My sph fetish comes true!!!

My sph fetish comes true!!!Another story I found and loved…After a yr of being with my wife I confessed to her about my sph, she actually took to it very well and was glad I brought it up as she has always thought it was tiny and didn’t know how to tell me, we often talk about it and situations where I would be stood naked in front of a bunch of her friends with them all pointing and laughing at my small cock on one of her girly nights, we would try and plan a night where that would happen but always chicken out. I also wanted her to tell her friends and female konya escort relatives but she was too embarrassed about being with a guy with a small cock BUT when she got drunk at her family BBQ she ended up telling her dirty minded mother and her 2 of her female cousins, I loved it when my wife told me what she said and hearing their comments, they told her they would see it!! For the rest of the night they all smirk at me and made the pinky sign, it was so weird and Exciting at the same time…After a week or 2 after the BBQ I had forgotten about it, I came konya escort bayan home to my wife surprising me with after work drinks, I downed quite a few drinks and shots till I got so drunk I was up for anything and then she told me she had a surprise, she got me naked and tied my hands behind my back the went in to the kitchen and brought her mother and 2 female cousins in recording the whole thing, my reaction was to cover myself but couldn’t as I was tied… I kept thinking this was really happening and couldn’t believe my mother in law was so eager escort konya to touch my small cock, she kept showing how right my wife was about it being so tiny, her cousins were laughing how they only had to wank it with 2 fingers, that night they left me tied naked and came in to play with me when they wanted, they laughed as they wiggled my small cock and said how fun it was to have control over a small cocked man, they told me they were going to blackmail me and get me to do small cock shows for all her friends at her girly house parties which I now love doing!When ever my mother in law comes over to visit she makes me walk around naked and when I walk past them they would tug on my small cock and ask if it’s going to get any bigger and laugh…I’m so glad I confessed my sph fetish to my wife!!!

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