My Son’s Bully Ch. 02


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Jake Jones, my son’s bully, had told me I would soon crave his cock.

He was right.

For days all I could think about was how he humiliated me, dominated me, owned me and how much I loved it. Every time I felt shame I was immediately overwhelmed by a sense of excitement, and the blood would rush to my own cock.

It was difficult to focus on day to day things like my job and family, but luckily my wife, Lillian, and my son, Billy, hardly noticed. Lillian had been working later than usual, and would spend most of her spar time at home on her phone, drinking Bloody Marys.

As for Billy, he didn’t have much interest in anything outside a computer screen.

I was at work when it happened. It was Friday I was in my office, almost done for the day. I had planned to take my family out for dinner in celebration of it being Billy’s last Friday as a high schooler. It was almost four o’clock when I got a text from Lillian saying her boss had asked her to stay late, and that Billy was going to a “Twitch streaming convention, or something.”

She apologized and encouraged me to go out for a night on the town.

Well, shit.

I had the night to myself. Free to do whatever I wanted. My heart began to race. I took my wallet out of my pocket and removed a crumpled piece of paper. It was his number. I took my phone out. Did I dare? Was I really going to contact a high schooler, my son’s bully, and try to feed my newfound hunger for his eighteen year old cock?

Yes, yes I was.

I texted him a simple “Hi. It’s Stan.”

Not even thirty seconds later I got a text back. “Call me”

I froze. I quickly got up and closed my office door before rushing back to my desk.

I dialed. The phone rang over six times. It felt like Jake was toying with me already. Finally he answered.

“Hi there, Stanley Boy”

“Hello, Jake”

“Did you miss my big fat cock already?”

Damn, he was good.

“Yes..” ucuz escort I responded.

“Yes what?”

“Yes I missed it”

“Yes you missed what? I wanna hear you say it” he commanded.

Fuck. I responded with a whisper.

“Yes, I missed your big fat cock”

“Say it a little louder” he said smugly. He had me.

“I missed your big fat cock” I repeated.

“Does your wife’s pussy satisfy you anymore?” He asked.

I was appalled, then immediately erect at that comment. This man was ruthless.

“No,” I surrendered. “My wife’s pussy does not satisfy me anymore.”

I heard a slight groan. It sounded like Jake was stroking that log of a cock. I imagined him in that arm chair, wearing those gym shorts.

“Say ‘when I get off work, I’m gonna suck my son’s bully’s cock'” he ordered.

With a quivering, almost drooling mouth I said “When I get off work, I’m gonna suck my son’s bully’s cock.”

“See you soon, Stanley Boy” he quipped before hanging up.

I stood alone in the bathroom, hard as a rock. I looked down and noticed a pre-cum stain. Why was this happening to me? Why was I like this? I had never felt so dirty, yet thrilled. I was so ecstatic I ended up leaving the office fifteen minutes early.

My head was so in the clouds I didn’t even remember the drive to Jake’s. Right when I pulled up behind his Corvette I received a text that said “Door open.”

I was immediately inside and there he was, just like I imagined. The chair, the shorts, and like last time, the bourbon. His dreamy eyes pierced mine. When he bit his lip I gulped. I was prey to his lion.

“Well, look who’s back” He teased.

“Good to be back” I said, trying to hide how nervous I was.

“Well I’m glad, Stanley Boy. Means a lot that you want this dick. You handled it so well last time”

In a surprising move, he got up from his chair, drink in hand, and crept towards me. He handed ümraniye escort me the bourbon, shooting me an encouraging expression. I took a drink and like Jake himself, it was strong and tasted rich.

Jake then took my hand and guided me to his chair and sat me down.

“In fact,” Jake started as lowered himself to his knees and put his hands on my thighs.

“You did so good that I felt like I should repay you.”

Jake Jones then ran his hands up my thighs, leading me to jolt and nearly spill the drink.

“You might wanna put the bourbon down” he joked.

I gulped the last of it before putting it on the side table. I couldn’t believe this. I had been drooling for this man’s cock, and here he was, about to suck mine.

Before I knew it my pants and underwear were around my ankles and my bare ass was on the fine leather. My cock was nowhere near the behemoth that Jake’s was, but he didn’t tease me about it at all. In fact, he was quite nice about it. He greeted my hardening cock with some kisses that felt wonderful. The roughness of his stubble and the tenderness of his kisses created a perfect sensation. When he added the wetness of his mouth, I thought my eyes were going to roll into the back of my head.

It was like the ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey. I had transcended somewhere new and I wasn’t sure I was ever gonna come back.

No one had ever treated my cock with such vigor and care. He had the hunger of a beast, but the touch of a lover. Soon he was deepthroating me, and when I felt his throat on my cock I exploded. Suddenly I was like a teenager again, ejaculating too early and the immediate shame that follows.

This didn’t faze Jake, though. I didn’t even warn him and he didn’t stop until he lathered up all the cum in his mouth. He then removed himself, gazing into my eyes before pulling me in for a kiss, where he passed my cum into my mouth. The sensation was heavenly. His active, eager üsküdar escort tongue almost pulverizing my mouth.

Once I had swallowed it he gave me another deep kiss. After he stroked my head and looked at me.

“Sorry I came so soon” I said. “I haven’t been sucked like that since..well, ever actually”

“Don’t worry about it” he said with a grin before standing. I looked up at the towering jock. He looked like world monument, with his chiseled chest and movie star smile. Suddenly the gym shorts were down and Jake’s anaconda cock was free. It was glowing.

“Now then..” Jake started.

Without needing anything else I lunged forward. First I inhaled the manly odor. It was better than fresh air. Followed by lapping it up with my tongue like a thirsty, grateful dog. Jake moaned with pleasure. Music to my ears.

I then kissed his cock with more love and passion than I did my wife on our wedding night.

In that moment I felt like I could leave it all behind. Lillian, Billy, my job. I wanted to be Jake’s personal whore and nothing else.

I took the man’s cock deeper into my mouth, feeling its mighty tickle. Jake’s hand was then on my head, gripping it like a basketball. It was all his.

“Stanley, Stanley, Stanley” he said with his eyes closed.

I moaned on his cock in response. That did it.

Once again, with the force of a jet engine, Jake was coming in my mouth. It felt like it was gonna shoot out of my nose, it was so strong. I gagged but made sure not to miss a single drop, savoring everything. I kept my mouth on that co until it was deflated, and Jake had to force me off.

“Easy now, Stanley Boy. You’ll get this cock in your mouth again soon”

“When can I call you again?” I implored.

“Don’t worry, Tiger” Jake assured me, loving how eager I was. “I’ll call you”

He then put those muscular arms around me and pulled me into a kiss. His hand clasped the back of my head as our lips forced against each other, our eyes closed. As much as I liked sucking his cock, I think I loved his kisses more. They really made me feel special, like Jake liked me beyond being his cockslut. He broke the kiss, exhaled, and asked

“Any other plans tonight?”

“None” I responded.

“I was gonna make dinner. Wanna stick around?”

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