My teacher’s sweet ass


My teacher’s sweet assMy chemistry teacher wanted me to stay after class because I failed a test. I walked over to her and she said to wait till everyone leaves. So once everyone left she said why did you fail that test. And I said I don’t know, I guess I didn’t study. Fuckin bullshit! She screamed. She said that she sees me staring at her ass everyday and notices a lump in my shorts. It was true I craved her sweet ass. She was around 25 years old with little perky tits and a tight ass. She angrily grabbed my cock and began to stroke it. I instantly grew rock hard and began to get nervous because this wasn’t rite. She told to to lay on the table and that no one will know of this. As she pulled my shorts hiltonbet giriş down I unclipped her small bra and was surprised to see her little petite tits all hard and erect. She ran to get some Vaseline with her shirt off. I thought to myself is this really happening am I gonna finally fuck her? When she came back she took globs of Vaseline and started jerking my 7 inch cock with it. The Vaseline clinged to my massive bush. As she jerked my cock up and down she said that she wanted my dick inside of her. I ripped her tight pants off and slapped my hand on her sweet tight little ass. It was so perfectly formed and contoured perfectly. I took a glob of vas and smeared it all hiltonbet yeni giriş over her anus and pussy area. I turned her around and picked her up and ran my cock into her tight fuzzy pink pussy. It was soaking wet and I fucked her harder and harder as her arms were wrapped around my neck. I was holding her and she jumped around on my dick I felt like I was about to cum. I focused myself and slapped her down onto the table. I began to fuck her missionary style. The lips of her pussy folded as I slowly inserted my huge cock into the vaginal Opening. She moaned with joy and she began to cum. A clear liquid began to erupt from her pussy and splattered everywhere. She just hiltonbet güvenilirmi had squirted. I retracted my prick from her cunt and spun her around. I said, Imma fuck that tight little ass. Oh please fuck my ass, she said. I spit on my dick and holding my shaft in the middle slowly glided my dick into the rectum. Holy shit it was so tight I couldn’t believe it. After only three strokes I felt like I was about to blow. She looked uncomfortable as I fucked her as with my enormous pecker. I finally gave in and rammed my cock as far as I could up her ass and blew a huge load. I could feel my prostrate contracting several times. I kept my cock in that butthole for a minute or so and then pulled out. As she squeezed her butthole cum drooled out of her tight butt. She wiped some with her finger and said yumm your cum tastes so good baby. As we got dressed she winked at me and said anytime u need an A then lets talk and I left that classroom never telling anyone about what had happen that day….

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