My Sister’s Sweet Cunt


As children, me and my sister, Angie had to share a bedroom in the North London flat we lived with our parents, initially sharing a bed and later in separate beds until I was 18 and she was 19, when the family finally moved into a small house and got separate bedrooms.

Going through puberty together, and growing up so closely, I had to endure endless teasing as she and her visiting friends picked on me, being the spotty fat kid whilst she developed my parents’ good looking offspring.

This led to me having low esteem and in my loneliness, a pessimistic outlook.

We were still in our 20s, when the shared grief over losing both of our parents in quick succession brought us closer together. Providing mutual support and comfort to each other tightened the bond between us strengthening the relationship. Despite this I was still a loner. Fantasies of sexual humiliation by females, with my sister as the protagonist evolved.

I would go into my sister’s bedroom whilst she was out and retrieve knickers from her laundry basket.

Sometimes, I would just smell them but when feeling more adventurous, I would take items to my room. There, I would pretend to be a girl. I would strip, put my arms through the bra strap and pull the cups over my chest, then placing the knickers over my penis. This vision in the mirror evoked feelings of inadequacy.

I heard the front door open whilst I was doing this one day and had to rush to her room hastily to return the underwear before Angie could get upstairs.

In bed later that night, and thankful that she didn’t catch me, I was aroused recalling the earlier events and started to play with myself thinking of her.

Having few friends, whenever Angie was out, I regularly went searching for her used underwear to repeat this.

I became aware of internet porn after overhearing men talking about sites they’d visited and searched on my computer.

Looking at the categories, I viewed a variety but found humiliation porn videos the most stimulating. Pussy licking and facesitting being my favourites with female domination of both sexes. Suggested titles of incest scenes prompted me to search Kurtköy Escort for sisters dominating male and female siblings.

One evening following our evening meal, we were sitting in the lounge watching TV on the settee when my sister broke the silence and started talking about sex, making me uncomfortable.

“Why don’t you bring girls home, do you not want a girlfriend?” She asked.

“Of course I do but I’m just not confident, I mean look at me, girls just aren’t attracted in that way. Look at my fat body and I’m not good looking in any sense either.” I replied honestly.

She left the room and ran upstairs, returning with her soiled knickers.

“These were damp when I picked them up to do the washing before dinner, feel them.” She said, accusingly.

As I had done since I was young in these situations, I blushed “So what?” I responded, trying to deflect her implication.

“They weren’t when I left this morning and do you know what, it isn’t the first time.” She said as she placed her hands in her hips, waiting for me to say something.

I remained quiet but stared, wishing I were somewhere else as she stood there, waiting for a response.

All the while, thoughts drifted to my fantasies and licking her pussy, which aroused me.

She was wearing a loose mini skirt and cut off blouse, exposing her belly button and tummy, looking very sexy.

She threw the knickers at me and sat opposite me rather than adjacent now.

“What do you do? Show me.” She demanded.

“I sniff them and lick the crotch.” I replied, demonstrating.

“I bet your cock is dripping, let’s see. Take your trousers down.” She instructed.

I did as I was told, revealing a dark wet patch on my underpants where my pre-cum had leaked.

“Take them off too, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before when we were growing up and I am your sister, so don’t be coy.” She said.

Again I obeyed, revealing my small semi-erect dick.

“Wow, that’s not a cock, it’s still your peepee as I called it when we shared a bedroom. That’s a relevant factor for you never having a girlfriend. If you did, she wouldn’t hang about after Pendik Escort seeing that and knowing you couldn’t satisfy her.” She taunted.

I was now really embarrassed as she crossed over; she held my dick and after scooping up the pre-cum, put it on front of my face. “Lick it off me” She ordered.

I complied without question.

She then kneaded my small cock, stopping intermittently when it oozed more pre-cum to offer it for me to lick.

She then stopped and sat directly opposite me, leaving me standing there, still naked below the waist, I sat too.

“Put your pants back on, I don’t want you to stain the settee.” She said as she draped her arm over the chair and relaxed.

As she rocked in her seat, she teasingly crossed and uncrossed her legs, then seductively let her legs spread wider, tempting me to look, I kept glancing under her skirt, between her legs, glimpsing looks at her knickers throughout.

“You’re staring.” She laughed then arose, took her knickers off and threw them to me.

They were warm from her body heat and damp where her vagina was. Her pussy had leaked. I instinctively sniffed then licked the wetness on the lacy material.

She laughed and asked “Do you want to lick from the source?” opening her legs to fully expose her dark hairy cunt. “Crawl over and get your tongue working.” She added.

I got to my knees and crawled across. She slid back in her chair offering me access to her cunt and waited for me to lick.

As I bent forward and began licking at her pussy, we both soon realised that I couldn’t get deep enough, so I lay on the floor and said. “Angie, please sit on my face.”

She got up, stood over me, and then lowered herself, straddling my waiting mouth. I extended my head upwards and licked. She leant forward to give me even better access. Now starting to enjoy the power, she leant forward so that my mouth and tongue were pressed against her pussy.

As she began to enjoy it more, she got aroused and took control. She rubbed and grinded her pussy lips up and down the length over my tongue, pleasuring herself.

She started to moan and told me to stay Mutlukent Escort put as she continued grinding and screaming out. “Oh yes. It’s so good to use your tongue like this. Yes, tongue fuck me Chris, keep your tongue rigid. Aah yes. Oh, oh, oh, yes I’m cumming.”I heard her before her cunt completely smothered me.

I was unable to breathe and hit the floor with my palms before she stopped.

After we watched some more TV, she said. “I’m bored, going upstairs.”

I waited 10 minutes before also going upstairs to bed.

When I walked passed Angie’s bedroom after using bathroom, I heard noises from her room and stopped to listen.

“Oh yes, Chris, keep on doing that you’re making my clit so hard. Lick me, oh yes.” I heard through the wooden barrier.

I opened the door ajar quietly, and saw her with fingers in her pussy, playing with herself. It turned out not quietly enough as she noticed and said.” I see you’ve opened the door you peeping pervert, get in here.”

I entered and sat on the bed.

“From now on, you will lick and eat my pussy whenever I’m not with anyone, understood?” She asked rhetorically.

I nodded and turned to leave.

“Well where are you going, get your head between my legs and eat me out. You’re mine to use now, I’ll make you my personal cunt licker.”

With no resistance, I got on the bed and started licking for all I was worth. Really enjoying my sister’s legs around my head as I was licking and nibbling her cunt, she began to direct me.

“Lick my pussy lips, tease me.” She said.

I pressed right in and traced all around her vagina, licking all of her.

“That’s it, well done, good boy. Now here and here, make my clit and piss hole feel wanted.”

“Yes Angie, anything you say, anything you want, I love the taste of your pussy” I responded.

“I know you do little brother and I will take full advantage, now eat me, I want an orgasm.” She said.

I said nothing else, my mouth was full but Angie encouraged me as I proceeded to enjoy having her pussy juices slime all over my face until she finally got her wish.

“Fuck, I’m cumming, oh yes, right there, keep eating me out, lick my clit. She shouted, then – “Aah yes, oh that’s it, oh yes, aaee.” She screamed before sighing. I looked up satisfied to see the big smile on her face.

“Thank you for that, it’ll be so good between us with this new arrangement.” She said.

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