Subject: my son in the bar [the early years]-5 MY SON IN THE BAR [THE EARLY YEARS]-5 My mom’s live-in boyfriend [Alvin] had been living with us for as long as I could remember! As far as I was concerned, HE was my dad! My REAL dad disappeared, angry after my mom hit him with a divorce! He wanted nothing more to Do with us! So now it’s just me [Shawn], my mom [Helen], and Al! Al and I started having sexual encounters when I was around 3 [that’s the earliest I could remember anyway]! I’ve been sucking his cock every chance I could, whenever we had time alone [when mom was at work, or while we were driving errands or having fun in the park]! When mom would kiss me goodnight at bedtime [before heading out to work her overnight shift at the hospital], she’d tuck me in in my favorite pajamas, then cut out the bedroom light while leaving the hall light on and the door cracked open so I wouldn’t be afraid of the dark! I’d almost always immediately fall right off to sleep, especially if Al and I had a busy day in the park or running errands [aka: cock sucking]! Sometimes I’d sleep straight through the night without waking up once, then sometimes [if I wasn’t too sleepy] I’d wait until I heard the front door slam and mom’s car drive off before I’d wander downstairs to find Al sitting on the sofa watching TV and enjoying a beer! I’d walk right over to him and climb in his lap, undoing his pants and suck his cock for him! He was always grateful to have it done, and would watch me through bloodshot eyes, slowly stroking my facial cheeks or hair, telling me if I was doing a good job…! Sometimes we’d fall asleep in the same chair, with his dick still between my lips, the taste of his cum in my mouth! What a sight that had to be! One night I fell straight off to sleep [after mom tucked me in] while Al was still downstairs on the sofa drinking beer and watching some of his favorite porn! He and mom hadn’t been speaking for a few days, so I don’t think they were having any sex! I’d sucked Al’s cock earlier in the day in the park while mom was napping for her evening shift, but he was really starting to fiend for some pussy as he watched those porno bimbos get fucked every which way from Sunday, taking big black cock, big white cock, big Hispanic cock, and big thick dildos in their snatches! After a few hours he was high and horny [his pants open and undone], having stroked his hard cock practically raw! He wandered upstairs into my room while I was still asleep, the scent of alcohol prominent on his breath! He told me later that he never would have did it had he been sober, so I was secretly glad that he wasn’t! He walked over to my bed [I always asleep on my stomach] and pulled down the bottoms of my PJ’s, rubbing his huge hot hands all over my tiny little butt! He told me he tried to resist, but he had a high sex drive and escort izmit my mom didn’t always satisfy him as much as he wanted! He said I’d been sleeping like an angel when he spread my ass cheeks apart and stared down at my tight little virgin hole! He said he couldn’t resist leaning forward and licking my ass crack, tasting my tiny boy-cunt for the first time! He thought something divine act of god would prevent him from going any further, something like mom calling to check up on us, or me waking up screaming, or his cock falling off to prevent him from going through with it! But nothing happened! Nothing prevented him from licking my ass again, from pulling my tiny hips up off the bed and pushing his face in my butt and eating me like he would mom’s cunt! He said I moaned in my sleep, that he ran his hot tongue up and down my ass crack like a dogg, washing it over my tiny pucker as he pressed his hairy face further in my hairless ass! He said he originally just wanted a `taste’ me, but got carried away as he climbed onto the bed with me and continued eating my ass while grounding his exposed cock against the bed sheets! Peeling my little cheeks apart, he stuffed his thick long tongue as far as he could up my shit-chute, darting it in and out as he tongue fucked me for the first time, lavishing my ass with hot French kisses! His cock was so hard, and he was leaking so much pre-cum all over the sheets that he thought he might cum any minute! Throwing caution to the wind, he devoured my hole like a piece of fruit, my tiny cheeks spread on either side of his hairy face, my little legs pushed wide apart as he arched my back to get deeper access into my cunt! Al said he ate my ass for like 45 minutes [licking, sucking, and tongue-fucking me] before he finally pulled his face from my butt and got up on his knees to slap the length of his cock against my spit wet ass crack…! Al leaned in over top me, grinding his cock against my ass cleft as he humped away against me! He said he watched his big white cock sliding back and forth between my spit wet ass cheeks, arching up over my back every time he thrust forth! He said I awakened when he nudged his cockhead against my anus, the pre-cum moist head wedging its way inside me as he added pressure to force it in! I awoke to feel the exquisite pain of his cockhead stretching me wide back there, trying to pry its way into me! I knew Al would never hurt me [not intentionally], so I didn’t yell or scream when his dickhead finally pried my tight little asshole open and suddenly popped in! “Awwww fuuuccckkkk…” groaned Al, obviously liking what he felt as he thrust all the way up into me and held himself there! The pain was searing and excruciating! It felt like someone had shoved a giant hot throbbing jalapeno pepper up my ass then set it on full burn! My asshole stung izmit escort for days after that initial fuck! I remember Al pressed all up inside me, grinding his hips into my ass as his big thick cock pulsed inside me! I felt overly stuffed, overly stretched, and sore as all hell as he moaned and groaned erotically over top me [drunkenly]! “Al…?” I called [frightened], looking back at him over my shoulder as he hovered above me, grounding his powerful hips into my ass…! “Shhh, baby…don’t speak…!” he insisted, holding still as his deeply embedded cock suddenly started twitching and throbbing wildly inside me…! “Arrrhhhhh…!!” he grunted aloud, shooting his first orgasm in my gut as his hot cum spread throughout my colon like hot milk! “Oooohhh god…! Ooohhh yeah baby…! Urrrhhh…you feel so good…! I love you, Lil’ Man…! I love you…! I love you so much…!” he whispered, falling on top of me as he cuddled up against my back, kissing my face with his prickly whiskers and alcohol breath! I remember thinking `I love you too, Al’, as his cock pulsed inside me! He stayed deep in me, then slowly started to thrust as he pulled back and pushed forth! He started off gradual, working his way in and out slowly, moving only a few inches at a time! I remember thinking how good it felt [despite the awful stretching], like being massaged from the inside! Al continued to kiss me, telling me how `special’ I was, how much he liked me MORE than mom, how this HAD to be our little secret or people would come take him away and we wouldn’t be able to be together [to be a family] anymore! I promised my allegiance to Al, promising to keep it all [the kissing, the touching, the cock sucking, the fucking] away from mommy! Al pulled my head up off the mattress and turned my face towards his, then stuffed his thick tongue in my mouth! I always loved kissing him, so I suckled his tongue like always, silently signaling to him that I was alright with what was happening, giving him the go-ahead to fuck me harder! Al kept kissing me as he rose up a little on his arms and legs and began thrusting harder! I groaned in his mouth as his cock started pulling back further, then thrusting deeper! I instinctively spread my legs and arched my back, giving his big cock a better angle to fuck me at! Al’s first orgasm acted as lubricant for the second fucking, the sperm inside my rectum coating his cock as it moved through me, allowing him to slide easier! I could feel his cock speeding up as he started to fuck faster, breaking the kiss as he got up on his arms [in pushup position]! I laid face down, legs spread, holding onto Al’s wrists for support as his hips started to bang into roughly! “UHG…! UHG…! UHG…! UHG…! UHG…!” I grunted and groaned after each and every thrust his big cock made through my colon, izmit kendi evi olan escort his cockhead pushing into my intestines! I could feel his big hairy balls slapping between my legs as I grew wetter and wetter down there, leaking cum from my rectum every time he thrust into me full length! “Oh my god yur ass’s so good…!” he groaned, tossing his head back in ecstasy while he fucked! The bed started moving, the headboard banging into the wall under the weight of his powerful thrusts! All I could do was lay there and take it! I wanted to make Al happy, to please him the way mom always did! I’d seen them making love before, I knew Al was doing to me what he did to her, and I wanted it badly! I wanted to experience everything they did! I wanted to BE my mother in Al’s arms! “Fuck me…!” I moaned, repeating what I’d heard my mother say to him on occasion [when I caught them fucking]! “Fuck me, daddy…! Fuck me, hard!” “OH…?” questioned Al, looking down at me as he continued to thrust into me! “You want it rough…?” he asked, picking up speed as he began to pound into me harder! “You just like yur mother…!” I immediately regretted asking Al to fuck me harder as his hips began slamming into me like a brick wall [my poor buttock would be black and blue by morning], but Al really seemed to like fucking me rough as he hammered his cock into me like a sledgehammer! I buried my face in the bed and cried into the pillows, my aching inside quickly becoming accustomed as the hurt started to feel like bliss all over again! “Oh yeah…yur such a hot fuck…I’m gonna fuck this lil’ ass-pussy of yurs every day for the rest of my life!” promised Al, never once letting up as he pounded me nonstop! “You like it, too…dont’cha Lil’ Man…?” “Yes, Daddy! I LOVE it!” I shouted, pushing back against his thrusts, loving the way his cock bore through me! “Oh yur such a nasty lil’ fucker…” he moaned, suddenly growing weaker as he slammed into me a few more times before finally ramming himself home…! “…yur gonna make daddy cum again, son…!” he warned, humping me hard as his cock swelled and throbbed in my gut again…! I arched my back, grinding back into his hairy pubes as his thick cock pulsated, then exploded another batch of daddy-milk in my gut! “ARRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…!!!” he screamed, coming hard as he bucked against me, shooting more cum into me as my insides became sloppy wet with his loads! “Arrrrhhhh fuck…!” he sighed, collapsing against my back, panting hard as his heart beat wildly against my back! He hugged me tight, squeezing me close, as his cock drained in my ass, his sperm backing back out of me to soak into the sheets underneath us…! “I love you, Lil’ Man…!” he whispered [drunkenly], as his cock twitched inside me…! “I love you too, daddy…!” I whispered back, listening to him snore in my ear…! _______________________________________ Written by Eugene Marvin aka [email protected] Email me or ail with questions, comments, and suggestions. Or join me on Facebook to get faster updates and see what I’m working on next!

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