My Train ride home

My Train ride homeI was traveling down to London from Manchester late one night, it may have even been the last train south, and enjoying the quietness of the carriage at the late hour.We didn’t stop too often, so there were hardly any passengers around me.The carriage was totally empty by time it pulled into the next station, and two guys got on. One was about 24, the other nearer 44, and despite the emptiness of the train, the older guys sat beside me.He started reading his book, but stopped and asked me if I had read it, to which I replied no.Occasionally he would look towards where the younger man was sitting, then at me, and then he would try to discretely re-arrange the position in his shorts. One of us was obviously turning him on. A short while later, the younger man got off, leaving just the two of us sitting side by side in the otherwise deserted carriage.”He was bahis şirketleri nice wasn’t he?”Not knowing what to say, I just said “yes, nice”. He went on,”I do like a younger guy you know, but you’re ok too!”This shocked me a little, but not half as much as when he undid his trousers to re-arrange his now hardening cock again, right there beside me.”Do you like men at all?” he asked.”I am Bi”. I replied.”Mmmm, that’s good. would you like to suck this?”He held his now fully hard shaft in his fist so I could see it in all its glory. It was a very good 8 inches at least, and very thick.I couldn’t help myself but to lean over it and take it in my mouth, sliding as much into my throat as I could.”My name is Tom, what’s yours?””John.” I said between long strokes, “and I love your cock.”Tom was moaning and breathing heavily, and I could hear my own moans with every youwin slurp of his cock.In my mind I started to think how much I wanted to feel this massive cock inside me, it excited me, my own cock straining at my jeans.I stopped and stood up, moving into the isle, and standing beside Tom.He undid the zip, belt and button, and pulled my hard cock out, and straight into his mouth.It felt awesome as he pulled my foreskin back fully with his lips and tongue, sucking it deep, licking my balls.I could go on no more. I moved back into the seats away from the isle, but instead of going to my own seat, I stopped directly in front of Tom with my back to him.Without a word, he held his hard cock away from his stomach and smeared lots of saliva on its huge head. I slowly lowered myself onto it, feeling the stretch as I took its girth, and the little ‘pop’ of youwin giriş Toms helmet entering my arse fully.Now I knew it was just long hard shaft left to take, and I really wanted to feel it, all of it.I took a deep breath and slid the entire length into me in one go, both Tom and I crying out a little as it went deep inside me. I stopped at the base of his shaft to allow my insides to open to accommodate this massive cock. I felt my balls resting on Toms, and then started to lift, slowly getting into a rythym, taking the length time after time.Toms moans gave away the fact he was close to cumming, and I told him to stroke my shaft. I could feel that I was going to spray the chair in front of me, and just as I did, I felt Tom’s hot sticky cum being injected into my arse, it felt like gallons of it, and I didn’t stop moving until Tom had stopped cumming in me.He took his hand from my cock and licked my cum from it, as I levered my self from his still rock hard cock.We re-dressed, and Tom said thankyou.The next stop was his, so it was well timed, but my arse leaked hot cum for the rest of my nearly 3 hour journey.

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