My Stepdaughter and I


My Stepdaughter and IAfter I paid for the bras and pantys that Joanne had tryed on, we left the mall with me carrying all of the shopping bags for her, and Joanne had an arm wrapped around my arm with her other hand at the elbow, keeping as close to me as she could while we walked through the main hall of the mall, to the door that we had entered the mall at.At the pickup, Joanne opened the passanger door since I had all of the bags in my hands and climbed into the seat and slid over making sure her bald pussy was showing from under her skirt when she climbed in and got slid over to the middle of the seat, while I put the shopping bags in the seat and floorboard next to her.When I had the last bag in the pickup, I shut the door then walked around to the driver’s side and got in, next to Joanne and as I started the pickup up, she laid her hand on my thigh next to my hard cock that I had got, as soon as she hiked her skirt up when she climbed into the truck and slid over to the center of the seat, to sit next to me as I drove to the restaurant that I had resevation’s at.”Dad, would you prefer me to relate to you as dad or Sammy?””I like the sound of dad cause it makes me feel good that you think of me as your dad, but, at the same time, I have no problem with you calling me by my name, since I am just your stepdad. Now like in the store back there, it may be best if you did call me Sammy or something like, sexy, love, or what ever you want, so people do not know that we are dad and daughter, with or without, the step infront of them.””Would you mind if I call you dad, around the house when family members are around and Sammy, when it is just you and me?””No, I do not mind, and it may be the best thing to do really, so no family members have a reason to suspect anything if we do more, than what we did back there in the store.””I do hope you liked it enough to want more than just oral sex myself.””Mmmm, I more than liked it, I loved it. You really do have a sweet taste just like your mom has and from the feel of your love hole down there, you feel like you are tighter than your mom is and she is tight, I have to say.””Since you and mom have been together, you have treated us three k**s like we are your own and you have put out so much to help me out and now this. Over the last couple of years that I’ve lived with you and mom, I’ve been wanting to make love to you cause I’ve grown to love you cause you are so loving and kind to me and to mom and I’ve not found a man to give, the way you have given, from the very start of your’s and mom’s relationship.””I guess I can confess then, that I’ve been wanting to make love to you too, for the last year and a half now, cause of how little amount of clothing you wear around the house most of the time that makes you look so sexy and seeing how sexy you are, even when your not dressed sexy like.””Do you like it when I wear bra and pantys or go without them?””For me personaly, I prefer without them when you wear something, that makes it obvious that you’re without them.””With what I have on now, did you know I was without before I hiked up my skirt the first time?””I knew you were braless but I didn’t know, you were not wearing any pantys, till you hiked up your skirt.””Did any of the skirts dress’s and shorts that you bought today make it obvious that I was without pantys?””Yes, a lot of them did.””Good. I do hope, you do not mind us being as married or boy friend and girl friend, when it is just you and me.””Are you sure you want to be with an older man like me, when you can find a good man that is about your age, sooner or later?””Yes I’m sure Sammy. I love you so much that I really want to be with you all the time, but since you are married to my mom, I will settle for times like now, when mom is not around or for times we can get away from her and the house, when she is at home.””I really do not know what to say about that.”Joanne had slid her hand over on to my hard cock and was rubbing it through my jeans while we talked, as I drove on toward the restaurant.When I got parked at the restaurant and the pickup turned off, I opened the door and slid out from behind the wheele to watch Joanne slide out after me, showing me her bald pussy the whole time that she slid over to the door, where I stood and took her hand, as she spread her legs while turning to give me a full view of her pussy lips, that are some what parted with her juices flowing out.”Talk about being wet, you are wet through and through I would say.””That’s how I get when I’m around you and next to you Sammy. I love you that much.” as she stepped aside so that I could close the truck door.We walked to the front door hand in hand like we did going into the mall earlier. Inside the restaurant as we were lead to our table, I noticed that men were looking from Joanne to me and back at Joanne and a lot of the women were doing the same as well. A couple of the women reached a hand down between their legs as they watched us walk by their table and at lest five men, that I caught out of the corner of my eyes, reached down and adjusted themselves then made sure the woman they each were with, didn’t notice them making the türbanlı antalya escort adjustment.When the hostess stopped at our table in the back corner, “I’m sitting next to you.” whispered Joanne.The hostess gave us room to get around the table infront of her, as we stepped between her and the table, with Joanne stopping close to the chair I would be sitting in so that I could get around her, to the chair she would be sitting in so that I could pull it out for her and then back in under her, as she sat down at the table.As I pushed the chair in under Joanne, the hostess sat a menu on the table in front of Joanne then as I pulled the chair out to sit down myself, the hostess laid a menu down in front of where I would be sitting down at, “Your server will be Kim tonight and she will be with you in just a moment and we do hope, you enjoy your time here with us tonight.””Thank you very much Beth.””I thank you for coming mr. Marton.” then Beth walked over to the waitress station where a waitress was at, before returning to the front door.”Wow Sammy, this is not what I expected for us to be coming to tonight.””I just wanted to show you a taste, of some greater things that you can have out of life if you, just take time to wait for it to happen and not try to push it.”Kim stepped to the table then, “Hello, I’m your server Kim tonight and I’m looking forward to serving you tonight. Now, may I take your drink order and maybe an appetizer dish?” as she sat a couple of waters down on the table, one in front of Joanne and one infront of me.I ordered a drink for Joanne and one for myself to go with our meal as well as an appetizer dish for us and since I a lot of Joanne’s likes and dislikes, I ordered our main meal with extra side dishes since we were going to share the stake due to it’s size.When Kim brought out the stake to our table, Joann’s eyes got as big as saucers, then as soon as Kim was away from the table, “I thought you just ordered a meal, not the whole side of a beef!”Chuckling, “That’s the reason for the extra plate. Now, how much do you think you can eat of this stake and I’ll cut you off that amount for you.” as I lay the knife blade across the stake with sharp edge down.After getting an answer from her, I cut the stake in to two parts and put part of it on the extra plate and sat it in front of Joanne, “You are in for a treat when you bite into that my darling.””I’m glad now you didn’t let me order anything for myself now as big as that thing was, wow.” as she cut a bite off of her part of the stake.After Joanne swallowed the bite of stake, “Wow, that is so good and tender! I have never had anything this good before. I have to come back to this place again some time.”Joanne couldn’t believe how good everything tasted compared to most of the places she is used to eating at due to her budget.While we sat and finished our drinks after we had finished eating, I paid for the meal and Joanne saw how much the meal cost, as I was putting the amount down for the tip, “Are they serious about that amount, for us to get out of here?!””Yes they are and I would say, it was all worth it too, myself.” as I closed the cover over the credit card for the waitress to pick up.”Yea, but…””Did you need stake sauce to add more flavor to the stake and was the stake tough, like leather, when you ate it and cut into it?””No.””You pay for what you get, and that is what you do here too.””I guess you’re right about that for sure.” getting close enough to lay her hand down on my cock under the table.When we finished our drinks shortly after, I stood and pulled Joanne’s chair out from the table for her to stand up, then we made our way to the front door and left.Once we were in the truck headed home, Joanne kept rubbing my hard cock and talking about how good the food was and how she hoped we could go back there again, soon some time, as I drove home.As soon as we were in the door at the house, we heared the phone ringing, Joanne went to answer it as I shut and locked the door, after putting the shopping bags down on one end of the couch.I heared Joanne talking to what I figured to be her mom my wife for a bit, then Joaane called, “Dad, mom’s on the phone and wants to talke to you.””Okay.” as I started toward the phone where Joanne was standing while she talked on the phone to her mom.When I took the phone from Joanne and put it to my ear, “Hello babe, how are things with you and your sister?””I’m okay, except for missing you. s*s took a couple of steps backwards today, so the doctors said it will be at least another week before she can come home, unless, she takes more steps backwards, like she did today. She put a scare in everyone here that is for sure.””I’m sorry to hear that about her. One thing I can say thou. For the amount of time I’ve known her, after you and I met, I’ve learened, she is a fighter, so she should make it back from this. Just keep giving her words of encuragment and that I think, she is still a very pretty woman and that I want her back on her feet, so that when the two of us get to see her again at the same time, I can have two good looking women to look at türbanlı antalya escort bayan and talk to and not have to look at a bunch of men, that does nothing for me. I’ll let you and her look at all those men while I look at the two of you beautiful women.””She is a fighter for sure. I think it will make her feel good hearing that you think she is pretty and beautiful like you think I am.””Now babe, I do not think, I know you are, and so is she. There is non of this, ‘I think’ stuf, it’s ‘I know’ stuf, sexy. That goes for both of you.””Okay dear, I’ll try to remember that next time.””You better sexy woman. I love you very much and tell your sister, that I love her too, so she better be good and keep going forwards, not backwards.””Okay, I’ll tell her that. Thank you babe, I needed to hear that from you too. I miss you very much.””I miss you too sexy. We’ll see each other soon, I’m sure, so just hang in there and don’t give up on her, what ever you do, and just remember, that I do love you and I’ll be there as soon as I can if you need to come home, before she can get out of the hospital and go home herself, but for now, she needs you there with her, to keep cheering her on toward a recovery.””I know and thank you for being so understanding, and thank you for helping me just now too.””As your husband, that is what my job is, so no problem.””My ex would not have left me here to help with my sister while he went to help Joanne out, but then again, he wouldn’t have helped her at all, like she told me you did, to make her feel better about herself, so again, I thank you for helping her out like you did and doing for her now, by taking her shopping and out to eat at such a fantsy place to eat.””Again, as a dad, it is my job to protect my wife’s k**s, the best way that I can and to provide for them, the best way that I can.” I told her as I thought about how I failed to protect Joanne from myself, at the mall, in the dressing room.”I love you even more for it too babe. Again thank you, your job or not.””In my book, when I married you, I was accepting you and your k**s as my own to love, charish, care for, and protect, as my job as a husband and dad.” as I thought to myself, but not to love as a lover or charish as a lover, but as my k**s.”I’m going in to get some rest and relax some, before I go to bed, now that you’ve made me feel better now and you do the same and I’ll talk to you two tomorrow night, to see how things are going for you two and to up date you, on s*s’s condition. I love you and tell Joanne that I love her too.””Okay sexy, I’ll let her know, and I love you too, sexy, and be careful too.””Okay, I will. You too. bye.”As soon as I took my hand off the phone, Joanne threw her arms around my neck, “What did she say about my aunt?”I told Joanne about the step backs that her aunt had today and what her mom said about loving her as I carried her into the living room and sat down in my favorite recliner chair, with her landing in my lap facing me with her tits at eye level and her skirt hiked up around her waist, for anyone to see her round butt except for me, since I was on the front side getting to see all of her bald pussy that rubbed aginst my hard cock.”So we get to be husband and wife for at least one week before there is a chance for mom to come home?””As of tonight.” with all the thoughts I had while on the phone about how bad a dad I was today, leaving me for my hard cock to do the thinking for me, which is the wrong head to think with by the way I was raised and by the way people think as a whole, in the world around us.”Good. Let’s get you out of your clothes so that you can be more comfortable, like you love to do after I’m in bed every night.” Joanne said as she unsnapped my shirt and started pulling it off of me.”Then what are you going to do, just go on to bed?””No. I’m going to do the same thing. I go to my bedroom every night and strip off all my clothes and run around in my bedroom, like you do out here after I’ve gone to my bedroom, then like you, I sleep in the nude too. I love sneeking peeks out of my bedroom to watch you out here with nothing on, while wishing I could be out here with you and mom with nothing on but a smile, at the same time. I finaly get to be out here with you at the same time, with nothing on but a smile. A wish come true finaly.””Except for your mom’s not here with us, while do go around here with no clothes on.””I wish I could be in her shoes at those times, really more than with her and you, it is more with just you and me, that I wish for, which I’m fixing to do if you’ll let me.””Oh okay, I see what your saying now.” as Joanne started pulling my pants off from me.When Joanne had me stripped down to my birthday suit, she stood up in front of me and pulled her shirt off and then her skirt came off, till she stood infront of me in her birthday suit again, for the second time today.Joanne then climbed back into the recliner chair with me, with a knee on each side of me like she was before she pulled my pants down and off, but instead of resting her pussy next to my hard cock, she took my hard cock and sat down türbanlı escort antalya on it, while it stuck straight up like a flag pole and didn’t stop sliding down that pole, till my balls was right up next to her butt trying to get between her butt cheeks in the crack of her ass.”Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” came from Joanne’s mouth from the time my cock head sunk past her pussy lips, all the way down, till her butt sat on my balls, “Man, you’re big and thick. I love the way your dick just fills my pussy full.” as she just sat there without moving.”Your pussy is so dang tight, it’s hard to believe you got me in all the way, with just one down stroke. But then again, you are so wet right now, that I feel my balls getting wet with you just sitting here.””My pussy is so hot and wet for you, that I had to put your hard cock in my pussy or I was going to go fucking crazy, seeing your sexy hard cock and me, not able to have it in my hot, wet, tight, pussy, I was about ready to cut it off, just so I could put it in my pussy to have every day all day long.””I’m glad you didn’t cut it off or I wouldn’t be able to do this, to you right now.” lifting my butt up to push my rock hard cock up into her pussy a little bit further if any, causing her to moan as I flexed my ass up and down under her ass.”Oh yes Sammy, I want you to fuck my pussy just like this now!” as she lifted up some then dropped back down in a some what slow speed, “Fuck, your the biggest I’ve ever had in my pussy before.”After Joanne slid up and dropped back down on my rock hard cock a few times, I started matching her speed with each stroke till we had a good rhythm going, with my pushing up as she came down and me pulling down as she pulled upward on my hard cock.It wasn’t long till we were pumping my rock hard cock in and out as fast as we could when she went to crying out, “Ohhh fuck meeee Sammmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy, I’mmmmmmmmmmm cummmmmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh.”I felt her cum make my cock even wetter if that is even possible, then she went to jerking her hips back and forth with my rock hard cock in as deep in her pussy as was possible, with her putting all of her waight down on me, as she rode out her orgasm before she finaly leaned forward, with her tits being sqwashed between us into my chest, while she found my lips and started kissing me with her tongue, with all of her passion.When Joanne finally came down from her high, I slid forward in my chair and stood up and as I carried her over to the couch, I bounced her up and down with every step then at the couch, I just stood and kept bouncing her for a little bit, with her, “Ohohohoh fuck ohohoh damn ohohohoh fuck me ohohohoh.” and her big round eyes as wide open as possible, with every, “ohohohohoh fuck ohohohohohoh damn ohohohohoh fuck me ohohohohoh.” that she let out of her mouth.When I laid her down on the couch on her back with me between her legs, “Wow! Talk about being a different feeling. Fuck that felt good!””Good.” as I started fucking her again faster than I was bouncing her, while I was standing holding her up, with her legs wrapped around me, before laying her down on the couch.”Oh Sammy, Fuck me. I love you Sammy.””I love you too Joanne.” as I started picking up speed with each stroke of my rock hard cock, going in and out of her bald pussy.”Oh Sammy, fuck me harder, faster. I need to cum again.”As I kept picking up speed with my pumping in and out of her pussy, I reached down and started squeezing her tits with my hands and then giving her nipples a pinch, when I was pumping in and out of her bald pussy as fast as I could. I pinched and pulled on her nipples about three times while I pumped my rock hard cock in and out of her pussy as fast as I could, when she started jerking her hips again.”Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh I’mmmmmmmmmmmm cummmmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh.”I felt her pussy squeeze my cock as she cum, that helped me go over the edge then, causing my cum to shoot out of my rock hard cock into her pussy as I tryed to pull out, but Joanne had her legs wrapped around me so tight to keep me in her, that I ended up shooting all of my cum deep into her bald pussy.As I cum rope after rope of cum into her pussy, I felt her start cumming again too, “Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh I’mmmmmmmm cummmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg againnnnnnnnnnnnnn.”I felt cum squeeze out around my rock hard cock on to my balls and then run down and drip off of them, while Joanne’s bald pussy kept squeezing around my hard cock, till she finally came down out of the clouds she had rose up to, during her orgasm.I finaly dropped down putting my waight on my elbows on each side of Joanne, while I kissed around on her face, before I French kissed her on the mouth showing her how much passion I had for her with my kisses.When we finaly broke the kissing, “Oh wow Sammy babe, I just love what you did to me. Damn, you made me feel things I’ve never felt before during sex, with any of my past lovers, boyfriends.” between breaths.”Good, I’m glad. Now, why didn’t you let me pull out when I started cumming myself?””It felt so good that I couldn’t help it, I just needed you to fill my pussy up with all of your cum cause of what you made me feel.””What if you happen to get pregnant with me cumming inside of your pussy, and it happens to have red hair when it is born?””I’ve been on the pill since I was thirteen or f******n.””A red haired baby would be hard to cover up, with out you dating a red headed guy that’s about your age.”

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