my survival guide for you all

my survival guide for you allmy guid to help people survive life threatinging adventures things you can eat in help to survivie:Berries.1 WILD ROSE / ROSEHIP2 HAWTHORN3 ROWAN / MOUNTAIN ASH4 GUELDER ROSE5 SEA BUCKTHORN6 HONEYSUCKLE7 BILBERRYBugs.1 Agave worm2 Honeypot ants 3 Leafcutter ants4 Bamboo worm5 Bee6 grubsHow to collect water.To prevent water loss, rest, keep cool, iskenderun escort stay in the shade, and seek shelter. Do not wait until you run out of water before you look for more. Your body doesn’t only get water from drinking water. Lots of foods contain water,good examples are fruit and vegetables, and any non-water fluid. However, avoid fatty foods,caffeinated escort iskenderun beverages and alcohol as they trigger digestion to use up the fluids.In areas where no surface water is availabledig into damp soil and allow this muddy water to settle and become clear no the water does not look clear all the time but it still safe to drink it as there iskenderun escort bayan will be mud banks that you will have to dig the mud out side of the water and dig and dig till there is water can use your tshirt to clean the water as well or by boilling it.safty signaling.On a sunny day, a mirror can be a good signaling device. Any shiny object will serve – polish your canteen cup, glasses, your belt buckle or a similar object that will reflect the sun’s rays.When signaling for help, the most noticeable signal is your fire. It is easily seen at night. During the day, the smoke from your fire can be seen for many miles.

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