My Special Surprise


I am a submissive woman, twenty-nine years old. I have happily been with Robert for the last two years. He is the only man I have ever called “Master”. We have yet to make the big plunge into marriage or living together, both of us enjoy our private space too much to give it up yet. I want to tell you about one time in particular. Even though I was far from virginal when we met, he has managed to show me many new things in the time that we have been together that I never would have thought possible.

My Master had teased me often about how he felt that I would love to have a woman touching me and the more he said it, the more I denied it. I was, in my opinion, a typical woman. I feel that honesty is a good thing. I had already admitted to him the things that I found erotic. Those little stray ideas that we often really don’t want anyone to know we have considered. Like when I told him of the few times that I had dreams where I was with a woman and she would be touching me or using a vibrator on me and I would be able to see her hands moving over me. I had admitted that in the dreams her touch was very erotic because they were small and painted unlike a man’s and that generally a woman’s hands would be softer and I didn’t feel that would be a bad thing. “I have never acted upon it, nor did I plan to.” I stated trying to make him see that it was not what I wanted at all, that it had only been dreams and not something I wanted to turn into a reality.

However, he continued to question me and as all submissive type women do when confronted by their Master, I eventually admitted that the dreams I had, did in fact, turn me on. That admission furthered his sureness that I would enjoy it if only I would give it a chance.

Eventually, he let me off the hook and stopped questioning me about my dreams or my thoughts of having another woman touch me intimately. I was relieved to say the least. I mean, parents who firmly believed that same sex relationships were “wrong” in every way raised me. If I had even told them I dreamed it, I am sure they would have freaked out on me. There was no way that he could have me enjoy that. Not if I was ever going to look at my parents again anyway.

I forgot all about it actually, until he called me one day from work and said that he had something special planned for that night. He said that I was to come to his house at eight and to be ready for anything. The whole “anything” part of it teased me all day long for some reason. I kept thinking of possibilities…all of them erotic. It wasn’t that he had told me to be ready for anything, he had done that before but this time it just affected me a lot more. Maybe it was simply because we hadn’t had much of “his kind” of time together lately. When we met up over the last couple weeks there wasn’t much time for the games that he likes to play with me, pretty much just us going out for dinner and back to his or my house for that intimate time alone where we would make love.

As much as I hated the idea of a woman touching me, it did cross my mind a little, but I discarded that idea immediately. I figured I would just go to his house and he would have his pleasure in whatever way he wanted be it spanking me (he knows how wet that makes me) or maybe he would use the blindfold on me and tease me until I was almost crying for him to fuck me and let me cum.

By the time four o’clock arrived and I was able to go home and begin my preparations for going to his house, I was sure that my panties were well on their way to dripping. I always anticipate our times together; wetness is usually always abundant when he calls to say that he wants us to meet up. Maybe that is another reason that we have yet to live together. It does truly make it much sweeter when life’s mundane routines don’t complicate things and you get that moment or night to share.

I arrived home and grabbed a quick sandwich to tide me over, since from the sound of his voice and his orders, it didn’t sound like dinner was going to be early in coming. I was impatient to finish my ham and cheese sandwich so that I could move on to taking my shower and shaving for him.

Finally, by five I was able to get into the shower. The first thing I did was shave my legs and under my arms. He likes those areas freshly shaved for our meetings. I am more than happy to give that to him. The only part that we differ on is my pussy. I want it shaved so that I am able to feel him without padding, but he likes the bush to be full. He has had me shave it a time or two because he knows I like it better but I do try to keep it there for him.

The sound of my cell phone ringing interrupted my shower. I always take it into the bathroom with me for some reason, just in case someone really needs to contact me. I dried my hands quickly and stepped out of the shower only far enough that I could stretch to answer. “Hello?”

“Is that the shower I hear running?” Robert questioned.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good, Bycasino I am glad I caught you then. Are you finished showering or just stepping in?”

“I was just finishing up shaving.”

“Very good. I want you to shave your pussy for me as well. I told you before to be ready for anything.”

“Yes you did. I will shave that too.”

“Okay, I will see you at eight. Don’t be late.”

“I won’t. Bye for now.”


I stepped back into the shower and wondered about this new turn of events in him asking me to shave. I remembered the last time he had me to shave. He knew it would turn me on to do so and then when I got to his house he had a new pair of panties for me. They were silk, which he knew would feel good on my freshly shaved mound and he had handed me a small vibrator to put inside myself before going out to dinner. I had been so ready to cum by the time dinner was done that when he ordered dessert for us I about cried over the fact it would have to wait that much longer.

As I lathered my pussy and began shaving it, I couldn’t help but notice how swollen my clit was already and how good my own fingers felt upon myself. It was difficult not to let my body take over and bring myself to orgasm while I shaved; harder still when I rubbed some scented oil over my freshly shaved pussy to prevent any irritation.

By the time I was finished shaving and washing my hair and body with my coconut-scented stuff, it was right at six-thirty. I still had an hour to go before it would be time to leave for his house. I could still feel my clit throbbing from being so aroused all afternoon since his call and more so since I had shaved and my fingers moving around over my mound had added their own brand of teasing. I hated knowing that I still had to wait for the release that was so near but wanting to show him what thinking of him had done to me, I wouldn’t let myself touch my pussy again.

I decided that I would wear clothes that I thought he would approve of. A little black dress that zipped in the back, form fitting so it would show the gentle swell of my breasts and then flared out at the hips to fall about mid-thigh. I decided on a black bra with the push up wires in them that would show off my small breasts to their best, Black silk thong panties and a pair of black sandal type shoes with small heels.

After dressing and finding I had another twenty minutes or so to go before leaving, I settled on blow drying my hair and putting a light dusting of blush on my cheeks, figuring that I wouldn’t need much makeup for what we were going to do. I noticed slightly, as I moved around, how good the silk panties felt on my newly shaved pussy. They seemed to slide against me, teasing me with every step I took.

Done with that, it was now time for me to head out, so I rushed to my car and moments later was heading down the driveway, anxious to be at his house. The closer I got to him the more my pussy looked forward to his touch. I felt sure that he would know as soon as I arrived just how ready for him I was and that he would be pleased that he had teased me so well without touching me.

I arrived at his house and opened the door as the clock in his hallway struck eight o’clock. I stepped into the living room and was greeted by him a moment later with a gentle kiss upon my lips. Though the kiss was a gentle brush against my lips, I could sense Robert’s excitement the same as I knew he could sense mine.

He paused for a moment then asked how my day had gone. I answered his questions and asked the same of him all the while trying to hide how impatient I was to see what the night would bring.

I guess he finally realized how much I needed to know what was going to happen because after only a few more minutes he took my hand and began to lead me into the bedroom.

When we entered his room, I noticed several things rather quickly. There were satin strips tied around each of the four bedposts and a sweater, that someone give to me that I hated, lying on the bed with a medium sized vibrator lying on it. The room was dimly lit, a lamp turned down real low by the bed and a few scented candles burning on the dresser. My body immediately responded to the promises the room made. However, I am not sure if I was responding to the things in the room, so much as I was excited by the fact that he had put so much effort into it for me.

Robert ushered me further into the room, now seeming just as impatient to touch me as I had been all day waiting for his touch. In the center of the room, he paused and turned to me, wrapped his arms around me, pulled me close and kissed me. This kiss was much more thorough than the one in the living room had been; his tongue demanded entrance into my mouth and took full possession of it. His tongue seemed to seek out every hidden part of my mouth even as his arms pulled me closer to him, letting me feel the hardness of him against my stomach and causing me to groan Bycasino giriş in need for him. When finally he broke the kiss, I was left feeling empty, breathless, and sure that my panties were definitely wet now. I hoped in many ways that he wouldn’t make me wait too long before taking me and making me his.

He put his hands on my shoulders and urged me to turn around. I did so willingly, correctly assuming that he wanted to get my dress off by the feel of him tugging on the zipper. He slid the zipper down slowly, teasing me because I wanted it to be off quickly. I wanted to feel his touch on my body without clothes. I needed him to satisfy the ache that had been building inside me since his first phone call.

When he finished unzipping the back of my dress, he slid his hands up my naked back sending tiny sparks of heat straight to my pussy. He paused at my bra and quickly unhooked it before continuing to slide his hands back up to my shoulders and then down my arms, taking my dress and bra with his hands.

As I felt my breasts swing free of both the dress and bra, I took quick a quick glance down and noticed how my stiffened nipples pointed straight out as if they were seeking the cover that had once been there, or maybe just seeking out his touch upon them. Though I wouldn’t have thought it was possible, my nipples stiffened even more as the dress continued lower, nearer my hands and my waist. I wondered for a moment if he would take the panties on the downward trip along with the dress and bra or if he would make me wait to be totally naked before him. I found out the answer soon enough, as my dress continued its decent and the panties stayed in place.

Once my dress was off my hands and over my hips it fell quickly to pool around my feet and just as quickly I felt him step closer to my backside and his arms wrap around me. His right arm was strategically placed so that his hand cupped my left breast while his left arm went lower to put his hand between my legs.

As his left hand cupped and rubbed my pussy through my silk panties and his right hand pinched and teased my nipple, his lips descended to nibble and kiss my neck and shoulder. I felt my orgasm nearing quickly and both wanted it to come and wanted it to wait so I would be able to savor it longer.

He attempted to insert one of his fingers into my pussy through my panties and whispered into my ear, “Mmmm…I think that you are ready.” It took all of my will power not to cum on the spot.

When he next removed his hands from me, I groaned in both relief and frustration. Then he took my hand in his once again and led me closer to the bed, turning me so my back was to it and urging me to sit down. “Lay down.” he stated simply when I had sat down on the edge of the bed.

I laid back and it was then that I noticed something more about what toys he had prepared for tonight. Over the bed was a mirror actually, several of the small-mirrored tiles. I blushed slightly at the thoughts of what I would be able to see him doing to me but at the same time, it turned me on in an odd way to know that he wanted me to see what he was doing. I know that most women would find it uncomfortable to see themselves like that but for me, at that time, the excitement overruled all the self-conscious thoughts.

The first thing he did when I was laid down where he wanted me to be, was take my right hand and tie it to the head of the bed, then he slowly walked around the bed to my left hand and did the same. He checked both to make sure they were wrapped tightly by the silk ties, but not so tight that they would begin to hurt. I found it interesting that I could see what he was doing and where he was while lying flat on the bed by looking into the mirror above myself.

Next, I watched as he moved to the foot of the bed. I spread my legs slightly in an attempt to help him get me in the position he wanted. Instead of tying me then though, he climbed onto the bed with me putting himself between my legs. He bent forward and placed his mouth just above my panty-clad pussy and I waited for that first touch from his mouth. He wasn’t ready for that though, instead he sat up and put his hands on each of my hips and slowly started sliding my panties down over my hips. I had to push my bottom up in order to assist him and then as he moved from between my legs I pulled them closer together. When he had finished removing them from my feet, I assumed my previous position hoping he would discard the idea of tying my ankles and just take advantage of what I was offering to him.

It wasn’t to be though since he looked at me openly displaying myself for him for a moment and then moved to begin attaching my ankles to the foot of the bed.

As he pulled my legs further apart and I watched him tie one and then move to the other and pull it further out as well, I began to take notice of something else. The way I could feel my newly shaved pussy lips spreading open further, Bycasino deneme bonusu and I looked into the mirror overhead and really saw for the first time how exposed I was in this position before him. I could see the spread lips of my pussy and my clit poking out between them begging for attention against the darker backdrop of his bedspread. I found it both thrilling and embarrassing to be exposed to him in this way.

When he was finished securing me and had me in the position that he wanted, he moved back around the bed, stopping at the head. “I told you to be ready for anything. Do you trust me?” He questioned.

“Yes sir” I whispered.

With that, Robert kissed me on the mouth again, once again taking full possession of my mouth with his tongue and I for that moment hated the ties that kept me from using my arms to pull him closer to me.

When he broke the kiss, I noticed that in his hands he held a pair of earphones. I thought that was rather odd, since those had never been used before. It seemed like a strange toy to use but I didn’t say anything as he moved to put them over my ears. The last thing I heard him say as he placed them over my ears was, “Trust me and don’t object to anything or I will stop your talking as well”. Then there was silence, complete silence for me and I shivered slightly in anticipation of what he may be doing around me. Then through the headphones came a classical song. I smiled at the thought of how surely he had stopped me from hearing sounds even as I wondered why he would want to.

In the mirror over head I saw him moving toward the bedroom door and I started to call out to him and ask where he was going when I remembered that he had asked me to not say anything. I watched as he disappeared. Then I focused on myself in the mirror, spread out in the empty room. It was almost comical except for the fact that my pussy was so in need of attention that it almost ached and I couldn’t relieve it.

Robert returned after a few minutes, carrying a pair of scissors. There again I found that an odd choice of toys but I held my tongue in check and didn’t voice it, deciding to just wait and see what he had in mind.

I watched as he picked up the hated wool sweater and began to cut it into strips. I couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing that for, but since I honestly didn’t like it, I really didn’t mind the fact that he was cutting it to pieces. I love sweaters, but when a friend of mine had given this one to me and I had put it on, I decided instantly that it had to go. The wool seemed to scratch against my back, causing it to itch. The longer I wore it the worse the itch became. Though since I had just put it on before coming here to see him, I told him how much I hated it and he agreed to let me wear one of his shirts home and to throw this sweater away. I wondered now why he had agreed to do so only to cut it up now.

When he finished with his handy work with the scissors, he had cut out two square pieces of it and one rectangular strip. I looked at him questioningly as he moved himself around to where he was beside me, holding the cut pieces in his hand. He smiled knowingly at my confusion, and then proceeded to place one square over each of my breasts, and the rectangle over my shaved pussy.

It took only a moment for the wool to start making my chest itch but I also noticed something more. Every breath I took caused the sweater to rub my already stiffened nipples and the rough scratchiness of the wool stimulated them even further. If I took a deep breath that made my tummy rise then the scratchy was also on my freshly shaved pussy. As that knowledge sunk in, so did the idea that the more aroused I became and the more my breathing increased the more self-imposed stimulation would be present.

He leaned over quickly to possess my mouth again with his and when he stood up and I opened my eyes to look at him, I saw a woman’s reflection in the mirror and gasped. Looking to him questioningly. I watched in the mirror, as she appeared to talk to Robert, and watched his mouth responding to her. I tried desperately to figure out what they were saying and I wanted desperately to know what she was doing there.

The more they talked the more I had to will myself not to speak and the more I had to hold myself in check, the more my breathing speeded up causing the rough wool to scratch and tease against my sensitive body. At the same time I cursed its presence for teasing me, I was thankful that it shielded me from her view.

As they continued to talk, and he seemed confident that I wouldn’t start talking, he smiled at me and turned to face her, continuing their conversation with only occasional glances in my direction. Though I have no knowledge of how long they talked it seemed like hours. I resented the fact that she was there and I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I felt as though they, especially Robert, were neglecting me. I wanted desperately for her to leave or to be able to hear them at least. I blushed every time she glanced in my direction, embarrassed that she should see me in this situation and when my master looked my way, I tried to plead with him silently to let me hear and/or get her out of the room.

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