violent orgasm, she too settled down & lifted off of my handwith a sloppy wet squishy plop! I had my right hand in Stephs pussy as she was eating Linda again, so I thought, I’d do the same, I stuck my middle finger up Stephs ass! I heard a muffled scream as Linda seen what I was doing & held her face where it was & came on her face! I took my left hand and offered it to Linda, who licked & sucked on each finger, and cleaned my hand with precision.From here, I was glad I came outside earlier, cuz I was still hard, the girls as a group noticed this, and Lori with all of her boldness,”We all fucked your brother Sara, like I said we would,””not Denise!” she proclaimed,”thats because the wimp passed out!” claimed SaraAnd Linda added, “everyone, but, Denise, and, you!”With that they all got up, as she tried again to fake resist, they took her over to the couch, “we can do this easy, or we can do this hard!” said Lori”what’s easy?” said Sara,”spread’m on the couch, he fucks you & we all watch” was Steph’s response”what’s hard?” she asked,”Lori takes both your arms, bends you over the back of the couch, holds your arms, while Steph and I, grab a leg and spread’m for him to fuck you from behind!” was Linda’s response esenyurt escort “what’ll it be!”Sara, wanted, but by the look on her face, didn’t, so the girls took that as the hard way, They grabbed her, roughly I might add for a bunch of drunks, Lori had her arms, stretched over her head, holding her down with her ass in the air over the back of the couch.I started to feel bad for her like she was getting gang ****d! As I walked close to Lori, she called to me, “come here, 1 more time!”As I got close, she opened her mouth & I stuck my dick in, I was letting her savor the mix of pussy juice on it. when I was reminded where I was supposed to be, behind the couch! I pulled out with a loud “pop” from her mouth, “damn thats good” cracked Lori as the other laughed.My cock, still wet from Lori’s saliva, was aimed by Steph at Sara’s pussy, which was still glistening and wet from my hand being there a few minutes ago. I was a little hesitant, at first, this again was my younger sister, being held down by her friends.Then is that bitchy voice I’ve heard from Sara before, “you gonna do it or not!” With that & a quick thrust, I was in! she felt great, a little stretched and that was to be expected, my cock is not as thick as my hand.Who would have known after the way it started, I’d finish up on my k** sister. I was getting that familiar feeling building in my balls, pussies bouncing on my cock, I was gonna cum on the 5th & it was my s*s!”oh fuck, this is great, ohhhh, ummmm, ahhhh, gonna cum, again, yes, YES, YEEESSSSS! Ugggghhhhh!!” With that she unloaded on my cockand squeezing at the same time, I tried to hold it in her & cum, but I though, I better not, so as she’s pushing me out of her pussy, I start pushing back, oblivious to how she had slumped on the couch, with one more “Ugggghhhh” she pushed my dick out at the same time I thrust forward, only to hear a shrieek from her, “AAAAAHHHH, owwwwwww! Owwww!” I was buried almost to my balls in her ass hole! Lori let up on her arms, and Steph & Linda moved closer to see, I just grabbed her by the hips and told her, “dont move, just a SSSSsssseeeeconnnndddd!” as I unloaded my cum in her sphincter, I collapsed on top of her, my dick, still buried to my balls in her ass!”damn, how avrupa yakası escort does it feel?” asked Lori,”is it painful?” Steph said, “feels good, doesn’t it” was Linda’s replyAll the time, she was silent, I backed up a little, looking down on her, cum running down her legs & out of her ass.”you, , , OK?” I asked herShe giggled, “yea, it feels great!” I started to pull out, “not yet, just wait a little”, she said, I was still semi hard,”if we ever do this again, I want you to fuck me in the ass” said Lori”me too” chimed Steph & Linda. As Steph gave my ass a slap, causing me to push forward.”Oh my god, sorry Sara” Steph said, apologizing.”Its ok, it really does feel great” and with that she pushed her ass back at me, expecting me to push forward.I did a couple of times, slowly, but I was done, and it was getting sore. I pulled out with a plop and looked down at her stretched ass hole, thinking to myself, that was amazing!We started to clean up the place, it had that sweaty sex smell, it was almost 2 in the morning, Linda grabbed a sleeping bag, did not put her pajamas back on & crawled in, Steph grabbed another, laid it out next to her & curled up with her. That left mestill bouncing in the breeze, Lori who looked like a sloppy sticky mess between her legs & Sara, rubbing her ass cheeks together.”you ok??” I asked her as I passed her heading to the downstairs shower, “yea, you?” She said.”yea, I’m hopping in the shower” and with that looked over my shoulder at Lori who was on the couch with a blanket, and over the other at Sara, who had a sly smile on her face, as she looked over at Lori, her eyes closed. She turned off a couple oflights as I entered the bathroom to shower, I reached in & turned it on, feeling the temperature change. Out of the corner of my eyein the mirror, I saw that Sara followed me into the bathroom and sat down to pee.”you know this changes everything” she said peeing”yea” as I turned towards her, “this does not leave this basement! what we did tonight was wrong, Mom n Dad would blow a gasget!””yea, I’m not telling if you don’t” she replied grabbing my dick & pulling it to her mouth, “you know, this is all I really wanted, ever since that day I watched you in the bathroom dry off with that hard on bobbing in front of you!” she said sucking my dick in her mouth.”Maybe another time, but I need a shower & gotta get to bed, I gotta work tommorrow” I said, seeing the disappointed look in her eyes”ok” as she wiped herself, and flushed the toilet, knowing I’d need to wait for it to get hot again, Giggling she ran out of the bathroom, To be continued, maybe!

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