My Toy #1: Easy as 1, 2, 3!


© 2009 SailorPaul

True background

The physical description of my two lovely subs, along with an overview of our relationships, is included in the story” Dom’s View


This particular true story was told to me afterwards by isodora, our long distance submissive who lives about 300 miles away. She had been doing well early in our long distance relationship and was out on a vacation trip with a truck-load of family and friends. As a reward I told isodora that she was allowed to cum three times in the shower before they left on the next part of the trip. It was going to be rushed that morning because everyone had to get through the shower in order to get on the road.

However, my task also included the stipulation that if she could not get all three orgasms in, that they would not carry over into another play session. An orgasm granted, but unused, is lost to isodora.

These series of stories are some of the collected thoughts and experiences of all three of us. The stories in each series are written as follows:

Dom’s view — written by me

My pet — shared by abbey from our real-life relationship

My toy — told to me by isodora from our LDR (long distance relationship).

My life is full. Thank you and enjoy! SailorPaul


I’ve been finding adiosbet yeni giriş my showers rather relaxing lately! And cumming in the shower is becoming one of my favorite things since thinking of you has been making it soo deliciously amazing! I had a very short amount to shower and get ready since I had to go visit my grandparents before we took of to come back home. Sooo… 15 minutes tops? Fit in a shower AND 3 cums? Nooo way! LOL!!

Facing the mirror I pull my shirt over my head and rub my tits through my bra, making my nipples rock hard instantly! I’ve been thinking about this ever since you gave me my task. My pussy is aching to be touched, but I slide my wet panties down along with my jeans while trying to ignore my already dripping lips.

I step in to the hot water letting the stream hit my hard nipples and my lips let out a soft low moan. My pussy is now screaming to be touched but my hands work my nipples harder squeezing them while imagining it’s your fingers pulling and teasing my tits! My nipples are so swollen. Like pencil erasers! Those feelings were making my pussy beg for a quick stroke! I know how you want me to think about us. Whispering under my breath “Oh please Paul, let your little slut play with YOUR pussy! Let me rub YOUR throbbing little clit!”

Letting it throb adiosbet giriş and beg… (I’m trying to learn :p ) I stand motionless hands behind my back letting the water hit me. I get goose bumps as I picture you cuffing me to the bed, spread wide open for you to do with as you please. Hearing the sound of the cuffs lock in my head my fingers move down to my pussy rubbing on my hard clit! I bite my lip trying to hold in my moans as my body starts to shake. I keep my thumb on my clit and stick two fingers in my dripping little pussy. Rubbing my nub even more furiously and sliding my two fingers in and out slowly at first watching them disappear into my tight little cunt. Imagining that would be just like your thick cock would feel! Except two fingers are not thick enough. The thought drives me crazy and I pick up the pace. Fucking your pussy faster and faster till it grips my fingers and I start to cum all over them! Mmmm! One down 🙂

I sit on the edge of the tub and lean my back against the wall and spread my legs wide! Juices drip down my slit to my crack as I grab the hood of my clit between my two index fingers. I slide the hood up and down my hard clit, spreading my legs wider as my hips start to pump the air, imagining your hands teasing my soaked cunt! Mmmm calling me “your little fucktoy”! adiosbet güvenilirmi Ooh baby how I fucking wish it was your fingers pulling my little hood over my erect clit. I’m losing control once again. Mmmm, Back and forth, the friction isn’t enough to do much more than tease my begging cunt! I can’t hold it anymore and my pussy spasms into another orgasm. I can’t help but slap my clit just once, really hard. It makes my thighs snap shut as I ride my orgasm out against my hand! Two down.

And guess what?! My cousin has one of those massage showerheads. So for my third cum I unhooked it and pointed the jet at my throbbing clit. At the same time I slid one finger in my pussy so that I was just teasing my dripping tight hole. The sensation is almost too much for my clit so I move it around my pussy. I’m dragging out my pleasure for as long as I can manage! A second finger slides in my pussy and I point the water back to my clit.

It took less than 10 seconds for me to be right on the edge but I didn’t think you’d let me cum THAT fast. Following what I thought would be your wishes; I moved the jet along the outside of my pussy lips. I kept teasing myself with my fingers before pointing the water back at my aching clit. I kept fucking my pussy faster and faster with my two fingers! “Cum for me little slut!” I hear those words of yours in my head. Picturing you whisper them in my ear as your cock is slamming in and out of my dripping cunt! You holding my hips steady as you use your little slut and I explode! In my mind I hear you say “Good girl”. With 5 minutes to spare!

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