Subject: My Step-Brother Jacob – Chapter Seven DISCLAIMER: The following story is FICTIONAL. It contains descriptions of sexual activities between teenage boys. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT! If you choose to read it, then – I hope you enjoy it! My Step-Brother Jacob Chapter 7 —————————————————————————- Harry stood behind me waiting expectantly, as I stood in a trance thinking, my hands on the shower’s water faucets, the water still not turned on. I couldn’t get past the thought that on the other side of the wall, in Jacob’s bedroom, he and Andy were probably naked by now, having sex with each other. Jacob, my little step-brother, who I loved beyond compare, who I knew felt the same way for me. And Andy, my best friend, and lover, who I knew was deeply in love with me, who I was beginning to have similar feelings for. They were being intimate together, in the next room! I was jerked out of my trance as Harry moved a little closer to me, the tip of his hard penis brushing against the the back of my thigh. “Hey John, are you alright?” he asked. “Huh?” I asked, spinning to face him. “Listen,” Harry said, grabbing my arm, his beautiful green eyes looking up into mine, “Jacob loves you very much, and he knows Andy does too. He also knows that you love Andy as well.” He picked up the necklace that was hanging around my neck, which Andy had given me. “These necklaces you gave each other prove that,” he said. “Jake just wants to get even closer to you. He’s afraid of losing you. So he figures that if he gets to liking Andy too, and develops a relationship with Andy as well, that maybe he won’t lose you completely. He’s lost so much in the past, he couldn’t bear to lose anyone else he’s grown close to.” “That’s rediculous, he’d never lose me!” I said. “I know, but in the back of his mind he’s afraid of that. Besides, I think he truly is beginning to think of Andy as a sort of ‘older brother’, kinda like I’m beginning to feel about you too,” Harry said, looking down, “and he’s trying to cement those feelings with Andy right now.” I looked down at Harry, who looked back up at me, a little pink in the face. “So you’re beginning to think of me like a brother?” I asked, smiling at him. He tinged redder, but replied, “Yeah.” Then he looked down again. A second later he’d wrapped his hand around my flacid dick, which immediately began to stiffen. I lifted his chin, and smiling down at him asked “so you wanta try and ‘cement’ our feelings for each other now?” He looked up at me and grinned, and I felt him begin to masturbate me. I took his hard cock in my hand and did the same to him. Within seconds, I was fully hard. “Let’s get some water going” I said, and turned around and turned on the water, adjusting it to a nice warm temp. I removed the hand-held showerhead and wet Harry down, as he continued to fondle my dick. Then I put the showerhead back, took the shamppo bottle, and squeezed a large handful of it into my hand. I rubbed it into Harry’s hair and massaged his scalp with my fingertips. Then I grabbed the bar of soap and rubbed Harry all over with it, paying special attention to his cock, balls, and ass. By the time I was done washing him, Harry was breathing heavily, and hanging onto the grab-bar. “Let me do you now,” Harry spluttered as I rinsed him off. He took the hose from me and wet me down, then replaced the hose. He then took a liberal amount of shampoo and began washing my hair. It took him a while, since my long hair hung all the way down to the bottom of my shoulderblades. Then he too, rubbed me all over with the bar of soap. I was hanging onto the grab-bar and panting after that too! After he rinsed me, Harry squatted and began sucking on my cock. I was surprised at how much of my tool Harry could get in his mouth. He was an excellent cock-sucker! He had me moaning and almost losing my grip on the grab-bar before long. Just as I began to feel my orgasm starting to build, I stopped him and told him to stand up, which he did. Then I squatted and began sucking him off. I only sucked his cock a couple minutes, before telling him to turn and face the wall, and stick his ass out. He looked a little worried. He must’ve thought I was going to plow my cock up his ass. I grinned, “Relax, it’s not what you think, you’ll love this!” Then I spread his cheeks and dove in with my tongue and began eating his asshole out. “OH God!” Harry gasped loudly, as I began fucking his asshole with my tongue. I noticed that he pushed his butt a little further back toward me, in order to allow me better access to his hole. I continued lapping his asshole, and tongue fucking it, till I could tell that his orgasm was building. I stopped and said “OK, spin around now.” Breathlessly, Harry turned to face me, and grabbed the grab-bar, as I went down on him again, working a finger between his ass cheeks, so I could massage his hole, while I sucked his dick. It only took about 15 seconds, and I could tell that he was getting ready to explode. Glancing upward, I saw Harry’s head was tilted back, and he was breathing heavier. A few seconds later he cried out “John, I’m gonna cum!” I continued sucking his dick and massaging his hole, and in a few more strokes, I was rewarded with a mouthful of cum! Gasping, Harry bucked his hips in and out of my mouth, firing wad after wad of his hot boy-jizz into my mouth. As Harry’s orgasm ended, I finally slowed down and pulled off the boy. He was looking down at me breathing heavily, but grinning, “That was great, John!” I grinned back at him. Panting, but grinning, he said, “Let me finish you now!” Harry squatted in front of me as I stood up. He sucked my cock for a minute or so, then he directed me to spin around and face the wall, as he had done. I felt his hands on the front and sides of my hips, pulling my ass backward, toward his mouth. He spread my cheeks and buried his tongue between them, licking at my asshole. God he was good at it! It wasn’t long before he had me writhing and gasping. Then I felt his hand on my cock. He began masturbating me as he continued eating my asshole out. I could feel my orgasm building. Only a few more licks, and I began to spew my load all over the shower wall. I must’ve pumped 7 or 8 shots of cum against the wall, before my orgasm finally ended. When I was done, Harry spun me around and licked the residue of cum off the head of my cock. Then he stood up grinning. I pulled him into an embrace, kissing him gently on the lips. When we parted he looked at me and said “I love you John!” “I love you too Harry! I’m just not sure it’s a good idea for us to have sex again though – even though it was great!” I answered. He looked up at me rather sadly, gave a feeble smile and said “yeah, that’s how I thought you’d feel. It’s OK.” I hugged Harry tight to me, kissed him on the top of his wet head and whispered, “I do love you Harry – like a little brother!” Harry hugged me back tightly. Just then there was a knock on the bathroom door. Jacob and Andy asked to come in. We jumped out of the shower, and they walked past us, neither of them looking at either of us, and got into the shower together. As we dried, they showered quietly together, and as we left the bathroom, they got out to dry. Nobody spoke. Harry went to Jacob’s room, where his clothes were. I noticed when I entered my room, that Andy had brought the clothes he’d been wearing, and put them on my bed. A few minutes later, as I was still dressing, Andy came in the room. He closed the door behind him, and sat down on the edge of the bed, his head drooping, his chin resting on his chest, his hair covering his eyes. “I’m sorry!” şişli travesti I heard him whisper hoarsely. I waited a minute. Andy didn’t move, but I thought I heard him sniffling a little. I went and sat next to him and put an arm around him. He didn’t look up at me, but finally he said “I love you – more than you can imagine. And I think you love me too. I only hope that what just happened didn’t change how you feel about me. I knew you and Jacob had been having sex. I could tell. I love you so much, I wanted to see what it was like for you when you were with him, and I also hoped it would bring Jacob and I closer together. I hoped it would make you happy if we got closer. I guess Jacob felt the same way too. Both of us wanted to experience each other, because you had experienced both of us. It’s OK with me if you still have sex with Jacob. But he’s the only one I’m willing to share you with. I know it’s different for you with him, than it is when you’re with me. He’s your brother, and you love him in a different way than you love me, and that’ll never change. I just hope you still want me too.” Andy sniffled a little when he finally stopped speaking. I pulled him closer to me and kissed him on the top of his wet blond head. “Of course I still want you! I love you too! And I’m not upset about what happened. Well, maybe I was a little at first, but I’m not anymore.” Andy lifted his head and looked into my eyes, his eyes still filled with tears. “I’m just so afraid of losing you now…” he said. “Well, that won’t happen!” I said, “So stop worrying about it, and get dressed, we have to go!” Then I kissed him gently on the lips. He began to kiss me back, but the boys pounded on our door then. We had to go. After we’d dressed, it was time to take Harry and Andy home. Jack came along for the ride, as we all piled into my Anglia and took off. It was a silent ride. Harry’s house came up first. I got out of the car and walked Harry to the door, ‘in case his mother wanted to talk about anything’. This left Andy and Jacob alone in the car, to talk a minute if they wanted to. As we walked up the front walk, Harry asked yet again, “So are you really OK?” I laid my arm over his shoulders and pulled him into me. “Yeah, I really am.” I said, mussing his hair affectionately. “Are you OK?” I asked the boy. “Yeah!” he said smiling up at me. I hugged him tightly. “What about them?” he said, motioning back at the car. “They’ll be fine, I’m gonna take care of those two, next. It’ll all be just fine!” Harry smiled at me, and I smiled back. As we approached the door, it was opened by a pretty young brunette girl, with beautiful brown eyes. She appeared to be my age. She smiled at me, as Harry introduced her as his older sister Laney. We shook hands, Laney, holding onto my hand a bit longer than I expected she would. Laney continued smiling, as she asked if Harry had been any trouble. “None at all” I assured her, still smiling stupidly back at Laney myself. I noticed Harry looking back and forth between the two of us. Then he just looked at me, with a puzzled expression on his face. I winked at him, and said I had to get going. We said “Goodnight” and I turned to leave. Laney and Harry walked in the door, but before it shut I heard her exclaiming in a loud whisper to Harry, “WOW! You never said he was…” and the door closed. I was left wondering what adjective(s) Laney would have used to describe me. She was definitely damned cute, and oddly, I felt my dick begin to stiffen just a bit. As I neared the car I saw Jacob and Andy were talking. They became silent as I got in. I saw that they both looked like they’d been crying as well. I started the car, and pulled away. There was a spot down the road I knew I could pull off into. As it came up, I pulled off and parked the car. I turned to the two of them and said “OK, we need to talk!” They both looked at me with stricken looks on their faces, and tears in their eyes. Jack cowered down on the back seat next to Jacob. They both just stared at me through watery, terror-filled eyes. “You both need to know that I’m not mad at you.” I began. “I love both of you – very much! And, what happened tonight doesn’t change anything!” Both of them began to breathe again and looked less terror-stricken. “Jacob,” I said, looking into his eyes, “You’re my little brother, and I love you, like I love no one else. Nothing will ever change that. I’m never going to leave you or dump you! We will ALWAYS be brothers! There are, and will be other people in my life who I love, but they will NEVER take your place!” A couple of tears overflowed from his eyes, as I leaned back and pulled him to me, giving him a kiss on the forehead. Then I looked at Andy, and a tear was running down his cheek too. I reached over and wiped it away. “Andy,” I said, looking into his eyes, “You were my first friend here in Britain, other than Jacob of course.” I looked at Jacob and grinned, then looked back at Andy, and continued “You very quickly became my best friend. You’ve been my best friend ever since. I know you love me, and I love you too Andy! I don’t ever want to lose you! What happened tonight between you and Jacob – don’t worry about it. I understand why you did it. I hope it was good for both of you, and that it did bring you closer together.” I smiled at Andy, and wiped another tear off his cheek, then leaned forward and kissed him. “John?” Jacob asked. “What?” I responded. “Well, it seems like you two are getting serious now. Does this mean WE have to stop ‘being together’ now”? Andy and I both turned and saw Jacob’s eyes were still filled with tears. “No Jacob,” Andy said, “you and John can still ‘be together’. I already told him that. You’re brothers and were together before I came along. I couldn’t ask you to stop now.” I couldn’t believe Andy’s generosity concerning this. I’d have thought that he’d want a monogamous partner. I felt guilty. Jacob sniffed and smiled at Andy and said “Thanks Andy, I guess this means you’ll be my brother-in-law now, right?” I could see love flowing from Jacob’s eyes toward Andy, and I thought I saw it returned from Andy to Jacob. I cleared my throat “Um, actually, why don’t we just call you two brothers and drop the ‘in-law’ part, just like Jake and I are ‘brothers’ rather than ‘step-brothers’. And being that that’s the case, and that Andy’s being so generous in offering to let us continue ‘being together’, well I just want you to know that if you two get the urge to ‘be together’, that it’s OK with me. Maybe though, when that happens, you shouldn’t bother to mention it, and when Jake and I are together, we won’t mention that either. No need to flaunt anything in each other’s faces.” They both looked at me in disbelief, then both were crying. So was I. I leaned forward and pulled them both to me, hugging them, and said “I love you guys!” They both answered likewise. After a couple minutes, we pulled ourselves together, and drove on to Andy’s house. As he got out of the car, he kissed me good-bye, and Jacob crawled up front with me. We drove half-way back to the house in silence, then Jacob said to me “I can’t believe how great this all turned out. I’m sorry if it’s my fault for causing tonight’s mess to begin with.” “You didn’t cause anything,” I said, “it was all bound to happen anyway, and yeah – it did turn out for the best!” “What about you and Harry?” Jacob asked me. I said, “We had sex in the shower, and it was good, but I told him we couldn’t do that anymore, and he understood. I told him he was like a brother to me, and he liked that. You two should still keep on getting it on though!” Jacob grinned at me and said “Don’t worry about that, it’s about all we ever do these days!” We both laughed, as I turned into the driveway. We beylikdüzü travesti ran Jack around the snow in the backyard and let him pee, then went into the house, and although it was early, we were both exhausted, so we decided to go to bed early. We shared the bathroom as usual for our nightly routines, then like all other nights when we were home alone together, Jacob automatically went in and crawled, naked, into my bed, without asking. I crawled, naked, under the covers too, and Jacob snuggled over to me. “Can we just sleep together without having sex tonight?” he asked. “Sure,” I said, “I think after today, that’d be best, for tonight at least.” Jacob smiled. I smiled back and gave him a peck on the forehead as he settled into the crook of my arm. I reached over and turned off the light. We both lay silently together for a while. After a few minutes, I realized Jacob was sleeping. I laid thinking of the weekend’s events, and specifically of the events that evening. Things had turned out pretty good I guessed. I couldn’t fall asleep though, something was nagging at me. I picked up my watch and glanced at the time, it was 12:10 AM, December 13. “Shit! December 13! He’s three today” I thought, tears forming in my eyes. I cried quietly, as Jacob slumbered on peacefully snuggled up to me. Finally, completely exhausted I fell asleep. Lynn handed Dylan back to me for a couple minutes. I was happily cuddling him when the door suddenly burst open and her parents rushed in, followed by a strange woman. The strange woman said “Really!” looking at the doctor, then she tried to rip Dylan out of my arms. I spun away from her. Lynn screamed, and Dylan began crying. Lynn’s father put his hands on my shoulders and tried to turn me back around, I pushed Dylan at Lynn, as Lynn’s mother screamed “Tom – be careful of the baby!” I heard a nurse paging Security. Just then my father (God knows how he showed up) raced in. The strange woman grabbed Dylan from Lynn, and ran from the room with him, while Lynn’s father attempted to punch me in the face. My father, who’s really big, and was in full army uniform, spun him around and slammed him up against the wall, threatening him to never lay a hand on his son! Lynn was screaming, tears running down her face. She looked at me and screamed “Get Dylan back!” “NOOOOO!!!!” I screamed, sitting bolt upright in bed, bathed in sweat, tears running down my face. Jacob, who’d been sleeping next to me was nearly blasted out of the bed – “What? What’s wrong?” Then he realized I’d had a nightmare. He scootched over to me and put and arm around me. “What’s wrong?” he asked, sounding distraught, as he hugged me. As I began to gather my wits, I realized where I was again. Breathing less rapidly, I explained to Jacob that today was my son’s 3rd birthday, and told him about the dream I’d had. He held me for a while, until I told him we should try and get back to sleep. So we laid back down. Jacob snuggled back over to me. We just laid there quietly thinking, and finally both fell back to sleep. The next morning, I smelled sausage cooking as I stumbled out of bed. I looked at the clock. I must’ve shut off the alarm and fallen back to sleep. It was getting late. Jacob was still snoring. I was just yanking my jeans up, my butt to the open door, as Elizabeth popped her head in the door – “Is – oh my!” I spun around, pulling my fly closed. Elizabeth stood there with her hand over her eyes and a red face “Sorry!” she said, “I was just looking for Jacob. Um, I see he’s with you again.” “Bad dream” I muttered, leaning over and shaking Jacob awake. “Time to get up Bud!” I said. Jacob rolled away from me, started to grumble, and pulled the covers up over his head. I said to Elizabeth “Don’t worry, I’ll get him going.” “He seems to be having a lot of bad dreams lately,” Elizabeth said to me worriedly. I leaned over to her and whispered “This one was mine!” She looked worried and said, “are you OK now?” “Yeah, I’ll be fine,” I said. “Well OK then,” Elizabeth said, “your father is cooking breakfast, so hurry up and shower or you’ll miss it!” “OK” I said, and she left. I ripped the covers off Jacob, exposing his naked body to the air, and he let out a shriek, and jumped up, spinning around toward me, his morning hardon pointing straight at me. “What if Mum were here to see this?” he cried. “Fair is fair,” I said, “afterall, she keeps on getting a look at some part of me when I’m naked!” Jacob chuckled then. “C’mon” I said, “we overslept – time to shower!” We dashed into the bathroom together and went through our morning routine, faster than usual, taking turns showering quickly. Then we ran to our rooms, dressed, gathered our school work, and headed downstairs. Dad was just piling sausages and flapjacks on our plates. All through breakfast he kept glancing worriedly at me. We ate silently, then Jacob and I took off for school. We picked up Harry and Andy on the way. My mood made them both think that I was upset over last night yet I think. Finally, I started talking about our upcoming trip, and soon they were all chattering excitedly about it, wishing, as we pulled into the school’s parking lot, that we were already on our way. Jacob and Harry went off toward their homerooms, and Andy and I headed toward our homerooms. As Andy and I walked down the hall next to each other, I felt him suddenly grab my ass, and give it a squeeze! “Andy!” I hissed. He looked at me surprised, “what?” “What’re you grabbing my ass for?” I hissed. Then Laney appeared on the other side of me, snickering “Gotcha!” she said and took off running down the hall, turning quickly left, into her homeroom. Andy looked at me, and I looked at Andy. Both of us laughed. It was a hard day for me. Several times after school, I picked up the phone to call the twins and Grandma, but I couldn’t do it. Finally, I sat down at the piano and pulled out the sheet music for the ballad I’d written for Lynn after she died, and began playing. I played it over and over, and finally added my voice to it as well. The first couple times I sang it, I couldn’t get through it without breaking down. Finally, on my third try, I managed. I played and sang it several more times, before finally, Dad, who’d come home a couple of renditions earlier, walked in and put his hands on my shoulders and said “It’s a great song John, but I think you need to take a break from it for a while. I’m sorry you’re having a tough day. I guess losing Dylan and Lynn will always be tough for you. Why don’t you come eat some supper?” I stood and thanked him, but passed on supper, and went up to my room, and stayed there the rest of the evening. After midnight, I finally went to bed. Before I fell asleep, Jacob crawled quietly into bed with me, snuggling up to me. “I’m sorry John.” he said quietly. “I know,” I said, “I just wish I knew if he was OK or not!” I kissed him, and he held me while I quietly cried myself to sleep. The following few days, I moped around a bit. I played the piano and sang quite a bit, mostly my song for Lynn. As the days passed, my mood improved. I continued playing and singing quite a bit though, in anticipation of signing with the band again. The final few days before Christmas flew by, with a flurry of school work getting accomplished before our Christmas vacation. Laney kept popping up at school everytime I turned around. I couldn’t figure it out, but whenever I saw her, I felt my cock stir just a bit. I thought I’d decided I was gay! What was all this about? One afternoon, I took Jacob, Harry, and Andy Christmas shopping at Harrod’s, and we got all our Christmas shopping done. I also picked up a couple things for the guys in the band, and the twins, and Grandma. Whenever I had a free moment, I spent it rehearsing the band’s istanbul travesti songs for the upcoming concert, or playing and singing my song for Lynn. One day Jacob asked me what the title of my song for Lynn was. I said “I never really gave it one – I just always think of it as ‘Lynn’s Song'”. I had some tapes of me and the band playing together and I started playing them and would sing and play along with them. I wasn’t doing too badly. I still remembered all the words. Jacob said I was doing great, and should sign up to sing and play at the Christmas concert, that was scheduled for Christmas Eve morning, just before our vacation began. I told him I didn’t really want to do that. He just grinned at me and said “OK then”. Finally, it was Christmas Eve. We had a half day of school, a total waste of time really, but we did have the Christmas concert that day. It was kind of like a talent show. Anyone who wanted to could sign up to play. As I sat in the auditorium with Andy, Laney came and sat down on the other side of me. “I didn’t know you were performing!” she yelled at me, all grins. “What?” I said. She shoved the program, which I hadn’t bothered to get a copy of, under my nose. There, on the 9th line down I saw my name, and following the dots to the right, it said I was playing the piano and singing “Lynn’s Song”! “I’ll KILL him!” I yelled, leaping to my feet, and spinning around, looking for my “Dear” little brother. Laughing, Laney yanked me down, just as the lights were dimming, and shoved a folder in my hand saying “Jake thought you might need this!” Then she gave me a peck on the cheek, yelled “Merry Christmas!”, jumped up and was gone. In the folder was my sheet music for “Lynn’s Song”. A sticky note was stuck to it – “Please don’t be mad! I think you’re great, and I want everyone else to know it too! And I guess it has a title now too!” At first I was fuming. But Andy leaned over and said “Hey, look at it as a dress rehearsal! Besides, I’d like to hear you once, I haven’t yet you know.”, so I relaxed a bit. The program began. The headmaster emceed, and called each performer or group up to perform. Most of the kids who performed ahead of me weren’t bad, and did Christmas tunes. Finally he came to my name. He called me to come up and announced I’d be playing the piano and singing a song I’d written myself entitled “Lynn’s Song”. I rose and walked up to the stage, feeling a bit nervous, as the stage crew wheeled the grand piano back out onto it. I sat down and adjusted the microphone, and said “I’d like to apologize in advance if this isn’t very good, but ‘someone who shall remain nameless’ entered me on the program, without telling me. This is a song I wrote a couple of years ago for someone who was very special to me.” Then I played and sang the song. When I was finished, there was thunderous applause and everyone was standing. Unlike the time I played it at Lynn’s memorial though, nobody was in tears. I bowed and made my way back to my seat, where I found my father and Elizabeth sitting with Andy. Jacob had invited them to come see me perform, Dad told me. Elizabeth was all smiles telling me how wonderful I sounded. Dad congratulated me too. I looked past them to Andy, who was grinning. “You knew about this too? Didn’t you?” I asked. He just looked all over the place whistling a minute, before looking back at me and grinning. “You’ll get your’s!” I growled at him. When the program ended, school let out for vacation. Dad and Elizabeth said they’d meet us at home, and we should bring Andy and Harry along. Harry had to go with Laney though, but he said he’d be over for a few minutes later on. Andy was able to join us till suppertime though. So we went back to the house. It was a dark day, and it was snowing lightly when we arrived. The Christmas lights in the bushes, candles in the windows, and tree were all lit. The house looked great! Dad had a fire blazing and had mixed a big bowl of brandied eggnog. Christmas music was playing. A mound of our christmas cookies and fudge sat on plates on the coffee table. We all sat down with a drink to relax and visit. Not long afterward, the door bell rang. It was Harry, and he had Laney with him! They had a stack of presents with them. After they had their coats off, and had a drink, Harry passed out the presents. There was one for Dad and Elizabeth from Harry and his family, two for Jacob from them, one for Andy from Harry, one for me from Harry, and one for me from Laney! I looked horror-stricken. I didn’t have a present for Laney – I hadn’t expected her to get me one. Elizabeth surreptitiously reached under the tree and produced a small wrapped package, and slipped it into her pocket. She said “John, come help me in the kitchen a minute.” I followed her. “Quick – write ‘To Laney from John’ on the tag,” she said, “I always get some extra presents – just in case! This is a pretty gold snowman pin she can wear on her coat lapel – she’ll love it!” I was so relieved. “Thanks so much!” I said and hugged Elizabeth. Then I signed the tag, and pocketed the package. We got back just as Jacob was handing out our presents. I slipped mine to Laney in the stack. She was shocked to get a present from me! I’d never seen her smile so hugely! Andy looked at me quizzically. I just winked and grinned at him. Everyone busily opened their presents. Andy gave Dad and Elizabeth a couple bottles of champagne, which they loved. Jacob got a DVD from Andy that he’d been wanting. Harry got one from him too. Andy gave me a gift certificate to my favorite music store to get anything I needed for my instruments, and a framed picture that Jacob had taken of the two of us. Of course I’d already gotten my necklace from him, and given him one too, a couple weeks earier. I gave Andy a bunch of leather-bound journal-type books for his writing, and a framed picture of he, Harry, Jacob and myself, that Dad had taken of us the previous week in front of the Christmas tree. Jacob gave Andy a gift certificate to his favorite bookstore. Dad and Elizabeth gave him a nice pullover sweater. Harry gave Andy a CD he’d been wanting. Dad and Elizabeth got a basket full of goodies from Harry’s family. Jacob got a new computer game from them, and a subscription to a “gaming” magazine from Harry. I got a beautiful book on British Rock Stars from Harry, and a small brass framed picture of me performing on stage this morning, from Laney! “So that’s why you couldn’t come over right away!” I chuckled, giving her a peck on the cheek, and hug. I noticed Andy looked a tad uncomfortable. Laney loved her snowman pin and went to pin it on her coat lapel right away, dragging me with her. In the hallway, after she’d pinned it to her coat lapel, she grabbed me and pulled me to her, kissing me on the lips. Not knowing exactly what to do, I kissed back, much to Laney’s happiness. I felt her thigh rubbing my crotch, and my cock responded instantly. I was shocked. She chuckled as she pulled away finally. “Merry Christmas Big Boy!” she said. Then, pulled me back into the livingroom with her. Poor Andy looked miserable, Jacob looked very confused, and Harry was trying to avoid meeting anyone’s eyes. Dad was grinning though, and Elizabeth snickered as she reached over and wiped lipstick off my lips. We all sat down again, only I sat next to Andy this time, pressing my thigh gently, and unnoticeably against his. He looked at me and I winked. When no one was looking, I leaned over and whispered “stop worrying – you’re the one I love!” He looked a lot better then. Dad got us all more drinks as we were busy admiring each other’s gifts. Suddenly through the din, Elizabeth hollered “Jacob, is that the phone?” He jumped up and ran into the hall. A minute later he came back. “John!” he shouted. Everyone quieted down. “It’s a lady – from the US – for you – she says she needs to talk to you about your son!” You could’ve heard a pin drop… —————————————————————————- The next chapter in this series will be published shortly.

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